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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 10-Dec-20 06:18:08

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark as usual , but looks dry and obviously cold.
I am hoping to bus it to Bicester this morning to shop , try and get my haircut ,and visit my bakery cafe .
But I am waiting an email as to estimated delivery slot from DHL , with my Parsley Box of Christmas food items etc.
Take Care,

Pantglas2 Thu 10-Dec-20 06:23:23

Morning Mick and all who follow - I’m up at sparrowfart as we have to trot to Argos in Mold to pick up new electric fire as our nearest ones didn’t have any!

Hope things are improving for little Iris, GrandMattie, what a brave little soul she is 💐.

Will pop back later to read about all your doings x

Dwmxwg Thu 10-Dec-20 06:27:59

Good morning Mick and all to come. Dry and cold her in north Surrey.
I will be doing a drive by visit to mum and dad this morning. Drop off some cards and goodies as it is their 66th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Sad I can’t “see them properly” but I know my sisters are doing their bit. Mum has another UTI and her memory is getting worse, has been deteriorating ever since Covid started.
I have promised the boys pancakes for breakfast, seems to have become a weekly treat for them. They are off to butlins with DD for the weekend. She has been so looking forward to it but worried that it wouldn’t happen. She works hard as a single mum so I am very happy that they will be going.
Take care everyone and have a good day

grandMattie Thu 10-Dec-20 06:31:54

Good morning from E Kent. Usual dank grey winter weather I think.
Only another few days before the winter solstice, then the days will lengthen again. Yippee 😊
Last Spanish class for the term today. Most of the usual suspects didn’t join this year because of Zoom l. I have to confess I find it hard to engage and don’t enjoy the classes much. I carry on because it is supposed to keep my brain plastic.
Iris is settling down, now taking her meds according to text from her mum. What is distressing her now is that she has realised how much she’s missing stuck at home and finds big sister’s bouncing joyous return from school too much to cope with. I think it’s her first hospital physio today. I expect they will check the extent to which DD has been following the printed list of daily adjustments to the bolts and screws.
I’m making another two pairs of trousers today. I sent their Christmas presents yesterday; there was a 40 minute queue mostly outside in the cold.😟
Ke safe and have a gent day, everyone. X

grandMattie Thu 10-Dec-20 06:34:48

🤬 keep safe and have a gentle day!

Beechnut Thu 10-Dec-20 06:35:28

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. Much the same weather wise this morning.

I’ve just made my first cuppa and while waiting for it to brew thought I’d put on a load of washing. There was just an eggcup full of powder in the box so that plan went out the window. I didn’t fancy going outside into the garage to get a new box yet.

I have a few errands to run this morning and maybe a catch up with my friend later. I kept missing her calls yesterday.

Have a good day all and the troupers keep trouping on 🎄

cornergran Thu 10-Dec-20 06:53:59

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark, cold, dry corner of Somerset. Another quiet day ahead here, Mr C is on a jigsaw mission (again!), I should continue with the tech challenges and try to find out just what has happened with our energy supplier swap. We seem to be in limbo. It sounds as if the reality of recovery is registering with Iris now grandMattie. A trip to physio doesn’t sound too exciting for her if very necessary. I’m sure her parents will get full marks for following instructions, The family drive by visits can be hard dwmxwg. We went on one yesterday to drop off some Christmas outside lights, A distant wave just isn’t the same, found it quite upsetting. Take care everyone, hope there’s some brightness for us all.

