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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 09-May-20 06:10:57

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a nice bright sunny start here in Brackley this morning.
Another day in today, apart from exercise.
I will go and get a Chinese Take away later , just a soup and a main undecided as to choice, otherwise TV , like many spending more time watching it than normal.
Take Care ,

grandMattie Sat 09-May-20 06:17:00

Good morning all. Lovely day today in E Kent. Was unprepared for how hot it was last night.
We unexpectedly gave our lavender hedge a sever haircut yesterday after buying some plants to fill in the gaps. Hope it works.
Nothing on today as per...

ninathenana Sat 09-May-20 06:24:52

Good morning everyone.

GranMattie not just me that was hot in Kent last night then. I gave up trying to sleep at 2.30 a.m. and came down stairs.
The washing I did last night is waiting to be hung out and that's about it for today. Sitting in the garden I think is the order of the day.
Stay safe.

Beechnut Sat 09-May-20 06:29:53

Good Morning Mick and grandMattie and all who follow.

Another lovely start to the day on Severnside.

I really don’t know what to do today. I couldn’t get to grips with what day it was yesterday as it was a holiday.

Had a chat with DD yesterday and wondered what we would do if allowed to meet, whether we would or no at the moment.

A very severe haircut with a tree went on in my road yesterday grandMattie.

Stay safe all 🌻

cornergran Sat 09-May-20 06:52:06

Morning Mick, morning All. A bright and already warm start to the day in our corner of Somerset. Thank you for the good wishes yesterday, a very enjoyable day with contact from family and friends. No idea what we’ll do today other than make the most of the sunshine before the colder weather gets here. Be gentle with yourselves everyone.

NanKate Sat 09-May-20 07:03:19

Morning Mick and All.

Going to enjoy the last day of warmth before the 10 degree drop in temperature tomorrow.

It’s beginning to dawn on me that all our short break holidays will be cancelled this year. What a swiz (do people use that expression any more ?)

Keep going folks.

Nortsat Sat 09-May-20 07:20:25

Morning Mick and the GM team ... from a bright east London.

I sent my partner to the PO yesterday (to return the wretched iPhone). Then I popped back onto GN to the Good Morning thread, to catch up with the later posts. MawB kindly reminded me that it's a bank holiday and the PO is closed... then my partner arrived back from the PO, letting me know that it’s a bank holiday and the PO is closed ...

On line grocery order to sort today.
Frittata and salad for supper tonight as we have eggs which need using up.
Afternoon in the garden, I think.

Good thoughts to all, 💐to gillybob and anyone else who needs them. ‘Let’s be careful out there’ 💐

Brunette10 Sat 09-May-20 07:21:40

Good Morning to all and to those who follow. It's a dull day here in Fife but the sun may appear a little later on. No idea why I'm up so early but wakened so as well up. No plans today other than our daily walk, think we shall just have a very quiet day, it's beginning to become a habit wink Glad you had a nice day yesterday Cornergran another year older smile. Hope today is good for everyone, take care.

NotAGran55 Sat 09-May-20 07:22:03

Good morning. More blue skies and sunshine ☀️.

No plans for today other than trying to find a few little birthday presents that can be posted to a relative later in the month .

Yesterday felt like a Sunday so today feels like Monday!

Enjoy you day if you can .

Justwidowed Sat 09-May-20 07:31:06

Good morning all.Up early today and just made a coffee to take back to bed.My DH always brought coffee upstairs every morning and I always did it when we were on holiday.No more holidays or husbands !!
Am going to enjoy the sunshine today ,housework can wait until the temperature plummets tomorrow.
Hope everyone has as lovely a day as possible in these strange circumstances.

brook2704 Sat 09-May-20 07:36:13

Good morning mick and all from a cloudy Inverness. It’s already turned cooler here and tomorrow is definitely going to be a jumper day !
Yesterday our window cleaner arrived, he’s still working but without his usual assistants. I was just about to start my online exercise class so had to ask him to do those windows first as I definitely didn’t want an audience ... !😂😂

Hope everyone has the best day possible and take care if you have to go out 💐

Puzzler61 Sat 09-May-20 07:41:54

Good morning Mick and All. It’s all set to be a sunny and v.warm day here in Worcs.

Cornergran I’m glad your day was special. 🧁

If you had your own tea party or street party yesterday I hope you enjoyed them. 🧁

Nortsat Oh dear! I hope PO wasn’t too far a (lost) journey for your OH?

