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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 15-Aug-20 06:14:10

Good Morning Everyone,
Is dull grey and wet start here in Brackley this morning .
I will continue my usual buses to Buckingham and bicester today .
When I get home it will be to watch two cycle races on TV , its great watching them , but in general the sporting calendar regardless of the sport is all out of sequence as to the normal yearly programmes each sport has.
Take Care ,

grandMattie Sat 15-Aug-20 06:26:25

Good morning from much cooler, grey E Kent.
We have absolutely no rain forecast. Again. It seems to skirt all around us, leaving soggy or even flooded areas.
Family left yesterday after lunch. Bitter sweet as it has been very tiring with fractious people all round, due to heat an£ stress of work (for the two adults), leaving us with the children surgically attached to their tablets.
DD stripped the beds which meant I needed up with 9 loads of sheets, towels, bath mats and napery. It finished me!
Boring, lazy day today.
Keep well and happy all of you.

grandMattie Sat 15-Aug-20 06:27:06

Needed = ended 😡

Beechnut Sat 15-Aug-20 06:52:53

Good Morning everyone from a dry and gloomy Severnside.
Sounds like you deserve your rest today grandMattie.

I think I’ll take the hem up on a pair of trousers today. Never thought I’d see the day when I would have to do that. I must be shrinking. I have to make some amendments to my car insurance sometime over the weekend apart from that not a lot on for me.

Have a good day all 🌼

Marydoll Sat 15-Aug-20 07:03:16

Good morning all from a cloudy, but muggy Glasgow.

Grandmattie, I'm exhausted just reading your post. DH has just asked if I wanted to strip the bed, but I couldn't summon up the energy!
However, the compensation for all that hard work, was seeing your lovely, but fractious family! We get used to them not living with us and it's a shock, when they do come back.🤭

The newlyweds have decided that I need to be re-introduced back into society and are taking me to Tesco at 7.45am, when it will be quiet. I don't know how I'm going to be ready on time! Getting off here might help. I have not been in a supermarket since 15th March. To say I'm nervous, is an understatement to say the least. ☺️

Once again yesterday, I spent hours trying to sort out missing prescriptions. There had been a system failure last weekend and they hadn't been recorded on the online portal. I ended up begging the doctors receptionist to help me after a number of lengthy phone calls with the pharmacist.
My SIL went in last night for his own, to unexpectedly be given mine along with his.
However, when he phoned me to tell me, half of the packets were missing, some only had a small number of pills instead of a lot more. No- one said anything about the missing ones.
Susan, close your ears for a moment!😉 I spent another lengthy phone call with a nippy (stressed) dispenser, who accused me of not ordering in time!😡 I used my conciliatory, teacher voice, which I used with obstructive parents and soon put her right, telling her that I had ordered a week ago and there had been a system failure. What a waste of a lovely day.
Rant over!!!

I had better get going, it takes me ages to get dressed and I must put on some make up to meet my public, they will have missed me! 😂

Have a lovely day and hugs for our missing friends..

Pantglas2 Sat 15-Aug-20 07:04:07

Morning all from cool Espana 🇪🇸 where I’ve just popped kettle on . All that laundry yesterday means you’re chief dhobi wallah GrandMattie!

Nothing planned today so will just pop in and out seeing what exciting things you’re doing! We’re going to finish the last series of Breaking Bad so any more recommendations welcome, so enjoyed this one!

Stay safe and well everyone x

grandMattie Sat 15-Aug-20 07:10:34

Oh, Pant, I haven’t heard the word dhobi for ages. When I was a child in Mauritius we had a dhobi until we got a twin tub. They used to was our clothes in the nearby river, slapping clothes on rocks instead of washboards. Mark Twain took exception asking why they were trying to kill his favourite suit! 😁

Gingster Sat 15-Aug-20 07:12:28

Good morning from a damp Suffolk coast. We haven’t had rain for so long and now we have family staying and more arriving today, it’s caught up with us. 😤. Never mind, you can’t do much about the weather.

They swam in the sea yesterday and
I expect they will again today. We will have a bar b que under parasols and eat In the summerhouse and have a jolly time. 🤞👍.

I know exactly how you feel grandMattie - you love to see them but it’s bliss when they leave. 😂🤣. We do get used to our quiet times.

Have a pleasant day all. 🌺

Gingster Sat 15-Aug-20 07:22:02

Thanks for your messages re GD’s disappointing Alevel results. Sorry if I seemed to blame the Scottish students for taking the clearance places before ours had a chance, Marydoll . Didn’t mean to offend ! 😢. It was just what I had been told ! Also the demand is higher this year because of the downgrading. My DG has spent the last two days on the phone and now has a place at her 2nd choice of uni, subject to an interview on Tuesday. Fingers and toes crossed. Very stressful for our youngsters!

