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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 28-Jun-20 06:10:44

Good Morning Everyone ,
Another bright and sunny start with cloud here in Brackley this morning.
Yesterday, went well a small flea market in Buckingham , i did get into Bicester using X5 both ways again numbers low.
Doing a walkabout Buckingham , it looks like many shops which are closed now, will being doing there social distancing measures as to customers .
Heard that the shopping centre at MK is under threat of closure .
Anyway , got home had Chinese Take away as usual , but retired early being out in the fresh air for along period must have done it.
Take Care ,

mumofmadboys Sun 28-Jun-20 06:19:00

Good morning from Cunbria. Weather wild here! Wind and rain! No cycle ride for me this morning. I have got church on Zoom this morning and then next Sunday our church is starting 'normal' services again, although no singing. Have a happy and peaceful Sunday everyone and thinking of those with illness or worries.

Beechnut Sun 28-Jun-20 06:27:14

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it is sunny.

Being out in the fresh air is good for us Mick and it was rather breezy here yesterday afternoon.

I’ve been thinking about how I was at the beginning of this. A bit scared to go out even walking into town seemed scary with hardly any people and no cars. I must admit I felt safer as I started to shop and get used to how things were going to be and more movement with vehicles. I miss the browsing in shops and just get what I need as I am mindful of people waiting to come in get their things.

I will carry on with my diy today. Had a chat with my new neighbour yesterday over the work they will be having done and stuff that affects our boundary etc.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday and enjoy your family and friend get togethers 🌸

Ginny42 Sun 28-Jun-20 06:27:40

Good morning Mick and everyone from a calm morning in Cheshire. Yesterday we had torrential rain followed by brilliant sunshine changing completely almost every thirty minutes. Hope to be able to walk this morning without getting drenched like yesterday.

I went to bed early for me and was wide awake at 4.00. Otherwise, same old same old today I’m afraid. I’ve got to work, but will be in touch with my DD a lot as we work together on a project. That’s the bonus.

Hope Sunday is kind to everyone and if you’re able to meet family and friends, have a lovely day. If you're not feeling great I hope things ease for you soon.

Beechnut Sun 28-Jun-20 06:29:07

mumofmadboys do you sing on the church Zoom?

Puzzler61 Sun 28-Jun-20 06:32:20

Good morning Mick and everyone, from a much fresher Worcs. The temperature dropped by 10 degrees yesterday.
DH and I decided we wouldn’t walk but would take a drive instead and we went to the Vale of Evesham. Everywhere looked lush and green. We travelled through little villages, and I looked up at an ever-changing sky as the wind pushed the white cloud across the blue.
We stopped to get plants, salad stuff, local Strawberries and Sultana scones.

Not sure what we’ll be up to today. Wishing all a peaceful Sunday 🦋

Bellasnana Sun 28-Jun-20 06:37:50

Good morning everyone. It is going to be another scorcher here in Malta today.

I’m feeling very anxious because DD3 told me to be ready at 4.30 this afternoon as she is picking me up but won’t tell me where we are going!

Anyway, before then I have the ironing to do but not much else.

Glad you seem to be getting back to your old routine Mick.

Wishing everyone a good day.☀️

grandMattie Sun 28-Jun-20 06:44:58

Good morning from a sunny cooler E Kent.
Ginny I feel for you. I went to bed the usual time, but DH got up just at the wrong time. If it's after 3am I find it impossible to go back to sleep. So I've been up since 0430 too.
We are annoyed with our vicar for not getting in touch personally throughout the lockdown. He could have mailed the identical letter to his parishioners, but changed the adressee, now we get a sort of prayer sheet once a week addressed to everyone and his dog. The BBC that had had services has now stopped them, we don't like Songs of Praise. Our DD isn't officiating in her church, so I suppose we'll try Canterbury Cathedral, see how that goes.
Big day tomorrow. In a minute I'm putting the sprouts on for our big Christmas dinner tomorrow when my two boys will be here. Yippee!
Hope that today bring peace and ease to everyone. Stay safe, stay well. X

Grammaretto Sun 28-Jun-20 06:45:38

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Bright, cold, wild and windy here. So different from those hot days last week.
Church on zoom later after a little necessary housework.
I haven't been into a supermarket since early March. I remember my first ever time in 1962. It was such a thrill to be able to pick your own items and no queues, unlike the local shops. Now we've gone full circle.
Hope your Sunday goes well.

