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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 07-May-20 06:13:35

Good Morning Everyone,
Yet another clear blue sky over Brackley this morning.
Had the que experience as to getting my prescriptions from local Boots , I had gone earlier not realising they had closed for an hour for lunch .
Returned joined small que , the manager seem to know I want prescriptions , he told me to stand out , although they were letting shoppers 2 at a time in, my prescription was brought , after doing the postcode and first line of address , they were placed in a basket , I picked them up and returned to my flat.
Mind you were I live , rules as to to lockdown by government or the residential home owner Anchor -Hanover are being ignored , there is a social committee, who think the chairman a non local person only moved in from Devon a few years thinks he knows it all , is breaking the rules , playing cards plus drinking alcoholic drink, he is over 80 ,and has asthmatic problems and overweight does not exercise, no wonder the lockdown continues .

Beechnut Thu 07-May-20 06:23:46

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. A lovely day is forecast and I can already see the evidence.

I’m going to do a shop and put some petrol in the car hopefully. Then back home to enjoy the day whatever I do.

I see someone has decorated their house for VE Day so I’ll see if I can find my wooden bunting to hang up.

Have a good day all and stay safe 🌹

grandMattie Thu 07-May-20 06:24:05

Morning all. Lovely clear day in E Kent - mind you, it rarely rains here, had to water the garden yesterday!
How confusing got you Mick.
The lockdown is being remarkably well kept in our small town, bar the usual people who have decided that it doesn’t apply to them. During our walk yesterday, not a solitary person gave way to us even though in most cases it would have been easier for them. I wonder what makes them so entitled? A dog?
Today’s treat? A walk to the farm shop for asparagus.
Stay well, stay safe.

grandMattie Thu 07-May-20 06:24:46

Wooden bunting beech ? What’s that?

Beechnut Thu 07-May-20 06:26:33

It’s some bunting flags made out of wood rather than material.

NanKate Thu 07-May-20 07:01:26

Morning Mick and All.

A pleasant day in prospect in South Bucks.

I must sort out my bunting for tomorrow. I also have cut two pictures from the paper, one being a silhouette of a soldier, and will put them in our front window.

Delivering some food items to our WI designated collector today, as we are told the One Can Charity is in great need of tinned food as the numbers requiring assistance has grown enormously during the Pandemic.

Mythbirtthedragon Thu 07-May-20 07:04:12

Good morning from east London, bright and sunny, cool overnight. If it turns out like yesterday, it’ll be warm in the sun but cool the minute you hit any shade. Today would have been my ‘paid-for’ working day - London Mayoral elections - but that’s now in next year’s calendar. Instead I’m off to the foodbank this morning with choir this evening. Hope you have a good day.

cornergran Thu 07-May-20 07:06:20

Morning Mick, morning All. Blue sky over our corner of Somerset. Beautiful moon last night. Main focus of the day is controlling the Montana which is intent on escaping next door. Our neighbour wants the beast repelled so secateurs will be wielded from this side. Mr C’s nosebleed in the early hours provided some excitement and an unscheduled bed change so the washing machine will be busy. Not much else on the agenda. A comfy chair, book and cold drink in the garden could well be called for this afternoon. Be gentle with yourselves everyone, stay safe.

Sark Thu 07-May-20 07:07:34

Good Morning from Oxfordshire.
Glad it is a sunny day as it will help lift my spirits.
Am a little fed up as we were supposed to be flying to Guernsey tonight to celebrate liberation day with family on Saturday.
Never mind and I know it is nothing compared with what a lot of GNs are going through.
Wooden bunting sounds nice Beechnut
Hope you have a better day Gillybob
flowers and best wishes to all

Bellasnana Thu 07-May-20 07:08:05

Good morning all from Malta where we have another sunny day.

I emptied one bookcase yesterday, so there are now books on every available surface. I now have no excuse and must get my furniture shifting done! I’m hoping for a nice, tidy bedroom by the end of the day!

Wishing you all a good day and sending special thoughts to all who are finding this strange way of life challenging.sunshine

Mythbirtthedragon Thu 07-May-20 07:11:35

Crossed with your post, Nankate and just to emphasis foodbank still need donations of food, and people’s generosity is much appreciated. where I help, the organisation can no longer get its usual deliveries and while there are deliveries coming in from elsewhere like from restaurants that have closed, it’s harder to give people a range of food. Thanks.

harrigran Thu 07-May-20 07:12:31

Good morning from an already sunny NE.
Today is washing day.
Morrison's delivery tonight, hope it is better than last week where only half the order was delivered.

What a beautiful sky last night, the moon was so bright.
Thinking of gillybob and others with worries.

NotAGran55 Thu 07-May-20 07:21:31

Good morning from sunny West Berkshire.
No plans today other than the usual walk , book , bake etc .

Totally agree with Mick there are a fair few flouting the guidance .......luckily most people are doing their bit or things would be far worse .

I wonder why they are so ‘ entitled’ and think that the guidance doesn’t apply to them ?

