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Teetime Mon 27-Jul-20 15:49:38

On another thread I was reminded of the ever growing list of Bees in my husbands bonnet. He is a lovely tolerant man but some things/people cause him to boycott or sometimes rant. Have you or yours got anything similar
Here is the abridged list of his Bees;-
Rupert Murdoch
James Dyson
Cling film
Parking facing the wrong way in the street
Speeding fines (not enough)
Sky TV
TV Soaps
The M6
Designer clothes
etc etc - wont bore you - well I mightgrin

EllanVannin Mon 27-Jul-20 15:58:18

When someone is speaking via video-link and the link breaks up but the interviewer insists on carrying on with the link going all skew-wiff. Drives me mad instead of cutting it off with an apology to try later.

Galaxy Mon 27-Jul-20 16:09:41

Sorry but he is right about cling film.

phoenix Mon 27-Jul-20 16:31:12

Galaxy totally with you on cling film, it's the devil in your kitchen drawer!

My mother was a great can of the stuff, we used to home that when she died she wouldn't be buried or cremated, but wrapped in cling film and put in the fridge!

The way things turned out I sometimes wish I had done that while she was still alive.

Greyduster Mon 27-Jul-20 16:34:19


Top of the list has to be THE BBC, closely followed by:
Adult children, bristling with tec, who don’t notice until three days have passed, that you have either texted or called;
Buses with their back ends sticking out into the road at bus stops when where is room for the to park straight;
The sense of entitlement in today’s young;🙄
Dog mess......
I could go on. Past couple of years, the bees have been swarming!

Peardrop50 Mon 27-Jul-20 16:47:37

Full technicolour vomit on tv when a slight gag will suffice.
Cars going too fast down a peaceful country lane with windows down and music blaring.
People who feel that they can make personal comments about others hair, weight, dress sense.
People who think they are arbiters of good taste and look down on people with a glass tv table, upvc windows or are watchers of Corrie.
Definitely cling film.
People who join a light hearted thread and start an argument.

So many, I'm sure I'll be back later.

phoenix Mon 27-Jul-20 16:50:54

FAN not can!

Kate1949 Mon 27-Jul-20 16:56:13

People who say 'no offence but'
TV ads saying 'belly'
TV presenters who can't speak properly
People who don't indicate when turning on the roads
People around here who let their dogs bark all day
People who drop litter
I don't have a problem with cling film though!

lemongrove Mon 27-Jul-20 17:10:27

(Whispers)....I like cling film!

DH: car parks where you have to put your car reg number in the machine to get a ticket ( neither of us know it off by heart)
Moles in the garden
Jeremy Vine
Guests who are always late
Scam phone calls ( we get too many)
TV ads
( Looking at them, they are my bees too!)

AGAA4 Mon 27-Jul-20 17:47:05

Dog poo left in bags in parks.
Queue jumpers.
Noisy people

BlueSky Mon 27-Jul-20 18:03:19

Greyduster so it's not just my adult children who take a minimum of three days to acknowledge my text or a missed call!
Other bees are the subtitles I put on when watching TV but the writing is usually a few lines behind what's being said!
And the word 'Shielding' !

Chewbacca Mon 27-Jul-20 18:05:07

Plumbers, electricians etc who say that they're happy to come out and give a quote for jobs but then never turn up.
People who park across the end of driveways and then bugger off so you can't get out.
Waiting in for delivery of a parcel, not daring to even go into the back garden in case you miss them, but then finding a card behind the door saying "Sorry we missed you, your parcel has been sent back to the depot, cal 0800 ** to collect it".

Marmight Mon 27-Jul-20 18:08:06

Bonfires in the middle of a hot day especially if washing is out
Tailgaters. They make me drive slower
Dog poo on paths
Parents who use child parking spaces with huge gallumphing full size kids
Any one who says ‘should of’ angry
Motorway drivers who hog the middle & outside lanes
Reality TV
Tradesmen who don't turn up (been waiting since midday for someone to fell a tree🙄)
People who scorn at Covid ‘it’s just ‘flu’
Political threads on GN where posters believe their view is the only and bang on & on & on ad infinitum 😂

TBC ......

BlueBelle Mon 27-Jul-20 18:15:25

Well I love bees, so I ll have to give it another name like cockroaches in my custard

People who down cry anything new before it’s even started
(we ve just got news of some funding for our town) all the ‘oh that ll never work blah blah blah’ makes my eyes bleed
Cat poo in my garden
The ‘England was so wonderful in the good old days‘ brigade
Blame without proof or even indication ... like ‘my bike was stolen last night’ oh that ll be the travellers (not that word though) on the car park.......what, where did that come from?
Seeing bloody steak on someone’s plate (I m not swearing)
Fake reality shows on tv
And contests where it’s ALL about the judging panel

timetogo2016 Mon 27-Jul-20 18:29:04

People on their mobile whilst eating, it`s rife.
People who slap their chops whilst eating and with thier mouth open.
Sellotape and cling film.

Puzzler61 Mon 27-Jul-20 18:31:44

Teetime and others who find clingfilm frustrating :

I did too, until I bought a Lakeland Wrapmaster clingfilm dispenser.
It works like a dream.... wouldn’t be without it. You have to part with £20 though, and buy the refills from Lakeland.

Puzzler61 Mon 27-Jul-20 18:33:32

My bees are .........
coat hangers that get entwined in the wardrobe,
and the noisy, dirty pooping flies that insist on coming indoors as soon as a window is opened.

Chewbacca Mon 27-Jul-20 18:34:48

People who continue with their mobile phone conversations whilst packing up and paying for their shopping in the supermarket, completely ignoring the poor cashier who's serving them.

Kate1949 Mon 27-Jul-20 18:36:23

If you push the flaps in at the ends of the cling film box, it comes out easily and smoothly. Same with tin foil.

MayBee70 Mon 27-Jul-20 18:46:16

Kate1949. I saw that on the internet a while back. It's a complete gamechanger, isn't it. My daughter is now spreading the word. I'm trying so hard to cut back on plastic use but find it impossible to [no pun intended] dispense with cling film. Although I do try to get several uses out of it.

Grandma70s Mon 27-Jul-20 18:48:25

People who sneer at anything they see as ‘highbrow’ (such as opera) and think people who like it are snobs.

Lazy speech. Anyone can learn to speak clearly.

The constant celebration of the mediocre.

B9exchange Mon 27-Jul-20 18:59:45

People using 'loose' for 'lose'.
Older children eating meat etc with their fingers
Four letter words or using Jesus's name as a swear word (I had a sheltered upbringing!)
Phone calls telling me my broadband is about to be cut off
Any deliberate unkindness to others

Kate1949 Mon 27-Jul-20 19:07:14

Yes MayBee I saw it on a TV programme a while ago. I told my daughter and she said "Mother I can't believe you've got to your age without knowing what those flaps were for.' I didn't confess that I had no idea the flaps were there!

MayBee70 Mon 27-Jul-20 19:11:11

I don't think cling film manufacturers make it obvious as they want us to buy another roll when the first one is still only half used.

GrannySomerset Mon 27-Jul-20 19:16:15

Lakeland perforated clingfilm works every time. One of life’s most useful inventions.