Scentia Thu 10-Dec-20 06:56:21

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is still dark and feels mild.
Normal work day today, we are still busy which is good.
I like it when it is drier and milder as I don’t have as much pain from my arthritis, (something we used to laugh at my mum for when she said it was the weather that made her worse, whose laughing now!!!)
I made a start on ironing and sorting the mountain of clothes from DGS but I only got to the 3 - 6 month lot!
I thought I should ask if any of my GM friends knew of someone who would appreciate, and really needed a bag of boys clothes I have them from birth to 12 months. Just PM me if you want me to donate a bag to someone who could do with some.
Take care everyone and stay safe❤️

Jaxjacky Thu 10-Dec-20 07:01:45

Morning all, dark, milder, dry I think in S Hants. I’m not good in the mornings and been up 25 mins as DH up for work, I’m out of the habit of staying in bed on my own, I’d be even groggily if I dozed back off.
Man coming to fit new blinds, it’ll be like chess as I move into a different room while he fits in two rooms, might sit in my car!
Have a reasonable day all.

Beauregard Thu 10-Dec-20 07:03:47

Good morning from Derbyshire. Cloudy but dry today.

Early shop this morning. I dumbfounded DH by also going yesterday afternoon. How can anyone want to go shopping two days running?? To make Christmas happen, I explained.

Later we're trying a new recipe for 5 spice pork fillet in the slow cooker. It's our day to collect the boys from school so it will be ready for when we get home.

Glad to hear Iris is doing a little better now. So many challenges for her to face.

Hope everyone is feeling well today.

kittylester Thu 10-Dec-20 07:04:00

Good morning all. North Leicestershire is quite chilly but dry!

Card delivery round the village this morning and a Sainsbury"s delivery this afternoon.

Last night's zoom session with Carers went well but i do find it tiring and didnt sleep well.

I hope Iris has a good day.

Love to gilly if she is around.

Bellasnana Thu 10-Dec-20 07:06:22

Good morning from Malta where it looks as if we might be in for some showers today.

I’ve seen the ads for Parsley Box, Mick, do you find them good? Very convenient if so as cooking for one can be a bit of a chore.

Had a lovely virtual chat with my DGD yesterday. She was up early ( Florida is 6 hrs behind Malta time wise), and when it was time for her online school to begin she showed me all her little classmates sitting at their computers, and her teacher in the actual classroom. What a strange world for them, they’ve missed out on so much this year. DGD is quite lonely being an only child she misses interaction with her friends.

No plans today until this evening when the vet is coming to see Buzz. His itching is non stop so she’s going to try giving him a weekly injection. More expense.☹️

My son must have a day off today because the smell of bacon is permeating the house. As a non meat eater it turns my stomach.🤢

Wishing everyone the best day possible. Take care all.☀️

harrigran Thu 10-Dec-20 07:14:36

Good morning from the NE where it is dry.
Burglar alarm and CCTV maintenance this morning, any time from 8am, no problem I have been up since 5.30am.
Telephone appointment with my consultant yesterday afternoon, was waiting when the phone rang but it was DH's accountant. I lost my temper and told DH to get him off the line. Consultant rang my mobile seconds later, house phone was engaged.
Consultant was happy with my progress and is discharging me back into the care of the GP. Five years and I have always seen the main man, excellent surgeon with a lovely manner.
Giving up hope of parcels being delivered, some are two weeks and counting.

Nannytopsy Thu 10-Dec-20 07:20:57

Good morning Mick and all his followers.
Suffolk is grey but dry this morning. We shall wrap up and do some tidying up in the garden.
Still have a Christmas pud to make. Waiting on DL to bring eggs - she is vegan but will eat the eggs from her own ducks and chickens.
I hope today is kind to everyone.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 10-Dec-20 07:26:03

Good morning Mick and all

Still dark here in S E Essex, might pop to the farm shop this morning as I am up to date with all my jobs, including doing the handwashing .

Keep safe and well folks 🤶🏻

Ashcombe Thu 10-Dec-20 07:28:07

Good morning to you all from a foggy Torbay. I could rival Eartha Kitt today with symptoms of a cold affecting my upper register! I must have caught it at church despite all the Covid precautions as symptoms began on Tuesday.

grandMattie: poor Iris! So hard to feel she’s missing out on all the school fun at the moment. Presumably, she couldn’t attend school for special events e.g. plays, etc. I can’t remember if she has a wheelchair.

