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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 15-Dec-20 06:09:01

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but looks dry outside here in Brackley , today is haircut with the hairdresser who visits my location .
I then plan to get a bus to Bicester only today , to shop and also have a coffee etc.
I am awaiting a parcel delivery as well but hopefully will be back in time to collect .
Take Care,

cornergran Tue 15-Dec-20 06:15:08

Morning Mick, morning All. Dark, cold and dry in our corner of Somerset. Had one of those nights when I’ve woken for a few minutes every hour. Think the hospital call to Mr C yesterday has been disturbing me, not bad just vague, no questions answered. Hope to get out for a walk today, clear some cobwebs. You must be pleased to finally get your haircut Mick. Take care everyone, special thoughts for those finding life hard going just now.

grandMattie Tue 15-Dec-20 06:16:27

Good morning from a dry E Kent.
New CV19 variant! In Kent and SE. No wonder the numbers are shooting up here. DGS’s mum thins she’s got it. Hope not as she has two other children young than DGS, who bless him is holding the fort.
Supermarket today, yay! Collecting my new glasses from the in store shop, I hope. It is 5 weeks since my eye test and this is the longest I’ve had to wait. I’ve got complicated prescriptions but it’s never taken that long.
Iris is seeing the consultant today. Stitch removal? Let you know tomorrow what transpires.
Hope today brings relief to everyone. Stay age.

grandMattie Tue 15-Dec-20 06:16:53

Age =safe! 🤬

Beechnut Tue 15-Dec-20 06:22:24

Good Morning Mick and all who follow from a wet Severnside.

Just a regular Tuesday for me and have a job to do for my brother. He came by last night and teased me a bit, I laughed which was good for my mood. We also came to a conclusion together on something so that will be even better for a situation that has caused me a great deal of past anxiety.

My sister in law then sent me a photo of the snow falling and a funny which also made me laugh.

Stay safe everyone 🎄

Ashcombe Tue 15-Dec-20 06:22:33

Good morning, Mick, cornergran, grandMattie and company from a very calm Torbay.

Yesterday, I assured you I was posting my final photograph of Christmas decorations but then kind comments from Taichanan and others inspired me to take just one more so this is my festive front door! The items on either side of the doormat belonged to my late mother and I can’t bring myself to part with them!

Today, I hope to deliver Christmas cards from our church to one local street. Everyone in the parish receives one although, at the time of printing, it wasn’t known if services could be held so recipients are advised to check the website. We aren’t celebrating Midnight Mass at the usual time but having two services during Christmas Eve, at 6.00 pm and 9.00pm to accommodate the numbers.

Wishing everyone some relief from their pain and worries today and I hope the consultation will go well for Iris. 🤞

Nortsat Tue 15-Dec-20 06:33:22

Good morning Mick and the GM team from east London where it is still very dark.

I booked a Hermes Courier to collect my Christmas parcels on Saturday... no one came. They don’t collect on Sunday, but their system told me they would collect on Monday ... no one came.
I am at a loss and quite cross about all this inconvenience and low level concern. Will someone please send me some good luck, to help me get these parcels to their destinations.

Hope Iris’s visit to the hospital goes well, Mattie.

I had lunch with a friend yesterday, in the heated booth of a pub garden. We were warm and comfortable and had a nice lunch and then the heavens opened. It was like a monsoon and we got the giggles ... we laughed and laughed at the absurdity of the situation.
Fortunately the pub has a large conservatory, which was empty, so we sat in there and had coffee.

Hope Cherry and Mary had a comfortable night. Hope MrFannyCornforth is making good progress.
Thinking of MellowYellow and of course gilly.

Have a good day all.😎

harrigran Tue 15-Dec-20 06:36:17

Good morning Mick and all to follow.
It is dark and dry and not cold.
Sainsbury's delivery yesterday had everything we wanted and the delivery man unpacked the crates into my shopping bags and put them into the porch, when I thanked him profusely he said he had just delivered five crates to the top of a high rise block.
I heard that the GC had done their Christmas decorations so asked for pictures of the tree, GD is very artistic and used to help me with our tree.
Today is my sister's 80th birthday, she is on her own in Germany but will probably have several WhatsApp calls today.
We have another two birthdays this week but there will be no celebrations as a family.
Last cards posted last night, DH insisted on standing in the porch until I went to the postbox and returned, he always used to do the cards for me but pain and another fall on Sunday morning has him housebound for now.

Pantglas2 Tue 15-Dec-20 06:48:24

Morning everyone from a dark but dry north Wales where I’m up an supping! ☕️

Makes a change from yesterday where I slept in til 9:45 after an orrible restless night (like so many of you it seems - is it an age thing?). Then dashed out to Asda and simply chased my tail all day!

