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Has anyone noticed the ‘Old Biddy’ remarks?🤔

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lemongrove Mon 06-Jul-20 14:02:43

Reading through threads I have noticed that when a poster has either lost the argument or just wants to throw in a quick jibe, they put something along the lines of ‘old biddy/biddies’
As if they are somehow young and girlish. It amuses and perplexes me.😁

GillT57 Mon 06-Jul-20 14:04:51

Can't say I have seen that, I would certainly remember because if it was aimed at me I would be incensed, as would you I expect lemon grin

lemongrove Mon 06-Jul-20 14:05:42

I can only imagine they are trying to show how in tune with the young they are themselves.🤔
I must try and not call them young whipper snappers.🤣

lemongrove Mon 06-Jul-20 14:07:37

It’s on at least one thread now Gill and appears from time to time.Tbh it makes me laugh.

lemongrove Mon 06-Jul-20 14:09:57

Not aimed at me, btw, but usually just aimed ‘in general’.
It’s hardly insulting from another older woman, but would be from a younger person I suppose.

Teetime Mon 06-Jul-20 14:10:21

Yes I've seen it- its a bit of a yawn - ignore it.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 06-Jul-20 14:11:25

Unusual for you to start a thread lemon

merlotgran Mon 06-Jul-20 14:14:04

I've seen them, lemon.

Another tactic is to use WTAF as an exclamation which my DGCs moved on from after the age of about sixteen!

My mother used to say, 'It's just a phase, dear' but it's alive and well with wannabee cool kids, of the outraged variety, on Gransnet who are old enough to know better.

Resorting to trendy gobbledegook that nobody can nor want to understand is their last resort. grin

lemongrove Mon 06-Jul-20 14:14:58

Just something that amused me Whitewave and wondered if others had noticed it.

lemongrove Mon 06-Jul-20 14:17:27

True Merlot like all the Gfery’s sort of the ‘being down with da kids’ 🤣

kittylester Mon 06-Jul-20 14:18:31

I have noticed it too lemon!

I was aware that it couldnt possibly be aimed at me so I just ignored it°

GillT57 Mon 06-Jul-20 14:19:30

I shall now start forensically checking every thread! Old biddy is not a word I have ever used, to me it means someone like the grandma in Giles's cartoons; all long black coat and umbrella and hat, and I certainly don't think of any fellow GN members looking like that!

NotSpaghetti Mon 06-Jul-20 14:20:31

I haven't noticed it to be honest. I have noticed people (like my mother-in-law aged 96) referring to her friends as "the girls".

I hate people calling friends "girls" and "boys" unless they really are.

I know this is a bit off subject. Sorry.

felice Mon 06-Jul-20 14:21:05

Too much time spent with or talking to teenagers and children during lockdown perhaps, trying to be 'cool'.
DD gave me a look last week when I repeated something DGS says confused oops.

Doodle Mon 06-Jul-20 14:21:21

I gather “wrinklies” is being removed from the list of Scrabble words that are acceptable. Perhaps you can apply for old biddy and biddies to be removed too lemon.
Don’t think it’s a phrase I have ever used about myself or others.

GillT57 Mon 06-Jul-20 14:24:59

Found one! On the H&M thread ( predictably perhaps). Well, there you go, no old biddies in sight and no doubt there will now be three in a row, just like buses. Maybe we should have a bingo card for them lemon?

lemongrove Mon 06-Jul-20 14:28:31

I wouldn’t hear of it Doodle 😁 I didn’t know that wrinklies was an acceptable Scrabble word or had been! It’s a very old description ‘old biddy’ therefore using it denotes that you are actually old yourself.Strange eh?

lemongrove Mon 06-Jul-20 14:29:09

Gill 😄or a drinking game?

lemongrove Mon 06-Jul-20 14:30:30

If there are three mentions today, that’s three G&T’s for me.
Just about the right amount.

GillT57 Mon 06-Jul-20 14:53:09

Right, challenge accepted lemon! I have found one so far.......of to search for two more. Would it be cheating, do you think, if we called each other an old biddy in order to qualify for three G & Ts?

Whitewavemark2 Mon 06-Jul-20 14:59:42

I’m going to randomly drop old buddies all over the place and you will all become unconscious.

EllanVannin Mon 06-Jul-20 15:00:19

I call myself an old bint grin

I've got a plaque hanging on the key of the desk in the hall with " An old Bat Lives Here ". I was going to hang it outside but it would have weathered----enough to change the letters !

EllanVannin Mon 06-Jul-20 15:04:29

It certainly would have applied to me earlier in the fruit and veg shop when a young man came within an inch of me." ill-mannered oaf ", said I.

BlueBelle Mon 06-Jul-20 15:31:58

I haven’t noticed it but then I never seem to notice things others do 😂

GillT57 Mon 06-Jul-20 15:32:56

Thank you WWMk2, I shall raise a glass in thanks