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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 31-Oct-20 06:16:22

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, wind and is wet here in Brackley this morning .
Today , Bicester via Buckingham both ways , I want to have a large breakfast in the cafe in today also hoping there maybe a small flea market on.
I will do a small shop and coffee in Bicester as well more gift cards etc.
Then return and watch the Vuelta on TV .
Take Care,

Beechnut Sat 31-Oct-20 06:26:31

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. Dark and wet. Not a good forecast for today. I’m going to put my Halloween display on the windowsill indoors, otherwise I will have a soggy mess. I will be able to enjoy it as well.

Other than that it’s a card making day and pottering to do.

Take care all and have the best day you can 💐🧶I couldn’t find a pumpkin so it’ll have to be an orange ball of wool 😂

grandMattie Sat 31-Oct-20 06:27:09

Good morning from a dawning E Kent. Weather? Who knows? Probably wet and stormy.
Had a lovely long chat to my young friend. Her son has Asperger and is nearly 19, very intelligent, can’t multi task but is doing catering and cabinet making at the moment. She is very worried for his future. Gave her advice, but he’s not my child...
Curiously, all my DCs are in isolation and coming out this weekend. Hope none of them develop CV.
Got an online Q&A patchwork course today. Should be interesting. Something to look forward to.
To the poorly and sad, be kind to yourselves. Everyone, please stay safe.

grandMattie Sat 31-Oct-20 06:28:39

Beech, you should come here, we have fields of pumpkins 🎃. Sadly the squash were as successful this year.

grandMattie Sat 31-Oct-20 06:29:09

We’re NOT 😡

Susan56 Sat 31-Oct-20 06:36:12

Good morning from Shropshire where it’s dry at the moment.

An exciting day planned today!Ages ago we booked a trip on the Statesman Carlisle to Settle circular.We were sure it would be cancelled but received our tickets a couple of days ago.A bit daunting as we haven’t mixed outside our bubble since March not that we will be mixing!We have been assured it will be very safe,we have a table for four in first class for the two of us with sanitiser and screens provided.

I am not taking the iPad so will ‘see’ you all tomorrow.Its a long time since me and the iPad have been apart😩🤣

Wishing everyone a good day.Thoughts to all with anxieties,illness and worries.Thinking of gilly,Grammaretto and Cherry💐Mary,I hope your appointment went well yesterday💐

Ashcombe Sat 31-Oct-20 06:43:02

Good morning, everyone from wet and windy Torbay!
Here’s a pumpkin for you, Beechnut! 🎃

My DGD is eight today so we will enjoy sharing some Zoom time this morning. Yes, a Hallowe’en baby! I’m usually with them to celebrate but they are in Tier 2 so not this year.
This afternoon our theatre company
is staging a socially distanced performance for an audience of invited guests. Our normal auditorium capacity is 240 but we are limiting the nos. to 50. Temperature checks will be made, masks worn and seating marked out to keep people apart. I’m a steward on the Front of House team so it will be an interesting experience!

The photo shows our beloved theatre, a converted church.
Happy weekend, folks!

Ashcombe Sat 31-Oct-20 06:45:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cornergran Sat 31-Oct-20 06:46:30

Morning Mick, morning All. Wet and windy in our corner of Somerset.. Anther disturbed night for me, so a bit of a wreck this morning. Garden centre trip for us fhen some much needed tidying. I’m sure things walk round on their own here. Take care everyone

Lins1066 Sat 31-Oct-20 06:55:32

Good Morning Mick and all. It is still dark but dry here on the South Welsh coast. We went for a walk yesterday afternoon after the rain eased. The tide was in, sea was battleship grey and very rough. It was very strange seeing the car park empty and the gates padlocked. We are about halfway through our Lockdown here in Wales. Our little family's planned trip to a pumpkin farm was cancelled because of the restrictions.

A fruit and veg delivery to wash later and a pasta dish to prepare for tonight. Enjoy your rail trip Susan we would love to do that. Lovely to read Ellan's posts as always.
Have a pleasant and safe day.

Sar53 Sat 31-Oct-20 07:03:40

Good morning from a very grey Essex by the sea. I do believe rain and strong winds are forecast for later, deep joy !
I need to go and buy some more embroidery silks this morning. I have discovered cross Stitch and I'm making some small pictures for our granddaughters for Christmas. I've finished two, have started two more and have another two to do after that. Three unicorns, two ballerinas and something to do with Harry Potter for the last one. I think I have found my crafting niche !!!!!
DH will be watching back to back Rugby this afternoon and I am expecting a call from DD2 for a catch up.
Have the best Saturday you can, flowers for all those with worries or sadness and please stay safe everyone xx

Urmstongran Sat 31-Oct-20 07:05:15

Good morning everyone from Malaga where it’s cloudy but warm.

I thought I’d be one of the first in but found 10 of you in front of me!