Urmstongran Sun 28-Jun-20 06:56:19

Sun’s up here! 🌞
Good morning everyone from Malaga 😎 where it’s hot already! Himself is out for his walk. I’m melting here in my pj shorts and vest top.

It was 34°C yesterday so we chose to stay put. We sat in the shade at our front door and with the patio door open behind us it created a pleasant soft breeze!

This photo from the weekly SUR newspaper made me smile yesterday. Arrivals at Malaga airport mid-week. I felt her joy! ‘Hello you!’ x

We will go out to eat this afternoon. First we will walk along the paseo to the bar our friends opened 15 months ago. They are open again after lockdown and will be glad of customers. We’re happy to oblige - we are kind like that!

Hope Sunday is good to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

mumofmadboys Sun 28-Jun-20 07:03:26

Beechnut, yes we do sing on the church Zoom although the vicar tends to mute us all as the resulting sound can be awful with timing out a little!

cornergran Sun 28-Jun-20 07:09:04

Morning Mick, morning All. It’s a bright start to our corner of Somerset but oh so windy. Really strong gusts yesterday, looks worse this morning, same forecast for tomorrow. The poor garden is battered beyond recognition. Oh well, can do nothing about it so will fill the day indoors. Mr C has begun his latest jigsaw so he’ll be occupied with that and his Kindle. I’ll be happy enough making a photo book. Roast beef later to look forward to. Hope marydoll is feeling more like herself. Be gentle with yourselves everyone.

NanKate Sun 28-Jun-20 07:28:55

Morning Mick and All.

A pleasant sunny day in South Bucks.

I met my DH 52 years ago today so we are off to NT Cliveden with our picnic lunch and will have some venison tonight which he has dug up from the freezer plus a nice glass or two of something. How the years move by so quickly, please slow down.

Have a good day folks and hope you are improving Mary.

Pittcity Sun 28-Jun-20 07:31:06

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester. The sun is trying to prep out.
Slept with the duvet on last night...hooray!
Three sacks of recycling from DS room yesterday and there's more to sort today.
Roast chicken dinner tonight.

brook2704 Sun 28-Jun-20 07:32:16

Good morning everyone from Inverness. It’s cloudy just now and dry, but the rain is forecast for later.
Yesterday had a lovely day in the garden, my DD2 and DGC came round and we sat outside and the children played until mid afternoon when the rain started. Then popped out to Tesco to replenish supplies !
Nothing much planned for today so will see how the day goes.
Hope you have a lovely surprise later Bellasnana do tell us tomorrow what you did!
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and have fun whatever you are doing 💐

Gingster Sun 28-Jun-20 07:32:57

Good morning all. It seems that we all have the strong winds that are going to last at least until tomorrow or Tuesday. Yes the poor garden has taken a battering again. We are so open here looking out on to the North Sea, which has little white horses galloping along at the moment. We had a shower yesterday morning but not much else.

Lovely pic of a reunion at Malaga Airport Urmstongran. Oh to be young and in love ♥️

Have a lovely day tomorrow with ‘your boys’ grandMattie , . I know just how you must feel. ♥️

Oooo Bellasnanna , I wonder where you will be going. Do let us know. ♥️

I popped essentials into my elderly SIL yesterday and stayed for a cuppa. I think she grumbled about everything and everyone, but she seemed more cheery when I left. Obviously needed to get it off her chest. 😂🤣. We all need to have a good ol moan from time to time. 😢.

