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Good morning Sunday

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grandMattie Sun 02-Aug-20 06:22:55

Good morning from a bright, already warm E Kent.
Don’t know if I qualify as “regular” but thought I would start the thread as I have been up for an hour now.
Not a lot again today. Shall watch the church service streamed from Bristol where DD is a vicar, rather than go to my local church. When we went, we came home frightened and anxious. Not at all what we looked for! We’ve decided to leave attending for a while.
Got a piece of beef to roast with all the trimmings. DS1 gets no beef in India, obvs, + he has spent the last week with DD who is vegetarian!
Have the best day possible everyone. X

Beechnut Sun 02-Aug-20 06:49:06

Good Morning Mattie and all who follow. Thank you for opening up. It’s bright start to the day on Severnside and I’ve got a chamber pot this morning.

I shall potter today. Some weeds need my attention in the front garden and I have a dress to shorten for DD but will probably save that for a rainy day. I also have a new book to start.

Have a lovely Sunday (especially those roasts) everyone 💐

mancgirl Sun 02-Aug-20 06:50:11

Morning Mattie and all to follow, from Manchester where it looks like the sun is shining - for now. Dgs who is 4 has been away for a few days. He doesn't know yet that he can't visit us due to lockdown, very sad all round. Few chores, hope to potter in the garden before any rain falls, I can see lots of weeds 😕. Hope Mr Gillybob is doing OK and Mick is enjoying his break. Have the best day everyone.

Pantglas2 Sun 02-Aug-20 06:50:55

Morning GrandMattie and all who follow, I wondered who’d be deputising for Mick, you’re usually in the first wave, bright and bubbly!

I’m making Red Onion Marmalade this morning so there will be tears 😥as I don’t have a slicing blade on my little processor here in Spain!

Sage and onion chicken tray bake for dinner this evening along with salad then Eton Mess for pudding is about as much cooking as I can muster on a lazy Sunday!

A peaceful day for all 💐

grandMattie Sun 02-Aug-20 06:59:46

Ooh, Pant , red onion marmalade sounds delicious. How do you make it.
I really need to get myself going to make some more piccalilli and branston type chutney, in preparation for the Christmas fete - assuming they take place. If not, lot of lucky people...

Pantglas2 Sun 02-Aug-20 07:10:10

A kilo of red onions sliced finely into a large pan along with half a litre of red wine vinegar and 250g brown sugar.

Simmer until onions soften then boil hard until liquid reduces completely ( careful it doesn’t catch) then a couple of tablespoons golden syrup to add stickiness before potting - a warm glow develops as you feel all domestically goddessed! 👩‍🍳😇

Scentia Sun 02-Aug-20 07:12:14

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. The sun is out and we have temporary staff in the cafe, thanks for stepping in Grandmatte!!
Today I will be walking the pooch, picking up all the stuff I put on EBay to sell last weekend, then I am off on a bike ride with DD and DSiL.
Gosh such a busy day, no time for roasts here in East Staffordshire, even if I did have the faintest idea where to start.
Now the red onion marmalade, has got me thinking I must pick some apples from the Army Barracks tree and do something with them, he offers me them every time I pass and I keep forgetting to take a little stool so I can reach them.
I do hope mr gilly is feeling ok today and everyone has the best day they possibly can. Take care of yourselves❤️

brook2704 Sun 02-Aug-20 07:26:47

Good morning grandmattie and thanks for opening up Sunday. I hope mick is enjoying his well earned break 😀
It’s still warm but cloudy here in Inverness. Yesterday was another sunny day and DD2 and I took the little DCG for a walk by the River Ness, a play in the park and an ice cream. Lovely!
So sorry mancgirl about the reimposed restrictions, it must be so frustrating - hopefully it won’t last too long and you can see your family again soon. We’ve still got family in the Manchester area and it’s a worrying time for all.
The red onion marmalade sounds yummy pantglas 👍
Just some pottering in the garden for me today and an online exercise class to try and keep the pounds off!
Have a good Sunday everyone and take care whatever the day brings 💐

NfkDumpling Sun 02-Aug-20 07:27:37

Morning All

The sun is shining here in the north of Norfolk but it's a lot chillier as the wind has gone around to more northerly. No swifts up so I think they may have taken advantage of the change and are now heading south.

