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So who has got up an hour early this morning

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TrendyNannie6 Mon 26-Oct-20 07:04:49

I couldn’t stay in bed this morning for love nor money! Wide awake up at 5.35am, Thing is although was an early riser, what did I do ? Next to nothing! Fed my pets had breakfast, had shower, then sat down to read gransnet forums, the joys of gransnet 👌

GreenGran78 Mon 26-Oct-20 19:00:49

I’m not much affected by the time. I go to bed, and get up, as the mood takes me. The clocks going back makes it easier for me to chat to my Aussie GD at a reasonable time of night, though, while she eats her breakfast. I can also read her bedtime story in the morning at a more sensible time.

4allweknow Mon 26-Oct-20 19:20:54

"Tanama Do hope all goes well and you have good news about your dog.

misty34 Mon 26-Oct-20 22:37:32

I'm a night owl too. Never in bed before Midnight but still always up 6'ish.

LadyGracie Mon 26-Oct-20 22:58:31

My cat woke me at 5.20 for me to unlock his cat flap. How do you change a cats body clock?

Polly4t42 Mon 26-Oct-20 23:00:06

Yes woke at the new 5 old 6, as usual then dozed for an hour. Our one yr old granddaughter also woke at 5 full of beans unlike her poor Mama who could have done with the extra hour.

Aepgirl Tue 27-Oct-20 11:46:37

Yes, woke my normal time - 6.30am, but it was, of course, 5.30am.