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The Queen’s Platinum Anniversary.

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annsixty Thu 12-Nov-20 14:55:50

This is being planned for with a 4 day weekend in June in 2022.

Am I the only one thinking this is premature and actually insensitive?
It is quite possible it will not happen and how many 100’s of 1000’s of pounds will be spent in the meantime.

ginny Thu 12-Nov-20 15:02:38

I am in agreement with you. Most of us are unable to plan even a few weeks ahead at the moment.

suziewoozie Thu 12-Nov-20 15:03:58

You are not the only one. It’s patronising pathetic bread and circuses stuff and demonstrates just how much this so called Government despise us and think us so easy to fool. Covid permitting, I shall leave the country for this as I do for other royal events such as weddings and various metal jubilees.

suziewoozie Thu 12-Nov-20 15:05:12

Highest death toll in Europe - quick throw out a press release on yet another royal celebration fest.

EllanVannin Thu 12-Nov-20 15:08:01

Very insensitive to many I would think.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 12-Nov-20 15:54:53

A light at the end of a very grim tunnel in nineteen months time.

suziewoozie Thu 12-Nov-20 16:04:29

Really ? Makes up for all the deaths, suffering, ruined lives and businesses celebrating wealth, entitlement, privilege, and longevity, people dying without the comfort of their families, thousands in care homes lost and disoriented denied the comfort of a loving child.? Yeah right . Well some of us aren’t so easily fooled or distracted

Benje Thu 12-Nov-20 16:05:37

Let’s bash the government then the royals and soon enough we can start on each other
Or we could just view this a small glimmer of hope in something to look forward to you don’t have to be a fan of the royals to enjoy a bank holiday

Lollin Thu 12-Nov-20 16:06:16

Very insensitive sad
but as always, true to form

suziewoozie Thu 12-Nov-20 16:10:44

Speak for yourself - they are all treating us as fools

Alegrias2 Thu 12-Nov-20 16:13:46

Well, I'm not a Royalist and did leave the country for a few days when H&M got married. But the Queen will be the first monarch to have ruled for 70 years, so I think it would be inappropriate not to celebrate it somehow.

But, I might leave the country again, if we're allowed. smile

GrannyGravy13 Thu 12-Nov-20 16:14:46

Nobody is forcing anyone to celebrate if you are not interested turn the TV off on the day and just stay indoors!!!!

suziewoozie Thu 12-Nov-20 16:19:23

It will be forced on us and using our money ffs. And why bring it up now - we’ve still got the highest death toll in Europe., a Brexit disaster facing us And utter corruption at the hear of Government. But hey let’s have a party - but a pity the hundreds dying this week won’t be able to enjoy it.

suziewoozie Thu 12-Nov-20 16:20:36

Why is longevity do feted? It’s an accident of good genes.

Luckygirl Thu 12-Nov-20 16:24:44

She's banking on being alive - I don't have her optimism!

Alegrias2 Thu 12-Nov-20 16:27:41

This anti-monarchy sceptic actually found the Queen's speech at the start of the lockdown in March quite affecting. The fact that she has lived through nearly 100 years of history and spoke from a perspective most of us don't have worked well for the message she had to deliver. So, in that, longevity is something to appreciate.

Doesn't mean that I wouldn't vote for a republic tomorrow, given the chance.

quizqueen Thu 12-Nov-20 16:31:48

I think this would have been better left to be announced at the beginning of 2022, although back scene planning could have gone ahead. Just in case we are having a coronation instead!

Grandma70s Thu 12-Nov-20 16:34:12

It didn’t occur to me that it was insensitive. I don’t think it is.

I do think it’s a bit over-optimistic. Who knows if she’ll live that long? I suppose the organisers have a problem in that these things take a long time to arrange, so they would have to get going soon. What they would do if she - or, come to think of it, Prince Philip - dies before the date? Massive insurance policy?

JenniferEccles Thu 12-Nov-20 16:54:33

It’s a fantastic landmark so in my opinion it’s perfectly fitting to mark it in some way.

Obviously given the Queen’s age it may not happen but it does no harm at all to announce the plans this far in advance.

A great number of people will want to make a point of being around for it, including of course lots from other countries.


Anniebach Thu 12-Nov-20 16:57:10

How is it a 4 day weekend ? There is to be an extra bank holiday, I assume this will a Monday, no one has to watch any
tv if there are programmes about it or read about it.

So how has it become a 4 day weekend?

GrannyGravy13 Thu 12-Nov-20 17:01:59

Anniebach the extra day will be a Friday added onto the late May Bank Holiday weekend as I understand.

PamelaJ1 Thu 12-Nov-20 17:03:51

Well it suits me. My niece is getting married on the 4th.
Do I need to book accommodation now? Is that even possible?

Parsley3 Thu 12-Nov-20 17:05:47

I am sure that anyone who still has a job will be delighted to have a bank holiday. It is too soon to be planning this and it’s a sorry state of affairs if this is being seen as a glimmer of hope.

annsixty Thu 12-Nov-20 17:14:25

I certainly was not suggesting in my OP that we shouldn’t celebrate if the Queen achieves this milestone, so please don’t misinterpret my post.
I think it is far too early to announce this , even if some preliminary planning takes place.

I think it is insensitive to assume the Queen will still be on the throne and also to be contemplating spending vast sums of someone’s money considering the state the country is in.

If big business wants to sponsor the whole thing, all well and good.

Anniebach Thu 12-Nov-20 17:18:12

Thank you GrannyGravy , I was puzzled.