Mick just as a matter of interest have you or any of the other residents spoken to the chairman about it ? I guess his actions could impact you .

I’m assuming from your post that he isn’t self isolating along with his card playing associates .

brook2704 Thu 07-May-20 07:29:28

Good morning everyone from a lovely sunny Inverness. Yesterday was warm and sunny all day so as usual I was pottering in the garden whilst DH started some outdoor painting touch ups. Our forecast is to turn cold at the weekend so we’re making the most of the sunshine whilst we can 😀

DD2 even got the little ones paddling pool out which is a very rare occurrence up here and sent me a lovely video of DGC splashing in the water ! 😬

I’ve got a couple of online dance exercise classes planned for today and nothing much else. I’ve got some bedding plants growing from seed but they’re taking absolutely ages and I want to plant up some containers for the front door that are looking sadly neglected just now ....

Hope everyone has the best day they can and sending extra hugs and support to all those facing tough struggles and worries ❤️

Take care everyone 💐

Scentia Thu 07-May-20 07:33:46

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire.
The sun has got it’s very best hat on this morning. I am off work today so I will go on a longer walk/ride with the pooch as I am on a 48hr shift again tomorrow. DH will take the dog out but not for long!!
DD sent me a long video of her and DGS yesterday, they were just doing normal day to day things, it was lovely to watch. DGS is walking a lot more now he has found his feet, but he tries to run everywhere instead of taking it slowly. He no longer sits down and cries after his few steps now😂 not sure what he used to cry for, maybe shock!!!
I can’t believe he will be one on Saturday, DD did say she would most definitely be pregnant again by his first birthday, I knew she would change her mind!!!! It sounds like he has lots of lovely presents to open on Saturday, what a lucky boy he is.

I seem to have broken out in spots for the first time since I was 16. I can’t leave them alone though, and now have three scabs on my face, what a beauty😂🤪
Have a lovely day today and stay safe everyone❤️

Brunette10 Thu 07-May-20 07:34:40

Good Morning from yet again a beautiful sunny Fife. It perks you up I must say to have good weather. Just want to get out and about and of course this will limit to our garden but never mind will just get on with today's chores. DH doing a very good job of painting fences albeit takes a while but we have all day at the moment. Not sure if I shall bake today too much baking isn't good for your health grin. Thinking of all whose spirits are low just now hopefully we can see a little brink of advancement soon. Take care.

Serendipity22 Thu 07-May-20 07:41:17

Gooooood morning everyone from Yorkshire .... the sun is out and not a cloud in the sky ...

Intentions today are - make the most of the sunshine. I am a key worker for a gentleman who lives nearby, I go daily to administer his tablets, so considering todays forecast is glorious, we can sit in his garden ( distance , distance ) I sing to him... ( no, I cant sing ) THE SUN HAS GOT HIS HAT ON HIP HIP HIP HOORAY .... hahahaha.....

Mick, you said you lived Anchor Housing, well my friend also lives in an A.H complex and tomorrow they are having a street/car park party for VE DAY ... SOCIAL DISTANCING OBSERVED and they have to take their own mug/cup/glass.....I think that is absolutely brilliant idea.... ( weather forecast going to be glorious )

Enjoy today everyone

Gelisajams Thu 07-May-20 07:53:35

Good morning from a sunny cool Morecambe Bay where the sky is blue and another nice day weather wise is promised.
Mr G is out on his run so I will walk later this evening.
Bit of indoor exercise planned, it’s weights day today, not my favourite! Then I think it’s time to give the house a good clean and tidy. I’ve spent too much time on my iPad recently, saying “I’ll do it tomorrow.” It always surprises me how everything accumulates. Where does the clutter come from?
My elderly friend will phone later for her next computer lesson. I taught her to use a computer a few of years ago as she could no longer buy her typewriter ribbon. I set her up with basic word processing, e mail and internet, but since she has been confined to her flat she has resurrected her interest. It’s more difficult to support her now as she moved 200 miles away.
Thinking of all with problems and who are struggling one way or another. Take care, stay safe.🌸

NannyJan53 Thu 07-May-20 07:54:41

Good Morning from a bright Black Country.

It was an absolutely gloriously sunny day yesterday. We went for a walk to and through our local park. Only the 2nd time I have done this since lockdown. I was amazed how many were sitting on benches and lying in groups on the grass. Is lockdown over and nobody told me??

It is forecast colder by the weekend, so have to make the most of being outside. I have jobs to do inside, but will wait till I have to stay in. We need to bring our summer clothes down from storage and put away most of the winter clothes.

Had a text from my Dentists yesterday, cancelling my appointment for 26th May, which I knew deep down would happen. The original appointment was for 6th April. This time they have given no date, just they will contact me when they re-open. I really hope I can last that long!

Wishing you all a good day, and especially hope you have a better day today gilly

NfkDumpling Thu 07-May-20 07:57:10

Morning All

Another wonderful spring morning here in the north of Norfolk with a clear blue sky. In ‘normal’ times the sky would be slashed with many contrails heading over us to Europe from the States. For the present the sky stays clear all day and doesn’t film over as it used to.

