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£500 to spend.

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annsixty Mon 06-Jul-20 12:56:28

It is my day for starting threads so be kind to me.
I saw in a few newspaper reports over the last 2days, suggestions that the Chancellor should give every adult in the country £500 to spend to kick start the economy.
If this were to happen, how would you spend yours?
I have absolutely no idea.

merlotgran Mon 06-Jul-20 13:03:38

I think I'd use half of it to stock up with logs in case our friend who supplies us has to give up delivering. He was very unwell before lockdown and although there's another local supplier he'd probably be inundated with orders in October.

The other half I'd use to pay the contractor who cuts our field and hedges. It would be nice not to have to budget for those annual expenses.

merlotgran Mon 06-Jul-20 13:04:17

Is this every adult or every household?

SueDonim Mon 06-Jul-20 13:13:55

I think I’d spend it on the garden. That would create local work. Or maybe decorating indoors.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 06-Jul-20 13:16:31

I think if it does happen and I won’t hold my breath, that it will be in the form of vouchers or such like and stipulate particular areas that you can spend it on.

FlexibleFriend Mon 06-Jul-20 13:17:05

No idea as there's nothing I need, I could go mad and buy a few very expensive pots for the garden.

TerriBull Mon 06-Jul-20 13:18:05

I believe the idea has been mooted for this intended money to be spent in the hospitality industry, who are on their knees right now. Yes it would be lovely to resume lunching out, but I'm not up for any of that right now, I'm anticipating a second wave so wouldn't put myself out there. Maybe I'd queue up for a coffee and snack to take out to support local independent cafes. I wonder if the offer would be open ended, I imagine not. We have a really nice Cote on the river near by with outdoor seating, where we did go...…….but they'd have to have their seating arrangements really far apart, same goes for Bistro type pubs. I know I'd stick to my local area and wouldn't venture up into the centre of London about 12 or so miles away from us.

Charleygirl5 Mon 06-Jul-20 13:18:18

I need a new washing machine and gas boiler. Also, I had a new stairlift fitted 10 months ago and I think the company has forgotten about me because I have never received an invoice. I would put the money towards that once somebody wakes up.

I cannot see it happening as this country is skint.

b1zzle Mon 06-Jul-20 13:21:25

I'd pay to have the paving taken up in my new courtyard (not sure how far £500 would go, though).

Purplepixie Mon 06-Jul-20 13:23:48

Toilet rolls! No seriously I would buy a new freezer and stock it with lots of goodies that I haven’t been able to afford for a long time. It there is any left over then I would buy some treats for the grand kids.

Riverwalk Mon 06-Jul-20 13:25:17

Plants for the garden and a few meals out would do me nicely!

Ilovecheese Mon 06-Jul-20 13:27:43

The idea is for vouchers to be issued which could only be spent with companies that have been badly affected, hospitality etc. The figures mooted were £500 per adult and £250 per child.

annsixty Mon 06-Jul-20 13:32:50

In that case I would be happy to spend it all on eating out once I was satisfied that adequate measures for safety were in place.

MawB Mon 06-Jul-20 13:42:40

What an excellent idea!
Definitely not on Amazon -they’ve had enough from me in the last three months!

Teetime Mon 06-Jul-20 14:12:34

Well its a daft idea that's not going to happen I hope but if it did I'd give it to the local food bank - we are both struggling to keep weight off I dont think we need any more food.

BBbevan Mon 06-Jul-20 14:50:05

Well DH has been trying to make up his mind about anew computer. So far it has taken hin 3 years. I would put it towards that, so he would make his mind up finally 🥱

Ellianne Mon 06-Jul-20 14:54:04

I'd employ a dog whisperer for a month or two. My Goldie has been spoilt having all day company for so long. He might suffer separation anxiety when I resume my usual activities!

Ilovecheese Mon 06-Jul-20 14:59:01

It's not a daft idea and it is not supposed to be spent on any thing one chooses. It is to help businesses that would be likely to go into administration due to the pandemic if nothing is done to help the economy recover.

gillybob Mon 06-Jul-20 14:59:22

If I could I would use it to pay my council tax up to date (I've missed 3 payments) but if this was not allowed, I would buy some new flooring for my dining/family room or maybe a new washing machine.

sharon103 Mon 06-Jul-20 15:24:50

This was reported on Yahoo news on Saturday.
The chancellor is thinking of giving £500 for every adult and £250 to every child in the way of vouchers valid for one year to spend 'face to face' not online, in stores, shops, holidays etc who's businesses have suffered during the lock down.

gillybob Mon 06-Jul-20 15:44:28

I think this would be a good idea in principal but £500 is a hell of a lot of money to some people and pocket money to others, therefore restricting where it could be spent is not fair .

Doodledog Mon 06-Jul-20 15:53:14

It's not about being 'fair' - it's about boosting the economy. I think it's a great idea, as it will spread some of the burden of supporting businesses in these difficult times. Far better to give everyone a treat than to simply pour money into support schemes that won't bring people back to premises.

I don't know what I would do with mine - I'd dearly love to use it on eating out, which I have missed a lot in lockdown, but I think it will be a long time before I'll feel confident enough to do that, by which time the vouchers will probably have expired.

janeainsworth Mon 06-Jul-20 15:54:14

It’s not for the benefit of the people who are spending the money, Gilly, it’s for the benefit of the struggling businesses, rather than just giving them a handout.

gillybob Mon 06-Jul-20 16:01:29

Well janea I am a struggling business. We don't take cash and we don't work direct to the public and yet I would be expected to spend my £500 benefitting another company who could be far better off than we are ?

If it happened I would agree that the money should be spent (as in a time line for spending) but the recipient should be allowed to choose where they spend it. For me paying off my CT arrears would be a much better investment than buying a meal out .

merlotgran Mon 06-Jul-20 16:03:54

Maybe you could use it in places where the money saved could be put towards your CT arrears, gilly?