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Who would you most liked to have seen but never did?

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Dinahmo Tue 22-Sep-20 14:24:59

The singer I would most liked to have seen is Leonard Cohen. I wasn't really into his music until the recording of his 2008 concert in London was shown on BBC 2. It was late at night and I'd fallen asleep in front of the tv. I was woken by the most amazing sounds coming from the screen. I became a fan and have a dvd of that concert.

A few years ago he was live in Paris but the ticket prices started at 180 euros and I just couldn't afford 2 tickets plus hotel bills at that time.

I'd also like to see Tom Waits but he tours so rarely and tickets sell out immediately.

Lastly the Travelling Wilburys.

There's something about older musicians - they are so laid back and often produce great music.

henetha Tue 22-Sep-20 14:28:49

My only regret in this department is not seeing Queen .
I simply never had the opportunity. But all is not lost because Queen are still playing and touring these days with the marvellous Adam Lambert (the only singer to do Freddie justice ), so maybe when this virus is beaten, who knows... fingers crossed.

Lucca Tue 22-Sep-20 14:29:12

Pavarotti in concert.
Bob Dylan.

paddyanne Tue 22-Sep-20 14:31:31

Sorry I missed Sinatras last concert in Glasgow ,I was pregnant and very very sick so the tickets we bought were passed onto friends .Apart from that I think I've seen everyone I admire,I have missed gigs this year but that'll make them more special next year .Finished on a brilliant night at Celtic Connections with Keb Mo in February

Kate1949 Tue 22-Sep-20 15:06:08


SueDonim Tue 22-Sep-20 15:06:49

I did see Leonard Cohen in 2013. It was wonderful.

Some years ago I saw Tom Petty but I’d have loved to see him perform again.

Neil Diamond is someone I’m sorry to not have seen. As I understand it, he has given up touring due to ill-health.

Vickysponge Tue 22-Sep-20 15:08:44

Bob Dylan

Trisha57 Tue 22-Sep-20 15:13:48

Bob Marley

felice Tue 22-Sep-20 15:15:36

Saw Leonard Cohen a few years ago excellent concert, worth the money.

Aldom Tue 22-Sep-20 15:18:29

Oh yes, Bob Dylan and John Denver. I actually met Sir Geraint Evans many years ago. He's another favourite of mine.

LauraNorder Tue 22-Sep-20 15:22:14

Nina Simone, Barry White, Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Otis Reading and many more.

TheFrugalPiggy Tue 22-Sep-20 15:27:37

Elvis would have been amazing I'm sure.

Grandmabatty Tue 22-Sep-20 15:39:27

Pavarotti. I missed the opportunity when he played in Glasgow. By all accounts he was great.

DiscoGran Tue 22-Sep-20 15:48:46

David Bowie. Roxy Music.

NannyJan53 Tue 22-Sep-20 15:53:57

George Michael

kittylester Tue 22-Sep-20 16:00:41

Johnny Cash
The Beatles

I would have like to see Roy Orbison too. We went to see the Hologram - it was weird!!

Kate1949 Tue 22-Sep-20 16:06:49

I saw Roy Orbison kitty at Birmingham Town Hall when he was on a Beatles tour. I was only interested in the Beatles but looking back, Roy's voice was incredible. I love his songs now.

kittylester Tue 22-Sep-20 16:45:03

Lucky you kate. envy

Disco, I've seen both Bowie and Roxy Music. Roxy Music were fabulous!

A few years later we saw Bryan Ferry in Durham Cathedral with a couple of his children. I came over all unnecessary!!

quizqueen Tue 22-Sep-20 16:54:46

The Beatles, Elvis and Michael Jackson in their early days. Also, my old car broke down on the way to see Leonard Whiting in the 70s so I didn't make it and I was very sad about that. I also bought very expensive premiere tickets to see Leonardo DiCaprio and was too ill to go.

quizqueen Tue 22-Sep-20 16:58:41

I worked briefly at a theatre where Roy Orbison performed and served him a burger and saw him for free-on seeing him close up, the make up was an inch thick on his face!!

RubyGran Tue 22-Sep-20 17:11:09

The Beatles! Born and bred in Liverpool, I was just too young to get to see them perform, but had to endure my older sister's tales of how brilliant they were before they became famous, when she would see them in small local clubs. I did get to see The Rolling Stones at the Liverpool Empire when I was 12 however, so this almost made up for it, despite the fact that they couldn't be heard above the screaming audience and the performance was cut short.

Stephenmarra Tue 22-Sep-20 17:16:07

LauraNorder Agree with Nina Simone

Gong in the Daevid Allen, Gilli Smith, Steve Hillage, Tim Blake vintage.

Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, King Crimson, Deep Purple.

Also Traveling Wilburys and Tom Waits.
Ask me tomorrow and I'll give 10 different Artists.

On a different note why don't they give us a set time to edit on this forum. angry

bluebirdwsm Tue 22-Sep-20 17:18:38

Dusty Springfield. We had booked tickets to see her, arrived at the venue and it had been cancelled. So disappointing, and she never returned to do another show.

One Direction, strangely. I used to like their songs and watched their individual auditions and then form into a band on TV. One of them reminded me of someone I knew.

LauraNorder Tue 22-Sep-20 17:23:17

RubyGran another Liverpool girl here. I did get to see the Beatles rehearse in the Cavern before they were famous, my Grandfather owned a warehouse in Matthew Street, I was only twelve but thought they were fab, or the gear as we used to say in Liverpool.
Agree Stephenmarra ask me tomorrow and I'll give a different answer, depends on mood and memories.

LauraNorder Tue 22-Sep-20 17:25:52

Kittylester Sunday Morning Coming Down by Johnny Cash, best morning after song ever.