One lovely thing did happen to make up for it all - Asda had reduced the price of my local distillery’s produce from £25 down to £16🤪 my Nain (gran) taught me, I bought “one to try, one to put by”

Ashcombe, you are the front runner in the Xmas decorations stakes and unless some young filly comes up in the last few furlongs, the Trophy 🏆 is yours!

Will pop back later to read your bizziness but stay safe folks x

Grammaretto Tue 15-Dec-20 06:54:57

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Still dark here.
I've had a wakeful night so will be good for nothing today.
I hope the courier comes Nortsat.
I hope Iris is making good progress. Matte
Sorry for all in pain and fèeling worried or sad.

Elizabeth1 Tue 15-Dec-20 06:56:06

Good morning everyone from a quiet east coast of Fife and it is a good morning now that my dh is truly on the mend and we’ve all had a fabulous sleep. The gp who came to visit yesterday was so nice with a lovely bedside manner he even dropped my dhs prescription into the chemist himself we couldn’t ask for better service. My dh intends to get up from bed today to help my ds with chores around the house. Not too many cause he’s still to rest. My own anxieties have since greatly reduced and I’m so looking forward to each day in a calm and sensible manner. Thank you so much for the personal messages of support from some lovely folks keep safe now and enjoy each day this time in our lives will soon be history. Hugs to you all flowers

Dwmxwg Tue 15-Dec-20 07:09:31

Good morning Mick and all the GMs. Bit of a sleep in this morning as dog alarm didn’t bark until 6.30.
Ashcombe your door looks very welcoming and love that you have decorations handed down from your mum.
Norstat sending positive vibes that your parcels are collected today.
We had a lovely woodland walk yesterday, our young dog charges round like a mad thing and then sits in muddy puddles to cool off. So glad I invested in a tumble dryer to dry all the towels I end up using.
Meeting up with DSs partner and DGDs this afternoon for a walk, looking forward to seeing them again after an enforced break.
Stay safe and have a good day to all

dragonfly46 Tue 15-Dec-20 07:10:29

Good morning. It’s still dark here in Leicestershire.

Had a productive day yesterday. I took the bags of food I had been amassing to the food bank and arranged for DPD to pick up two boxes of presents today to wing their way to Brighton. I hope he turns up!
Then went for a walk with some good friends.
I also made the final menus for the few days of Christmas.

Think I deserve a quiet one today just wrapping the remaining presents.

I hope Iris gets on well at the hospital GrandMattie.

Wishing you all a good day.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 15-Dec-20 07:14:43

Good morning Muck and all

Pleased your hair is getting sorted Mick.

I am off for an outside brunch with three dear friends this morning at a friends tea room. She has fleece covers on the chairs, hot water bottles and we can take our own blankets. It should have been next Monday (21) but we are going into Tier 3 at midnight.

I do feel for the folks in the hospitality industries, I hope they are able to use all their orders food on takeout menus, I fear many will not tropical after this shutdown.

I hope all your troubles and worries are solvable.

Thinking of gillybob

Keep safe and well folks 🤶🏻🎄

GrannyGravy13 Tue 15-Dec-20 07:15:54

tropical grrr that should be reopen!!!

Beauregard Tue 15-Dec-20 07:18:02

Good morning all from Derbyshire where a nice day is forecast. Although the same was forecast yesterday and then rain came from nowhere.

Yesterday I emptied both Tesco and Morrisons of most of their flower stock (which isn't great on a Monday) and this morning am making two wreaths for tomorrows funeral. I will have far too many flowers, but better too many than not enough. The house will have plenty of flowers around afterwards and maybe a table decoration if I have time. Before I start I have to see what foliage I can find in the garden.

This afternoon we will deliver them to the undertakers. DH is planning a route nearby so we can go walking afterwards.

We tried a new recipe for a chilli meatball bake yesterday. I didn't skimp on the chilli and it was the hottest food I have ever eaten! It was delicious though, but I'll tone down the heat next time!

Hope everyone is feeling well and today is kind to all.

travelsafar Tue 15-Dec-20 07:20:36

Morning all. Still recovering from the scarey news about Covid variants, it made me cry when i heard this on the news yesterday.

Off to the hairdresser for a fringe trim today, pre-empting a total lock down again after Xmas so thought i would get in now. Also want to give my HD a decent tip as she has had a rough year like many other service industries.

Need a couple more stocking fillers so hoping to pick those up this morning. Also have to drop gifts off to a couple of friends. Doorstep drop offs only.

Hoping to catch up with my darling grand daughter today at some point as it's her birthday and as she works shifts, i never quite know when to ring her, but have messaged her via Facebook already,so she knows i am thinking of her.

