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So who has got up an hour early this morning

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TrendyNannie6 Mon 26-Oct-20 07:04:49

I couldn’t stay in bed this morning for love nor money! Wide awake up at 5.35am, Thing is although was an early riser, what did I do ? Next to nothing! Fed my pets had breakfast, had shower, then sat down to read gransnet forums, the joys of gransnet 👌

Riggie Mon 26-Oct-20 10:38:59


Not me. I had horrific insomnia last night, up until almost 4.30am (new time). The alarm had to drag me out of bed.

Same here.

grannybuy Mon 26-Oct-20 10:44:36

Another who was awake till 4.00ish, so got up reluctantly at 9.00.

polnan Mon 26-Oct-20 10:45:37

I just fail to understand why we are still subjected to this torture twice a year... however, I prefer the BST... but then, one would get used to it, especially as I am retired.. it is JUST a time on a clock ,,, innit?

well bladder wakes me mostly every couple of hours,, but I think I had slightly adjusted already... I wait for daylight as my cat is in all night, and would like to pop out during the day....

Canalboatgranma Mon 26-Oct-20 10:53:05

My dgd's body clock is still an hour out, so the call of "Grandma" came loud and clear at 6:10am instead of the usual 7:15-7:30.

BlueBelle Mon 26-Oct-20 10:56:45

No ever bothers me I just change it at night when I go to bed and forget about it my body adjusts without ever knowing anything about it funnily I never get jet lag when I travel whether east or west so obviously not sentive enough 😂

Nvella Mon 26-Oct-20 11:04:48

My blasted 14 week old puppy - that’s who!!

Davida1968 Mon 26-Oct-20 11:05:39

Get up early? Not me. I could represent the UK in the "Snoozing Olympics"!

Onwardsandupwards Mon 26-Oct-20 11:07:11

I’m an early bird so waking up ‘an hour earlier’ doesn’t bother me. However I’ll be in the land of nod by 9pm!

GrammarGrandma Mon 26-Oct-20 11:07:39

I woke at "5am." I managed to get back to sleep till the new 6.20, which is good going for me.

grandtanteJE65 Mon 26-Oct-20 11:11:02

I prefer winter time to summer time, so no, I didn't wake up too early.

I wish they would drop the whole idea of changing to summer time. It no longer saves any money.

Blossoming Mon 26-Oct-20 11:14:15

Up at 8am. Been for my annual eye exam,

Hetty58 Mon 26-Oct-20 11:15:32

grandtanteJE65, it was going to be dropped, with the last changes next year - now that idea has been shelved.

Nannan2 Mon 26-Oct-20 11:19:06

I realised yesterday that i had forgot to change time on picture clock in living room- and still went to bed without changing it! Duh. I really dont know why we are still blinking well changing the clocks back& forth all the time(!) Wasnt it brought about in the war?-(I'm too young at 57 to remember but ive read about it) so surely theres no need to still be doing it? It only cancels it out anyway- we put it forward in spring, then it cancels extra hour out by changing it back again- so whats the point! Makes no sense in the 21st century🙄

Nannan2 Mon 26-Oct-20 11:24:09

I must be same Bluebelle- when we went to New York 3 yrs ago had no jet lag whatsoever.Neither did my youngest, but he and I are night owls usually.other son was flagging a bit by midnight N.Y. time- but at home hes usually in bed by then.🤔

Nannan2 Mon 26-Oct-20 11:33:54

If they do last changes next spring and just stop doing it wont that allow for the 'extra' daylight in summer and then the earth would naturally just start getting darker a bit earlier anyway as autumn/winter approaches in future?so no need for changing it anymore?🤔

Thisismyname1953 Mon 26-Oct-20 13:39:00

I did , but only because the puppy needed to go out for a wee and she didn’t know that the clocks had gone back grin

BBbevan Mon 26-Oct-20 13:40:44

Yes we were. Showered, dressed ,out and at DDs just after 8 . A socially distanced delivery .

RosesAreRed21 Mon 26-Oct-20 14:50:18

Not me - got up usual time

cupcake1 Mon 26-Oct-20 15:58:04

I’m a lark so 5.45 am for me, as soon as I wake I have to get up. I so wish I could just go back to bed but my mind starts racing followed by a headache and joint pain so there’s no chance unfortunately whatever time the clock says ☹️

Jaxjacky Mon 26-Oct-20 16:13:41

Yesterday woke at 4:30, went back to sleep until 7, today woke up at 6:30, but we go to bed about 10.

AGAA4 Mon 26-Oct-20 16:21:53

Are we dropping this clocks back or forward in 2022? Or is it wishful thinking on my part?

Maggieanne Mon 26-Oct-20 16:23:24

Awake at 6 then got up at 6.45, bathed, got ready, nearly an hour travel to my hospital appointment. Sat in the entrance for two hours, covid tests lost, so along with others sent back home, no operation today. That was 3 days isolation and a second covid test wasted. What is going on, all the staff, surgeons, doctors, nurses waiting and nothing to do. Who are the people that run the hospitals nowadays!

lemongrove Mon 26-Oct-20 16:25:26

I do wish we would do that AGA....we forgot to put the clocks back on Saturday night, so DH was up wanting breakfast at 5 a.m.😱on Sunday morning.

Wheniwasyourage Mon 26-Oct-20 17:19:48

Jacob Rees Mogg doesn't want us to stay on BST all year round. He says that the Scots don't like the idea of its being dark until after 9am in December, which is strange, as normally he doesn't give a toss about what the Scots think.

As far as I'm concerned, although I don't like the dark mornings, I prefer them to dark evenings, and if we stayed on BST all year we would get the benefit of lighter evenings earlier in the spring than we do now. Nothing will change the fact that it is light for less and less time in winter the further north you go.

In the meantime, I don't find that changing the clocks twice a year is a major trauma.

PollyDolly Mon 26-Oct-20 17:25:39

I struggled to get out of bed to be honest and I dearly wish they would leave the blooming clocks alone! It messes with my sleep pattern no end and as I often have two or three very disturbed nights a week I regularly end up exhausted!