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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 10-Jul-20 06:14:47

Good Morning Everyone,
It is a bright but cloudy start here in Brackley this morning.
Yesterdays trip to Bicester , did a shop , plus went the cafe as mentioned .
I was asked for my name and contact number , plus they operated a one way system as well.
I am experiencing one problem at the moment , I seemed to have bumped my right big toe ,and it was painful day yesterday got some deep heat sprayed last night and this morning , hope it improves as I try and do normal routines and rest as well.
Take Care ,

Beechnut Fri 10-Jul-20 06:23:19

Good Morning everyone from a sunny Severnside.

Off to do my weekly shop, then into town for a gardening magazine and call into the dentist to see what’s happening about my appointment for next week that I think they cancelled before lockdown. I can’t find the letter.

Awch to your toe Mick. Look after it today so it’s ready for your Saturday gallivanting.

Take cate all and enjoy your day 🌸

grandMattie Fri 10-Jul-20 06:26:17

Good morning from E Kent. Another grey day. It would be nice if we had some rain.
Glad you had a good day, Mick. Be careful of your toe with your diabetes...
Nothing on today.
Yesterday, my DGDs received a parcel I had ordered for them. It’s a subscription to a baking thing where they send you everything to make cake/bread or whatever. This month it’s soft 🥨 pretzels. They were very pleased. As they are 10 and 7, I have tried to send them a parcel most weeks with things to do/make/read.
Hope Marydoll et al have a pain free or, at least a bearable day; and a quiet day to the rest. Stay safe

Scentia Fri 10-Jul-20 06:29:34

Good Morning Mick all to come from East Staffordshire. The sun has got his hat on today and that pleases me as I am off to Thomas Land with DGS today. I was up so early today, I must be excited. I must get dressed and walk the pooch before I go out for the day. I am secretly hoping my DD asks if DGS can stay overnight, I don’t like to keep asking as I may come across as a little odd😂 I think I have a free weekend as the children’s home haven’t called me in, so I need to make some plans soon if I don’t get a call up! I went to visit some friends with DH last night and it was such a lot of fun, I did end up doing one of my counselling sessions as the only sober one in the room, but I love it❤️ and we all had a real laugh, a long time since we have done that.
So glad the country is open yup again but worry people will go bad and we will spoil it and be back in lockdown by August. (Enough of the negative ninny). I intend to ‘eat out to help out’ and let DH do the ‘workout to help out bit’😂😂
Take care everyone and stay safe today.xx

Puzzler61 Fri 10-Jul-20 06:41:53

Good morning from sunny Worcs.
Mick your toe sounds painful. Maybe have a day at home today to rest it?

Grandmattie I find it hard to comprehend you’ve not had rain? We’ve had every type of rain in the last 5 days. Garden looked relieved at first, now it looks very dishevelled. Great idea to send recipe parcels to your GC. Keeps them occupied and goodies to enjoy at the end 😊

I’m going to have a leisurely morning, wash and trim my hair. Then who knows what the day will bring? I do know DH will be fetching fish and chips this evening - our Friday easy tea.

Kind thoughts go to all with terrible sadness or painful bodies and I hope you can have respite if only for a while, today.

Also I feel joyful for grans who are meeting with families, making up for lost time with hugs with grandchildren, and feeling life is just a bit more normal again.

I hope the sun shines for us all (the forecast for England is “getting warmer and dryer”). Life is certainly cheerier when the sun comes out. 🦋 g

Puzzler61 Fri 10-Jul-20 06:44:32

Scentia Have fun at Thomas Land, it will be wonderful to see it through the eyes of your little GS. 🚂

Marydoll Fri 10-Jul-20 06:47:52

Good morning Mick and all who follow. It's a pleasant morning here in Glasgow, just perfect for DH's golf.
Which of course means an empty for me!😁

Mick, is your toe discoloured or painful? Could you have broken it? I'm always breaking toes, due to my osteoporosis, it's blooming painful to say the least.
There was a thread recently about Birkenstocks, they were a godsend when I was working and couldn't get a shoe on.

Nothing much happening here. A Tesco delivery today and another day of pottering in the garden.
My raised beds are now in place, thanks to DH and filled with vegetables, everything looks so much tidier.
My other plan is to put fairy lights in the Wendy house and scrub the furniture.

My friend phoned yesterday, to say she was walking to get bread, did I want to come along with our other neighbour. I jumped at the chance, but later regretted it.
We went across the field, but I foolishly suggested coming back along the main road for a different perspective. It was a big mistake, I have never seen it so busy, with people ignoring distancing, which is still two metres here.
No-one stood aside, forcing us to walk in the road, busy with buses and cars. You would have thought that there was no pandemic. I began to feel quite anxious. It all felt quite strange seeing people queuing outside the little Co-Op wearing masks, which are now compulsory in shops here.