Have a good day everyone and stay safe.

Lins1066 Tue 15-Dec-20 07:42:20

Good morning Mick and all. It is dry here on the S Welsh coast. Day 2 of our son's house move so hope the weather is kind again today. Mr Lins is going to help erect a dolls house and some furniture so I will have one of Marydoll's empties.
The fish man will call later and I have a book to finish and presents to wrap.
The florist's instructions for the Christmas wreath weren't difficult to follow, a shame the class was cancelled though, hopefully next year...
Have a good day everyone, stay safe.

Sar53 Tue 15-Dec-20 07:51:26

Good morning from a dry and warmer Essex by the sea.
I've not slept well again, awake from 3-5, thoughts going round and round.
DH is going to our local butcher first thing and then we have a few presents to buy.
I hope Iris has a fruitful visit to her consultant.
I wish you all a pleasant day. Xx

Urmstongran Tue 15-Dec-20 08:03:22

Good morning everyone from South Manchester (the predictive suggestion is still ‘Malaga’ at the moment!) where it’s getting light. Dry, mild and I can see the ridge of the Pennines outlined by the sunrise behind them - a wide band of bright orange - which is always a good sign.

The GP diagnosed Eustachian tube dysfunction yesterday. Said she could see bubbles in my ear canal. The spinning sensation I get is only when I lie dow or turn over in bed. Nothing like as bad as years ago when I had labyrinthitis. My lymph glands are up too suggesting a viral infection. She said it can take up to 3 months to clear. Ah well, if that’s all I’ve got to worry about it’s reassured me.

The drier is working now so think I’ll strip the bed and get it all washed, dried and put back on for tonight. No ironing here anymore - those daft days as gone. As long as it’s clean and fresh that’ll do.

A trip up the road I think at lunchtime - to the independent shops - the cobbler’s to stick soles on a pair of boots and the bookshop to pick up that Christmas children’s book I ordered from Spain plus a mooch there - Sandra always has lovely cards and gifts which make for nice stocking fillers for the grandchildren. I always wrap them - it’s adds to the excitement I think!

Can’t decide whether to buy the tree today from outside our local florist or leave it a few days. We walk it home - it’s only a 5 minute walk and I carry the top end anyway! Maybe today is good as it’s dry.

Sorry to hear you’re feeling low cornergran I hope you find some joy soon. Lovely to hear Iris is making such progress grandMattie she’s amazed us all - brave girl.

Hope Tuesday is good to us all. Himself is taking our 8y old grandson to his outdoor football practice at 6pm so our Covid warrior can stay home and bath little miss who is tired after starting nursery school in September and goes to bed around 6:30pm. I can’t believe she will be 4y old next month. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

ginny Tue 15-Dec-20 08:05:05

Good Morning. It looks dry but chilly outside in N. Bucks.

Elisabeth1 glad to hear things are getting a bit better for you.

Our neighbour fell over yesterday. Luckily in the house and she was near enough to reach for the ‘phone. We have a key and managed to get her up and make sure she was ok.

Today we are meeting my Brother and SIL at a garden centre half way between us. Will be outside and wrapped up warm . I think if we have coffee we have to sit on separate tables as we are different households and shout at each other ! Everyone will able to hear our secrets😁

Hope you all find a 😃today.

Pittcity Tue 15-Dec-20 08:06:06

Good morning from Colchester where the condensation is on the outside of the windows. Another mild day. I had to carry my coat yesterday.
Both DDs are now in tier 3 but Colchester is to remain in 2. This means that our town will be full of people from out of town. I'm steering clear.
Eldest DGS was sent home from school yesterday to isolate due to contact in his bubble. That means all 3 have done their time.
A walk with DH today is the only thing on our agenda.

Urmstongran Tue 15-Dec-20 08:08:38

X posts Lins - that spectacular Christmas wreath certainly has the ‘wow’ factor. It’s beautiful. Clever you.

Ashcombe love your front door too - maybe it is time to buy our tree for the verandah I’m feeling the vibes this morning!

kittylester Tue 15-Dec-20 08:09:32

Good morning from a dry North Leicestershire.

I'm joining you all in the poor night club. I had a volunteer meeting via Zoom last night which was attended by 90 people - eek! And then we had unsettling news from a neice.

On a more positive note, we have a visit from the new roof man to look forward to!!

And, more wrapping to do!

Urmstongran Tue 15-Dec-20 08:15:53

Sorry cornergran my comment just now was insensitive I think. I understand re-reading your post that you are anxious about your husband’s health.

I hope you both get the reassurance you need soon. Anxiety is exhausting isn’t it? I hope your walk later lifts your spirits a little. x