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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 21-Oct-20 06:11:33

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and its wet here in Brackley this morning .
Yesterday did not happen for me , I started to blackout ,and came over with a cold sweat , so relaxed in the chair and watched Tv and watched the cycle races unfold.
I am going to take a break in routine ,and slowly get myself back to normal I hope .
I am on medication for angina etc but take it easy .
Take Care ,

grandMattie Wed 21-Oct-20 06:16:52

Good morning from a dark and stormy E Kent.
Oh dear, Mick, do take things easy and relax a bit. Plenty of cycling for you to watch...
Nothing much happened yesterday nor today.
Was given a load of quinces which are ripening. I must make quince jelly with them. I want to make quince cheese or leather but have put off by the volcanic “blopping “of the mixture while it reduces.
Hope the sad, the wobbly and those in pain have a tolerable day. Stay safe all.

NotAGran55 Wed 21-Oct-20 06:22:00

Mick I do hope that you have consulted your GP ? It isn’t normal to blackout . You were poorly on a recent trip out too which might be related .
Take care from West Berkshire.

cornergran Wed 21-Oct-20 06:47:42

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark and damp corner of Somerset. That isn’t good Mick, agree with notagran, seek advice from your surgery, best to be safe. Usual Wednesday dust removal and grocery delivery for us. If we did venture out think we may need flippers and a snorkel. Take care, thinking of everyone with worries of any kind.

Sheepandcattle Wed 21-Oct-20 06:53:46

Good morning All. Look after yourself today Mick. Today in Wiltshire, we are forecast heavy rain so wet-weather gear on today. Yesterday I had all the sheep in for foot-bathing as a few were a bit lame, caused by ‘scald’ - a condition where they get sore between the clefts of their hooves. Because the fertilised eggs in a ewe can take 3 weeks to become embedded in the womb I have to be very careful not to stress the ewes for this period of time otherwise it can result in no pregnancy, so it was a slow, leisurely walk for them back to the shed and then a gentle stroll through the footbath. I’m happy with how the ewes are looking, all bar a handful of the ewe-lambs have now been covered by the rams. The rams, on the other hand, are starting to look a bit knackered so I’ll be taking them out tomorrow and then they can relax and live the bachelor lifestyle for the next 11 months! Not a bad life for a ram - one month of work followed by 11 months off!
I’m not sure yet what today has in store. The plan was to go and pick up a trailer load of new gates and fencing materials this afternoon once all the feeding and checks have been done, but if it’s really bucketing it down, I might leave that until tomorrow. Wishing you all a happy, soggy Wednesday! 🌧☔️🌧

Beechnut Wed 21-Oct-20 06:53:47

Good Morning everyone from a very wet Severnside.
Oh dear Mick, I’m siding with NotAGrans advice for you.

I’m all flu jabbed. I went early for a walk in and there was some confusion about we should have had letters which none of us in the queue had received. The under 65’s were sent off with a form and told to phone.
I was asked if I had an egg allergy so that made me think of them and I ended up having egg and chips at lunchtime.

Stay safe all 🌼☔️

Nannytopsy Wed 21-Oct-20 06:56:42

Good morning Mick and all his followers. Do take care Mick - perhaps its time for a review of your meds?
We have both spent most of the night awake, DH with his ulcers and me with my knee. One of those nights when you are glad it’s morning.
It is due to be wet all day, so ironing in front of the TV and a socially distanced pub lunch with the WI.
I hope the day is kind, particularly to those who are ill or worried.

NanKate Wed 21-Oct-20 06:57:19

Morning Mick and All.

So sorry to hear you have been unwell Mick. I think you are in touch with your Diabetic Clinic why not have a phone chat with them.

So dark out here in South Bucks and it is nearly 7.00. The clocks change this weekend something I am not looking fwd to.

MissChateline Wed 21-Oct-20 07:02:20

Good morning all. Damp here in West Yorkshire. Will wrap up well and have a stomp through the woods before the joiner arrives to spend another day working on my kitchen. Today the floor gets finished (I hope). So close to the end but it’s still basically unusable.
Back to A&E for a scan of my shoulder and a meeting with the physiotherapist. The meds have helped the pain a great deal but a decent nights sleep sadly still evades me. Oh well can always have a snooze later!