But - the traffic noise this morning from the main road into Norwich nearly drowned out the birds as much as it used to. People are returning to work. The rush hour is starting again.

Today I shall mostly be doing the washing and cleaning the house.

Marydoll Thu 07-May-20 07:57:51

Good morning all, from a Glasgow, where it’s pleasant enough. No rain, that's all I'm bothered about.

DH is planning to paint the stairs and bannister, so I have been given fair warning to get downstairs ASAP or I will be trapped upstairs all day. sad
I can’t use the stairs without using the handrail and have worn some of the paint away, hence the need for re-painting. It’s so much easier to do when we have no DGD running about.
That was the excuse I used to push him to doing it , otherwise it will be Christmas before he gets around to it.
I have been sowing the seeds to do this in his mind for weeks, I’m an old hand at this psychology lark. wink

I may try out some new recipes, using yeast. I have gone from having no bread flour to having enough to supply Tesco, Morrisons, and the rest! Both DD and DIL have been picking it up whenever they saw it. However, until last night , I hadn’t the heart to hurt their feelings, ( they were so excited at sourcing it) and tell them I now had a stockpile, as they thought they were helping.....😍

Later, a wee hour spent in the garden after Doctor’s, if I don’t allow myself to be seduced by Fr Brown, hopefully the day will pass quite quickly.
I will loiter in the front garden in the hope that one of my neighbours is about. Socialising is the thing I miss most during Lockdown, apart from being with my DGD.

You may remember the incident with the nasty neighbour calling the police on the whole cul de sac.
He actually had the nerve to speak to visitors the other day and holding his baby out the window to a man and his children!! 😡 Do as I say, not as I do!
Anyway I digress, as usual. blush

My daughter was telling me that her fiancé had sent
something for my birthday to our house, but it had gone missing.
They tracked it and apparently it had been delivered and a man called John (not his real name), had signed for it. This is the name of the nasty neighbour. 🤔
Knowing what had happened previously, DD insisted her fiancé call DPD and insist that, because I was sheilding, the driver should go back, retrieve the parcel and deliver it to me, as I was certainly at home when it was supposed to have been delivered.

I think she was afraid of a number of things:
1. No sign of the parcel, so he must have kept it
2. If I went out of the house to retrieve it, I was at risk
3. I may say something to him about the police visit, I later regretted in court (I have a fiery temper, red hair and all that goes with it) and it would be used in evidence against me. (He is a policeman).

DD's fiancé duly phoned the company to complain. It turned out that the parcel hadn't even been dispatched yet and he had been given the wrong tracking number for it. 🤣
There was no delivery to John. All that anxiety for nothing! grin

((Hugs)) to all who are struggling, I know there are many.
Hoping for better news of Gilly and Dragonfly.

Urmstongran Thu 07-May-20 07:59:35

Good morning everyone from Malaga where it’s cloudy! Seems when you lot get sunshine over there we get none! Actually the forecast even shows showers his afternoon.

Himself is over at the SuperSol. I think he’s the first customer through the doors every Thursday. He has our list and one from our 84y old neighbour.

She hasn’t been outside for a walk yet. She’s a very anxious lady and feels safe up here. I told her there’s no rush - she can venture out when she’s ready.

I had scary dreams again last night. I was glad to wake up!

Hope Thursday is good to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

kittylester Thu 07-May-20 08:01:37

Morning all from a sunny North Leicestershire. Did anyone see the glorious flower moon last night. I think it will be there again tonight!

Following a recommendation from dragonfly I have potting compost and herbs to plant.

We had a long video chat with Wolfie yesterday (and DD3!) He was pointing out his body parts - obviously a genius - and blowing kisses! His brother and sister are with their dad for a couple of days so we didnt get to talk to them.

Take care and stay safe everyone and special (hugs) for gilly.

NfkDumpling Thu 07-May-20 08:04:07

DH has a tooth which needs attention too NannyJan. His appointment was cancelled before the lockdown. Not sure what the procedure is if the discomfort turns to proper pain.

I do hope you hear something soon Gilly. Can you let Mr G act as secretary and chase some of these calls? He can say in a posh voice “Hold the line please, I have Mrs Gillybob for you” if he gets a response!

jacq10 Thu 07-May-20 08:19:53

Morning Mick and morning posters. Lovely sunny day here in the north so should be making the most of it but afraid I am not doing so good just now after my fall. 10 days in and still in quite a bit (understatement) of pain. I went to chemists to see if they would give me some stronger painkillers but they advised me to get in touch with doctor which I did. We had a good chat and she went through what had happened. Bruising is obviously all inside and although my pain level is high it is not affecting my lungs and breathing which would be a cause for concern. She has upped the painkillers and told me to keep in touch. Lack of sleep is getting to me and also not having the energy to get out for my daily walk or even potter in the garden. Sorry about the moan at this time when so many have their own problems. Will give myself a shake now and try to be more upbeat and be thankful.