Some good news. As Nicola S made some changes yesterday, it looks like DD will be able to get married in our garden in the middle of August, as we are now allowed groups of fifteen outdoors.
On hearing the news yesterday, DH bought a gazebo 🎪yesterday. It may be summer, but it is Scotland, so it will probably rain!☂️☔⛈️

Wishing everyone a pleasant day, sending special hugs to those who are low and struggling. 💐

grandMattie Fri 10-Jul-20 06:48:09

Puzzler, we hardly ever have rain this end of UK. It’s extraordinary, but I think as most of the weather comes from the west, it’s rained out by the time it gets to us.

cornergran Fri 10-Jul-20 06:56:05

Morning Mick, morning all. Cloudy and dry start to our corner of Somerset. Paths look dry so perhaps the monsoon has passed. Mr C has unreasonably early medical appointments so the chauffeur had best get a wriggle on. One of ours is calling around lunch time, food delivery not until later so I hope he’s not hungry! Be gentle with yourselves everyone, keep safe.

Sar53 Fri 10-Jul-20 07:04:25

Good morning from a damp Essex by the sea. It's obviously been raining overnight.
We had some lovely news yesterday. 11 year old DGD has been chosen to be a school ambassador in September when she goes into year 8. Only 8 chosen from years 7 and 8, she is so chuffed as are we.
A pile of ironing awaits this morning, then some more sewing. It's all go in SAR Towers !!!
Have a lovely day and stay safe xx

grandMattie Fri 10-Jul-20 07:09:05

marydoll, what lovely news about your DD! .You must all be so pleased. Full steam ahead for preparations now?

Pittcity Fri 10-Jul-20 07:23:19

Good morning from a bright but humid Colchester. This is officially the driest part of the country but it's rained on and off all week here.
I'm with Scentia in sending DH to support the gyms grin
DD1 is bringing DGSs over today. She will be working so we will keep the boys occupied. Think granny daycare will be much in demand now lockdown is easing.

Urmstongran Fri 10-Jul-20 07:28:02

Sun’s up here! 🌞
Good morning everyone from Malaga where it’s the beginning of another glorious day 😎

I was delighted with my tooth repair yesterday. At only €40 it was cheaper than treatment on the NHS!

Our eldest daughter and partner are camping for 2 nights in Sherwood Forest. She texted me last night to say they had put the tent up in the rain but we’re by then cosy and dry inside the tent, listening to the rain and drinking hot cocoa. To each his own - I like my creature comforts too much!

Off to the beach in a bit. Himself is just setting out the Kindles and suncream .... he loves a job.

I can understand your granny-pride there Sar53 ❤️

Hope Friday is good to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Lins1066 Fri 10-Jul-20 07:33:54

Good Morning Mick and all. It is a dry start here on the S Welsh coast. Need to do some deadheading and tidying in the garden after all the rain. Busy day yesterday, some cleaning and a Sainsbury's delivery. That's good news * Marydoll*.
We have a curry tonight, looking forward to that.
Stay safe everyone.

brook2704 Fri 10-Jul-20 07:34:00

Good morning everyone from a sunny Inverness ! Yes that’s right there’s a sun in the sky .... I’d best get up quick to make the most of it 😂
Fantastic news about the wedding marydoll something certainly to look forward to!
I’m walking down to see my friend later today for coffee and a catch up, we’ll also be allowed inside from today so no need to sit in the garden although I’ve enjoyed that too
Congrats to your DGD Sar what a lovely achievement 👏
Hope everyone going out and about with friends and family have a great time and if not I hope there’s something else to enjoy what ever the day brings. Take care everyone 💐

Pantglas2 Fri 10-Jul-20 07:34:41

Morning all from sunny Spain where I’ve already been out for my constitutional trot around town which DH has convinced me is beneficial 3 times a week interspersed with my yoga stretches!

The problem with all that of course is I don’t get to do the lolling abed which I’m rather fond of and is more my natural aptitude!

Lovely news Marydoll about the wedding- something to look forward to! I stubbed my little toe many years ago Mick and am convinced it still hurts when I do a pedicure!

Sanding down a bench seat this morning, which hasn’t weathered the winter very well and change the bedding will be my delight for the day and maybe out this evening for a drink. Stay safe everyone x

kittylester Fri 10-Jul-20 07:43:34

Good morning from a bright North Leicestershire.

We are hanging pictures in the lounge today. Then, most likely, visiting divorce lawyers.grin

If the cake boxes are 'Little Cooks', grandmattie, your dgc will not be disappointed. We have done them for 2 lots of ours. We were very impressed.

Susan56 Fri 10-Jul-20 07:44:28

Good morning from Shropshire where at last we have sunshine🌞

Lovely news to start the day hearing about your daughters wedding Marydoll.

We are going to see my mum today then will collect our DGD who is coming for a sleepover.

