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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 24-Jun-20 06:13:36

Good Morning Everyone ,
Yet another warm day greets us this morning , small shop this morning .
Today , May fit new loo seat .
Yesterday , whilst in Buckingham , I went past the café I frequent allot to see it open, and doing take aways , chairs and tables stacked up , but a one way system as regards to entry and exit .
There seems to be more activity as well when going out , will miss the afternoon entertainment on TV with the daily update .
Take Care,

mumofmadboys Wed 24-Jun-20 06:17:57

Good morning all. I seem to wake up very early these days!Sunny day here in Cumbria. DH still asleep. Plan to go off on daily cycle ride soon. May invite neighbours into garden this afternoon for a cuppa. Have a good day everyone and keep safe

grandMattie Wed 24-Jun-20 06:23:28

Morning everyone. Promises to be horribly ho in E Kent today. I like warmth, not heat...
Yes, Mick, more bustling is certainly noticeable but I certainly shan’t miss the “BoJoShow”. Always the same, mostly inane, question, always the same prevarications and non-answers.
Delivery from IKEA for furniture to replace redundant bookshelves today.
Yesterday, when walking along footpath to my Tai Chi class (on the park grass) a little girl and her mother let me pass. The child suddenly shouted,”she's just like my grandma”. I stopped to chat for a couple of minutes. It was so lovely to be allowed to chat to a child. As I left, she asked for a hug! I broke my heart to leave her wailing as, of course, I absolutely couldn’t do that. Sign of the times...
Hope that your yucky feeling has gone today, Marydoll and that you feel terrific.
May today bring peace and relief to you all.

Puzzler61 Wed 24-Jun-20 06:40:49

Good morning Mick and all who follow.

Mick I think our town centres will begin to bustle again albeit slowly to begin with.

grandmattie your walk yesterday was both joyful and sad. Children must be missing the hugs as much as we are.

mumofmadboys Enjoy your garden visitors, it is the perfect weather for it with the warm sunshine.

I visited my friend’s garden yesterday. We discussed her trees and plants, her plans for the garden in the future, and we ate strawberries instead of the usual cake. It was lovely.

Hugs to Marydoll . And anyone else who needs one today. 🦋

Scentia Wed 24-Jun-20 06:48:54

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Well the sun will be wearing his very best hat today ☀️ I never used to like the summer when I was younger but now I love it. As long as I don’t have to move about too much in it!!!!
Today I have a full day at the factory catching up before I have a long 4 day shift at my other job. However, I love my work with the children so much it definitely does not feel like work.
Marydoll I do hope you are feeling better this morning and you feel well enough to sit out in this beautiful weather.
A T shirt I bought for DSiL birthday which was the beginning of May turned up yesterday. It took just 15 weeks to get here from the USA😂
Have a lovely day today everyone and don’t forget your sunscreen if you venture out😍

Sar53 Wed 24-Jun-20 07:10:45

Good morning from a warm and sunny Essex by the sea.
My eldest daughter and family have booked a night in a local hotel to come and see me in just over 2 weeks. Arrive Saturday go home Sunday. I haven't seen them since February so will be lovely to spend time together. Hopefully the weather will be kind as we are planning to spend our time outside. My youngest daughter is bringing my other 2 granddaughters for a visit at the end of July. My cup runneth over 😀😀
I need to ring the insurance company this morning and arrange cover for our new car. A walk along by the sea later.
Have a lovely day everyone and stay safe xx

Beechnut Wed 24-Jun-20 07:12:36

Good Morning everyone. It’s a warm one on Severnside. A bit hazy so I think there will be some shade seeking today.

15 weeks Scentia it must have gone around the world a few times 😩

I have a few diy jobs that need doing. I haven’t been to the town diy store lately so I don’t know how they are operating so today I’ll make a list of the things I need. Can’t keep popping to places while the queue thing is still happening.

Enjoy the day all and stay as comfortable as possible 🌞🌸

Mythbirtthedragon Wed 24-Jun-20 07:15:11

Good morning from east London, bright but slightly hazy outside, obviously working up to the heat later. My turn to miss tennis today as the Wednesday group can’t get enough people to make up 2 sets of doubles. I did watch some of the Battle of the Brits tennis yesterday but found it very dry. Roll on Wimbledon next week. DSD’s birthday today, so will have some FaceTime with her as she’s in Exeter. We may be having a trial choir practise this evening outside; we have a location, not sure if we have enough singers.
Hope you have a good day.

Marydoll Wed 24-Jun-20 07:20:26

Good morning all from a sunny Glasgow, I was very touched by all your good wishes yesterday.

I'm still very tired, but I was told to expect that. It is expected that the treatment will take months before it starts to work. As I have waited nearly thirty years for a miracle, I guess I can wait a bit longer.
A lovely gran messaged me to offer some advice and say that she had been an early campaigner to get these drugs on the NHS, as they are so expensive. For that I'm most grateful.
I still have a bit of brain fog, so I'm just taking it easy today.
DH has been up since the middle of the night, well not quite, to get ready for his golf game, so I'm going to enjoy the peace and quiet.

