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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 18-May-20 06:12:39

Good Morning Everyone,
Yet another warm day awaits here in Brackley .
Todays plans small shop forgot somethings yesterday.
Tidy up a little , watch TV .
I was watching the NEWS yesterday, to see one of my favourite areas , having visitors at Bubblehead Viaduct , gathering in numbers ,mind you bring your own snacks and drink as the pub was not open unsure whether there was a take away Fish & Chip van there .
But we will see if releasing things to early , will see a 2nd wave of the virus and upward trend not only in UK but other places as well.

grandMattie Mon 18-May-20 06:35:07

Good morning all. Bright and still a little chilly in E Kent.
Painters coming today. They’ll be here for about 6 weeks repairing subsidence and making good. Such disruption. Glad the weather is nice.
Two pubs have opened for takeaways as well as the Fish and Chip shop. We’re unlikely to patronise them as I cook everything from scratch.
Stay well, stay alert!

Beechnut Mon 18-May-20 06:44:16

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it’s a lovely start to the day.

I very much enjoyed my lerty time spent with DD yesterday.

Today it’s back to weeding, washing and finishing my sewing.

Be safe and have the best day you can all

Beechnut Mon 18-May-20 06:44:30


Urmstongran Mon 18-May-20 06:52:45

Good morning everyone from Malaga 😎 it’s a gorgeous one again. Up a bit earlier as went to bed earlier after watching a black & white film on Freeview last night ‘Hobson’s Choice’ with Charles Laughton and a small part for a very young and petite Prunella Scales. Set in Salford - brought back memories, seeing the cobbled streets of my childhood!

Some restrictions being lifted today. I’m not brave enough to sit even at an outside cafe or bar just yet. We said last night we’ve not done this very strict lockdown for 10 weeks to jump straight back in. It will be interesting to observe the numbers who want to. Beaches and hotels are not open yet but we can walk along the paseo if we want to so that’s progress!

Himself is just off for his walk. Lazy me has just been passed a second cuppa as I sit up in bed sending this. Opposites attract so they say ....

Hope Monday is good to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

cornergran Mon 18-May-20 06:54:18

Morning Mick , morning All. Brighter start to our corner of Somerset. The cloud was with us for much of the day yesterday. Hoping for a GP telephone consultation for Mr C at some point. Laundry, general tidying and faffing for me. A walk later, not far as I’ve an irritatingly painful foot. Be gentle with yourselves everyone.

Puzzler61 Mon 18-May-20 07:23:35

Good morning Mick and All
grandMattie I hope you can keep your chin up during the painting. It will be worth it in the end.

cornergran not sure if you’ve said why your foot is painful, but rest it today.

Nice sunny Monday in Worcs. I’m sitting in bed with a cuppa pondering on what to do with today. Having a phone chat with my lovely friend who’s not been too well. We’ve been ‘bosom pals’ since we were 16 and we can chat on and on ........

Fingers and toes crossed that Covid tragic deaths keep reducing. Keep safe all who are going out 🦋

brook2704 Mon 18-May-20 07:29:21

Good morning everyone from a cloudy but dry Inverness. Yesterday was lovely and sunny most of the afternoon but still with a cool wind. It was lovely to get back out in the garden though - the same planned again for today !

Got lovely phone calls and messages from all of my 3 AC yesterday, Sunday must be the day they all think they’d best catch up with their dear old mum ! They’re all facing different challenges but doing ok thank goodness - you never stop worrying about them do you ...... !!

Today’s highlight is a trip to Tesco for a click and collect order ....😂

Hope everyone has the best day possible especially those facing extra worries and struggles 💐

Pantglas2 Mon 18-May-20 07:33:57

Morning all from a sunny north Wales but I’m sure showers have been promised so good job I’ve nothing planned!

How exciting for you Urmstongran to be allowed out! Oh how I’m missing Spain especially now the weather is picking up!

Stay safe everyone x

Pittcity Mon 18-May-20 07:43:52

Good morning from a bright warm Colchester. Summer is forecast for the rest of the month.
DH has gone fishing and he is so happy to be allowed back that he's a different man. I probably won't make the most of the time that he's out, as usual.

gillybob Mon 18-May-20 07:44:23

Good morning from the NE coast where we have another cool and dull start to the day. Monday is normally my worst day of the week but they’re all pretty much the same right now.

