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12Michael Sat 29-Aug-20 06:17:19

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey but a dry start ,and has been chilly during the night , signs of changes to the seasons .
Today , my usual bus trip to Buckingham and then onto Bicester , returning to Buckingham hopefully a flea market in full swing.
And then return home to watch the first stage of the belated Tour De France ,again an event normally held in July .
May have a Chinese take Away later .
Take care,

grandMattie Sat 29-Aug-20 06:33:07

Good morning from a wet E Kent. It’s raining! We had a huge thunderstorm yesterday afternoon and got almost more rain than we have had all summer. It’s drizzling now. A bit late for the harvest but should benefit next year’s crops.
I’m quilting the last of 36 squares And shall assemble the and finish the quilt soon. I have ordered some fabric. I couldn’t get what I wanted locally (UK) and found some which will be sent from Rajasthan. They are famous spinners and printers, especially indigo, which is what I was looking for.
DS2 still seems full of the joys, bless him. DS1 is going to visit him today.
Usual nothing on today - not even the excitement of changing the beds.
Mick, I hope TDF proves worth the wait - *grandmafrench, do the cyclists go anywhere near you this year?
Have a good day, stay safe.

Beechnut Sat 29-Aug-20 06:58:18

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. We have some blue sky peeping through the grey clouds so looks promising for a better day. It’s also dry.

No, Urm I didn’t know about sharing my birthday with Steve Wright (we could be twins 🤣).

I’m off out garden visiting with my daughter later. Now that summer is coming to an end I’ve somethings I have to think about and sort out.

You could always not make the bed today Mattie and have the excitement when you go to bed of seeing the bedclothes all in a heep. 🤣

Take care all and have the best day you can 🌻

grandMattie Sat 29-Aug-20 07:00:58

But I made them yesterday, Beech, I don’t live in a hotel... 😂

Scentia Sat 29-Aug-20 07:05:15

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Hope we get a nice day today as I am off up Kinder Scout with friends.
Turns out the car service I thought was yesterday was actually the day before, I would have thought they would have called to ask why I hadn’t dropped the car off on the Thursday!! Never mind DGS and I had a lovely day and the car is now booked in for next week.
Hopefully you can all have a good day today and see some sunshine 🌞
Take care.❤️

GrannySomerset Sat 29-Aug-20 07:28:14

Very early start for us as I have to take DH for a Covid test at 9.20 at a hospital 40 minutes away in preparation for his second cataract op next Tuesday. Will need a lie down later!

Pantglas2 Sat 29-Aug-20 07:31:03

Morning all from cool espana 🇪🇸 where I’m enjoying the chamberpot and planning the day......which involves sweet Fanny Adams!

A quiet and lazy day where we will catch up on the remaining episodes of Breaking Bad (thanks for the recommendations) and probably join Mick on the Tour de France🚴‍♂️🚵‍♂️ (You can see he’s in the lead already😅)

I’ve a book 📖 to finish which hasn’t exactly thrilled me even though I like James Patterson, but as Magnus Magnusson use to say, “I’ve started, so I’ll finish”🧐

Glad to read mum is on the mend Legs, and hope everyone else not feeling at their best has a better day, especially absent GoodMorningers x

Oopsadaisy4 Sat 29-Aug-20 07:35:45

Good morning from a dull Oxfordshire.

Nothing happening here today either, boiler was serviced yesterday, as usual the new chap tells me that the boiler has been poorly serviced over the years, but now that he is employed by the (same ) Company everything will be fine!
I totally emptied the kitchen of everything on worktops and shelves, so we have a sparkly clean kitchen.
Good, because I’m not going to do any cleaning until Tuesday.
Hopefully the sun will shine and I can go out and tidy the garden, then I can get the pots ready for bulbs.
Have a grand day everyone and 💐and hugs to those who aren’t having such a good time of it.