6 years ago this afternoon we took (slightly) early retirement. Himself did some sums on the back of an envelope and we decided to risk it for a biscuit. Best decision we ever made!

Hope Saturday is kind to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Nortsat Sat 31-Oct-20 07:05:53

Good morning Mick (a large breakfast this morning ... yum) and the GM team from east London where it is still dark. I had a yuk day yesterday so hope today will be better.

Did some housework and had a good session in the bathroom with the Viakal. On line grocery order, some cleaning and a walk today.

Thinking of MrGrammaretto, Dragonfly, the Panaches and Cherry. Hoping Marydoll had a decent night and good morning to gilly, if she’s reading.

It’s film night tonight for us. I am cooking steak with red wine jus, chips and asparagus and hooray it’s a ‘wine night’.

The wardrobe clearout is progressing, I have sold 20 items on eBay ... and bought myself a gold bangle, with the money. I plan to list some more over the weekend.

Thinking of those who are facing challenges today and wishing everyone a good day 😎 Happy Halloween to those families who are participating ( today would be my lovely mother’s birthday... so I am thinking of her ).

aggie Sat 31-Oct-20 07:21:35

Good Morning all, my it’s stormy out there ! I don’t really go anywhere at the moment so just another day to watch the weather from my armchair

kittylester Sat 31-Oct-20 07:21:39

Good morning from a stormy looking North Leicestershire.

We had a lovely walk with DD2 and family yesterday although it did rain quite a bit. We are going to sit in DD1's garden this morning (probably in the rain) which means we will have seen all 3 daughters and their families in the last week. We have not seen either of the boys for a while though.

We had steak and chips with wine jus last night, nortsat, but with garlic mushrooms. It was delicious. Take away tonight!

Sending best wishes to all.

Grandmafrench Sat 31-Oct-20 07:28:54

Good Morning everyone from the blue and sunny depths of the South of France.

Are you all in lockdown from Wednesday?

Sorry to hear of your bad night, corner, we Zummerset folks could have had a cup of tea together! At 5am I was trying to get into my car in the woods and past a huge 🦁 I had to roar with all my might to keep it away from me. That was the plan, but DH woke me up (and calmed me down). Didn’t want to go back to sleep, so watched the dustmen on our security camera, a visiting Siamese cat in our garden and the sunshine eventually creep over the tiles, until Mick mentioned breakfast. 😁

Nurse gave us our flu jabs at the garden table yesterday. We waited to finish some garden work (avoiding ach-ey arms) but suddenly remembered vaccine in fridge and thought we should get on with it. She said big uptake of vaccinations this year - not surprising really.

No plan today - household jobs and will make some masks for UK family who complain theirs aren’t very comfortable.

My ☕️ Has just arrived. I shall drink it in the garden and re-start my Saturday in a calm manner.

Warm wishes to all missing posters.
Stay safe, stay positive and take special care everyone.
Hugs from 🇫🇷🦩🌞🌹

Beauregard Sat 31-Oct-20 07:29:38

Good morning from Derbyshire. Another wet and windy day in store.

We took a trip to the garden centre yesterday to buy compost. Half way there I realised I hadn't brought a face mask with me, much to DH's annoyance. I decided to send him in alone to buy the compost and, hearing of my plight, the garden centre kindly sent me out a disposable mask, so I could go inside. I'm glad they did as I found they were selling off packs of 20 Violas for £1. They are all really good plants too. I just need the rain to stop so I can plant them out. I'll probably have to wait until Tuesday for that.

Susan I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip on the Carlisle to Settle circular. We would love to do that.

Thinking of those who are struggling or feeling unwell at the moment. Hope you have a better day today. flowers

brook2704 Sat 31-Oct-20 07:32:16

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s wet and windy and will probably stay like that for the rest of the day.
Yesterday was lovely though and we enjoyed a long walk in the great outdoors and a chilly picnic sat on a rock by the side of Loch an Eilein.
Today I might pop to the local garden centre to see if there’s anything to plant in some little pots that are at the front door to give some winter colour
Hope the performance goes well Ashcombe and you enjoy your trip Susan
Good luck with the Ebay sales norsat sounds like you’re doing well!
Hope everyone has the best day possible today and take care whatever the day brings 💐

Elizabeth1 Sat 31-Oct-20 08:00:07

Good morning everyone from a just getting light very rainy day here on the east coast of Fife By gum it fairly rained all night long I even had a fabulous sleep throughout it all hope there’s no serious flooding out there behind the curtains. I had a lovely soft fried egg on a soft flowery roll yesterday I’m getting one today again must only stick to one at a time I could easily munch down two. wink thinking of all those less fortunate than me today I’ve got lots to thank God for smile have a good day everyone be kind to yourself and those less fortunate. A smile goes a long long way.

baubles Sat 31-Oct-20 08:07:38

Good morning Mick, morning all. It’s horrible here in South Lanarkshire this morning, grey, wet, and very blowy. Himself is about to get soaked taking the dog out, poor soul does not like the rain, himself isn’t keen either.

