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Royal Wedding

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GagaJo Sat 18-Jul-20 23:52:51


3nanny6 Sun 19-Jul-20 00:06:49

Called over to see my brother who lives in Windsor earlier today. I said it was nice to hear about the wedding in the small chapel in Windsor Castle yesterday (Friday). He had a blank look on his face and said no there was no wedding on Friday
because the Queen knighted Sir Tom for all he done in lockdown and it all took place in Windsor Castle. He could not believe a wedding had taken place.

They certainly kept it quiet and nothing much going on in Windsor.

BlueSky Sun 19-Jul-20 00:10:39

Just pleased for Beatrice really, just like if she had been any other girl whose wedding to her Prince Charming had been shattered. Glad it managed to go ahead, sure she wasn't worried if it wasn't quite what she had planned. She must have been thrilled to have her elderly grandparents there!

Oopsminty Sun 19-Jul-20 00:32:22

Lovely that she managed to finally get married after all the hold ups

May they have lots of love and happiness

quizqueen Sun 19-Jul-20 00:57:22

Beatrice seems more sensible than Eugenie, who demanded the public tax funded carriage ride which, I doubt, that many spectators were interested in. They were probably more interested in the guest list. It appears just getting married to the one she loves was more important to Beatrice than a big occasion.

Of course, cynical me, might also say they wanted to keep Andrew out of the limelight and there could be another reason why Beatrice didn't want to wait till next year! Whatever the reason for the date chosen for the wedding, I hope she is happy with Edo and am pleased that Lizzie and Philip were able to attend. I hope Edo's parents were there too.

Jane10 Sun 19-Jul-20 07:38:20

She looked lovely in the photos. So happy. Nice that she chose to have an old dress and borrowed a tiara. No flashy designer nonsense and hype.

Calendargirl Sun 19-Jul-20 07:44:46

And the borrowed tiara was the same one the Queen wore on her own wedding day.

A very special tribute from a grandmother to a granddaughter.

aggie Sun 19-Jul-20 07:50:07

It was a fancy designer dress ..... from the Queen’s collection !

Calendargirl Sun 19-Jul-20 07:54:05


It was a fancy designer dress ..... from the Queen’s collection !

Upmarket re-cycling of the highest order!

GrannyGravy13 Sun 19-Jul-20 07:57:50

I have just seen photos on the BBC, they looked very happy as do the Queen and Duke.

Hopefully they will have a long, happy marriage.

tanith Sun 19-Jul-20 08:25:26

I thought they looked very happy and recycling a gown from the Queen and wearing her tiara was really a lovely gesture. Good luck to them and I’m glad the awful Andrew kept a low profile although he did give the bride away.

Ellianne Sun 19-Jul-20 08:39:12

Beautiful tiara and adapted gown from her grandmother's collection. They looked very happy. Perfectly appropriate in the current situation. I wish them well.

Susan56 Sun 19-Jul-20 08:44:54

They all look so happy in the photos.Seems it is about the marriage for Beatrice rather than the big,flashy wedding.
The queen lending Beatrice the dress and tiara shows support and love for her granddaughter.

Loislovesstewie Sun 19-Jul-20 08:46:09

Perhaps they could all do this in future: I am sure it saved the public purse a fortune.

sodapop Sun 19-Jul-20 08:47:31

Lovely small, intimate wedding with their closest family, I'm happy for them and wish them well. I thought the tiara and dress were lovely touches too tanith

JenniferEccles Sun 19-Jul-20 08:51:47

Yes I agree. A small low key wedding was appropriate and I am sure it was no less memorable than a public showy one.

Can’t help feeling sorry for her with all the shenanigans surrounding her father.

Sparklefizz Sun 19-Jul-20 09:32:05

I thought she looked stunning. The dress and tiara were beautiful and the fact that the Queen lent her the dress shows great support and love.

I like that no photos were released at the time in order not to overshadow Captain Tom's big day. No grabbing the limelight by Bea, unlike someone else.

Re Eugenie's carriage ride through Windsor, I read that it was Andrew who pushed for that because he has always (until his disgrace) pushed for Beatrice and Eugenie to have the same as William and Harry.

Puzzler61 Sun 19-Jul-20 09:36:21

Beatrice and her new husband looked very happy on the photo’s released today.
So did the Queen and Prince Philip, who attended.
I’m sure it was a lovely occasion - and out of the media circus too.
I wish them both a long and happy marriage just like our dear Queen’s.

sf101 Sun 19-Jul-20 09:37:24

Now that's how all royal weddings should be, recycle, re use and low key. There is no shortage of old dresses they could use!!

The flowers looked lovely but must have cost a packet.

Lexisgranny Sun 19-Jul-20 09:52:25

I think whatever this couple did there would be criticism in the press and elsewhere. The Princess obviously wanted her grandparents to be at her wedding, and the photographs released outside the church with the beautiful floral decorations will be something to treasure. Even more poignant as their remaining two grandchildren are so much younger, it will likely be the last they will attend of that generation.
The up cycling of the Queens dress from many decades ago was very appropriate, though there will no doubt be those who will criticise that. (Many years ago at around Beatrice’s age I wore a 1920s designer dress belonging to my grandmother at a function, simply because I loved it and I loved her, and it gave her great pleasure to see me wearing it).
As to the photographs, they released two, so what? Do we have a god given right to see everything so we can pick it over? Had we seen one featuring the DofY there would have been untold criticism which would cloud the day. They were a young(ish) couple who didn’t want to wait to get married. Some comments I read this morning made by the public following newspaper articles were extremely mealy mouthed. (This is a general comment not aimed at GN.) I am not a fan of the Duke and Duchess of York, I do not know enough about their daughters to form an opinion about them, but for heaven’s sake, let’s wish the newly weds well and leave it at that,

Ellianne Sun 19-Jul-20 10:00:42

Even more poignant as their remaining two grandchildren are so much younger, it will likely be the last they will attend of that generation.
That made me feel sad, Lexisgranny.
Maybe, just maybe, the Queen will live to see a Bea baby, another GGC, which would be the icing on the cake after Archie was so brutally separated from her.

Anniebach Sun 19-Jul-20 10:01:19

It was the bride and grooms day, they chose a church where the press couldn’t get to and which is the church the queen
attends when at Windsor. If they had released wedding photographs of the close families the front pages of the press
would be all about Andrew .

Peardrop50 Sun 19-Jul-20 10:01:32

Beatrice looked beautiful, a lovely intimate wedding to her very handsome beau. I wish them both every happiness for a long and contented marriage.

Jabberwok Sun 19-Jul-20 10:04:17

I expect they did, but as none of this was tax payer funded I can't see that this is worth commenting on, except that they were beautiful ! As for Andrew, of course they obviously wanted him kept out of the limelight, however, he is Beatrices father, and no doubt she is very fond of him and wanted him to give her away! P.A, hasn't been found guilty of anything by any court in any land, only by the media and public opinion. No doubt the family photos have included her parents and will be kept well away from prying eyes!
It was a beautiful wedding and they looked so very happy and hopefully they will have a long and happy life together.

Parsley3 Sun 19-Jul-20 10:17:20

At last, a Royal wedding without criticism. It seems to comply with the present restrictions as it should with ageing grandparents there. No prior notice so no social distancing of crowds. No press coverage of Andrew to detract from the happy couple and no speculation, so far, as to whether cousin Harry attended or not. To cap it all, a borrowed gown and tiara.
Full marks from me. I hope this is the way forward for the Royal family.