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House buyer drops out - this is the fifth time!

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Luckygirl Tue 22-Dec-20 22:33:33

Well - I have received an early Christmas present - my buyer has dropped out. They were here again on Saturday talking about which curtains they wanted etc. ; and I have clocked up more solicitor bills again. It is just adding up as buyers drop out.

Shandy57 Tue 22-Dec-20 22:36:36

I'm so terribly, terribly sorry Luckygirl. Did they give a reason?

annsixty Tue 22-Dec-20 22:38:20

So sorry Luckygirl the most stressful time.
It is why I am now staying put.
Hard on my family I know but they are younger and there are 3 of them to shoulder the burden and they will reap the reward.
Good luck with it all and try to enjoy Christmas first.

Luckygirl Tue 22-Dec-20 22:40:51

There was a tiny chain - just my buyers, who themselves had a cash buyer - their buyer dropped out today because work was needed on my buyers' cottage, and even though they dropped the price by £20k they still backed out. It is a minefield out there in the housing market at the moment. I am going to sleep on it and decide what to do. I am desperate to leave this place and its unhappy memories and go back where all my friends are.

Ellianne Tue 22-Dec-20 22:43:37

Oh Luckygirl how horrible for you.

paddyanne Tue 22-Dec-20 22:52:32

have you considered renting yourhouse ? If you needthe money for your new place can you get a buyto let mortgage on it and use the rent to pay for your new home .Might be a solution after all the let downs.We have been let down 3 times and we have decided to stay put for now but will consider renting this houseif we find somewhere else before it sells .Good luck with it all,its given mt nightmares and I haven't gone through the awful situation you have .

Shandy57 Tue 22-Dec-20 22:52:36

I really feel for you. What a year, I hope you can get some rest and your EA can phone around interested parties tomorrow, I think they finish Christmas eve morning. Sending positive thoughts.

Doodle Tue 22-Dec-20 22:54:45

Luckygirl I am so sorry. It’s awful when that happens. Al I can say is persevere. You will get there in the end and it will be worth it.

Luckygirl Wed 23-Dec-20 09:04:57

Thank you.

I am just gritting my teeth and bashing on - it matters so much to me to be gone from this place full of sad memories and to be back with all my friends.

It is hard to believe that this could happen to me five times. Lots of support from my lovely girls, so I have to count my blessings.

Elusivebutterfly Wed 23-Dec-20 09:07:47

I'm sorry this has happened. This buying and selling business is such a lottery.

Parsley3 Wed 23-Dec-20 09:18:30

I am sorry to hear this luckygirl. It will be of no comfort to you but my family has had experience of this sort of thing as well. Mortgage lenders are being hyper cautious just now too. However, five times is hard to take. No wonder you are scunnered.

kittylester Wed 23-Dec-20 09:19:38

Oh rude words, lucky!! I'm so sorry!!

Taking on board paddy's point. Could you rent your house and rent at the other end?

Smileless2012 Wed 23-Dec-20 09:24:48

I am sorry Luckygirl what a nightmare this year has been for youflowers.

Sparklefizz Wed 23-Dec-20 09:33:42

So sorry to hear this luckygirl. Moving house is terribly stressful at the best of times and now we have Covid and you have had a nightmare year. flowers

Luckygirl Wed 23-Dec-20 10:00:57

Thank you for kind words - and especially for rude words!

When I messaged my DDs about it yesterday, one of them came back with a torrent of unrepeatable abuse towards the buyer who let me down. I did not know my ladylike DD even knew such language! But she said everything that I was far too polite to say!

Jane10 Wed 23-Dec-20 10:05:02

Oh Luckygirl how desperately annoying and upsetting for you. I'm so sorry to hear this. Surely the market will pick up soon. Could someone or some organisation offer a bridging loan at all?

Ellianne Wed 23-Dec-20 10:11:03

You obviously have a desirable house to sell if you have had 5 potential buyers Luckygirl. Can you have a long and constructive chat with the estate agent about the profile of the desirable type of purchaser?

Charleygirl5 Wed 23-Dec-20 10:26:39

Luckygirl have you considered auctioning it? I am a fan of "Homes under the Hammer" and although most have seen better days there should not be a problem provided you put a decent reserve on it. You must have somewhere to live and more importantly store your furniture because you have to be out within 28 days. Maybe something to consider?

Grandmabatty Wed 23-Dec-20 10:28:09

It happened to me three times so I sympathise greatly. I took the house off the market for a while and tried again successfully. I think you have been very unlucky as it sounds like you have a good property to sell.

Luckygirl Wed 23-Dec-20 10:43:53

Thank you for all the suggestions - I will mull them over.

I have considered a bridging loan, but financial advisor said it would be unwise in my circumstances.

My bungalow is very desirable and there has been a lot of interest. It is just that lower down the chain people drop out, or mortgage companies withdraw offers etc. .....all out of my control completely.

BigBertha1 Wed 23-Dec-20 11:01:58

I am so sorry Luckygirl its the most horrible frustrating process ever. We luckily have just got there after 15months and three buyers. I do hope you get some better luck very soon. {flowers]

BigBertha1 Wed 23-Dec-20 11:02:46


midgey Wed 23-Dec-20 11:10:13

Oh Luckygirl I am sorry. 2021 has got to be an improvement!

GillT57 Wed 23-Dec-20 11:19:20

So sorry to hear your news, we have all been there and it is so frustrating and disappointing. I send all my sympathy. I suspect the problems may get worse, sadly, as mortgage lenders are getting nervous about valuations. It is small consolation, but the couple who wanted your house and had gone as far as discussing curtains, must also be gutted. Maybe they will get another buyer and come back?

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 23-Dec-20 11:24:57

Oh Lucky I'm so sorry to hear that. House selling is so fraught with difficulty at the best of times, without Covid and a strange Christmas to add to the mix. It just about puts the lid on it, doesn't it? I've moved around five times and it's always a worry - many of us could write a book about our experiences, I'm sure. flowers for you. Remember, chin up lass, it can only get better.