Susan56 Sat 15-Aug-20 07:41:28

Good morning from Shropshire where it is much cooler with rain forecast later.

We are going over to Cheshire today.My lovely niece got engaged last week and her and her fiancé are joining our bubble for a celebratory lunch🍾🥂We are thinking we will make a detour on the way home and visit either Park Gate or New Brighton.

Marydoll I feel your frustration with the dispenser.If you are a regular patient they can see by their computer your medication is due,phone the surgery for a faxed prescription and issue the medication😡hope the missing medication has turned up.

Enjoy your Tesco trip.I spent a fortune my first time back in the supermarket!

We have family coming to stay at the end of the month grandMattie and I have just counted up how many loads of laundry I will have when they go home!

Have a good day all.Thinking of dragonfly,blue sapphire,purple pixie and anyone else with illness and worries.Hope you are all feeling better than you were💐

Urmstongran Sat 15-Aug-20 07:46:31

Sun’s up here! 🌞
Good morning everyone from Malaga where it’s another beautiful morning 😎

My iPad is running slow (matches me I suppose) and I could do with your expertise Marydoll! Too many apps running? The ‘little wheel of frustration’ is constantly whirring in the top right hand corner. Why is that I ask? Oh well.

Another day of rest and relaxation here. We booked a table at Pedro’s downstairs for 9pm a couple of days ago and asked Nelly to do her specialty - marinated shoulder of lamb with rosemary and garlic. She only prepares it to order, it’s not on the menu or chalkboard.

My sister & her husband are on their flight out here now. Exciting retirement for them after years running their own business with hardly any leisure time and very few holidays. They can now reap the benefit of all that hard work - a luxurious new penthouse apartment awaits them. Well deserved. We are SO different in our choices of lifestyle! #lazygran

This is my 3rd attempt at sending this post (whirring bluddy wheel!). It doesn’t seem to have enough oomph behind it.

Hope Saturday is good to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

harrigran Sat 15-Aug-20 07:53:12

Good morning from a grey and damp NE.
Family were travelling to Ullapool during the night, hope youngest is okay as she gets travel sick.
DD and SIL have their 28th wedding anniversary today, don't suppose they will be out celebrating.
DH has gone for a newspaper, I have not been in a shop since February.
Enjoy the weekend.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 15-Aug-20 07:58:18

Morning all from an overcast but dry (as yet) South Notts. It is at least a little cooler. Weather permitting I hope to get out into the garden to start the summer pruning of a few shrubs, starting with the two willows. I am trying to achieve an umbrella or lollipop shape.

Then, oh gosh, the ironing - I should probably do that first before it gets too hot or my energy depletes.

Most of the day it'll be feet up with the crossword. Look at your supermarket visit as an adventure Marydoll and I'm sure it won't be too bad.

Hope today is good to everyone, especially those with sadness or worries.

Gelisajams Sat 15-Aug-20 07:58:47

Good morning from a rather pleasant Morecambe Bay, though I expect it will get warm later.
Our next door neighbour called yesterday to inform us he was having a bbq today. We are always invited but don’t go. He has these bbq’s quite regularly for his large family, but has the music machine in his garage which is where they congregate to do drunken karaoke usually till midnight. DH usually puts our music on loud to drown them out. We did say we must make a point of not being home and take off somewhere in the camper, but tonight the football is on.....
I know people have worse problems and have this sort of thing all the time, so I shouldn’t complain.
Take care and stay safe everyone 🌺

Kalu Sat 15-Aug-20 07:59:56

Good morning all from Glasgow where we have grey skies at the moment but eventually sunny by lunch time which has been the pattern for the last few days.

I forgot to lock the garden shed until late in the evening the night before last which gave our resident fox time to snoop around and find my leather gardening gloves, one was lying outside the shed, no sign of the other one. The following morning the other one appeared outside the shed, a bit chewed around the cuff but at least it was returned. I have never known a fox to return anything but this one must have realised I needed a pair of gloves. As we are still very rarely going out, small matters like this can add a bit of excitement to our day. Oh dear. 😁

We seem to have adapted to this slower way of life and quite enjoying having no demands on our time, sharing garden visits with family or friends or filling our time doing various tasks whenever the mood takes us.

A day with your feet up and spoiling yourself now grandMattie It’s always lovely to have family visits but my goodness, it’s also exhausting.

Have a good day all.

