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annsixty Tue 09-Jun-20 15:15:51

I have jusr received 2 PM's from a Dr Roy who wants to give me millions of USD deposited by someone of my Nationality and surname!!!
I should be so lucky.
Has anyone else had one, or more?

Grammaretto Tue 09-Jun-20 23:27:47

There's a place on PMs to click Report or Block Sender Nannan2

Lilypops Tue 09-Jun-20 23:33:12

Was this the post yesterday , it said. Give me money I want it now, That was deleted very quickly. , if it wasn’t I didn’t get one from Dr Roy. Feeling left out , !! But I do know of a very rich Nigerian Prince who wants my bank details so he can deposit millions in to my account, Well just wait till he wants it back and I tell him hard luck Princey, I have spent it all , !!! That will teach him 😉