I cannot fault the nursing staff for their care and striving to keep me safe.
However, I was quite anxious going through the hospital, looking at some visitors, you wouldn't know there was a pandemic, no social distancing, no use of hand gel etc. 😱

My wee granddaughter had her pre school visit on Monday at her daddy's old school, for two hours, with only five in the class. She absolutely loved it!
My son and DIL had to hand her over to the headteacher at the gate, due to Covid measures. The first thing the headteacher said was: Are you Marydoll's granddaughter? My son was most impressed that my infamy fame had spread far and wide! 😂.
I have to admit that I was quite chuffed too that a colleague in another school still remembered me!

I got a lovely surprise yesterday. I had been complaining that when I'm upstairs DH can't hear me calling down, or just ignores me. I was genuinely concerned that if anything happened and I needed help, he would just assume that I was just Gransnetting, as he puts it!

Two Echo Dots arrived. DD had taken on board my concerns and bought me one to link up to Alexa downstairs, to use as an intercom or link to my phone to call for help.
The second one had been bought by DH for the same purpose, neither knowing the other had bought one.😁

Without accepting any advice from me or reading instructions, DH decided to set one up in the bedroom. One hour later, still no success.☹️ I put mine in my craft room, set it up in ten minutes, much to DH' s annoyance. There was only one problem: when I asked Alexa a question from my craft room, the answer was heard in the bedroom through the other Echo dot. DH was not amused at all! 🤭
That's my task for the day! I love troubleshooting.😉

Bluesapphire has been in my thoughts, I wish there was some way we could help her.
Take care everyone and thank you for being such lovely people.💐

Pantglas2 Wed 24-Jun-20 07:25:40

Good morning everyone from a sunny north Wales where we’re on a promise for a scorcher as well!

It’s lovely to read all your plans for meet ups etc as life slowly and safely picks up a little and we get to be more sociable- I’m sure we need it after all this time hiding ourselves away!

Hope Urmstongran posts today - I know WiFi can be dodgy there and glad that Marydoll is home safe and sound and raring to go with those ‘norty Skool gurls’ of hers!

Ginny42 Wed 24-Jun-20 07:28:19

Good morning Mick and everyone from a glorious morning in Cheshire.

My plan today is to go out! I'm going to the nursery where I get my plants and will meet my sister in the car park, as it's about half way for us both. I haven't seen her since February, so we're taking flasks of coffee and will sit in our cars and have a chat.

A work meeting later, so quite a busy day.

Hope Marydoll is feeling much better and able to enjoy the lovely weather. Enjoy your day everyone. Keep a wary eye in crowded places. The expression, 'avoid them like the plague' has taken on a new meaning.

Marydoll Wed 24-Jun-20 07:30:07

I too am concerned about * Urmstongran*, I hope it's just the lack of WiFi.

Brunette10 Wed 24-Jun-20 07:36:20

Good Morning from a bright Fife, at long last!. Glad to hear you are feeling bit better Marydoll, you are going in the right direction. Hoping to have wee trip to our DD's today to see our DGS's, have to take advantage of the weather. I beginning to NOT feel like going to the shops but think I'm just getting a bit lazy with all our non-movement in the last wee while, however I will try hard to get myself on the move again - literally smile. Hope you all have a pleasant enough day.

dragonfly46 Wed 24-Jun-20 07:40:21

Good morning from sunny Leicestershire.

Spent the last two days at the hospital for one thing and another so hoping for a more normal day today.

Unlike Marydoll I felt all precautions were taken and did not feel at all worried.
The car park is free at the moment but when I got there at 9 it was almost full. As it is in the centre of town I believe everyone is using it. So unfair.

Hope everyone has a good day.

brook2704 Wed 24-Jun-20 07:48:40

Good morning everyone from a very warm but cloudy Inverness. No intense heat up here but hopefully warm sunshine later 😀
I think I’ll be pottering in the garden today and enjoying the weather. Got a click and collect order to collect from Tesco later, I’ve remembered the lemon so a G&T will definitely be on the cards tonight !
A lovely little girl grandMattie , hugs for marydoll and hope urmstongran posts on here soon. If you’re having a family get together I hope you have a great time and enjoy ❤️
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and thinking of those with extra worries and struggles 💐

Lins1066 Wed 24-Jun-20 07:54:42

Good Morning Mick and all. A beautiful start to the day here on the S Welsh coast. A Tesco delivery this afternoon, that just about sums up the the amount of activity here today. Hope you have a more relaxing day dragonfly.
Have a good day everyone.

cornergran Wed 24-Jun-20 07:56:25

Morning Mick, morning All. It’s going to be very warm in our corner of Somerset. The plan is an early beach visit then, well,, nothing really other than a phone call or two. Patience marydoll, please don’t do too much too soon. Hope to hear from urmstrong soon. Take care everyone, be gentle with yourselves.

