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Can't remember where I left my Sense of Humour

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May7 Fri 29-May-20 14:36:51

I've always had a weird sense of humour. I can find the funny side of anything and so can my DH. Its what attracted me to him years ago. (he thinks it was his dashing looks ha) We tease and laugh at each other constantly. Banter starts and then it just keeps feeding. Its got me out of sticky situations too.

However, I've lost my sense of humour over the last few days. I've looked for it everywhere.....under the bed, in the fridge (that's usually where lost things are found in this house) and in the bits and bobs drawer but alas all I can find is my tiny violin and the noise of that is irritating the hell out me

I need my Sense of Humour back please. I've tried to send a message to St Anthony he the guy of lost things but hes self isolating and knows that I'm not a believer so no luck there then. I need it back. If anyone else has borrowed it please return to its loving owner ASAP
Anyone else lost theirs?

LJP1 Sat 30-May-20 09:32:20

I find our wildlife settles and amuses us.

'Our' crow made us giggle a couple of days ago. It just came and inspected the two pheasants at the bird table. Then it hopped up, tweaked the male’s tail and shuffled, apparently amicably, between them to eat the grain! The male pheasant was very upright and dignified and looked down his beak at the crow. He was not frightened and eventually finished feeding and wandered off. The crow turned, hopped over the female and flew away. It did look as if it was just teasing the pheasants!

Not LOL but hopefully a wry smile to start the return process off.

Good luck - at least the sun is still shining and you can probably put off the watering for a few minutes while you have another cup of coffee.

Oldwoman70 Sat 30-May-20 09:33:01

I have a new game I play which appeals to my sense of humour.

I read the headings of the various political threads, try to guess who has started it and what they have written, 85% success rate on guessing the OP and 90% success rate on guessing what they have written (not hard when it is usually just a re-jig of what has been written before), laugh to myself and then go off and do something more interesting

Coconut Sat 30-May-20 09:34:43

Loads of funny and not so funny emails flying round all the time. We’ve had lots of laughter, playing word games till late at night in the conservatory with a couple of rhubarb and ginger gins 🍹mmmm to die for. Also do a Zoom call with some old friend she once a week, so a quiz etc and so t stop laughing at some of our answers 🤣. I do have th word “flat” day but I get fed up with myself then and just bounce back.

Coconut Sat 30-May-20 09:35:24

I must check my text before I post 🤭

LynneH Sat 30-May-20 09:37:26

It’s not surprising, with all that’s been going on. It WILL get better, believe me. I was once so desperate that I called the Samaritans. They were engaged. Luckily, I did see the funny side, and it was the start of my recovery.

silverlining48 Sat 30-May-20 09:39:27

Sorry Lynne, but that did make me laugh too. Glad it helped you.

MerylStreep Sat 30-May-20 09:46:39

That's the spirit. 🤗🤗🤗

TanaMa Sat 30-May-20 09:47:53

It's not my SOH that has gone missing it is my mojo. Can't find it anywhere and as there is only me here I haven't anyone to blame for hiding it. Such a long list of things I should do but without that mojo the list will continue to grow!!

lemongrove Sat 30-May-20 09:47:58

Oldwoman70 grin but....I thought that I had invented that game.

gillgran Sat 30-May-20 09:49:56

Don't worry, stop looking too hard, it will turn up again when you least expect it.!! wink flowers

Marjgran Sat 30-May-20 09:51:46

If you find it can you see if mine is there, and my waist too?
Not helped by the “funny” videos everyone sends me.

baggiebird Sat 30-May-20 09:57:12

Hey I love to watch Peter Kay and Not Going Out , Peter Kay's Car Share is also brilliant when you start watching it the reruns are on Bbc1 and I player.My sense of humour is a bit strange but I find it turns up at work a lot I work at a certain supermarket and seeing the various masks and different things people are wearing and the complete lack of common sense starts me and my colleagues giggling ...and the strangest and funniest things they are looking for...last night 2 men asked for bottom wipes but both denying it was for them I think I am in the wrong job as I laughed while I was showing them.I find generally taking the piss out of everything and avoiding too much news gets me through life .Also my very bad texting the wrong words whilst watching a fisherman I messaged my friend and said he had just caught a toddler..until she messaged back hope the toddler is ok then I saw what I had sent her grin

baggiebird Sat 30-May-20 10:00:01

I too have a few flat days but the next day back to normal find my emotions all over the place and as for clap for carers only did it once
then found I was in tears

KathrynP Sat 30-May-20 10:07:52

I have a black hole in my house. Everything is stored there.... lost emails, draft emails (loads of them!) my husband’s keys, wallet, stapler, glue gun, mobile, etc etc. If only I could find that black hole all would be well. I suspect that I may have other people’s items in there but I didn’t put them there!

Growing0ldDisgracefully Sat 30-May-20 10:15:38

Oh I don't know May, your SOH seemed to be sneaking through in your post! Maybe it's just teasing you.

timetogo2016 Sat 30-May-20 10:17:54

I found mine when i looked in the mirror and saw more grey hair than ever .

Alypoole Sat 30-May-20 10:17:59

Well you made me laugh!

Aepgirl Sat 30-May-20 10:20:24

It’s my sense of humour that is getting me through this lockdown. I try to find the funny side of all situations - and then I have a stupid meltdown and the funny side of life disapoears.

Oldwoman70 Sat 30-May-20 10:22:51

lemongrove apologies if you came up with the idea first - what's that they say about great minds?

Skweek1 Sat 30-May-20 10:24:35

I think if you start looking for something else - maybe the tea spoons, or (as in my case) your get-up-and-go, there it will be, somewhere you've looked at least 20 times since breakfast, laughing at you. But my family say that I've never had a SOH, so maybe not the best person to help, even though most of the posts on this forum have really tickled me, so perhaps it's them?

grandtanteJE65 Sat 30-May-20 10:39:04

St Rita deals with lost causes too.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sat 30-May-20 11:07:49

I giggled all the way through HIGNFY last night. Ian Hislop was so annoyed about the Cummings shenanigans. I can’t wait for next week’s Private Eye.

cupcake1 Sat 30-May-20 11:30:56

Well your post made me laugh ! Thank you! 😂😂

EEJit Sat 30-May-20 12:17:54

Have you tried your knicker drawer. That's where most of you ladies seem to out things.

Oldernewgranny Sat 30-May-20 12:20:24

My guess is that it’ll be with my husband’s. He’s turned into Victor Meldrew and can’t see the positive in anything, he constantly shouts at the tv whenever Coronavirus is mentioned and it’s him who’s making me depressed and humourless rather than the situation we’re in. Thank goodness for friends.