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Just seen a NEWS report on the shops that have reopened

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12Michael Mon 15-Jun-20 10:57:37

According to the report most of the High Street brands have got queing such places like Primark.
Unless you know what you want its easy as in some cases fitting rooms are out of use.
Gather buying shoes or even books , you may pick the item up and not buy , it then is stacked elsewhere for 72 hours before it can displayed again.

Callistemon Mon 15-Jun-20 11:16:25

Don't all rush at once!!

I may not be going for some time, Mick, how about you?

Oopsadaisy3 Mon 15-Jun-20 11:23:24

I was wondering how the charity shops were going to be safely opened? can’t keep putting stuff away as often no stockroom. What about donations? Leave in a sack for a week?
I think it’s a bit of a minefield, masks and gloves at the ready!
Not for me though I’m staying home.

Beechnut Mon 15-Jun-20 11:25:10

I’ve just come back from Hobbycraft and Been and Queued. Both places good as I knew what I wanted but as usual for me I always come out with a bit more than I went for at Hc and I did add some houseplants in B&Q.

DiscoGran Mon 15-Jun-20 11:35:20

I have set myself a challenge, not to buy any new clothes or shoes for the remainder of the year. I have far too many of everything anyway, even after a good sort out.
Whether I'll stick to it is another matter. 👗Love an on line bargain.

annodomini Mon 15-Jun-20 12:23:49

I have heard a rumour that there was an immense queue of cares at the Cheshire Oaks outlet centre because someone lost the key to the gates. grin

annodomini Mon 15-Jun-20 12:24:24

cares cars!

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 15-Jun-20 12:39:18

I think it's better to wait for it to calm down a bit after the initial excitement. Apparently a queue formed outside Nottingham Primark two hours before opening.

We probably belong in either one of two groups. We're either champing at the bit and are eager to go shopping or we don't feel any enthusiasm as the longer we've gone without things the more we realise we can go without.

Riverwalk Mon 15-Jun-20 13:06:27

I've been on a recce - retail is back with a bang there were queues outside Nike & Lululemon!

Peter Jones not yet open but the window dressers were at work - I'll be making a visit there but won't join a long queue.

whoisthis Mon 15-Jun-20 13:08:17

I have been waiting to return something for 2 months- might brave the shops later with mask and gloves.
I heard there were queues outside Selfridges on hour before it was due to open. Good luck to these people.

GillT57 Mon 15-Jun-20 13:40:23

No thanks, there is nothing I need so desperately, but there again, I have never seen the fun of shopping just for the sake of it anyway.

jenpax Mon 15-Jun-20 13:47:04

I will wait til the mad rush dies down before even attempting to go to shops! I get anxious with shops at the best of times!

GrannyGravy13 Mon 15-Jun-20 16:11:07

There are pictures on line of the young, mostly men queuing to get into the Nike Store in Oxford Street, no social distancing looked like a rugby scrum the poor man on the door didn’t stand a chance of monitoring numbers.

Who needs trainers or gym wear that desperately?

Daisymae Mon 15-Jun-20 16:40:30

I suspect that was just Oxford Street, one photo I saw online looked like the scrum was 50% photographers

PinkCakes Mon 15-Jun-20 20:37:18

I've never liked going into shops (not even for groceries, but I've been having to do that since the lockdown), and can't understand what would make anyone wait for hours in a queue. I can get everything I need online, thanks.

suziewoozie Mon 15-Jun-20 22:52:51

I’ve done more and more online shopping in recent years but even so, I’m mildly surprised at how completely indifferent I am to the idea of ever doing in-person shopping ever again.

12Michael Tue 16-Jun-20 07:09:44

Locally in a way to me Bicester Village , distancing rules broken etc , according to reports calls for it to close , until distancing rules change, which could never happen .

Lucca Tue 16-Jun-20 07:48:49

Mentioned on i another thread, out of curiosity I walked into town yesterday. Queues round the block for sports urgently can you need multi packs of Slazenger socks

Iam64 Tue 16-Jun-20 08:02:31

Mick - I won't be rushing into any shops, that's for sure. Distancing rules, so many hands touching clothing etc - too risky for me. keep safe everyone

Ginny42 Tue 16-Jun-20 08:18:49

In one image I saw I could clearly see two women - white haired and more than middle aged - coming out of a very crowded store onto a busy street. What were they thinking? How was that a safe environment for them?

TerriBull Tue 16-Jun-20 08:20:22

I won't be rushing out to the shops, before the lockdown I did like going to my local town in the early morning whilst it was quiet, we have one of the John Lewis that opened their doors yesterday. Their summer sales should be looming, normally I would buy at such a time, although everything is on line. However having seen some of the manic behaviour on the news, I can't understand it really, Nike in Oxford Street in particular, I mean no one dies without new trainers shock not to mention the queues for McDonalds, it really does say a lot about some people's mentality, definitely an age demographic thing I'd say. Would still rather walk out in the fresh air rather than traipse around shops with artificial lighting, haven't really missed them that much. Having said that, sadly the high street will suffer even more unless those wanting to spend do so.

Iam64 Tue 16-Jun-20 08:30:01

TerriBull - I confess, John Lewis is my go to store. My family often query how their sales can be dropping, given the level of support I give them. I'll look on line and I will miss meeting a friend at our local JL, wandering the sale lines, trying things on, having a coffee and a cake. Pre lock down bliss but not for the foreseeable

Furret Tue 16-Jun-20 09:01:15

Non-essential says it all. Who needs new clothes - except children who are still growing or those who are munching their way through lockdown?

Saw a young woman clutching a handbags she’s ‘simply had to have’. Says something about our culture and priorities doesn’t it and suspect that applies to the young men mobbing the Nike shop too.

MissAdventure Tue 16-Jun-20 09:07:09

It's no different to other people continuing to buy online, despite having umpteen pairs of shoes, boots, etc.

Furret Tue 16-Jun-20 09:14:32

Online COVID-19?