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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 01-Sep-20 06:13:38

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking like a dry but bright start here in Brackley this morning .
Today , housework and hopefully get my haircut today , plus usual trip out on the buses as some form of normality returns to some of the local services .
Then again TV with Tour de France ,and easy day in otherwise .
Take Care ,

grandMattie Tue 01-Sep-20 06:24:30

Good morning from yet another dry, grey E Kent.
Haircut, Mick! Wow! I need one too, actually, thanks for reminding me.
Had a lovely afternoon tea with DS2and his boy. DS2 was looking and acting better than I’ve seen him for absolutely ages; his hospital stay and regime of pills seems to suit him. Sleeping properly also helps.
It was a joy sitting with three of my favourite chaps - all blue eyed curiously, I’m brown eyed. DH commented that they had something else in common. What? Neither of them wears a watch. It was a shame DS1 was teaching, but I’ll take him to the local golf club for tea before he goes away.
GS makes me laugh. He doesn’t like being hugged and kissed, certainly not by his beloved mum, but - he will suffer me to do both. I’m very touchy feely and hug him frequently, partly because I love him to bits, partly to tease him! 😂
Marydoll, I hope your injection went well, does its job and you don’t feel too bad afterwards. Everyone else feeling rubbish, I hope you are better today.
Have a gentle day, stay safe.

Scentia Tue 01-Sep-20 06:38:50

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire, weather looks ok today I suppose. I won’t peg out before work as it has given rain later. Off to the factory in a while and I will be planning my day out tomorrow. DD and I meet up with DGS and try and have a day out that costs nothing, we are running out of ideas after walking,cycling, picnic, park and a few local museums so I may be back to walking tomorrow if nothing inspires me!
I had a busy BH weekend at the children’s home and I am back there on Friday so want to make the most of these three days at the factory and with DGS.
I hope you all had a good weekend and have the best day you can today.❤️

cornergran Tue 01-Sep-20 06:41:47

Morning Mick, morning All. A bright start to our corner of Somerset. Some organising phone calls and some dust removal this morning. May press on with the garden clearing begun yesterday. Little sleep last night, no idea why, just one of those things so see how the energy goes. We’ve got Covid tests to do and deposit in the right post box as part of a research study, this will be number 3, old hands now. Seems enough for one day. Take care everyone, be gentle with yourselves.

farview Tue 01-Sep-20 06:49:28

Morning everyone..dry and bright here ...first of the month so "white rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit "
Enjoy the day 🦋

mancgirl Tue 01-Sep-20 06:50:24

Good morning Mick and all to follow. The sky is brightening with streaks of blue so hope its going to be a good day. It has certainly felt very autumnal the last couple of days. GrandMattie what a nice afternoon with your gs. Good to hear he's feeling better. Need to do a few errands today, one of which is to collect my engagement ring which has been for repair after losing a stone. I gave missed wearing it after being on my finger for 47 years! Going to see gs1 this afternoon to take him a little gift and card saying good luck on your first day at school, which is tomorrow. He's so little, his school trousers are age 2/3! He had a sleepover here on Saturday, he's no trouble and very good company. I'm sure he'll be fine. Gilly get the coat on, it's cold enough to wear it! Have a good day everyone. flowersfor those with extra cares and worries.

mumofmadboys Tue 01-Sep-20 07:04:44

Good morning all! We are off to Glasgow today and then Milgarvie as we start walking the West Highland Way tomorrow. We are doing it with some good friends. Looking forward to it.Have a good day all and thinking of those with health worries.

kittylester Tue 01-Sep-20 07:05:26

Morning all from a slightly grey and quite cold North Leicestershire.

I have ironing to do and some admin type things this morning and Dh is doing his first couple of volunteer drives since lockdown began.

Paprika chicken to make for supper and the freezer.

Stay safe and have a good day everyone.

NannyJan53 Tue 01-Sep-20 07:07:03

Good Morning from a bright Black Country.

I was up early to do a Covid test. I was chosen at random to do this. The Courier will collect any time today between 8am and 6pm, so I had to do it early. It wasn't too bad, just a tad uncomfortable.

So I have no plans today as may have to wait in all day, hopefully it will be collected this morning.