Dwmxwg: so sorry to hear about your Mum's memory. I’m sure you’ll know how a UTI can exacerbate mental confusion in the elderly. My late Mum would imagine people were in her house at such times.

Scentia: that sounds like a labour of love! Would it be an idea to contact a branch of a local charity such as the Salvation Army, who might well know of needy families who would benefit from the clothes?

A day to hibernate is welcome although I did enjoy attending my “Move It or Lose It” class yesterday and felt the benefit.

Wishing all with worries or pain some relief.

NannyJan53 Thu 10-Dec-20 07:36:08

Good morning from a dark and dull Black Country.

Had a lovely walk with Mum yesterday. We had a look in the Hospice Charity shop in Compton, and I bought a pair of jeans, jumper and a matching scarf. All for the princely sum of £6.

We are at long last planning on re-decorating the living room. We have been here since May 2013, all the rooms are now done ie new Bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms and Dining room decorated. Just so looking forward to have this room done to our taste. It will be new sofas, carpets etc. The ceiling has to be re-plastered and re-wired, as we inherited what I call "disco lights" along one side and they need to come out. Electrician is coming to quote week after next.

Good news for you harrigran flowers

Bellasnana my 9 year old DGD even has to join the Brownies by Zoom. I was sent photo's of Christmas biscuits she had made with them via a Zoom lesson. They are all so missing their friends.

Wishing you all a good day. If you are reading gilly you are always in our thoughts here flowers

Marydoll Thu 10-Dec-20 07:46:32

Good morning all from a chilly Glasgow, where its only 3 °C.
DH has been up blundering pottering about since the crack of dawn, so of course he woke me up!

He is installing a new disc station, at eye watering expense and it has been transferring all the data from the old one since yesterday.
Eventually DS2 had to take over DH's PC remotely as the installation had become extremely complicated. I find all that fascinating. (Geek alert 😁) I think he has been worrying about it. He doesn't seem to be able to cope with things like that these days and won't accept any advice from me.
We have every family photo from time immemorial scanned into it and our children can also access from their devices.
Normally DS2 would have visited to deal with it, but we are in Level 4 in two different areas, so that's not possible.

I did look in earlier , but there was no sign of Mick.
I'm glad to hear you are feeling well enough to go on the bus and get your hair cut, Mick. Our hairdressers have been closed and of course when they open tomorrow, it will be difficult for me to go safely.
I will be forced to ask DD to cut it, as my fringe is driving me mad!
Desperate measures indeed!
GM pleased to see Iris is improving and a bit brighter. She has such a long journey ahead.

In my expedition deep into the man cave cupboard yesterday, I discovered a host of items. There were six boxes of forgotten Christmas crackers ( why?) and at least six pairs of DH's old trousers, which when asked, he said he was saving them for decorating! How many legs does he have!!!

What I also found was my Santa Claus outfit, which I had when I was teaching. Every Christmas, I organised the staff Christmas lunch and Secret Santa. I had a number of alter egos. I've been Dolly Parton with fake boobs from the £ shop, Dame Edna Everage and one year, our boss, complete with bald head and distinctive mannerisms and sayings, but always dressed in a Santa suit. My boss loved the impersonation.
I also had a variety of very cheap and highly inflammable wigs, and a cushion to stuff up my Santa suit. The wigs were not at all flattering, I looked positively disreputable.
One year, I was spotted by a Primary One child, as I was sneaking along a corridor. 🎅 His reaction was indeed magical! All I could hear was the over excited child shouting that Santa was in the school. 🤣

As you can imagine, it was a riot. There was always a twist to the procedings. I would add extra presents to the dip, which had a meaning for some staff, usually related to some misdemeanour they thought they had gotten away with. New staff used to sit stunned, as the lunch progressed. They didn't call me Scary Santa for no reason. 😉

On one occasion, we had got a new, purpose built ICT suite, my pride and joy, complete with an all singing, all dancing interactive whiteboard. I came back to my room to find someone had used a permanent marker on it instead of the interactive pen.
Eventually I found out that it had been my friend who had done it, she thought I didn't know. When she opened her gift, she found a brillo pad, Cif spray, a cloth and a permanent marker! Her face was indeed a sight to behold. 😁 I knew!!!