cornergran Sat 29-Aug-20 07:48:16

Morning Mick, morning All from a much brighter corner of Somerset, looks like some sunshine for us today. Some (boring) admin and (enjoyable) garden tidying for me. Mr C has promised to finish sorting his shed. I’m not so sure as he’s very tired at the moment and shed sorting isn’t his favourite occupation. Be gentle with yourselves everyone

Nannytopsy Sat 29-Aug-20 07:49:32

Good morning Mick and all his followers.
It’s grey, dry and blowy in Suffolk today. I need to finish my scarecrow and put him in the front garden ready for judging - it’s the village scarecrow competition today. I have used an old pair of scrubs for an NHS theme.
Yesterday I made a small mountain of chocolate sponge and all I have to do now is construct a birthday cake from it. Easier said than done!
I hope you all have a good day.

brook2704 Sat 29-Aug-20 07:55:10

Good morning everyone - yay I’m back home in Inverness where it’s much cooler than Cambridge but it’s dry and a bit sunny just now.
The journey home was ok, the flight really was the worst part as it’s not possible for social distancing on the plane and I felt quite strange being sat quite close to other people 😟
Today will be a big shop as DH has almost finished everything off, goodness knows what he’s been cooking for himself whilst I’ve been away...
Hope all goes well with the test and the op next week grannysometset
Enjoy watching the cycling mick and hope everyone else finds something to enjoy today
Take care whatever the day brings

Marydoll Sat 29-Aug-20 07:59:51

Good morning all from a cool Glasgow, it's only 7° and the heating kicked in, it looks like a typical Autumn morning outside.
DH has just come back with the papers, and his first words: it's a lovely Autumn morning! We are indeed simpatico 😉
When I was teaching, I always loved going out to work early on a crisp Autumn morning.

I have absolutely nothing planned, apart from a lunchtime visit from DD and my SIL. Takeaway for dinner, so an easy day is in store. Does anyone else enjoy the Saturday morning cooking shows? I sit down to watch them, then feel guilty for lazing about. 🤭 However I may indulge myself with a piece of James Martin.

My catch up with my two friends yesterday was a great success with much laughter and sharing of gossip.
I was so embarrassed when we went for a socially distanced coffee and my glass fell out of my hand.😳. The table, including my friend's coffee, was covered in Coke. My hands always let me down 😢, but my friends don't. They are so used to my clumsiness. They just laughed and helped clean up the mess.
Then I started coughing and of course people assumed I have Covid, which I haven't. I made a hasty exit!
However, I have overdone it as usual and am totally wiped out today, but it was worth it all.

I'm glad to hear your son is in brighter spirit, GM
Thinking of all our missing posters, and especially Bellasnanna. I hope that we will see them back posting soon.💐
Have a good Saturday everyone.

Pittcity Sat 29-Aug-20 08:03:35

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester. Feels quite chilly. Windows shut and socks and cardi on indoors now. I am much happier in this weather than when sweltering.
DGSs departed yesterday after a week so I have plenty of cleaning to catch up on. It will be quiet this weekend.

Urmstongran Sat 29-Aug-20 08:05:30

Sun’s up here! 🌞
Blowy though - the palm trees are dancing.
Good morning everyone from Malaga 😎

We had barbacoa last night at the Corner Bar. We won’t be eating much today after such a meat fest!

Pantglas life’s too short to stuff a mushroom or read a mediocre book past page 70. Put it down and choose one you can’t wait to keep picking up!

The TDF passed right by our front door two years ago. This was the photo I caught as they whizzed by! Amazing speeds.

No plans at all for today. Himself is still snoozing which is most unusual.

Hope Saturday is good to us all and that your husband’s Covid test is negative GrannySomerset so his op can proceed as planned. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Susan56 Sat 29-Aug-20 08:15:08

Good morning from a dry but very breezy Shropshire.

