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Let’s have a β€œshout out β€œ. Just 1 sentence must be positive πŸ˜ƒ

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Missfoodlove Thu 15-Oct-20 18:58:01

I will start with.....

DIL to be lost 9kg!πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

Ashcombe Thu 15-Oct-20 18:59:05

I only have a few more days in quarantine.

Marydoll Thu 15-Oct-20 19:00:10

My neighbours loved my macaroon bars...spread the love! πŸ₯°

Kate1949 Thu 15-Oct-20 19:02:11

Won Β£75 on the Premium Bonds this month.

aggie Thu 15-Oct-20 19:03:56

Got my hair cut today before she has to mothball for four weeks πŸ˜„

rockgran Thu 15-Oct-20 19:04:26

Just made a lovely nutroast for the freezer. That's my Christmas dinner sorted.

boheminan Thu 15-Oct-20 19:04:49

Had a little paddle in the sea on Saturday smile

TwiceAsNice Thu 15-Oct-20 19:07:44

Waiting for daughters and grandchildren to arrive for tea

suziewoozie Thu 15-Oct-20 19:12:09

We assembled new patio heater without filing for divorce πŸ˜€

nanaK54 Thu 15-Oct-20 19:19:53

Long awaited new fence and gates delivered today!

farview Thu 15-Oct-20 19:20:17

Didnt hit H with the wok...🀣

phoenix Thu 15-Oct-20 19:21:00

We don't have Trump!

maddyone Thu 15-Oct-20 19:22:03

Just had a delicious spaghetti bolognese (soya) for dinner, made by husband.

Parsley3 Thu 15-Oct-20 19:22:05

Hurrah for crisp Autumn days like today.

aquagran Thu 15-Oct-20 19:25:58

Half way through Sober October!

Charleygirl5 Thu 15-Oct-20 19:29:21

All three packages came from Amazon yesterday and today

Chewbacca Thu 15-Oct-20 19:31:58

My new front door looks brilliant; so chuffed with it.

Canalboatgranma Thu 15-Oct-20 19:33:43

Made three cards and an wedding anniversary present.

Cherrytree59 Thu 15-Oct-20 19:35:09

My 5 year old Grandson received the headteachers award. ⭐

GrandmaKT Thu 15-Oct-20 19:47:16

Had a lovely sunny bike ride along the coast

Oopsadaisy4 Thu 15-Oct-20 19:49:08

At least it didn’t drop off!

lemongrove Thu 15-Oct-20 19:52:56

The mind boggles OopsadaisyπŸ˜„

lemongrove Thu 15-Oct-20 19:54:03

Everything we planted in the garden has survived and is doing well.

Oopsadaisy4 Thu 15-Oct-20 19:55:01

Well the other part of the sentence wasn’t very I didn’t include it.

grannyqueenie Thu 15-Oct-20 19:55:42

It didn’t rain until after I’d had a chance to enjoy all the beautiful autumn colours at the arboretum today!