Keep an eye on that toe Mick.Injuries take longer to heal with diabetes and as you will know feet are prone to issues in diabetics.

💐to blue sapphire and dragonfly.Have a good day all.

Nannytopsy Fri 10-Jul-20 07:45:14

Good morning Mick and all his followers. Sorry to hear about the toe Mick.
The ground is still wet in Suffolk but it has stopped raining for the time being. I think we are the last to lose the showers but I can start washing now. The garden will go mad now!
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

Mythbirtthedragon Fri 10-Jul-20 07:47:44

Good morning from east London, grey outside, hopefully it rained itself out overnight. Last night’s choir was fantastic, our leader hadn’t a clue what was going on; two videos, one of us going a reworded song and another of highlights from the choir’s 10 years with ‘dedications’ inserted from choir members and her family. So much work had gone into them by our ‘production’ team. If it stays dry, I’ll be off to coach and play tennis later this morning and the rest of the day will probably potter.
Have a good day.

MellowYellow Fri 10-Jul-20 07:56:04

Good morning everyone from south Cornwall. It's sunny-ish today, may go to the beach later. Bought some plants yesterday from a roadside stall so will pot those up for my patio. I need absolutely no more plants, running out of space, but can never resist. Better for me than chocolate though ha ha. Sorry about your toe Mick, very painful I know. Have a good day all of you.

NanKate Fri 10-Jul-20 08:01:48

Morning Mick and All.

Cloud with the sun breaking through in South Bucks.

Mick have you tried Googling gout which could be the problem with your toe.

Mary a garden wedding sounds wonderful. Your DGD can take the guests for a guided tour around your nude statues 😉

Kitty my DH keeps fiddling with pictures as they have to be dead straight. A spirit level has been used at times! Best of luck.

Off to a Sleep Clinic to be tested for sleep apnoea. I have to bring all the equipment home I’m bound to have a bad night’s sleep knowing I am supposed to be sleeping normally. 🤞

gillybob Fri 10-Jul-20 08:02:02

Good morning from the NE coast where we have yet another grey and miserable non-summer day .

Another full on day in “that place” yesterday . We are so close to securing an order we can almost touch it but still haven’t got that magical order number . Please, please, please let it be today 🤞

I had a hair appointment straight from work yesterday which I was dreading as I hate going to the hairdressers at the best of times. It turned out okay and I was in and out in less than half an hour. All very efficient, although she has put her prices up a fair bit .

My trusty car is going in for it’s MOT today so I will leave it at the garage and walk the last mile or so to work . Good thinking time, although nowhere near as picturesque as my beach walks .

Sorry to hear you have hurt your toe Mick. I’ve had a few broken toes over the years and I’m convinced they’ve never healed properly . As others have said, with your diabetics you must be careful and maybe get it checked out .

Well done your DGD Sar53 you have every right to feel very proud of her . smile

Good news about your DD’s wedding Marydoll which will give you all something to look forward to in August . I do hope the weather improves for us here up here in the North of England and Scotland .

Glasgow was featured on Location Location Location this week and Phil and Kirsty were standing on mine and DH’s bridge which goes from the Premier Inn (TV centre) over to the Armadillo . I felt a huge longing to be there again. Sigh........

Hanging pictures? Divorce lawyers ? Kittylester? How many are you hanging for goodness sake ? Just make sure you are the one holding the hammer ! grin

Thinking of those feeling sad or under the weather , especially our friend BlueSapphire.
Hope everyone has the best Friday possible , love Gillybob xx

Grandmabatty Fri 10-Jul-20 08:13:12

Good morning All. It's a warmish and sunnyish kind of day in Polmont at the moment. I had thought gout Mick or maybe an ingrown nail? A garden wedding Marydoll sounds lovely and so good that restrictions have lifted a bit more. I had a lovely garden chat with friends yesterday until the skies opened! We haven't seen each other face to face for so long. This morning I'm watching my grandson at my house to see if he'll nap in the travel cot. I'm not convinced he will but any excuse to see him is good. Then I have nothing much planned. A spot of housework and gardening perhaps, if it stays dry. I'm definitely a fair weather gardener. I hope everyone has a good Friday x

GrannyGravy13 Fri 10-Jul-20 08:50:54

Good morning Mick and all

We had rain overnight here in S E Essex, it is cloudy now but the sun is trying to peep through.

Off to the Farm Shop this morning then if the queue is not long I might brave M & S Foodhall. This evening we have a booking in our favourite Indian Restaurant, it was the last place we ate in before lockdown.

Marydoll how exciting you must all be that your DD can finally get married.

Mick keep an eye on your toe.

I must get up or I shall be playing catch up all day😜

Urmstongran I have just remembered the name of the beach that our family have used for the last 40 years in Los Boliches it is Los Fragous. The beach bar has changed significantly over the years.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