I have a conference call booked with a customer at 11am so will have to go to “that place” for that . Otherwise no plans for today except the usual long wait on hold to speak to try and get some sense out of Barclays . I can’t understand how such a big bank with a reported 80,000 employees could get it so wrong, when the smaller banks seem to be managing just fine. I hope when this is all over there will be a post-mortem to find out just exactly what was going on.

Didn’t do a lot yesterday just pottered . It wasn’t a very nice day and we even had a bit rain, so I did a bit of housework and some reading .

I hope we hear something back from DH’s drive through blood tests today as he hasn’t had any blood pressure meds for over a week now, which must put him at high risk of another stroke. Just something else to worry about .

Hope Monday is kind to everyone.

Love Gillybob x

Gingster Mon 18-May-20 07:47:42

Good morning all from a sort of sunny Suffolk coast. Yesterday was so beautiful, warm and sunny all day with a gentle breeze. Unusual for here as we generally have a chilly breeze living right by the North Sea. Our beach was busier than usual but no big groups of trippers. Just dog walkers, a few families ambling along and a couple of cyclists.

We might go back to our other home next week, in Essex. We don’t have a holiday home as we spend equal amounts of time in each, but we were in Suffolk when lockdown started so we stayed here. It’s been so lovely, peaceful and stress free. We’re looking forward to seeing friends and family but not looking forward to the busy roads, shops and generally more frantic way of life. Perhaps we will move up here permanently. 🤔

When do you think you will come back to the UK

Hope the sun is with us all today🌞

Ginny42 Mon 18-May-20 07:58:21

Good morning Mick and everyone from a very bright start to the day in Cheshire. I've just seen the weather map and it's mostly yellow going to mostly reds on Wednesday. Get the summer togs out!

Thank you so much for all the lovely birthday greetings yesterday. It turned out to be a very happy day after all and I had my first visitor. We had afternoon tea in my garden. Later a neighbour came and I just had to have a second scone, without the cream though. I had lovely gifts left on the doorstep and of course video calls with DD and DGS abroad.

I've had video calls re work with my DD already today, so busy, busy. Out for a walk soon and hope to see the ducklings on the pond in the woods as they weren't there yesterday and there is a family of foxes. Nature can be cruel.

Take good care everyone especially if going out today. flowers for all.

Urmstongran Mon 18-May-20 08:01:05

Ah staying over here for the foreseeable Gingster! It’s not even 9am and it’s 25°C my husband tells me as he’s just come in after his walk. There are no flights anyway until 1st July. The weather has been iffy until only a few days ago so we’re thinking why not stay for the whole of the summer?

I can buy the only medication I need of blood pressure tablets at the farmacia, I can’t hug the grandchildren if I came home and so all being well we might as well stay out here and enjoy the beach, the sun and spend my state pension from July haha!

Lins1066 Mon 18-May-20 08:03:54

Good Morning Mick and all from a little cloudy S Welsh coast. Yesterday turned out sunny and windy, today is supposed to be warmer. I can't remember when we last had rain, DH had the sprinkler on the front lawn last evening.
No idea if our beaches were busy over the weekend as we don't venture far from the house.
I will defrost some soup for later and put together a list for an online delivery on Wednesday.
Hope you finally get somewhere today with the bank gilly.
Stay safe everyone.

grandMattie Mon 18-May-20 08:04:14

Puzzler , oh yes it will. It’s just that for a couple of weeks we are banished from upstairs, and so on. The entire house is being repainted.
This subsidence monitoring has been going on for 5 years, so it’s been a loooong haul.

dragonfly46 Mon 18-May-20 08:05:22

Good morning from sunny Leicestershire. It was lovely and warm yesterday so hoping for the same today although we have to have the fan on for the dog.

Sainsbury delivery today with no substitutions and must do some cleaning.

Hope you get your appointment corner I find our doctors are really easy to get hold of at the moment.