Sark Wed 21-Oct-20 07:14:53

Good Morning from Oxfordshire.
Raining cats and dogs here this morning.
Mick hope you feel better soon
Sorry you both had such a bad night Nannytopsy
Hello Maw good to see you're back.
Off to work now.
Hope everyone has a good day especially those with added worriesflowers

GrannyGravy13 Wed 21-Oct-20 07:15:38

Good morning Mick and all

Mick please ring your GP, we cannot have you bring poorly, rest up.

Another disturbed night, I was so tired I thought I would have slept through.

Off to the gym this morning after the cleaners have been here, then I think I will doze on the sofa.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

Sar53 Wed 21-Oct-20 07:40:05

Good morning from a very wet Essex by the sea.
Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly Mick, please take care and look after yourself.
My back pain seems marginally better this morning and I slept quite well, hooray.
I have an actual hospital appointment this afternoon, women's problem, I'm a little apprehensive. They rang yesterday just to check we are Covid free and to explain when to arrive and the checks that will take place. Luckily DH will take me and wait till I'm done.
Have the best Wednesday you can and stay safe everyone xx

Nortsat Wed 21-Oct-20 07:45:04

Good morning Mick and the GM team from dark east London.
Mick ring your GP’s surgery for a telephone consultation with your doctor... just to be on the safe side. Have a restful day, keep warm and have plenty of fluids. We will want an update tomorrow morning.

I have an important zoom Networking Session today, so keep your fingers crossed that all the IT works, please.

I haven’t made any progress with HMRC and the Tax Charge ... I think i’ll try again on Thursday.

Have a good day all. Nice to see MawB back yesterday. Thinking of Bluesapphire and sending best wishes to gilly. Have a good day all. 😎

Pittcity Wed 21-Oct-20 07:46:03

Good morning from a dark and rainy Colchester.
Tier 2 means our weekly coffee meetup has to move outside again and so has been rescheduled until tomorrow.
Housework today as estate agent coming to take photos this afternoon. DH has agreed to take the plunge....

Please contact your GP Mick.

grandMattie Wed 21-Oct-20 07:50:00

where are you planning to move to, Pitt?

Nortsat Wed 21-Oct-20 07:51:06

Just popped back to wish Sar all the best at the hospital appt. 💐

Lins1066 Wed 21-Oct-20 07:51:44

Good morning Mick and all. Hope you feel better soon Mick.
Rain overnight, dry at the moment but a wet day is forecast. We had a lovely walk in dry conditions yesterday morning, then got soaked walking the puppy just before dark. Some ironing and an online shopping delivery on the agenda today.
Best wishes to Maw and Hattie, free at last.
Have a pleasant day everyone.

Pantglas2 Wed 21-Oct-20 07:52:25

Morning all from a dry north Wales where I’ll see what weather LauraNorder on the island has in store for us later!

Hope you feel better soon Mick - hope it’s only the remains of the dodgy bap! I had my flu jab yesterday (first freebie- I normally pay) and my arm is tender so an easy day for me.

I was given a large bagful of quinces many moons ago and made quince jelly but they were hard as nails and DH had to chop them for me, GrandMattie!

Have a safe day folks x

Gingster Wed 21-Oct-20 07:54:56

Good morning all and I think it’s a wet one for most of us. I’m sitting in the conservatory typing this on my I pad and a drip has landed on the screen. 💧. Oh no!

Mick , do phone your doc. Especially as you had a funny turn whist out recently. 👨‍⚕️. Take it easy today.

Beechnut I wonder what the connection is with flu jab and eggs? Mmmm egg and chips sounds nice .

Hair appointment today. I go to my hairdressers house, so I phoned her as Essex is now in tier 2. Apparently it’s ok to mix households for work reasons, so off I go!

We are off to our Suffolk cottage on Saturday. We can’t see family or friends here, so we might as well isolate ourselves by the sea. There is no restrictions for travelling into different counties , at the moment. 🤞.

It’s only just light now. Did someone say the clocks go back this weekend? Lighter in the mornings for a while.

Take care all and keep dry. 🍂🌻🍁

kittylester Wed 21-Oct-20 07:54:56

Morning all from a soggy North Leicestershire.

Thank you all for your kind wishes for dh. His oscopy went well, polyps were removed but, apparently, looked fine!!

Busy morning here - our cleaner comes and I do my Zoom volunteering. Then I need a big sit down. Then I have to do my online Sainsbury's shop. I have also managed to get a Sajnsbury's Christmas slot.