After a lovely day in Llangollen yesterday the family have all gone home so the big clean up today.Its all change from next week for us as our younger daughter starts a teaching course,our toddler grandson starts nursery and DGD starts full time school.We have looked after DGD a couple of days a week for nearly four years and she stays at least once a week so it’s going to be very strange not having her around as much😢We will look after DGS one day a week and from January will have Henry a couple of days a week and school pick ups for DGD.

I agree with you about not reading a mediocre book Urmstongran.I have had a few lately from authors I have read for years who seem to have changed their style.Was it the Ali Cross one Pantglas?I gave up on that one.

Cherry,hope you are doing ok.x

Have a good day all and thinking of all our missing goodmorningers.

harrigran Sat 29-Aug-20 08:19:49

Good morning from an overcast and windy NE.
DH has gone for the newspapers, we will have a quiet day at home when he returns.
It is SIL's birthday today, not sure how he will celebrate in Belgium, their infection rate is higher than ours.
DS and family are travelling home from their island holiday, I am pleased they had decent weather. I have not been out of the house once in the two weeks they have been away.

Auntieflo Sat 29-Aug-20 08:25:31

Good morning Mick, Annie and all, from a much cooler bit of Berks. Even had to put a throw on the bed last night.
Nothing planned for this weekend. DD is away, DS2 visited during the week and DS1 is probably involved in wedding plans for DGD2. It's all go for some!
Managed to get some real bargains from Waitrose plant section a couple of days ago, which really pleased me. So I went back yesterday, but the delphiniums had all gone. I should have bought them when I saw them. Never mind.
DH is due to have a Covid test, on Monday, in readiness for a proceedure a few days later. Luckily he has managed to get lifts with the local Volunteer Driver service.
Marydoll, please leave a bit of James Martin for me.
I hope Gillybob is OK, as I havent been keeping up to date with all the lovely Good Morningers recently.
Note to self, "Must do better".
Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend one and all.

Urmstongran Sat 29-Aug-20 08:30:29

Forgot the TDF photo!

Malaga, 27th August 2018.

Grandmafrench Sat 29-Aug-20 08:38:24

Good Morning everyone from my S of 🇫🇷 garden where everything is drying after our promised 18 hours of steady but gentle rain. Between lunchtime and 3pm yesterday the temperature dropped from 31 to 21 ! Ooer! That was a shocker. We won’t have to adjust because the sun will drive the heat up again by tomorrow. Until then, I might wear something with sleeves😹

I will not mention the latest infection figures - 🙀. Mostly amongst younger souls!

Tour de France? Bet you’re excited, Mick. No, GrandMattie the nearest section to us will be Stage 7 on Sept 4th when they’re up at the fabulous Millau (Mee O) Bridge. (British designed by Sir Norman Foster 🇬🇧!) I’ve never followed the sport but a few years ago the T de F travelled through Normandy and their route actually went past our front gates. Oh the excitement locally! I was able to stand on the verge on the edge of our driveway and as the Peloton swept down the hill and across a small bridge into the village, I was shocked at how exciting it was. I was filming them, all those riders hurtling past as one solid column - but just one tiny wobble or error and it’s easy to see how dangerous it can be. This year will certainly be a memorable one....but not, hopefully, for injury.

Today, DH will strengthen and re-install our kitchen bookshelves. Maybe 60 odd cookery books are putting undue strain on previous workmanship 🤔so ‘stitch in time’, we think. I shall finish sewing a new top and hopefully we’ll take a walk later.

Enjoy your weekend days and all your doings, or even doing nothings. Warm wishes to help with stress, anxieties, worries or pain. Better days ARE coming.

Hugs to all, from over the sea 🦋🌹🦋

kittylester Sat 29-Aug-20 08:39:42

Morning all from a grey north Leicestershire.

A quiet ish day after an exciting day yesterday. We went out for a lovely lunch yesterday. We had, optimistically, booked to eat on the terrace looking out over Chatnwoid Forest. Considering the weather we were apprehensive but needn't have worried. There was a vast gazebo with roll down walls, heaters and fountains. And the food was great.

DS2 brought the tools back in the afternoon.

