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Is it ok to be Australian on this site?

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Ehlana Mon 14-Dec-20 11:59:03

I'm originally from UK now living in Australia since 1974 and was wondering if it's ok to be on this site. smile

Calendargirl Mon 14-Dec-20 12:02:06

Ask Rufus.

Toadinthehole Mon 14-Dec-20 12:06:45

Of course it is.....get stuck in, and welcomeπŸ₯³

Toadinthehole Mon 14-Dec-20 12:07:21

Who’s Rufus?

EllanVannin Mon 14-Dec-20 12:09:14

Many here have relatives in Oz, me included ( Sydney ) Join in

timetogo2016 Mon 14-Dec-20 12:09:34

Welcome to gransnet Ehlana.

Jane10 Mon 14-Dec-20 12:09:40

Rufus2 is an Australian gent who often posts a thread with the title 'Good evening...'. I think his last one was called 'Good evening Fryday'. He keeps us up to date on Covid and the weather in Melbourne. There are other Ozzy Grans too.

Esspee Mon 14-Dec-20 12:13:24

Of course you are welcome. It would help if when you tell us are having a Christmas barbie in the glorious midsummer sunshine with all of your neighbours in attendance that you mention your location or you may be deluged by complainers telling you you are breaking β€œthe rules”.

Jaxjacky Mon 14-Dec-20 12:21:31

Definitely, welcome!

Kalu Mon 14-Dec-20 12:30:10

A warm welcome Ehlana.
We have a DD in Australia who tells us life is back to normal in Queensland....unlike here in the UK.

BlueSky Mon 14-Dec-20 12:31:47

Welcome Ehlana! My sons live in Oz! tchsmile

Lucretzia Mon 14-Dec-20 12:32:11

Of course!

Hello there smile

GrannyGravy13 Mon 14-Dec-20 12:34:02

G’day Elhana we have family and friends in Melbourne, welcome to GN.

Lucca Mon 14-Dec-20 12:52:24

I too have a son in Sydney !

sodapop Mon 14-Dec-20 12:55:33

Yes welcome Ehlana good to hear from you. As you can tell there are a lot of people on here with relatives in Australia. Be interesting to hear how things are for you over there.

Mapleleaf Mon 14-Dec-20 13:02:02

Hello, Ehlana. Welcome aboard. We have posters from many parts of the world. It will be lovely to hear your news, too. 😁

Situpstraight2 Mon 14-Dec-20 13:09:48

Welcome, we have family in Perth.

glammanana Mon 14-Dec-20 13:11:37

Hello Ehlana welcome to GN we have many nanna'a and some grandpa's who have relatives in Australia.
Where did you live in UK ?

Judy54 Mon 14-Dec-20 13:53:05

Of course Ehlana everyone is welcome here and you will find some very interesting threads to read or to add your comments for discussion. Enjoy!

FannyCornforth Mon 14-Dec-20 14:11:12


Who’s Rufus?

Ha ha! tchgrin
He's going to love that!

PollyDolly Mon 14-Dec-20 14:13:33

Welcome aboard! Oh, and newcomers get the first round in, cheers! πŸ‘πŸ€£πŸ€£

infoman Mon 14-Dec-20 14:20:15

Of course your wellcome,
you can keep us up to date of the latest info of when we can travel to Australia.
Hopefully no later that Christmas(U.K.) 2021

Rufus2 Mon 14-Dec-20 14:31:09

unlike here in the UK
And unlike here in Victoria! tchgrin

farview Mon 14-Dec-20 15:30:59

Hi and welcome..also have a son and family in Australia..πŸ¦‹

Ashcombe Mon 14-Dec-20 15:45:25

Good to have you onboard. I have a daughter and family in Grovedale, VIC.