In other news, the house next door has sold and we saw an older couple poking round in the garden yesterday. I have to say they looked as though they wouldn't be having wild parties - so that's ok.

Sending best wishes to all and yet another suggestion that Mick contacts his gp.

Love, as always, to our gilly.

Beauregard Wed 21-Oct-20 08:00:34

Good morning from Derbyshire. A miserable day in store.

The day hasn't started well. I've had a phone call from DD to say SIL has covid symptoms so has to take a test, which he has managed to book locally this morning. DD has just finished her isolation period and was due to get her freedom back today but now it could be a further 14 days for her too. They are both teachers so are more exposed to the virus than most. Hopefully we'll know more in a couple of days.

Mick hope you feel better soon.
Happy birthday to GrandmasueUK flowers
flowers to all not feeling well and having bad nights.

Grandmafrench hope your appointment went well and you are back with us today.

Have a good day everyone.

aggie Wed 21-Oct-20 08:05:15

Good Morning Mick and can I emphasise my agreement with all the advice to contact medical advice!
It is still and dry here at the moment , but I don’t think rain is far away
The washing machine is whirling away , I’ll probably just dry it indoors
I took the nets down yesterday , they are to keep birds and wasps out , it is much brighter without them , they will be put away till next year
I can’t believe the hour changes this weekend ! Darker evenings ahead

Marydoll Wed 21-Oct-20 08:09:19

Good morning all from a grey Glasgow.
Mick, I agree with those who say contact your GP.
Best not to mix with others until you have taken medical advice. It must have been quite frightening for you.

Yesterday's visit to the supermarket didn't quite go as planned.
I just wanted to pick up bread and milk, in and out quickly and home. DH insisted on coming with me to keep an eye on me! What he actually meant was he wanted to pick up some speciality beer. We got there at 9am and it was so busy! It is usually dead at that time. Then the penny dropped, unknown to me, -- how did I miss that?-- Sainsbury's had a 25% off deal on clothing.
Browsing was impossible, with little or no social distancing.😠

On the way out, DH as usual was racing ahead, with me hobbling at a distance. He set off the security alarm at the exit, but was totally oblivious. The security guard chased after him into the car park, with me hirpling behind, calling his name.
I was black affronted, as we say in Glasgow.😳
I had to apologise, but the security guard couldn't stop laughing. DH of course had done nothing wrong. Although his hearing is perfect, the alarm isn't loud enough!😁

As my fellow fruit farmer, Mellow Yellow knows, our mini patio fruit trees will be delivered within the next few days, but I have no compost left, so a trip to the local nursery is planned between showers. It's a right old fashioned nursery, with everything outdoors.
I know for certain, DH will not leave empty handed.😁

Best wishes for all those with hospital visits today. I managed to speak to a very young sounding GP yesterday, he sounded about fifteen. My medication has thankfully been tweeked in advance of my hospital consultation next week. I couldn't put up with the constant nausea any longer.
As my repeats were out of sinc, he listened and on my instructions 😉 amended the timescale. A simple thing which will make life much easier for my SIL, who collects them.
All in all, a successful day.☺️

Wishing everyone a safe and pleasant day.

grandMattie Wed 21-Oct-20 08:09:34

Pant, I normally use a chopper but i gave it to DS2. Probably put the quinces in my pressure cooker.... otherwise an axe will be required.😂

Grandmabatty Wed 21-Oct-20 08:11:17

Good morning All. The weather is quiet in Polmont, nothing happening so far. Mick lots of resting. Take care of yourself. Kittylester good news about your husband. So many of you have had a bad night for various reasons. 💐 For you all. I don't sleep well now and I have got used to it. Last night I was only up once and slept fairly soundly between visits to the loo so I count that a good night! No more slug incursions, thank goodness. I had been considering buying a new back door anyway so that has spurred me on. Babysitting yesterday was tiring as he doesn't have a great attention span yet so I'm required to direct activities. That's probably why I slept so well last night! We were playing the singing game, heads shoulders knees etc and he now can point to his head and shoulders and made a pretty good stab at saying shoulders so my job was done! Today I'm meeting a friend at a local garden centre for coffee. The centre had sent me a voucher for coffee and scones for two so that'll do nicely. Then it's back home, tidying up and mail sorting. I have a cross stitch to get on with. Have a good day all.