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I am perfectly calm, I am perfectly calm..........

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phoenix Sun 19-Jul-20 18:54:55

But I want to go 😱 and 😡 and 😰

Getting ready for the delivery of the dishwasher next Friday.

Will be losing a cupboard, so have been (successfully) reorganising the cupboards.

Thought I was winning, even sold a HUGE frying/saute pan within 5 minutes of listing it on the local Facebook site!

But then, a bit of a hiccup, well more of a huge great burp, actually!

Mr P was starting to remove the cupboard ready to accommodate the life changing appliance.

He discovered that the mains water supply comes into the house right in the middle of the floor under the cupboard that we were removing in order to have the dishwasher!

I was very good, didn't shout, swear or cry, nearly poured a consoling glass of wine, but refrained, as The Archers were still in the radio, so it was too early. (Although the current format of The Archers is enough to drive anyone to drink.)

So, have cancelled the order, hopefully just for know, and waiting for our lovely local handyman to come and see if we can swap cupboards around.

First world problem I know, but I was soooo looking forward to it, even regarding today as the last time I would have to wash up by hand after Sunday roast!

Looking on the bright side, at least we discovered this before delivery.

cornergran Sun 19-Jul-20 19:10:22

Oh blimey phoenix. What a disappointment, not sure I’d have remained calm hmm. It will be sorted I’m sure, all things can be by the right person with the right skills. Definitely time for wine. And breathe.

phoenix Sun 19-Jul-20 19:12:21

Thank you cornergran Wine is indeed now being drunk!

MiniMoon Sun 19-Jul-20 19:16:29

Very disappointing phoenix, but at least you now know where the pipe is, and you will get the dishwasher soon.

When we moved here we were assured that we could put in a gas fire as there was a gas pipe behind the fire place.
We ordered a beautiful stove and took delivery.
The gas fitter came, cut a hole in the wall and the floor only to discover that there was no such pipe.!

Fortunately we were able to return the stove, but we had to get someone in to repair the wall and floor. 🙁

We put in a wood burning stove instead.

Grandmabatty Sun 19-Jul-20 19:21:59

That is more than disappointing, it is diabastrous. It requires buckets of wine tonight. I couldn't live without my dishwasher. Well, I probably could but everyone would suffer! I hope there will be a happy ending to this sorry take. Please come back and let us know.

Grandmabatty Sun 19-Jul-20 19:22:26

*tale. 🙄

sodapop Sun 19-Jul-20 19:24:59

What a disappointment Phoenix you were looking forward to the ceremonial disposal of the rubber gloves. smile
Hope you get it resolved quickly.

Puzzler61 Sun 19-Jul-20 19:25:09

Relax phoenix, handyman (or better still a qualified plumber) can drill the concrete floor to break it up and release the pipe, move the pipe (i.e. shorten it) , and put the “tap” back on, repair the concrete floor and make your wish come true - you’ll be able to have your dishwasher installed, load dirty crocks in - particularly after a Sunday roast - and it will all come out clean.

Exhale now, and enjoy a glass of wine. All will be well.

25Avalon Sun 19-Jul-20 19:40:02

All things come to he and she who waits and it will come for you. Nil disperendum. It will be resolved. Just be patient and in the meantime have a good swig or two or three of vino. Feel permitted to scream if it helps.

phoenix Sun 19-Jul-20 19:47:18

Thank you all for the responses!

Puzzler61 sadly, I don't think that will be an option, and if it is would involve a lot of upheaval and expense!

My local chap will be popping up some time this week to have a look and see if there are any ways round it.

Oh, just heard my favourite noise, Mr P has just opened a bottle of Cava!

Shame I didn't hear my other favourite noise, Mr P doing the washing up...........😐

maydonoz Sun 19-Jul-20 20:32:18

Phoenix sorry to hear about your near disaster with your soon to arrive dishwasher, but I'm sure it can be sorted soon for you.
Talking about washing dishes we have the perfect solution in our house, I do all the cooking and OH washes up after the main meal, which seems a good deal especially for OH!
Although I've used dishwashers before in previous homes, I've never really enjoyed using them. That may sound a bit odd but now we are just 2 people and with a small kitchen, I
definitely prefer a cupboard.
Good luck with the new installation and I'm sure you'll enjoy using your DW.

Galaxy Sun 19-Jul-20 22:10:52

Is the archers back on on Sundays? Missing point entirely.