I’ve ordered burgers from a farm shop, thinking “bbq”, but they e mailed and said they can’t deliver until next week (when weather’s turning colder). Oh well.
As my only problem is “what can we have for tea” I think
I’m lucky, as so many folk on here are struggling with problems of greater magnitude.
Whatever we have for tea, we’ll eat it in the garden as we did yesterday listening to the birdsong and looking at the flower garden.

Take care everyone and enjoy the warm sunshine while we have it. 🌻

GrannyGravy13 Sat 09-May-20 07:45:46

Goodmorning Mick and all x

Blue sky, sunny and warm here in S E Essex.

I think today will be spent in the garden and I shall trawl the feeezer for something to cook on the BBQ for dinner.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋

Gelisajams Sat 09-May-20 07:46:14

Good morning from a bright Morecambe Bay. No walk this morning as I have been half awake much of the night with a dull ache somewhere in my face! I’m not sure if it’s my ear, jaw, throat or teeth! I’m suspecting an ear infection. Hopefully it will go away over the day!
Now I’m properly awake I shall find some painkillers, and having been inspired by the Sewing Bee I think I’ll see if I can make a smocked dress for 3 year old DG. I made one completely by hand many years ago, for no one in particular as part of my needlework A level. I hadn’t realised you could do smocking using the embroidery module on the sewing machine.
Thinking of all with worries and problems. Take care and stay safe.🌸

Bellasnana Sat 09-May-20 07:48:44

Good morning from Malta where it is another lovely day.

It was not a holiday here yesterday. I took my friend, who has cancer, to the dentist as she needed a filling before she can go for her infusion (for the bones).

She is in a very fragile state as her husband died two weeks ago, she couldn’t be with him, and now that funerals are banned it is all very traumatic for her, especially as her sons cannot get over from the UK to be with her.

Her husband had requested to be buried at sea, but this is not possible at present, so his body is being flown to the UK for cremation ( no cremation in Malta) and the ashes returned to my friend until such a time as the family can all be together to scatter them at sea.

My heart aches for my friend. It is hard enough being ill herself and then to be all alone just when you need your family around you. She is a wonderful person. We’ve been friends for 38 years.

Wishing everyone the best day possible, and stay safe.sunshine

Sar53 Sat 09-May-20 07:49:46

Good morning everyone from a very bright and sunny Essex by the sea. Another lovely day , yesterday was beautiful.
We walked along by the sea yesterday afternoon and on the way home I managed to fall, my ankle seemed to give way. Nothing serious thank goodness but it did reduce me to tears. A few scratches but I will survive.
Nothing planned today apart from a walk later. It seems that tomorrow the weather is not going to be so kind.
Love to everyone going through rough times, especially Gilly.
Have the best day you can and stay safe everyone xx

Gingster Sat 09-May-20 07:52:13

Good morning from the Suffolk coast. Beautiful, peaceful and tranquil.

We had a lovely VE Day with some jolly bunting up, a couple of neighbours brought scones and strawberries and we supplied the fizz. We sat in the garden, at a distance, in the glorious sunshine and raised a glass to all those brave soldiers. It was nice to feel ‘normal’.🇬🇧

I’m off to do my paper round now as DH still not allowed to drive for another 2 weeks, and I’m deputy paperboy for us and the neighbours. (Saturdays only) .

Enjoy this glorious weather for tomorrow brings change ❄️

Newquay Sat 09-May-20 07:56:48

Morning all from a sunny Staffs. We had a lovely day yesterday. First thing I baked a load of scones then stood outside with many neighbours for 2 minutes silence. I found it very moving, thinking of Mum and Dad who was a Desert Rat and our brother who was born 1941 and died 1942 for want of antibiotics.
Them mid afty we all wandered out, having decorated houses, pavements and had tea in our own drives. We could all wander up and down the middle of the road to greet each other-dodging all the littlies on their bikes and scooters. It was great fun, just what we needed-said we’ll do it again for VJ Day

Urmstongran Sat 09-May-20 07:58:19

Sun’s up! 🌞
Good morning everyone from Malaga 😎
Himself set off a while ago for his walk. I’m in bed with my second cuppa. Lovely. They do say opposites attract.

I fancy mac and cheese tonight with baked tomatoes. Himself bought a bag of flour so I could make a cheese sauce. 800g bag for 50c! Unbelievably cheap!