Gelisajams Wed 24-Jun-20 07:59:45

Good morning from a sunny Morecambe Bay. Just off on bike ride, before it gets too hot. Will check in and read later. Take care and continue to stay safe.🌺

Pittcity Wed 24-Jun-20 08:10:15

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Our weekly Wednesday meetup is in the park again. We had two socially distanced groups of six last week.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 24-Jun-20 08:13:09

Good morning Mick and all x

Pleased you enjoyed your shopping trip Mick the hustle and bustle is slowly returning .

Upwards and onwards Marydoll when the medication kicks in I guess you will be swinging from your chandeliers 😂

Sar53 How lovely that you will be seeing your daughters and GC soon.

Myself and GrandpaGravy met my sister and her two children at one of our local beaches yesterday and it was so lovely to catch up in person. I was very impressed with all the beach goers social distancing all seemed to have set up individual camps at least 2M apart and were very respectful of others space.

Today after bed changing I shall read on my lounger in the garden.

Thinking of BlueSaphire

Hope to hear from Urmstongran today

Take care and keep safe folks 🙋

Oopsadaisy3 Wed 24-Jun-20 08:16:14

Good morning everyone from a sunny and ‘quite warm for 8.15’ Oxfordshire another warm and sunny day hopefully to make up for the day spent in bed yesterday, crashing headache and aching all over, still aching but headache down to a manageable level, can stil taste things and DH says I still smell☹️
So a Summer cold maybe? Anyway will sit in the shade today and act like an old lady !
Marydoll so pleased that you are home, get well soon.
For everyone else , have a lovely day in the sunshine and get some Vit.D.!

gillybob Wed 24-Jun-20 08:17:40

Good morning from the NE coast where we have the first real blue sky and sunshine I have seen in these parts for quite some time . My garden has perked up overnight .

I have a huge line of washing out which should dry in no time but it’s a pity I have to go and do a big shop for my dad and then off to “that place” (the dark place that knows no sunshine) but I have little Evie all day tomorrow so praying for a nice day...she just loves to be outdoors.

I’m so pleased you are almost back on your usual “top form” Marydoll . I hope your treatment was super successful and you feel like a new woman in a few months time smile

Sorry to hear you have been at the hospital dragonfly I hope you’re feeling better today . There is no way anyone would choose to park at our hospital as it’s run by “the thieves” that are “parking eye” they take your eyes out and come back for the sockets (an old saying my gran used for greedy people) .

Thinking of BlueSapphire CrazyH and all others who are suffering right now .

Have a good Wednesday everyone . Love Gillybob xx

Susan56 Wed 24-Jun-20 08:22:24

Good morning from Shropshire where it looks like it’s going to be very warm today.

My hairdresser messaged to say they are booking appointments from 4th July so she will phone today with an appointment for me💃🏻

Hope your hand is feeling better today Cherry and you managed to speak to the GP.

Dragonfly,Marydoll,BlueSapphire hoping you are all feeling better today.

Urmstongran Wed 24-Jun-20 08:23:27

Good morning everyone from Malaga! 😎
Thank you for missing me, my lovely virtual friends! Stupid WiFi 😡😡

Marydoll you were very much in my thoughts on Monday. It was frustrating not being able to keep in touch! Obviously couldn’t access anything. Grr!

Pantglas I’ll budge up and make some room for you next week! How wonderful that you’re prepared to get on a plane. Great sunshine out here every day so I’m happy to share! 😂

It was my afternoon with the ladies ‘who wine’ yesterday. My 85y old neighbour joined us! I’m so pleased she’s back in the fold. She celebrated by having TWO gin & tonics! At least the slow cooker was on for when we got home and I knocked on with her usual Tuesday plate of dinner an hour later.

It’s 34°C here again today. We are off to be beach bums again. I’m enjoying a trip down memory lane of the 70’s by reading ‘Broken Greek’ on my Kindle. Apparently it was featured on Radio 4 as ‘book of the week’. I can understand why it was chosen.

You’re in my thoughts too BlueSapphire. I do hope your making some progress back to your old self. When our mental health is a bit broken it’s hard to have faith about getting over it. Unlike a broken arm with a plaster cast and a 6 week prognosis to mending. You WILL get past this though, I promise.

Hope Wednesday is good to us all. It’s lovely to be back with you all. My virtual friends. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

GrannySomerset Wed 24-Jun-20 08:27:12

Thoroughly over excited by the prospect of coffee with friends in their garden though rather daunted by wondering what to wear since it hasn’t mattered for so long. Otherwise an easy day after much laundering and ironing yesterday.

Glad to hear from Marydoll, Gillybobs and dragonfly and hope everyone has a good day,