Sar53 Sat 15-Aug-20 08:03:38

Good morning from a wet, yes wet Essex by the sea. Not a lot but there is some rain out there !!!!! Maybe all the straw I can see from the window will revert back to grass.
We have been invited to a BBQ this afternoon, rain permitting.
As I write the rain has started to pour down, not sure we will be going anywhere soon.
Have the best Saturday you can and stay safe everyone xx

Kalu Sat 15-Aug-20 08:08:43

Everything crossed here with an acceptance forthcoming for your DG Gingster. It’s such a stressful time, more so this year for many families in this situation.

Urmstongran Sat 15-Aug-20 08:09:16

Oh MissMarydoll I have just used my initiative like what you tell us and Googled ‘what to do about a slow running iPad’. Reboot by powering down by holding the on/off button and the home button together for 7 seconds. Wait 30 seconds and power up with the Apple logo. Ta-dah! Apparently it clears any apps running in the background.

Marks out of 10 please?

NanKate Sat 15-Aug-20 08:09:23

Morning Mick and All

Overcast and a bit cooler in South Bucks today.

DS and 2 DGSs left yesterday after a week’s holiday here. To say that DH and myself are exhausted is an understatement. We had laughter, tears, footie, yes and tablets GrandMattie plus films, posh supper at the Ivy when the boys behaved themselves surprisingly!

Yesterday morning I took my 9 year old DGS out for an hour or so, his dad thinks he is the tricky one. We had a fab time together in the rain playing silly devils in the park, messing about in M and Co dancing in front of the fairground distorting mirror, DGS eating an enormous chocolate bun and drinking a Fanta and me a cappuccino. We checked out the charity shops. He was thrilled to buy 2 dvds he had been looking for. He told me he had had a lovely time. There is nothing wrong with my lad he’s great fun so there. He’s just like I was at his age, no wonder we get on so well.

Hope your trip to Tesco meets your expectations Marydoll. Are your pharmacists incompetent Mary they always seem to mess up your prescriptions big time?

Urmstongran Sat 15-Aug-20 08:12:45

It was very quiet in the neighbourhood here last night Gelisajams. ... Barcelona lost 8-2 to Bayern Munich. The usually ebullient Spanish were very subdued.

Scentia Sat 15-Aug-20 08:15:43

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire, grey sky and I think rain is on its way.
DH is recovering from a running injury by going on a bike ride today, I asked if he would like me to joon him and he do rudely replied “he only wanted to be out the one day😂😂” how rude.
The pooch and I will go go a little walk later and find a few geocache’s that’s as far as my excitement goes today.
I received my certificate yesterday for my NVQ course I did in children’s mental health I must find a frame for it.
marydoll. Hope you enjoyed your shopping trip.
DGS spent his first night at his house in his big boy bed, promptly fell out in the early hours, but DD said it was the nicest feeling as he came into their room this morning and began stroking her face as she was pretending she was still asleep ❤️
Take care everyone and have a good day.

Kalu Sat 15-Aug-20 08:16:25

Enjoy your first supermarket visit Marydoll. It feels a bit strange initially but hopefully you enjoy the experience of a touch of freedom. 😁

GrannyGravy13 Sat 15-Aug-20 08:16:30

Good morning Mick and all

Grey, damp and muggy here in S E Essex.
No plans for today other than popping into local butchers to replenish the freezer and see if the tech wizard has had any luck with my iPad.

Enjoy Tesco’s Marydoll grandmattie I do not envy you the washing and ironing.

Urnstongran my iPad has stopped charging so I have asked the local tech wizard to see if he can sort it, if only enough charge in it so that I can back it up to lap top.

Keep safe and well folks🙋‍♀️

kittylester Sat 15-Aug-20 08:16:36

Morning all from a chilly and grey North Leicestershire. We are promised thunder and rain today but that has happened before and not come to fruition.

Not a lot happening today - I will water the pots (that might make it rain!!) and do a fry up for lunch. And i have some flowers to arrange.

I hope everyone has the best day possibly.

cornergran Sat 15-Aug-20 08:19:14

Morning Mick, morning All from a very damp corner of Somerset. Suspect a stressful day ahead. Our much loved god daughter is having a tough time many miles away so long phone calls expected. So much easier if we could see her, too far sadly. Gas boiler may be serviced, depends if there’s space for us otherwise it will be tomorrow at some point. The not knowing doesn’t suit me at all. Oh well, grumble over. There are worse things. That sounds more hopeful gingster, a worrying time for so many young people. You’ll be well into your Tesco experience now marydoll, I’m sure the trolley will be laden. Take care everyone, be gentle with yourselves.