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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 10-Nov-20 06:09:35

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but its dry outside here in Brackley this morning.
A quieter day than usual , await post , maybe do some housework ,and watch TV .
Starting to miss my trips out , as I have got to know and talk socially to others I got to meet over the last few years .
Take Care,

dragonfly46 Tue 10-Nov-20 06:12:02

Good morning Mick.
Up before the lark this morning as I have an early appointment at the hospital.

Not much else after that.

Have a good day everyone.

Ashcombe Tue 10-Nov-20 06:21:41

Good morning Mick and everyone from a peaceful, dryish Torbay!

dragonfly: good luck at the hospital!

First of all, my sincere thanks for all the kind, supportive comments on here, following my shunt in the car on Sunday. Having spoken positively about the insurance company initially, yesterday’s experience was less impressive.

First the repair shop rang me to ask the whereabouts of the car, (I didn’t know - in a secure pound somewhere!) then said no hire car was available. This led to Enterprise being in touch with whom I’ve not had the best experience in the past. There seemed to be a problem tracing the other driver’s insurance company. Eventually, the owner of the car, who wasn’t driving it on the day, rang me. It was only when I passed on his details to LV, that Enterprise would agree to a car being supplied.

All this was over a period of nearly two hours, during which I was also annoyed to receive a call from “ambulance chasers” to tell me I could claim compensation! When I told them it was a scam and I was hanging up, the caller shouted angrily at me!!

But thank goodness for the warmth and compassion of this lovely group. I’ve survived and I realise there are people facing far worse situations than this. Have the best day you can, everyone!

Pixieboots Tue 10-Nov-20 06:25:41

Good morning. Dark and damp here in South Wales. Just come out of our lockdown but I dont plan on venturing into shopping areas. Buying local as much as we can. Luckily we live in a rural area so will be keeping to local dog walks for fresh air and excercise. Working from home has mixed benefits. Keep safe everyone.

MrsThreadgoode Tue 10-Nov-20 06:35:16

Good morning from a very dark and damp Berks, not much to do today, but I might try to find all of the Christmas presents that I’ve bought during the year and make some lists for more. Or I might not bother yet, it seems so early, but there isn’t much else to do apart from the dreaded cleaning.
Sorry to hear about your bad Car Insurance experience Ashcombe, sadly we only find out how good they are when we really need them to step up.
Take care everyone.

Scentia Tue 10-Nov-20 06:36:01

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is still dark and feels mild.
An ordinary day at work today.
I am feeling lots of pains from my arthritis in the last week or so and I am now convinced I only have the condition in the winter! Is it real that it is worse in the cold?
I upset my DH last night saying how he was selfish and always had been, his response was “how can I be selfish, I do loads of tidying up and I just made my own dinner”. I decided not to explain what being selfless was, didn’t want to make it worse😂😂
Now folks, try and have the best day you can and stay safe.❤️

Beechnut Tue 10-Nov-20 06:47:12

Good Morning all from a wet Severnside.

Last night a squirrel was sat on my headboard chewing the plastic tube packet from an ice pop/pole. A bit later I could feel him mooching about on the bed and I was praying he wasn’t under the covers, then he startled me as he jumped on my head. I woke up and just to be sure put the light on and looked around the room. 🐿

I’m making a sausage casserole today for when my daughter comes. We are going to do some Christmas crafting together.

Have the best day you can all and thinking of missing good morningers 🌻

grandMattie Tue 10-Nov-20 06:47:52

Good morning from a grey E Kent.
Nothing to report except a podiatrist appointment a.m. and optometrist this p.m.
Stay well, stay safe.

Dwmxwg Tue 10-Nov-20 06:57:56

Good morning all GMs from a dark north Surrey. Gosh we had some rain in the night.
Ashcombe how sad these scammers try to abuse us when we are at an already stressful time, glad you told them what for.
Another work day for me later so will use this morning to put the house in order before I leave.
Yesterday when I got in my car to go to work the steering wheel was sticky and there was some white stuff on it. When I got home i asked DH to solve the mystery - “oh I bought an iced bun when I did the shopping” - he has been caught out before when we got Tesco vouchers for fresh cream cakes (they give vouchers for items that you regularly buy) the cakes never made it as far as home!!
Wishing all a good day

Dwmxwg Tue 10-Nov-20 06:59:33

Beechnut what a strange dream and what a perfect day you describe, how lovely

Bellasnana Tue 10-Nov-20 07:01:27

Good morning from Malta where the weather looks good despite the forecast predicting rain.

So sorry to hear of the aggravation you’ve had Ashcombe, it’s so stressful and annoying especially when it was through no fault of your own. Hope it gets sorted quickly so you can put it behind

Had a very pleasant day yesterday. Enjoyed a walk in the countryside with a friend. We did a lot of talking as well as walking!

In the evening DD3 came over and DS made spaghetti carbonara for them. He’s a chef so it was nice seeing him in action! Another of their childhood pals joined as well and it was such a joy to hear them all chatting and laughing. No rules broken since we are allowed visitors.

No specific plans for today, will see how it goes.

Wishing you all the best day you can have, thoughts with those who are struggling, and do hope EV and gilly are ok. ☀️

Marydoll Tue 10-Nov-20 07:09:52

Good morning Mick and all from a very dark Glasgow.
I understand that you are missing your trips out Mick, but I'm glad you are being sensible and not using public transport. We don't want anything to happen to you.

I've been up since 5am, I just couldn't sleep. I have been dreaming about all sorts of GN threads, especially the dog one. In my dream, Laura Norder, was called in to find the irresponsible dog owner. Totally bizarre, to say the least.

