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Summer....back to the usual

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overthehill Mon 20-Jul-20 18:39:00

Anyone like me? So thankful summer has reverted to type this year. 2018 & 2019 for me was horrendous with temperatures soaring into the high 30s. I like sunshine but with temperatures in the 24ish. I prefer cold and wet to unbearable heat

Lucca Mon 20-Jul-20 18:44:04

Total opposite. Can’t bear cold and wet. Love love love the sunshine.

DanniRae Mon 20-Jul-20 18:47:04

I agree with you overthehill - I cannot function when it is too hot and I certainly don't sleep very well.
The weather today has been perfect! smile

Willow73 Mon 20-Jul-20 18:49:33

I blow up like a balloon when its too hot and can't do anything, so today has been perfect, temperature wise anyway!

BlueBelle Mon 20-Jul-20 19:03:30

I m with lucca love a bit of warmth, the sun beating down on you, oh yes love it. I cant stand cold, miserable, grey, wet weather I know the stork dropped me down in the wrong country

sharon103 Mon 20-Jul-20 19:03:41

I'm just like you overthehill.
Gone are the days when I could sunbathe in the garden all day no matter how hot it was.
I like cooler days with a fresh breeze.
I don't like muggy, sticky weather either.
This summer suits me just fine.

Alishka Mon 20-Jul-20 19:18:04

It's like the film Some like it HOTgrin and that's me to a T. Heat and humidity? Yep, bring it on. Britain's got so much going for it, just....shame about the temperature. Could be so much worse tho - I once spent a year in Northern Canada and the winters were brutal. Hate snow, hate ice, so we're mostly spared that. Glory be!

PinkCakes Mon 20-Jul-20 19:20:07

The weather today and yesterday has been perfect for me - sunny, warm (not hot) with a bit of a breeze.

I hate hot, humid weather.

MissAdventure Mon 20-Jul-20 19:21:53

I bloody hate hot weather.
My body seems unable to regulate its temperature since the menopause.

I'm like an old boiler, simmering away.

Grandma70s Mon 20-Jul-20 19:29:39

I hate it too. Just what is enjoyable about being hot and sweaty and tired? My energy, such as it is, completely disappears when it’s hot.

Also, I am now too old to look good in summer clothes.

Peardrop50 Mon 20-Jul-20 19:33:17

Sunshine for me but not over 24' with rain at night for the garden, perfect.

craftyone Mon 20-Jul-20 19:34:07

I hate hot weather too, I always end up making a cave of my house, blinds down, shutters closed, first on the east side, then on the west side. The fan in my bedroom will be on when I lay down, for at least 30 minutes. I love cool, always have and would rather go on holiday to iceland than spain

Orangerose Mon 20-Jul-20 19:38:21

MissAdventure I completely agree I’m the same. My body temperature cannot seem to regulate and the high temperatures we’ve had make it unbearable. Glad it’s not just me!

Dinahmo Mon 20-Jul-20 19:42:17

Try a cooling cloth. It's a special fabric which you wet and wring out then drape it around you neck. It works very well and stays damp for a long time. My OH bought one for me last year and I've just resurrected it. Not expensive.

MissAdventure Mon 20-Jul-20 20:16:40

Oh, I have some 'towels' from ebay that are cooling.
You snap them, and it seems to reactivate the coldness.

If only I could sit on the bus with one on my head.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 20-Jul-20 20:20:42

Sorry gransnetters I love the sunny hot days. I also love the fact that we have the change of weather from season to season. Always something to look forward to 🌞❄️💨💦🌦

SueDonim Mon 20-Jul-20 20:27:46

It’s 13deg here today. hmm

MissAdventure Mon 20-Jul-20 20:33:22

It's stifling here.
I'll have a look on my weather thing on the phone.

It was supposed to be 21 degrees this afternoon, but I'm sure it went a lot higher.

MissAdventure Mon 20-Jul-20 20:36:34

I can't find the earlier temperature, but it's 19 now.

MissAdventure Mon 20-Jul-20 20:44:42

These are the towels I got. Hope the link works.

Orangerose Mon 20-Jul-20 21:00:51

MissA thanks so much - ordered one

CanadianGran Mon 20-Jul-20 21:03:44

We've had no summer yet! North west coast of BC Canada, and we've had 15 degrees and overcast all of June and july! We're getting bloody sick of it!

We had a lovely May, and that seems to be it for summer. my bedding plants aren't much bigger that when i put them in, and my few rose buds rot before they bloom. Stinks!

I tend to love 22- 25 degrees which is normal here for summer. Any hotter and I get listless and puffy.

gillybob Mon 20-Jul-20 22:05:40

Ditto CanadianGran I’m on the North East coast of England and we have yet to see any kind of summer . We have had a few days with sunny spells but that’s about it . Today it reached the dizzy heights of 15 degrees with rain this afternoon.

What I wouldn’t give for a few days of sunshine sunshine

BlueBelle Mon 20-Jul-20 22:25:48

My body temperature is never hot I always feel cold unless I m in direct sunshine which I try to get into as much as possible
I still have my hot water bottle for my cold feet at night even in the summer 🤭

merlotgran Mon 20-Jul-20 22:28:12

I love sunshine and hot weather. I get up early and do as much gardening as I can before I have to retreat indoors in the middle of the day. I then go back out when it's a bit cooler to do the watering and pottering about.

DH hates the heat and moans about it non stop but it falls on deaf ears. grin