Need to help a friend out today who is having a minor breakdown but not sure how. She is convinced she has the virus and keeps going for tests which are all negative.

Stay safe everyone.

gillybob Mon 18-May-20 08:07:18

Sounds delicious Urms you really are so lucky . I live quite close to my DGC but might as well be a million miles away right now . Plus the weather here in the NE is poop .

Thanks Lins 🤞

NanKate Mon 18-May-20 08:11:57

Morning Mick and All.

Sunny day here in prospect here in South Bucks.

So disappointed Kitty we can’t have our annual meet up today for a good long chat over coffee/tea and cake. Maybe later in the year, who knows. 👋

kittylester Mon 18-May-20 08:12:43

Morning all from a brightish North Leicestershire. The forecast is good but it looks a bit iffy.

My diary told me that I am meeting NanKate this morning - if only! sad

Had a shock at bedtime yesterday when a piece of tooth detached itself as I was cleaning my teeth. So, today's job is acquiring some filling material. Youd think we'd have thought that far ahead wouldn't you?

We dropped some post off at DS2's house yesterday. It was great to see him.

We are ringing Barclays today gilly, but about savings, so I expect we'll get through. I will complain on your behalf - wont help, but I'll have a go!

My DBiL (living with dementia in South Africa) is not coping without cigarettes and my lovely SiL is not coping without alcohol af the end of a difficult day with him.

I am disgusted with DH's other brothers as they never contact either of them. angry

Take care everyone - especially Kate!!

Have the best day possible everyone.

kittylester Mon 18-May-20 08:13:16

X posts Kate!!

kittylester Mon 18-May-20 08:14:51

dragonfly I hope you can help your friend.

Nannytopsy Mon 18-May-20 08:20:36

Good morning Mick and all his followers.
The clouds have just cleared in Suffolk so it’s another sunny day.
More gardening today. Once I have finished what is urgent, I must start painting the back of the house. The sun has peeled off the paint in places. If I do downstairs, we will get someone in for upstairs.
I hope the day is kind to everyone

Urmstongran Mon 18-May-20 08:22:23

I wish I had a magic wand for you gillybob. We don’t have much in the way of property as our two small places are only the equivalent of a semi (so downsizing just makes this doable for most if they so choose) but I do love our lifestyle - little housework, no maintenance upkeep, minimal utility bills which means we can just be out and about - stopping off for coffee or wine here and in the U.K.
Back in the day our finances took a huge hit at the time of the recession. I feared for my husband’s mental health at the time - it was awful but I’ve come to realise you can’t buy peace of mind. We adjusted and are grateful for our health, our lifestyle choice and the blessings we have.

EllanVannin Mon 18-May-20 08:22:29

Good Morning All x
Cloudy and cool, very still not a vehicle, the odd birdsong---the sound of my stomach rumbling, waiting for crumpets piled high with Lurpak grin

D calling today for a chat through the back kitchen window while I hand her the books for the children---all 13 of them, they're only smallish but what a bargain for £4.99, Usborne story books and well-wiped smile

When I rang her yesterday the parrot was in the background trying to drown out the conversation, it was hilarious listening to his repertoire of varying noises from a cat meowing ( they haven't got a cat ! ) then trumpy noises which the children have taught him. It's a mad house !

Anyway, glad to say I finally got my cream sponge after the neighbour did some shopping for me---brilliant. No need for me to be carrying boxes of cat food etc. The difference in price was over a £1 per box at the corner shop ! I must have spent £'s over the odds since mid-March.

A bit of cleaning, mainly the bathroom and kitchen then change the bed though I won't be washing until it's fine mid-week, hopefully.

Hope all is well with everyone and I'm glad that the good weather has returned to you in Malaga Urmston, it makes such a difference and helps with the situation we're in.
I was watching Hobson's Choice too even though I'd seen it before, but Charles Laughton was such a fine actor that I decided to watch it. Dinner Ladies was on later on Yesterday channel---so funny.

Keep safe everyone, keep well and enjoy whatever you do, apart from poor Gillybob x who won't be enjoying things so much, but surely this can't last ? Can it ? Fingers crossed for you.
Have a good day All xx