My two DGD's go back to school tomorrow, the eldest to year 8 (she only managed half of year 6!) and the youngest (9) starts middle school, and will have to travel there by coach as they live in a village. So she feels very grown up. DD (their Mum) is a Teacher and starts back today. She is not really looking forward to it.

My other two DGD's aged 16 and 11 start back on Friday. The eldest to the 6th form and youngest starts Secondary school.

Oh well, if I am to wait in I suppose I should tackle the ironing today.

Wishing you all a good day and special thoughts to all those with worries and struggling flowers

GrannyGravy13 Tue 01-Sep-20 07:19:26

Good morning Mick and all

The sky is blue here in S E Essex which is a good thing as I am off to Adventure Island on Southend sea front this afternoon with DD and the GC it’s the five year olds pre school treat. I had totally forgotten till he reminded me yesterday evening. I shall be on looking after baby brother duty whilst DD takes him on the rides!!!

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

Beechnut Tue 01-Sep-20 07:23:26

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s dry, and looks like it will be a reasonable day.

The MOT on the car is due soon so I plan to clean it today. While I have the hosepipe out I’m going to swish it over the windows. I don’t plan to clean them properly until the building work finishes at neighbours house.

Hope you all have a good day 🌸and for gilly ✂️

Nannytopsy Tue 01-Sep-20 07:25:32

Good morning Mick and all his followers. A pinch and a punch for the first of the month!

It’s sunny in Suffolk at the moment with not a cloud in sight. I have three teenagers coming to shift a ton of gravel from front garden to back. There is a flight of steps involved too. I had hoped to have the path weeded and membrane put down but they are a couple of days too early. Never mind, I have a cunning plan ...

Nannytopsy Tue 01-Sep-20 07:26:45

Posted too soon! I was about to wish everyone the best of days possible. Enjoy the last few days of the holiday with the GC.

NanKate Tue 01-Sep-20 07:29:01

Morning Mick and All.

A sunny morning in South Bucks.

Popping round to my friend’s house to give her a lesson in using Netflix this morning. Then on Zoom this afternoon with my WI to have a quiz.

Well done Kitty and NannyJ for tackling the ironing. To be honest I only iron about once every 6 weeks. 😁

Urmstongran Tue 01-Sep-20 07:29:49

Sun’s up here! 🌞
Good morning everyone from Malaga where it’s the start of another gorgeous day 😎

I ❤️ September in Spain - it’s my favourite month of the year weather-wise.

I heard last night from one of the locals that hotels here are closing next week. Not enough business to cover their overheads now the Spanish have had their August vacations. Such a worry financially for so many people.

Today it’s my ladies ‘who wine’ day. Yay!

Hope Tuesday is good to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

brook2704 Tue 01-Sep-20 07:32:02

Good morning everyone from a dry and quite sunny Inverness. Yesterday turned out to be a lovely day so hoping for the same again today.
Last night we were lucky enough to get a booking at the local pub restaurant so we went out with DD2, SiL and the two DGC for our last Rishi meal - it was delicious and we got a whopping £60 discount off the bill 😀 DGC we’re both very well behaved too so that made it even more enjoyable!
Best of luck to all the children and teenagers going back to school this week - hope everyone settles back in well. Awww mancgirl your little DGS in age 2/3 trousers starting school - hope he has a lovely first day
Happy hiking mumofmadboys have a great time!
Hope everyone has a good day today and take care whatever the day brings 💐

Sar53 Tue 01-Sep-20 07:33:58

Good morning everyone from a cloudy Essex by the sea.
Housework and washing today, I know how to live !!! I will send DH to the supermarket to get a few things and he has 3 puzzles to take to a friend. His friend and I share puzzles when we have finished with them.
Hopefully go out for a walk later.
Have a lovely Tuesday and stay safe xx

Jaxjacky Tue 01-Sep-20 07:35:30

Good morning all from S Hants, sun’s up, but chilly, off to vape shop later, then taking card and presents over for GD, 13 today.
DH already gone to work, really must put new glasses on, it’s funny how I’ve become attached to my old ones, daft!

Have as good a day as you can all.

Gingster Tue 01-Sep-20 07:48:03

Good morning from a beautiful Suffolk coast. The sun is shining and the sea is calm. Heading back to Essex today and I will miss this view.