Have a lovely day one and all. ♥️

Sar53 Sun 28-Jun-20 07:39:56

Good morning from a bright and sunny Essex by the sea. A much better day than yesterday.
I visited a supermarket yesterday, the one beginning with W, the first time since the beginning of March. There was hardly anyone in it on a Saturday morning about 11 am. I was really shocked that it was so empty. We did buy some strawberries and raspberries, a lovely vanilla cheesecake and cream. Very nice.
I did a bit of sewing with my new machine, we watched some football and then a reasonably good film.
Not sure what today may bring.
Have a lovely Sunday everyone and stay safe xx

kittylester Sun 28-Jun-20 07:57:32

Good morning from a warm and sunny North Leicestershire where it is a bit sticky still, despite yesterday's rain.

A few bits and bobs this morning then a fry up as dh's team is playing this afternoon and it's tradition! He and DS1 have season tickets so I feel sorry for him having to watch at home with only me for company.

Roast beef for dinner - delivered by someone in the next village. She is Michelin star restaurant trained and the food is fabulous.

Enjoy your days everyone!

MellowYellow Sun 28-Jun-20 07:58:00

Good morning everyone from a breezy south Cornwall. About to watch Gardeners World and then off to my allotment to do much needed greenhouse watering and catch up with friends on their plots. Had a week of small grandchildren and was out of practice so am a bit tired. Will make a coffee on my gas cooker and sit outside my shed and recover! Have a lovely day all of you.

Greyduster Sun 28-Jun-20 08:02:16

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from a bright and very breezy South Yorkshire. I have a large horsefly bite on my leg that is driving me crazy. Serves me right for walking in shorts - won’t be doing that again! I thought I’d brushed the little blighter off before it bit me, but obviously not. If it stays dry, DD and her menfolk are coming over to go for a walk with us this afternoon. We could get blown away! Boeuf Stroganoff for dinner if DD remembers to bring my soured cream! Have a good day folks.

Urmstongran Sun 28-Jun-20 08:02:30

Ooh kitty I wish I was sitting at your table for dinner later! It sounds wonderful.

Pantglas2 Sun 28-Jun-20 08:22:21

Morning all from a dry and blustery north Wales where I’m enjoying the chamberpot of tea and DH has trotted off for a paper.

Scrambled eggs on sourdough toast soon, smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches for lunch and my Chicken Thai green curry and Jasmine Rice for supper.....ooh I’ve gotten myself all peckish typing that!

Nothing at all planned for today so will pop in to see what mischief you’re all up to - including Miss Marydoll who’s supposed to be taking things easy but ends up doing more in a day than I do in a week!😀

Gingster Sun 28-Jun-20 08:27:03

Our local cinema is opening next weekend and I’ve booked myself a ticket for Wednesday week. No one wants to come with me!😢. Am I being foolhardy? 🤔

Mythbirtthedragon Sun 28-Jun-20 08:28:08

Good morning from east London, blue and sunny early on but clouds have now come over. Spent yesterday at the Southend house looking after GD2 as her parents wanted to get on with stripping wallpaper there. I offered to go as DP is still busy rebuilding the garden shed and there was nothing for me to do at home (qualify that by ‘nothing I wanted to do’). Had a decent walk down to the sea front and along to Leigh, running through a gamut of weather including squally rain, sun and wind. Picked up some seafood as a treat for GD’s dad. Momentary panic when I got back as thought my arms wouldn’t straighten, long time since I pushed a buggy for that amount of time. Today we are picking up GD1 from her dad and spending some time with her before taking her home; DD has offered dinner which we’ll take advantage of. I feel sufficiently stimulated to do some hoovering this morning, knowing I have this to come.
Hope you have a good day.

Brunette10 Sun 28-Jun-20 08:33:07

Good Morning from a foggy and rainy Fife. It's just awful outside, no garden meetings today for our area. Not sure it the whole day will be like this but if so won't be doing very much at all. Just finished reading headlines, it makes me so sad how all these silly people are behaving they way they are. Stay home for the moment I reckon. Have a peaceful Sunday and those with worries and anxieties keep your chin up.