Anyway, I have rambled enough. Lots to catch up on today. Not too good a day healthwise yesterday, so fingers crossed for a better day. The bad days seem to be outweighing the good at the moment.😒

I will probably have missed lots of posts, while writing this, so I will pop back later.

Take care everyone and sending my very best wishes to all who are struggling with life at the moment. There are so many of us on GN.

ginny Thu 10-Dec-20 07:51:29

Good Morning from N. Bucks where it is a little misty again.

cornergran I feel the same about driveway visits. I love to see them but feel very emotional when they go. However I shall be the one on the drive and waving to DGS through the window. Better than nothing.

I did finally get all the cards finished so will get them posted today and deliver the local ones.

We might venture to Costco later but won’t be queuing or going in if it looks too busy..

Hope you all find a 😄 today.

baubles Thu 10-Dec-20 07:57:37

Good morning Mick, morning all from S Lanarkshire where another dark and damp day dawns.

A comment from someone on one of my Facebook groups yesterday triggered a memory which led to me losing several hours down the rabbit hole of Ancestry. As a result I didn’t sleep well, my mind was whirling with memories which resulted in some very odd dreams.

The wrapping of gifts still hasn’t begun, I really must get my act together and get started after being so organised with online shopping over the past couple of months.

Look after yourselves, whatever your day brings.

brook2704 Thu 10-Dec-20 08:00:17

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s still dark but I think it’s dry and it’s definitely cold.
Hope you’re feeling better soon Ashcombe and it’s really good news that Iris continues to improve grandMattie, even though she’s stuck at home.
Loving your dressing up story and tales of school life Marydoll, really made me chuckle!
I’ve got quite a busy day ahead, a grocery shop at Tesco this morning and then picking the DGC up from school later, they’re staying over tonight too.
Hope everyone facing struggles and worries has a better day today and take care whatever the day brings 💐

annsixty Thu 10-Dec-20 08:01:36

Good morning all from Stockport.
Early bird for a change but I have been awake ages.
Life is indeed difficult for many, I feel guilty as I am making reasonable progress but it isn’t fast enough for me and I realise I will never be free of a walking stick which makes me feel what I am, a very old lady!!
Why can’t I accept it?

Does anyone know if MellowYellow has left GN?
She has not posted recently and PM’s we exchanged about hip problems have been deleted at her request, usually a sign that someone has departed.

Going to get a cup of tea now and see if I can be motivated into writing cards, a job I hate, no idea why.

Have the best day you can everyone.

Sar53 Thu 10-Dec-20 08:02:04

Good morning from a dry but cold Essex by the sea.
I'm going to the supermarket this morning whilst DH waits in for a delivery. Sewing and catching up with tv this afternoon.
I marzipaned my Christmas cake yesterday, will probably ice it next week. I do hope it tastes good.
Have a lovely Thursday and stay safe everyone xx

Grandmabatty Thu 10-Dec-20 08:02:44

Good morning All. It's so dark! I look forward to the winter solstice too. I'm babysitting today so a wee walk outside to burn up his energy as he's becoming rather challenging. Just being a toddler I suppose but I'm not used to it! Dsil is struggling with his tantrums too while dd is mostly managing him magnificently. Apparently I have some kind of nasty infection so more samples are required. Yuck. I assume, once identified, a course of antibiotics will be given. I hope so as it's all very unpleasant. marydoll I can picture you all dressed up! ☺ Have a good day all.

grandMattie Thu 10-Dec-20 08:11:42

Marydoll, how I wish I’d been one of your colleagues! It sounds so much 🤩 fun.
My only experience as peripatetic French assistant was less than happy in most schools, I went to 22schools at one stage. The problem was the office staff who loathed me for some reason!