Chewbacca Sun 19-Jul-20 22:18:08

Phoenix has it got to be that cupboard? I know youve spent ages demanding everything out of that particular cupboard but is it possible that one of the other base cupboards would be better situated for the water inlet/outlet?

Chewbacca Sun 19-Jul-20 22:18:50

Not demanding ....... decanting fgs!

SpringyChicken Sun 19-Jul-20 22:34:46

Our (integrated) dishwasher is on legs so that a kick panel can be attached, making it appear to be another cupboard. So if the floor of a cupboard can clear the pipework (and stopcock?), so would our dishwasher. Rather than a handyman, I think you need to call the plumber. They can work miracles these days.

phoenix Mon 20-Jul-20 08:00:56

An integrated one isn't an option, we'd already taken advice on that, and neither is breaking the floor!

It's looking as though the only possible solution is to take out 2 cupboards, 1 standard size, 1 narrower, and swap them round. (That's what our local chap is coming to look at and see if it can be done.)

If that IS doable, then it should be feasible to have the dishwasher, but will need longer hoses etc to reach the plumbing.

Franbern Mon 20-Jul-20 10:34:39

Phoenix, I can feel your disappointment and love your comments about the current Archers. Galaxy, Sunday mornings is the repeat of that weeks episode, no new one on Sunday evenings at present.

At least you now know where you stopcock is, so put the whole thing down as a useful experience.

Hopefully, you will get this lovely new machine installed before next Sunday and can have an extra celebratory glass of wine with that meal.

phoenix Mon 20-Jul-20 11:31:44

Well, I've cancelled the order (for now) until our local chap can come and have a look.

Franbern The stopcock is under the sink, where you would expect it to be, the pipe work that is causing the problem is the one where the main supply actually comes into the house.

A friend who is a renowned "word mangler" phoned yesterday and 3 times referred to the "cock stop" I could barely speak for trying not to laugh out loud grin

Charleygirl5 Mon 20-Jul-20 15:08:03

OMG Phoenix whatever next. I also think a plumber would be your best bet. I so hope that the extra work will not put the dishwasher out of reach until you can save again. A total buggeration.

Chewbacca Mon 20-Jul-20 15:39:03

It's so damned frustrating when, despite all the planning and checking and measuring up, something right at the very end stymies the whole project. Will swapping the 2 cupboards around seriously impact your storage space? Might be worth it in the end if it means you'll finally get a dishwasher!

Megs36 Mon 20-Jul-20 15:58:22

phoenix I’m crying with you, our dishwasher conked out last week, new one coming. Saturday, washing up by hand is a pain although to be fair my husbands been doing it!! However I vaguely remember a problem with the last one and the ‘ man’ couldn’t do it and refunded fitting money, luckily my husband managed to do it but that was about 15 years ago and getting under the sink to find pipe work is not an option now he’s84.
Keep up with the Fairy Liquid😀 and good luck

phoenix Mon 20-Jul-20 18:37:29

Thank you all, your good wishes are appreciated!

Charleygirl relocating the dishwasher to a space a little further along might be the best option, would need longer hoses etc, but not a major thing. A plumber would probably want to dig up the floor! That is NOT going to happen!

Chewbacca no one could have done more checking than me! Narrowed it down to 2 machines, even checked the estimated annual water consumption (yes, I am that sad/thorough).

Mega36 thank you, this will be (if it ever happens!) our first one! Rented a place once with a dishwasher, but it was not in the kitchen, was in the utility room, only used it twice in 2 years!

DanniRae Mon 20-Jul-20 18:56:02

We have no dishwasher as our kitchen is too small but Mr R does the washing up after I have cooked the meal and even when he cooks he washes up. He is doing it right now. Then he makes a cuppa and says "Do you want anything else?" and I make a decision on which treat I am going to have. Happy days grin

phoenix Mon 20-Jul-20 19:17:26

DanniRae Take cuttings or clone him! 😁

Although I wouldn't swap Mr P, he's almost house trained in a some respects!

Elegran Mon 20-Jul-20 20:17:46

Phoenix The stopcock here is down in the cellar, in an 15-inch gap behind a false wall with no lighting. To get to it, you remove a loose panel about 10 feet away, climb through, and shimmy sideways with an inspection lamp clutched in your fist. Plumbers have to be shown the panel and directed along the gap. I am thinking of using luminous tape to wrap the pipe and mark a large arrow on the wall to direct them, but there isn't much space, so the words STOP! and COCK! may have to end up separated.