Hope to take DGDog for a walk on the beach this morning as the cooler weather may been fewer crowds there. We went down last evening around eight o'clock and, despite the lack of beach as the tide was right in, there were still quite a few groups on the beach - and in the sea. I paddled and thought it was rather too chill for swimming.

I've missed the last couple of mornings but gather Mr G had his op? I hope all is ok.

Gingster Sun 02-Aug-20 07:41:52

Good morning all on this (another ) beautiful summers day here on The Suffolk Coast. It is still and warm with a few seagulls screeching as they fly over. The sea is calm and already there are people swimming. Our usually quiet beach has been busy with families, surfers, canoeists and paddle boarders . Nothing like the popular beaches but busy for here. . Lovely to see them but looking forward to September when we have it back to ourselves. I know, I know!

That red onion marmalade sounds good Pantglas I’m going to give it a go.

We found a tent in the shed yesterday. Two man. It’s brand new and never been used. DH and I put it up in the garden yesterday, as we have family arriving next week. Easy to put up but still took us an hour with a lot of raised voices. It will come in handy as all the family have decided to come together. 15 of us.

Regards and get well thoughts to Mr GB and Marydoll. Hope progress is being made.💐

Not much on today. Dh will finish painting the boiler room. I will read my Book Club book. It a good one (for a change). What to have for dinner? I’ve got a gammon ham that we’ve already had for two days. Any suggestions?

Have a relaxed, peaceful, stress free day all. 🌺

Urmstongran Sun 02-Aug-20 07:43:08

Sun’s up here! 🌞🌞🌞🌞
Wowzer it’s a hot weekend. 43°C yesterday. Same today.
Good morning everyone from Malaga 😎

I was melting yesterday! But then, as mum lovely mum used to say about a given situation ‘stop complaining, it’s the same for everyone’. Sensible lady. I miss her very much.

Do you have air-con Pantglas? We don’t. Just a huge ceiling fan that stirs the hot air around the room.

Not going anywhere today. The front door is wide open already & the patio door onto the balcony. Not a whisper of a breeze and we are up on the 6th floor here! Never mind it’s back to normal tomorrow at ‘only’ 31°C.

Himself will be watching the Grand Prix this afternoon. I shall sit and read my book. Definitely no cooking tonight. I fancy wandering over to Sebastian’s across the road about 9pm when the sun has gone down. He is Argentinian and makes the best solomio and home-made chips (not frozen sticks) which we have with a sliced tomato, mozzarella and torn basil salad. I daresay a bottle of Ribera will get put on the table ...

Hope Sunday is kind to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. This virus isn’t going anywhere just yet. x

Puzzler61 Sun 02-Aug-20 07:44:05

Good morning grandMattie and all,
and thinking especially of our absent Mick and hoping he is having a good time.
Sun is up in Worcs and we’re expecting it to stay all day, temp will be a comfortable 21 deg. maximum. DH and I will drive to the river Avon and do a 1 hour round trip in the fields alongside the river. Always boating life, swans and ducks to see as well as the fauna.
Wishing everyone a happy Sunday. I hope our Grandmafrench and our Spanish Senora’s can keep cool in the extreme heat on the continent.

Take care all 🦋

Puzzler61 Sun 02-Aug-20 07:46:45

Missed typing the word “walk”
round the fields,
(not drive) 🙃

MellowYellow Sun 02-Aug-20 07:47:10

This is what my 4 year old granddaughter thinks is hairdressing - 'It's candyfloss hair, Nana.' 😁 Morning GrandMattie and everyone from south Cornwall where the sun is looking promising. I'd help you in your cafe Scentia, but it's a bit of a long walk from here! Currently waiting for 8o'clock so I can report a payment taken from my bank account erroneously, only a small one but have to report it and stop any future transactions. Will start a thread to warn others later on. No idea what I'm up to today, may just laze around, read and watch films. No small grandchildren for a week, so my hair will at least look decent! Have a good day everyone.

kittylester Sun 02-Aug-20 07:51:33

Morning all from a bright North Leicestershire.