Take care everyone.

EllanVannin Sat 29-Aug-20 08:43:54

Good Morning All x.
Sunny, bright and markedly cooler---jumper time. A great day for getting washing dry. Nice to see the sun.
Had to put the heating on for a couple of hours last night and soon dropped off when I went to bed, wrapped up for the Arctic grin

Cats and the squirrel have been fed. When I opened the curtains the squirrel was drinking the cats water outside. It's quite tame and cheeky too and is unfazed by the cats and they, it.

There's a chance I might get to see Ruby-Lou today as two of her carers are driving her down from Durham today to join the family. They're making sure that there's plenty of family contact for her. D will be taking the children out while the carers will probably go off and have a mooch and a bite to eat around Liverpool.

I received an email yesterday confirming purchase of my " limited edition " Aussie silver coin and was quite pleased as there are only 30,000 minted in Perth with 15,000 going overseas. This is the Quokka ( animal ) featured so it can join the kangaroo, koala and kookaburra which I bought years ago ( 1oz silver ) Told you I was a magpie grin Ah well.

Breakfast over and washing on the go so will do a bit of tidying up. Braised beef tomorrow so only need carrots today to go in the mix. That'll do me two days smile so that's Bank Holiday food covered.

Good to learn that your DS2 is coming along nicely GrandMattie. You always feel better in yourself when you see your " children " picking up.

Hoping that everyone is doing alright and not too shocked by the sudden cooler weather. What a come down to what it was.

I hope I get a glimpse of the GGC today, even through the window, although there are no boundaries with Ruby-Lou, she just hugs you whether or not grin

Hope everyone enjoys their day whatever you do, but stay safe and well xx
Thoughts to our poorly friends.x

Anniebach Sat 29-Aug-20 08:49:03

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Grandmabatty Sat 29-Aug-20 08:54:20

Good morning All. There are blue skies here in Polmont this morning which is a welcome change. Like many of you, the temperature has dropped quite a bit. I love autumn mornings too Marydoll and it is my favourite season. I'm waiting for a tesco order, got a washing on and will do some housework in a while. I have nothing else planned today. Tomorrow we are having our first family breakfast since lock down began. I'm looking forward to seeing my son and his partner. I haven't seen her since February. Have a good day all.

Nortsat Sat 29-Aug-20 08:54:50

Good morning Mick and the GM team, from east London where the sun has just come out.

I went to a medical appointment yesterday. The Centre had a big sign on the door saying ‘Only one person in reception, at a time’. So I wait outside, patiently, for my turn. A man in his 50’s queues up behind me at about 18” distance, not wearing a face covering.
Then when I am told to enter the reception, he strolls in behind me, still standing at about 18” distance. When I look at him, he glares at me.
I am about to say something to him, when the receptionist asks him to wait outside, then he huffs and puffs and finally goes outside.

I find such disregard of the rules extraordinary and somehow I feel a man of that age should know better.

A housework and on line grocery order day for us today.
I plan an easy supper, I have steak mince in the freezer and will make hamburgers for supper. Saturday is our film night.

Good wishes to our absent posters and hope the Lockdown gangsters all had a comfortable night.
Nannytopsy, will we see a photograph of your entry into the village Scarecrow competition? Good luck.

Have a good day, all. 💐for those who need them.

Jaxjacky Sat 29-Aug-20 08:55:57

Good morning all from a decidedly chilly S Hants, DH assemblée the chiminea last night, it has a piece missing, of course, phoned and it’s on its way, fortunately not essential for use.
Grass may get cut later if it dries out, DH helping local pub to move its marquee later closer to the building in preparation for autumnal winds. Hoping for some sun today, need toms to finish ripening as two good friends coming for bbq tomorrow. I’ve ordered some blankets for outside SD visits over the winter, does it never end...
Have as lovely a day as you can all.
PS Grandmafrench we were living in the Dordogne three years ago and a stage of the TdF started from our small town, much excitement!!