Not a lot happening today, I have a ham bone from the butcher so will make a pot of lentil soup. I think there’s rugby on tv pretty much all day so I’ll probably do a bit of crochet while DH shouts at the screen.

Hope everyone has a good day, look after yourselves.

Dwmxwg Sat 31-Oct-20 08:07:49

Good morning from north Surrey. Lovely pink sky at dawn and dry at the moment but rain set to arrive at lunchtime.
Will make the most of a dry morning and give the dog a good walk in the woods before visiting mum and dad for a cuppa and chat.
Minding the DGSs whilst my DD has her run- she has just completed couch to 5k and I am keen to encourage her to keep it up.
Will have a drive by from DS with the DGDs in their Halloween costumes, age 2 and 7 weeks so will be very cute 😍
The boys have a Halloween “party” so will pop and see them in their costumes too and take some goodies.
Tonight chilli pasta and Strictly with a glass of wine (small cheat as I have been doing sober October) finishing a day early
Happy Saturday to all, keep warm and dry

Grandmabatty Sat 31-Oct-20 08:11:02

Good morning All. Like most of you, the weather in Polmont is grey, wet, cold and windy and set to stay like this today. All the talk of food from Mick and Elizabeth is making me hungry! I'll head to aldi soon to get food in to Batty Towers. I have nothing in the cake and biscuits tins do a bit of baking is on the cards. Apart from that, I have nothing planned. Kittylester 💐 as I know you said on another thread that this was a difficult day. Have a good day all.

Gelisajams Sat 31-Oct-20 08:12:03

Good morning from a windy Morecambe Bay. DH is braving the wind and is out running before the rain comes in.
Had an unexpected very pleasant walk yesterday when the rain stopped. We went in search of some autumn colour as there is none here the trees are mostly bare leaved and didn’t colour up at all. Just before we returned to the camper the full moon rose before our eyes.
I’m a bit bah humbug about Halloween I’m afraid so there are no pumpkins at Morecambe Towers! Today would have been my dad’s birthday and as a child the only thing we did was to eat pieces of apple out of a bowl of water. Not my idea of fun even then.
As I’ve been typing- do we type on a phone? DS1 has sent a message to say his partner has tested positive forC19. He thinks she must have got it on the last day of term last week as she is a teacher. He has advised me to hibernate! Hope he is ok as he has quite severe asthma as does my grandson.
Thinking of all with aches pain sadness cares and worries💐 and for those with exciting plans enjoy!
Take care and stay safe everyone 🌸

Sark Sat 31-Oct-20 08:14:28

Good Morning everyone from Oxfordshire
Damp, windy and forecast rain but brighter this afternoon -
hope so because we are going on a scarecrow walk with the GC later.
Susan56 enjoy your trip it sounds wonderful
I wonder if we will hear any more farm life from sheepandcattle
Stay safe, flowers to missing GNs and best wishes to all

Marydoll Sat 31-Oct-20 08:18:34

Good morning all from a wild and wet Glasgow, its blowing a hoolie, with all sorts of loud noises coming from outside. 💨🍃. A day for the house and a visit to James Martin's kitchen.

Yesterday my daughter and SIL, arrived with lots off goodies. They had gone to a bakery on the coast we like and stocked up on pies and favourite cakes. They also brought beautiful flowers and much chocolate.
The final surprise was a Fit Bit. My SIL had won Employee of the month, for going above and beyond in keeping IT up to speed and enabling employees to keep their call centres running during the pandemic.
His prize was cash and a Fit Bit. As they already had one they decide to donate it to me.
I have become obsessed with my heart rate!!!! Perhaps not with my step count, as my daughter manages 20,000 a day and I'm too embarrassed to admit to what I have achieved! 😊

I'm feeling quite low after my very thorough consultation yesterday. My consultant is referring me to the orthopaedic surgeon, as he has concerns about my hip and and also my foot which has had a number of unhealed hairline stress fractures over the years. Obviously, given the current situation, it will be years before I get an appointment.
The worst news is that I fulfil not just one, but three different criteria for shielding and in light of the increasingly risky situation, I must not have any contact with people. Basically I'm back to shielding again. Sorry to be such a misery guts, I knew that, but there was always a tiny bit of hope it wouldn't happen. sad

Has anyone noticed that as well as Cherry, Mellow Yellow has not been posting? I replied to a message she sent me about fruit trees,we were buying, but she never responded.
I hope she is OK.

Susan, I'm so envious of your trip. We are about to book a trip on the Flying Scotsmen for next year, across the iconic Forth Rail bridge. Fingers crossed it goes ahead!

Hoping to hear better news of Mr Grammaretto and hugs to all, our struggling friends. Have the best day you can.