Just had a chat to my neighbour , both in our pj’s with a cuppa in our hands. She will miss us, but we’ll be back at the end of the month.

I love September. My favourite month too, Urmstongran . Let’s hope it’s a good one, weatherwise. It often is. 🤞

grannygravy I’ve spent many an hour at Aventure Playground in Southend with my Dc and later on with the GC. They love it!

Enjoy your lovely walk in the Highlands mumofmadboys. It sounds glorious.

Have a lovely day all, no matter what you do. 🌺

gillybob Tue 01-Sep-20 07:51:24

Good morning from the NE coast where we have a bright start to Tuesday and the first day of NovemberSeptember (it’s cold enough to mix them up).

I was at “that place” for a few hours with DGS yesterday then picked Evie Buttons up on the way home. We had a late lunch then DGS went for some more football training .

It was quite bright but VERY cold so we got all wrapped up (I nearly took the tags off the jacket...but didn’t) and me and DH pushed her along the sea front in her little trike . It was really busy with it being a BH and we ended up in the fairground. I would love to know what was going through her imagination as she was chatting away to herself when she was going round on the little rides. Her beaming smile was enough to bring tears of joy to DH’s eyes.

It was so strange but we were standing watching Evie going round on a little ride when I spotted one of the nurses who looked after DH in ICU last year. She came straight over and was amazed to see him out and about and looking so much better . Of course he didn’t recognise her at all being that he was in a coma for most of the time she looked after him . She was one of the very best nurses ever .

Took her home ready for mummy coming in from work and Evie was all excited trying to tell her about her trip to the fairground. She’s 2 and 4 months now and her talking is coming on really well .

I have DGS all this week again as he doesn’t go back to school for another 2 weeks yet, making it almost 6 months without any formal education. I only hope he has a permanent teacher this year.

Thinking of all our missing friends including dragonfly , BlueSapphire and Bellasnana as well as those feeling poorly or under the weather .

Have as good a Tuesday as possible everyone . Love Gillybob xx

Nortsat Tue 01-Sep-20 07:51:45

Good morning Mick and the GM team, it’s currently sunny in east London but chilly, I think.

Hope MD’s injection went ok.
I sympathise with the challenges of self injection. After a major op a few years ago, I had to inject myself in the leg every morning for two weeks. I bruise easily, so by the end of the fortnight my legs were covered in bruises of varying colours and looked like a map of Italy.

Farview let’s hope ‘white rabbit’ 🐇 brings us all some good luck for this new month.
We have family members (both teachers and pupils) going back to school today, so hoping that goes well.

I currently have three cats squabbling over each other’s breakfast ... We took in a young, stray cat last year and he has disrupted the lives of our two well established female cats. They tolerate him but sometimes feel the need to put him firmly in his place. He is a big, strong, chunky male but he accepts admonishment from our small, elderly, 16 year old Missy. She often gives him a good whack on the nose or the bum and he just accepts it.

Good wishes to Dragonfly, Bluesapphire and everyone facing challenges today. Have a good day all, especially those with family members starting back at school. 💐

Grandmabatty Tue 01-Sep-20 07:52:10

Good morning All. It's a bit cloudy here in Polmont although it was lovely earlier. I'm babysitting today so I'll have to stir my stumps and get moving. I'm not feeling too great today but I'm sure I'll perk up when the human dynamo is here! Have a lovely day all.

Pittcity Tue 01-Sep-20 08:10:00

Good morning from sunny Colchester. The weather is warming up here a little for the start of September.
Washing is out and we will be painting the decking and taking old fences to the dump. We spent yesterday installing new ones with the help of neighbours and DS. Think it will be the last time we do it ourselves!

mancgirl Tue 01-Sep-20 08:18:04

Urmston we usually spend all September and most of October in Spain. As you say, a lovely time of year. The churinguitos on our beaches are closing this week, which is early, due to lack of visitors - us🤣

Grammaretto Tue 01-Sep-20 08:19:38

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. The birds are singing and there's a patch of blue in the sky.
What a joyful day you describe Gillybob I'm sure all of the GM team are celebrating with you and that ICU nurse. smile

We're waiting to hear the result of DGD covid test. We think and hope it's a cold but there have been many new cases in Scotland.

Yoga this morning to put me in the right mood for the day week

September is a nice month. One of my favourites.