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Pubs opening June 4th

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Nanderin Sat 20-Jun-20 07:54:36

Hi so apparently pubs are opening, like we need that.angry

phoenix Sat 20-Jun-20 07:59:33

I think you mean JULY 4th, and I'm sure that all the staff who were furloughed or laid off without any payment will be glad to have the opportunity to work againg.

The government will probably appreciate the revenue gained from the tax on sales.

boheminan Sat 20-Jun-20 08:08:44

...and I for one will enjoy sitting in the lovely garden of our local, sipping a wine and finally catching up with long lost neighbours wine

Ellianne Sat 20-Jun-20 08:09:54

Pubs but not schools?

BlueBelle Sat 20-Jun-20 08:16:49

Exactly Ellis next
Couldn’t you have sat in your garden with your neighbours and a glass of wine anyway boheimian 😂😂
But I do agree they need to get back to work, all things need to get back to work this country will be on its knees soon
(Well it is already)

BlueBelle Sat 20-Jun-20 08:17:41

I don’t know where Ellis next came from sorry ellianne

MerylStreep Sat 20-Jun-20 08:18:06

You might not want or need it but thousands of workers in the hospitality industry do.

Ellianne Sat 20-Jun-20 08:19:32

That's OK, Daffodil I'm getting used to being called all kinds of names on here!

Ellianne Sat 20-Jun-20 08:23:13

Ironically the hospitality industry might be the one that sees the greatest boom, and by that I mean for many years to come. People will take far more holidays, trips, celebrations etc. here in the UK in future so pubs, restaurants and the like will have far more customers.

Furret Sat 20-Jun-20 08:33:13

Love your optimism Ellianne -truely. I would be delighted if everything could go back to normal and this virus would just disappear before taking the lives of more people that we loved.

sodapop Sat 20-Jun-20 08:36:29

I agree BlueBelle we have to get used to doing things differently and get the economy moving,

BlueSky Sat 20-Jun-20 08:38:15

I'm in two minds as always, one minute I'm still frightened and want to carry on isolating, the next I want to throw caution to the wind and book those trips on my to do list. I guess in the end it'll be something in the middle.

Maggiemaybe Sat 20-Jun-20 08:38:32

If they don’t open soon though, it’ll be too late. Many pubs and restaurants were going through hard times even before lockdown and some just won’t re-open. Why do you think we don’t need them, Nanderin?

sodapop Sat 20-Jun-20 08:39:31

Obviously that's not going to happen Furret we have to learn how to live and deal with this. We can't hide away forever,

JenniferEccles Sat 20-Jun-20 08:44:19

I’m not sure it’s been officially announced but it’s good news as it indicates that the distancing rule will be reduced.

I think it’s ridiculous that schools are not open as well though. Why wait until September? Why not abandon the Summer holiday?

Teachers have effectively already had weeks off haven’t they?

Of course the Leftist teachers unions were always going to make life difficult for the government in their plan.

It seems crazy to me that children can wander around potentially crowded shopping centres with (and without in the case of older ones) their parents yet it’s deemed ‘not safe’ to be in schools.

I can’t see the logic in that.

harrigran Sat 20-Jun-20 08:56:43

I feel sorry for those who have been unable to work and understand their need to be earning but sitting in a pub does not feature in my life.
If I was a beer drinker I may feel differently but wine tends to be just plonk.
We have quite a few pubs within walking distance of us and it has been so peaceful on an evening. Not looking forward to the late night noise again.

Furret Sat 20-Jun-20 09:02:33

Of course the Leftist teachers unions were always going to make life difficult for the government in their plan

Spoken like a true Boris believer!

Pity those who died needlessly in Care Homes because they had no one to speak up for them. Where was Boris’ plan then?

Furret Sat 20-Jun-20 09:03:58

I see Katie Hopkins has been banned from Twitter!

Sparklefizz Sat 20-Jun-20 09:10:26

JenniferEccles Teachers have effectively already had weeks off haven’t they?

Do you mean that tongue in cheek? Surely you know that they have been working non-stop all the way through?

My daughter is a teacher and has been teaching the children of key workers in school on a rota system with her colleagues, also through the Easter and halfterm holidays so that their parents could work, simultaneously teaching her GCSE and A Level students online every day.... plus home schooling her own 2 children.

Teachers have not been furloughed.

Nanderin Sat 20-Jun-20 09:14:35

Sorry I did mean July 4th

Ellianne Sat 20-Jun-20 09:26:36

Independence Day. We can all do what we like! Let me think ........
Do pubs serve cream teas?

Puzzler61 Sat 20-Jun-20 09:27:00

Most of our local pubs serve very good meals, and employ many young people working behind the bar or waiting on tables. It’s part of our culture and I really hope we don’t lose it as it’s a very enjoyable alternative to mum cooking a meal at home for a large extended family or just spending a lunchtime or evening with friends.
I understand everything will need to be spaced at appropriate distances - which will definitely affect profits - but it’s do-able. Take extra care with cleanliness, people washing hands, cleaning the toilet after them, it’s the way it always should have been.

Franbern Sat 20-Jun-20 09:27:58

Jennifereccles - where on earth did you get the idea that teachers have had time off???? They have all been continuing to work - for most even longer hours than they had done previously. Providing on -line lessons, attending their normal plus extra compulsory on-line meetings, marking work, individual on-line teaching, on-line group meetings.,

I know of teachers who have now been told they have to produce and submit THREE different lots of lesson plans for next September - (first for blended learning - that is combination of on-line and in school teaching, second for in -school teaching with 2m distancing rule, and third for in-school teaching with 1m distancing rule).

Teachers who are employed part time normally, have now been working more than full-time trying to look after their pupils. They really do need holiday time this summer in order to re-charge their very low batteries AND give some time to their own families.

There really so much ignorance about what is going on and Jennyeccles, you do seem to only see what you wish to and not what is really happening.

JenniferEccles Sat 20-Jun-20 09:30:46

Yes the care homes situation was very sad but other European countries also had serious outbreaks in theirs too.

Our PM wasn’t responsible for those was he?

There was a world wide shortage of PPE and sadly decisions had to be made in terms of priority.

The NHS obviously came first.

Ellianne Sat 20-Jun-20 09:40:41

How does that work then with carveries in pubs? I mean the ones where we all line up in a queue, people cough over the food, all touch the same serving spoons and dig around in the troughs, then all touch the handle of the gravy jug before proceeding to our table?