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Am I being foolish

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ExD Wed 02-Sep-20 09:01:56

I am 81 and, apart from arthritis, in good health although not very robust.
I have decided to go back to my voluntary job in a hospital Tea Bar next month.
The hospital does not take covid patients now and is catering mostly for outpatients, although there are a few wards still open (we do not go into these).
There is a screen, the public are the other side of this screen and can no longer access the merchandise (which is wrapped) and have to ask for everything. We work in pairs, but only one person is behind the counter serving. We will wear masks.
My friend thinks I'm a fool. She asks why, after all these months of being super careful, am I risking my life so that people can have a cup of coffee when they could easily bring a flask from home.
I don't know why I'm going back either.
Am I really being a fool?

rowyn Wed 02-Sep-20 10:29:17

Go for it!!

Margliz2912 Wed 02-Sep-20 10:30:51

You go for it. You can either lock yourself away for ever or get on with your life taking all the precautions you can to keep yourself safe. I know what I’d choose.

jdip Wed 02-Sep-20 10:33:28

I think it is fine for you to volunteer provided you feel safe. I too have returned to do some volunteering but have kept this to outside activities so far but I know this is not possible for you. For me the small risk, we have a Risk Assessment for every thing we do, is far outweighed by seeing the people we support enjoying socially distanced interactions and my own pleasure from this.

Davida1968 Wed 02-Sep-20 10:33:55

ExD, I have a relative who is five years older than you and who, after several months away from it, was desperate to return to their voluntary work in a village shop. This provides a great deal of their social life and is very important; without it, I think that my relative would be declining into depression. All the necessary precautions are in place: now the relative is back at the shop and is much happier. It has to be your choice ExD, so my advice is to go for it if you want to - just be sure to be very careful.

MadeInYorkshire Wed 02-Sep-20 10:36:14

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health - if I were able I would definitely go back to having some company and social contact than sitting here on my own effectively for months on end!

Go for it and be mindful! X

Gwenisgreat1 Wed 02-Sep-20 10:43:00

Not at all, if you think you can do it, and take precautions, then go for it!

SusiQ8 Wed 02-Sep-20 10:46:46

I think what you’re offering to do is wonderful. My advice yo you would be to make sure that, as well as wearing a mask, you’re wearing a pair of disposable gloves at all times, while ha fling the merchandise/operating the till. You can’t be too careful.

Phloembundle Wed 02-Sep-20 10:51:28

Do it. It will benefit you enormously. Everything in life has risks. Sitting at home doing nothing can also have huge risks.

Bluekitchen192 Wed 02-Sep-20 10:51:39

Many people will pay by contactless card. I hardly ever carry money now and our local coffee shops wont take cash at the moment. Go back if you like the work. You will be happier and your friend needs to wind her neck in.

Lucca Wed 02-Sep-20 10:51:56

Why are disposable gloves wrong ?

MadeInYorkshire Wed 02-Sep-20 10:53:12

Oooh, holiday, I had to look up the meaning of that word - seems I had one in 2001 ....

I NEED a holiday - apparently when working out your income and expenditure, they allow you to put a bit away for one, but when your income is less than £11K pa (these disabled people living it up on benefits eh?) the furthest I have got in nearly 2 decades is a fortnight with my Mum in Doncaster!

A holiday would be lovely - but when you have no-one to go with, what's the point? I think I would be really to anxious to go anywhere now anyway sadly ....

henetha Wed 02-Sep-20 10:55:18

I think it's wonderful of you. But is it wise? Whatever you decide, good luck to you.

Pippa22 Wed 02-Sep-20 10:57:59

Lucca, what is the point of wearing gloves ? Just use sanitiser on your hands every time you touch something and wash hands properly regularly. That is the advice of medical experts throughout this pandemic.
Gloves are plastic and we should be reducing the use of plastic too.

Nannan2 Wed 02-Sep-20 11:00:31

But if you have said that you dont know why you are doing it either then maybe you shoulnt do it?? If you do, wear gloves also.

Jaye53 Wed 02-Sep-20 11:00:31

I agree with other posters and you should go for it. we can't put our lives "on hold" and so long as you keep sanitizing hands and Wear gloves etc. that should be enough. and NO I don't think you are a

Jaye53 Wed 02-Sep-20 11:02:37

oh maybe no need for gloves no!

jeanrobinson Wed 02-Sep-20 11:03:15

More power to you! My late husband was in hospital for some weeks before he died, and I know how much I appreciated the hospital tea bar, which was not "official" where I had a cup of coffee and sometimes a home-made cake. It was an oasis.

Nannan2 Wed 02-Sep-20 11:03:38

Im all for saving the earth, BUT, also i dont think ditching all plastic bags/gloves etc while theres a dangerous pandemic is a truly brilliant idea..ive stopped buying anything loose anymore.

Tangerine Wed 02-Sep-20 11:04:58

In your position, I'd give it a try and, if things do not seem safe, you don't have to carry on.

Jacquelineali Wed 02-Sep-20 11:06:15

Please read latest advice on the use of cash it carries no more germs than a debit card and is quite safe . The who have never instructed countries to not use cash just be sensible and wash your hands or wear gloves if you prefer after handling as you would normally.

Armoria Wed 02-Sep-20 11:07:15

Again a sense of perspective is needed. Although CV19 is a very nasty virus it is only the latest addition to an established family. Prior to this you would have served people who could have had another strain of flu and caught it from them and fallen anywhere from mildly ill to very sick yet wearing a mask to work and and serving behind protective screens never entered your head. You handled money without gloves and the reality is you could gave got a stomach bug from doing so at any time but did this thought even enter your head? I'm guessing no. For as long as you have worked serving the public you were open to catch all sorts of things which we have become used to dealing with and don't think much about yet can, and still do, kill a percentage of the UK population every year and not always elderly and those with pre existing issues either. I would say you are a fool if you don't go as it will be a boost for your mental health, morale and sense of normality. Above all, keep things in perspective.

Tanjamaltija Wed 02-Sep-20 11:08:01

How does your friend begin to think she has the right to call you a fool? Kudos to you, for not calling her selfish and arrogant.

DeeDum Wed 02-Sep-20 11:08:44

Only you can decide I would say do if it makes you happy?
Rather than as a need to do it for others,

It's time to think of yourself for once and if there's something else perhaps a little safer then do that instead
but don't sit home very safe but unhappy
Do take care though smilex

grannysyb Wed 02-Sep-20 11:09:49

Go for it, it's good for you.

CrazyGrandma2 Wed 02-Sep-20 11:12:48

The oder I get the more I think that quality of life is as important as quantity of life. Whilst acknowledging all the risks I have decided to take all necessary precautions and get on with my life. Currently on holiday with family by the seaside. If we get locked down again, then at least we will have some great memories to look back on. As my lovely mom used to say, "You're a long time dead!" smile

If it's what you want to do ExD then go for it! Good luck.