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annsixty Thu 27-Aug-20 09:52:06

How I love the fact that threads started on any manner of things trigger memories long forgotten.
In the 80’s we had a family living next door but one who had two young daughters, the elder loved coming into our house and garden to chat and follow both H and I around “helping”
One day she came to me and said “Mrs B I need to have a wee and I can’t go by myself as I have clots, will you help me?”

My blood ran cold, how to deal with this medical condition?
I suggested she went home for her mummy to help her.
“ oh no you can help me if I show you”
She lifted up her top to reveal culottes which were very fashionable then and my heart resumed beating normally.

Both she and her sister grew into lovely young women and are both now Drs.

midgey Thu 27-Aug-20 09:58:15

That made me laugh!
I remember a small cousin telling me...”I are an artist” you mean “I am an artist” I said. Confidently she replied “ Yes I are too”!

tanith Thu 27-Aug-20 11:36:33

Something reminded me the other day of sock suspenders of all things. My dad used them when I was young I can remember him putting them on just below his knees to hold up his long winter socks, he was a very skinny man and it was the only way to keep them up I suppose.
Apparently they were used by army types under uniform so there socks never slid down, who knew!!

EllanVannin Thu 27-Aug-20 11:37:08


tanith Thu 27-Aug-20 11:37:42

their socks 😂

EllanVannin Thu 27-Aug-20 11:46:21

Soggy toast !
Takes me back to my cadet nurse times when the ward sister used to have me doing her breakfast. I had to do a " bain-marie " with her toast !
Hot water in the toast pan, bread on top of its grill then under the grill watching the steam rise into the bread. It had to be soft and floppy with the minimum of crispiness.
Sister was a bad-tempered Irish lady and woe-betide if it wasn't right. I certainly remember her name too from 1956/7

When anyone says their toast wasn't done properly I always think of this.grin

FarNorth Thu 27-Aug-20 12:04:18

Wow - that toast recipe is one that I won't be trying. grin

EllanVannin Thu 27-Aug-20 12:15:02

What a performance every morning, FarNorth. I did that for 9 months when on her ward.

mokryna Thu 27-Aug-20 13:14:14

Talking about eating food in hospitals. I was staying in one with my baby daughter for a week in the 70s. She didn’t finish her toast so I thought I would eat it when I took her plate back to the kitchen but I was told it was stealing and under no circumstances should I eat it.

nahsma Fri 28-Aug-20 09:52:23

tanith My dad was a professional soldier, officer in the Royal Engineers, and I remember those 'suspenders'. I also remember him in khaki wool knee-socks, without suspenders, below knee-length sharply pressed shorts when we were stationed in warmer climes. The suspenders were still in use after he left the army but he eventually gave up on long socks and the suspenders were consigned to the sewing box - I think the theory was that the little metal and rubber bits might 'come in' to repair a suspender belt for mum or me. I also recollect dad polishing shoes every morning before breakfast - obviously after he left the army and no longer had a batman or 'house boy’. The latter makes me shiver with horror. O tempora, o mores.

HiPpyChick57 Fri 28-Aug-20 10:04:59

Talking of soggy toast, my Nan used to dip her toast in her tea. 🤢

Frosty60 Fri 28-Aug-20 10:13:37

I remember when my mum, my 2 children and myself was staying with my sister and family. They had a dog called Lady and my son who would possibly be about 4 then (31) now was in the living room with my mum. He was playing with the dog who was possibly getting a bit tired and mum said to him she thought Lady needed some peace. He came into the kitchen where my sister and I were and went to the fridge. My sister asked what he was looking for, only for him to reply that he wanted some peas for Lady. She asked mum what she meant and mum told she said Lady wanted some peace not peas. We still talk about it today.

Jan51 Fri 28-Aug-20 10:14:41

I remember as a child that my Dad always used cotton handkerchiefs. My mum would do the family washing but Dad always washed his own handkerchiefs every Sunday evening and hang them on the washing line which was stretched across the kitchen.

Growing0ldDisgracefully Fri 28-Aug-20 10:26:24

Jan51, that brought back memories of my Dad's cotton handkerchiefs, but not because of his washing them, but because to my Mum's despair, he used to use them to clean his oily hands (and possibly parts of the car engine) on them when he was working on the car!

Possibly in retaliation, or maybe as recycling, Mum used to use his old cotton pants as dusters. Waste nut, want not.

Nanachoochoo Fri 28-Aug-20 10:43:35

My dad wore detachable plastic shirt collars. He thought they were a great invention, used to scrub them with Ajax each night and leave them on the drainer. Drove my poor mother mad, she had to move them and scrub the drainer before doing the washing up.

narrowboatnan Fri 28-Aug-20 10:47:44


Talking of soggy toast, my Nan used to dip her toast in her tea. 🤢

My cousin used to do that too when we were children. Funny how one memory can trigger another because I can remember him also having one of those punch ball things on a tall, flexible stand that he would punch seven bells out of when his sister upset him.

inishowen Fri 28-Aug-20 10:51:05

My grandson (3) said the other day he would sleep in the up bed, and his sister could sleep on the down bed. Bunks of course.

Funnygran Fri 28-Aug-20 11:19:40

My Dad had sock suspenders too, he had been in the army. He also wore something like elastic bracelets over his shirt sleeves just below the elbow in the days when he wore a suit to work. He used to say it kept his sleeves from showing under his jacket sleeves. Anyone else remember those?

EllanVannin Fri 28-Aug-20 11:28:44

I can remember mum cutting off the frayed collars on dad's shirts and replacing them with the separate stiff collars. His hankies were boiled in the gas boiler which was in the kitchen.
No wonder things became threadbare with all the boiling grin

00mam00 Fri 28-Aug-20 11:33:36

Funnygran, I wear those arm bands doing the washing up.

I remember telling my son when he was a boy, to leave me in peace, he said can I have a piece?

GrandmaCornwall Fri 28-Aug-20 11:44:57

My mum used to dunk her biscuits in her tea. She knew I always disliked the habit so she took herself off into the study to enjoy her tea as she saw fit. My 3 year old daughter would say “I know where Grandma is, she is hiding in the study dumping her biscuits.” 😂

grandtanteJE65 Fri 28-Aug-20 11:49:38

Grandpa wore those elastic bracelets too, to keep his shirt sleeves where he wanted them.

Can anyone remember what those things were called?

HiPpyChick57 Fri 28-Aug-20 11:56:09

Why is there not a like button on gransnet.
Some of these memories are hilarious. 🤣

Kim19 Fri 28-Aug-20 11:59:54

Sleeve garters.

tanith Fri 28-Aug-20 12:08:43

I’m loving all these memories I must remember to mention sock suspenders to my GC as that memory will die with me unless I tell someone.