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No shows at restaurants

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Judy54 Mon 13-Jul-20 14:57:45

Chef Tom Kerridge along with other Chefs and Restaurateurs have spoken about the damage caused by people booking since re-opening and then not showing up. This is terrible for the industry trying to get back on its feet. If someone genuinely cannot turn up why don't they phone to let the restaurant know. How demoralizing for all the staff and all that lovely food that has been cooked and wasted.

The only way forward is for credit card details to be taken when the booking is made (some restaurants already do this) and a deposit to be made, in the event of the customers not turning up then the deposit is lost a bit like when you book a holiday.

What thoughts do any of you have ?

timetogo2016 Mon 13-Jul-20 15:03:03

I totally agree Judy54.
I would also refuse them a future booking for NOT turning up.
How rude of them.

Furret Mon 13-Jul-20 15:28:51

It is rude.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 13-Jul-20 15:34:46

Definitely deposits should be taken on booking, the hospitality industry is on its knees and doesn’t need selfish people booking just in case

Jane10 Mon 13-Jul-20 15:51:37

I've already brought this up on the thread about 50% off meals during August. It's a real problem for restaurants especially small ones which only have a very few tables now they have to be spaced out.

Smileless2012 Mon 13-Jul-20 15:54:28

We would never fail to turn up for a restaurant booking and I agree with GrannyGravy with numbers being limited at the moment, a non refundable deposit would be a good idea.

AGAA4 Mon 13-Jul-20 16:17:26

Restaurants can't afford to have no shows at the moment. Very rude of people to not turn up.

Taking a deposit is the only way to cut down on this selfish behaviour.

threexnanny Mon 13-Jul-20 16:17:52

Yet another example of the 'only I am important' school of thought which seems to be the norm now.

Jane10 Mon 13-Jul-20 17:14:28

What was happening prior to Covid was that people would book a table at several restaurants then decide on the night which they fancied going to. Restaurant owners were in despair at vacant tables on Saturday nights. So much invested in ingredients, staffing costs, rent, rates etc etc. Unbelievable that people could be so selfish.

sodapop Mon 13-Jul-20 17:47:18

I didn't know that Jane10 so selfish and thoughtless. I agree credit card deposits should be taken. It's difficult enough for businesses at the moment without this.

Wheniwasyourage Mon 13-Jul-20 17:49:45

It's a dreadful way to behave! Definitely they should take a credit card and a non-returnable deposit!!

Sussexborn Mon 13-Jul-20 18:26:16

Definitely agree that non returnable deposits should be taken. Would be best if all restaurants agreed to do this otherwise these selfish incredibly people will pick the ones they can cheat.

They should be taken to the small claims court. Perhaps having a CCJ on their credit reference file might focus their minds.

Pantglas2 Tue 14-Jul-20 06:35:54

I had to cancel a booking just before lockdown began and promised the proprietor would rebook as soon as possible which won’t be until end of September. Wouldn’t dream of not just turning up to ANYTHING prebooked actually.

Jinty44 Tue 14-Jul-20 09:57:21

I knew this happened pre-pandemic, but I'm gobsmacked anyone would do it now, when restaurants are teetering on the brink of permanent closure.

TBH, I'd go further than just taking card details and a non-refundable deposit. People with money won't care about that.

So -

1. Take the card details.
2. Take a deposit.
3. On a no-show, take more money from the card, equivalent to an average spend (food and drink - a lot of the profit is on the drinks).
4. Enter the card details on a database shared with other restaurants.
5. Three strikes and your out. Your details are entered on the No-Show Database three times, no-one accepts a booking on that card again.

Yes, people have multiple cards and could get round it. But eventually the inconvenience adds up and it becomes more effort to mess restaurants around than not.

NotSpaghetti Tue 14-Jul-20 10:00:59

The other people who suffer are hairdressers.
My hairdresser had loads of problems some years ago so she started taking deposits. Some long term customers were really offended so she stopped again.
I expect some regular restaurant customers may be offended too.

I have on a couple of occasions had to cancel my hair at short notice - I "forced" payment on my hairdresser anyway. She obviously can only do one person at a time. I have to pay for her time. I would do the same for any small service-based business.

grandtanteJE65 Tue 14-Jul-20 10:14:10

Surely a restaurant is allowed to reserve a table for twenty minutes or so after the time it was booked for, then let others have it?

They could mention when you reserve a table that it will be given to others unless you phone to say you have been delayed but are on your way.

Juicylucy Tue 14-Jul-20 10:22:47

I hadn’t heard this was happening, is this since restaurants have re-opened.

harrigran Tue 14-Jul-20 10:31:16

The restaurant that we visited frequently had an ongoing problem with no shows.
The restaurant, fine dining, is close to the university and used at graduation time and for visiting parents. Money and brains did not give them good manners though.
This university is next favourite after Oxbridge and still they can not pick up their mobiles to cancel bookings.

Betty18 Tue 14-Jul-20 10:40:55

It’s not just restaurants that have to deal with this. I had a dog grooming parlour and had this happen quite often. I had a tough attitude to it because it not only impacted financially but also is just beyond rude not to call. Amazed how many people felt it was simply ok to this and were astounded that I brought it up.

Tibbs Tue 14-Jul-20 10:48:14

It was ever thus. We gave free tickets for library activities, turned away people who wanted to come because we had reached our maximum numbers
& then the people with tickets didn’t bother to turn up.

Nightsky2 Tue 14-Jul-20 11:05:40

27 diners failed to turn up at Tom Kerridges on Saturday night. Absolutely disgraceful behaviour. you would think a simple telephone call could have been made. Certainly more money than manners.

Jane10. I’ve never heard of anyone doing that.

Nightsky2 Tue 14-Jul-20 11:06:56

Harrigran. Was that Browns?

Redfox2 Tue 14-Jul-20 11:09:25

This behaviour is common to many areas of life. My doctor's surgery displays how many missed appointments there are each week - and the number is appalling. I see the same thing happening at medical clinics too. I've often heard people say the Victorians were all hypocrites; but I think the defining sin of our age is selfishness! Too many people (NOT ALL) give no thought to anyone's needs but their own!

Pippet Tue 14-Jul-20 11:17:03

Rude and thoughtless. Difficult time for everyone however if minds are changed then at least a cancellation call should be made. The hospitality sector is important for tons of reasons

nipsmum Tue 14-Jul-20 11:24:23

My 2 dogs are being groomed on Saturday and I had to pay a deposit when booking. Restaurants could easily do this and if it was me I'd blacklist them from further bookings until they learned manners.