My knee aches a bit so I’m not walking tonight. And the 8pm clapping seems to have finished here.

Hope Saturday is good to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Marydoll Sat 09-May-20 07:59:09

Good morning all, it's promising to be a lovely in Glasgow.
I envy you, having a Chinese Mick, I have a craving for one!

We had planned an early morning sortie over the field and back, before anyone was about, but I've been kept awake by pain, for a good part, of the night, so it's a non starter.

Kate, I too was looking forward to a short break once this is was all over, but our favourite bus tour company has gone into administration. ☹️ Another victim of this blessed virus.
They are a family run company, who have been in the business for a long time. It's such a shame, as we have had some enjoyable breaks with them. It took years to persuade DH to do this, he discovered he enjoyed them, now there will be no more!

DD will appear at some point today, looking for her shopping from the Tesco delivery yesterday. I'm sure the drivers think I have some sort of an alcohol problem.
Between her orders and that of my neighbours, there is always plenty of booze.😚.
I always feel I have to explain.🤭

As a surprise, I decided to make fudge in the microwave, chocolate for DD and white chocolate and cranberry for her fiance
At least the fudge with cranberries is reasonably healthy!!! 😁
I decided to try at piece, purely for research purposes of course. It was more addictive than the tablet! She had better visit early on, or I will have scoffed it! 🤢

DH managed to secure a delivery of bedding plants, from a local nursery, you will know it well, Kalu. 😉
Today will be spent planting.
I managed to get some leeks and salad leaves to plant, as my seeds are not germinating very well, so I will be busy too.

Thinking of Gilly, Dragonfly and praying Cherry has had a better night. 💐
Enjoy your day, everyone.

Urmstongran Sat 09-May-20 08:04:14

X posts Marydoll I’ve started to notice just how often we seem to post at the same time as each other!

NfkDumpling Sat 09-May-20 08:08:20

Morning All

High cloud this morning here in the north of Norfolk and there’s a little bit more chill in the air.

We had an exciting evening yesterday. A neighbour had arranged to put his DJ stuff at the end of his drive and played Churchill speeches and the King and played 1940’s music. A few people stopped by on their exercise walk and some sat in their gateways. All strictly distancing - the police called by to check! Then we came back in to watch the Queen.

I don’t know if we can top that today. Maybe a bit of de-heading in the garden while the weather stays nice.

Greyduster Sat 09-May-20 08:10:15

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Another warm sunny one in prospect for South Yorkshire. We had a nice day celebrating VE Day in the road with the neighbours and eating our tea on the front lawn. We had music and a quiz. Then we played a game on Face Time in the evening with our GS and his parents. We’re getting quite good at organising board games on line! Today I will cook the fish we didn’t have yesterday as we were too full of afternoon tea, and will cook a curry for tomorrow. This will be the day I become reacquainted with the sweater I started knitting two years ago (could be longer!). Wish me luck! Have a good day all - we may lose the warm weather after today.

Nannytopsy Sat 09-May-20 08:11:54

Good morning Mick and all his followers. A beautiful morning in Suffolk again. We shall get moving today and start to clean the patio. Apparently we have slabs of mixed colours but you can’t tell. We only realised when next door neighbour cleaned theirs grin .
We are double booked this evening - a few neighbours bringing a chair and a drink to sit on our drive at 6.30, then our family quiz. DH finally thought up a round in the middle of the night - British seaside towns.
Where might you have met Dracula? Most easterly? Overlooked by the Great Orme?
You get the idea! With so many quizzes, it’s getting harder to think of new rounds.
Enjoy the sunshine - tomorrow it’s woollies and housework!

Pantglas2 Sat 09-May-20 08:16:03

Morning all from a glorious sunny north Wales which I think could be the last for a while as we’ll be down to single figures tomorrow- brrrr!

I still use the word ‘swizz’ NanKate and I’d definitely feel cheated out of my planned little jollies! Here in Wales they’re opening garden centre, libraries and dumps (where distancing allows) so that’ll be our treat for the foreseeable!

Mustn’t moan as if I’d been in Spain we wouldn’t have moved out of phase 0 as Malaga and Granada provinces are the only two in the the whole of Andalusia not to be moving onward to more freedom! Friends there are so not happy!

Trot out for a newspaper and walk before brunch later then garden for rest of the day - stay safe everyone x