I couldn't think what I was so unsettled until I remembered the cause must have been my weekly injection, which I had to do late last night, having forgotten to do it in the morning. It had totally slipped my mind. So unlike me, I'm usually such an organised person. It was DH who asked me, which is very unusual for him to even notice!!!
Also the situation in my granddaughter's school continues to deteriorate, with more classes isolating. It has been preying o my mind.

Ashcombe, sorry to hear about all the hassle you had yesterday, its such a stressful business.
MrsThreadgoode, what an unusual name. I haven't seen you posting before, so welcome to the GM thread!

I hope all is going well with your treatment Dragonfly and you are not suffering too many side effects.

Wishing all those with worries and who are struggling, the best day you can. Susan , I hope you and your family are feeling a bit better.

Jaxjacky Tue 10-Nov-20 07:13:13

Good morning all from a dark, damp S Hants, we too had heavy rain just after 10 last night Dwmxwg, Ashcombe what an annoying day you had, Scentia sorry to hear of your arthritis playing up. Another day of kitchen refurb, it’s odd speaking to the fitter by phone when he’s in the next room, but needs must. Another microwave meal in our glamping tonight, tomorrow the culinary upgrade to fish and chips from up the road.
Have a peaceful day all. (Hope EV shows up)

Marydoll Tue 10-Nov-20 07:14:12

Beechnut, you have just reminded me that I have a Welcome to your new home card to make for my son who moves house on Thursday. My crafting stash has remained untouched for about a year!
What a lovely way to spend time with your daughter.

kittylester Tue 10-Nov-20 07:21:45

Morning all from a damp looking North Leicestershire.

Our occasional gardener is coming today to plant the bulbs she has bought for us and some putting to bed. Considering there is lots of stuff still flowering in the garden, I doubt she will get that finished.

DH is up and getting ready to do an early drive this morning and my only pressing job is to talk to the butcher about my Christmas order!

Take care everyone. And sending love to gilly.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 10-Nov-20 07:21:56

Good morning Mick and all

Stay safe Muck we need you x

Ashcombe what a fuss, insurance companies are a pain!!!!

dragonfly a restful day after your treatment sounds a good idea

Marydoll and Beechnut dreams really are unsettling, mine have been weird since March.

Have baby here all day and then pick up his brother from school, who has asked for a sleepover so that is our 24 hours.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

Sark Tue 10-Nov-20 07:27:06

Good Morning everyone from Oxfordshire where it is grey but dry.
Beechnut and Marydoll strange dreams for you last night!
Not much to report ... work soon and a pile of ironing to come home to later.
Hope everyone has as good a day as they canflowers

Grandmabatty Tue 10-Nov-20 07:34:26

Good morning All from a foggy (again) Polmont. Today is babysitting day2 which will be a rerun of yesterday. Swings and puddle splashing, if I can find any. A visit to the fish van is a highlight! Have a good day all.

NannyJan53 Tue 10-Nov-20 07:36:45

Good Morning from a dark and drizzly Black Country.

Making chicken soup this morning as we had roast chicken last night. No other real plans today, hopefully a walk if it brightens up.

Had a lovely surprise in the post yesterday. My partners daughter in London sent us a parcel full of goodies, chocolate, flavoured teas, and a relaxing room spray.

My partner had a call yesterday from a private eye hospital making an appointment for an initial consultation regarding a cataract operation. This is through NHS but they are obviously using the private sector for some procedures.

Starting to feel a bit down, as there seems to be no end to this. Maybe we can be hopefully cautious with the news of this vaccine announced yesterday?

Sorry you had problems sorting out your insurance Ashcombe and then the inevitable 'ambulance chasers'. I had a car hit mine 5 years ago when it was on our drive! It had rolled down from the road opposite. My car was a write off, and within a couple of days, I had the call about the 'accident' and could claim compensation. When I said I wasn't even in the car at the time, they just said, 'oh, I was told you were'.

Good luck today at the hospital Dragonfly

'Welcome to GN and this lovely thread MrsThreadgoode

'Wishing you all a good day, and hope gilly and EV will be back with us soon

Annapops Tue 10-Nov-20 07:42:03

Good morning all from County Durham. Haven't even bothered to look outside, but fingers crossed the forecast earlier in the week comes true with some eventual sunshine.

Supermarket delivery day and our Hello Fresh box expected. I also got round to ordering our Children in Need Calendar ( no trip into Durham this year for a signature copy from our local TV weather presenter).

Meeting DD1 and GD2 for a walk which I'm really looking forward too. May take along a flask and a treat to share. It feels like ages since I've seen them and Lockdown 2 isn't even a week in length.

Have the best day you can everyone.

MawB2 Tue 10-Nov-20 07:42:24

Good morning all.
A sad anniversary for me - how quickly the last three years have passed, but I am grateful to have spent 50 years of my life knowing and loving this gentle and principled man

Sar53 Tue 10-Nov-20 07:48:41

Good morning everyone from a dry and mild Essex by the sea.
DGD3 is 9 today but no school as her whole class is isolating as one little girl has Covid. I'm sure my daughter and SIL plus her two sisters will spoil her. I'll facetime with her later.
The cleaner for our small block of flats has decided he doesn't want to do it anymore so I think DH is going to sweep the stairs later. It's going to be hard to find a reliable cleaner at the moment.
A little housework to do and maybe a walk later.
Scentia another one here who's arthritis is more noticeable in the cold. My right hand and elbow joint are very painful at the moment.
Have a pleasant Tuesday and stay safe everyone xx

Ashcombe Tue 10-Nov-20 07:50:44

flowers for you, MawB2.
I expect you have some wonderful memories to treasure on this poignant day.

Sar53 Tue 10-Nov-20 07:51:02

MawB2 flowers x

Scentia Tue 10-Nov-20 07:52:08

MawB. 💕🌷