We have a gammon for lunch, gingster. I cover it in coke, add onions, carrot celery etc and boil. Then strip the skin, slash the fat and cover with mustard, sugar and a little red wine vinegar and roasted are having it with salad and new potatoes. Lovely.

Enjoy your days everyone!

mumofmadboys Sun 02-Aug-20 07:54:05

We are away with our youngest son on the south coast at present. We walked on the South Downs yesterday. We go to Oxford tonight to see another son and his partner before returning home tomorrow. Good to see 2
of our lads after so long. Hope everyone has as good a day as possible.

Sar53 Sun 02-Aug-20 07:55:08

Good morning from another beautiful sunny day in Essex by the sea. I hear a heatwave is coming!!
We had a lovely walk, yesterday morning, along a very empty part of the coast. In the afternoon we sat in a local park as part of a 40th birthday celebration.
This morning another walk and a bacon sandwich at a small cafe. This afternoon DH will be watching the Grand Prix.
Enjoy the day everyone and stay safe xx

NanKate Sun 02-Aug-20 07:55:55

Good morning grandMattie and All.

Another sun drenched day here in South Bucks.

We enjoyed our outside trip to see Rocketman last night, although preferred Bohemian Rhapsody. The company running the outdoor event at a garden centre had everything carefully worked out and the loos were sprayed and handles cleaned after every visitor. So good to be out but still feel safe.

Hope all well with the Gillybobs and Mary 💐💐

Enjoy your Sunday folks.

Gingster Sun 02-Aug-20 08:07:36

Thanks kittylester . That’s how I cooked the gammon. Delicious! But what to do with the leftovers? Already had it cold with pots and salad. Shall I make patties or ham and chicken pie? Any other suggestions?

Pittcity Sun 02-Aug-20 08:11:39

Good morning from sunny Colchester. A much better temperature today. I am not a happy bunny over 25°.
Another quiet day with some ironing and general pootling. We have roast chicken tonight.

Mythbirtthedragon Sun 02-Aug-20 08:12:33

Good morning from the Kent coast, blue and sunny and looks like the wind has dropped. Being away from the centre of the village, the beach near us is quite quiet; GD1 and I popped back to our residence to make some sandwiches and came back to find DP sitting on his own with empty sections of the beach either side. DD and GD2 join us today, will be fun trying to manoeuvre the travel cot in.
Hope you have a good day.

Nortsat Sun 02-Aug-20 08:16:14

Good morning grandMattie (and Mick if he’s reading) and the GM team from a bright east London.

Well shielding has ended, but somehow we didn’t feel ready to go out for supper, just yet. I have 2 medical appointments tomorrow, so I will see how I cope with that.

We had takeaway last night and watched a really good film - Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri with Frances McDormand giving a stunning performance. It has lots of ‘effing’ but if you don’t mind that, it’s an excellent film. We recommend it.

Roast Pork today for us, it’s in the oven now, before the day heats up.

Hope Maryd has a comfortable day.
Hope Mr Gillybob is making steady progress to recovery.
💐 to Bluesapphire, Cherry and Dragonfly and all who need them. Have a good day everyone. 😎

Susan56 Sun 02-Aug-20 08:19:48

Good morning from Shropshire.A day of sunshine and showers forecast.

Nothing planned today.

Hope Marydoll and Mr gilly are feeling better each day💐

💐to Purplepixie and anyone else with worries,anxieties or illness.

Have a good day all.

Nortsat Sun 02-Aug-20 08:20:08

Ginster ham and chicken pie ... yum.
I’d like to come to you for supper please. I’ll bring wine ...🍷

cornergran Sun 02-Aug-20 08:22:13

Morning GrandMattie, morning All. No sunshine in our corner of Somerset, heavy grey cloud instead. Yesterday evening was interrupted by an unexpected emotional phone call. Still a bit washed out from it this morning. Gentle pottering for me I think, Mr C has promised to de-weed the patio, a walk if the sky brightens. Roast beef for tea later. Hope mick is enjoying his break, all is well with gilly and her husband. I’ve lost track of marydoll. How are you? Be gentle with yourselves everyone, please be careful out there.