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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 06-Jan-21 06:13:00

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark outside but its dry here in brackley , take down xmas cards day this morning, plus a small shop later .
Planning not to travel anywhere , as I gather even if I went to Bicester on the bus , the Police are stopping people on the streets and asking questions of where they are from.
Take Care,

Beechnut Wed 06-Jan-21 06:20:14

Good Morning everyone from a dry and frosty Severnside.

Sending my good wishes for a speedy recovery to you Marydoll 💐

I’ve a job to finish first thing, then take the last of my cards down. If there is some sun later I might think about wrapping up warm and going out into the garden.

Stay safe and warm all 🌸

grandMattie Wed 06-Jan-21 06:22:08

Good morning from a cold wet E Kent.
The very best greetings to Marydoll, hope you had a comfortable night and enjoyed being looked after.
Goodness, Mick, police patrols? I haven’t been anywhere around, not Canterbury nor Ramsgate for a year, so have no idea how officious they are around here. Probably more interested in the lorry divers.
Seeing the chiropodist and having my toenails cut today. Access is not the problem, it’s needing a chainsaw which is!
Have a good/restful/energetic day (delete as applicable). Stay safe.

Urmstongran Wed 06-Jan-21 06:26:28

Good morning Mick and all to follow. It’s dry here in South Manchester but still dark. Set the alarm for 6:30am and woke an hour beforehand. Typical!

We are off to mind the grandchildren again. But if they get allocated key worker places at their school tomorrow we will be redundant. Once they are in school (hopefully for them) my daughter and I have decided not to be in a childcare bubble. We will await the vaccines (Himself will be 70y early next year). She says they will manage and if the children are unwell (cough, colds usual childhood winter ailments) she or our son in law will sort things out.

As she said ‘mum, these figures are so high now, it’s scary. Why risk anything right now if you don’t have to?’. We were both relieved she said that, to be honest.

I’m rubbish at maths. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong. If 1:50 have the virus right now, as I’m more used to however many in 100,000 - I divided 100,000 by 50 and got 2,000. So at present is it really 2,000:100,000 with it?

That seems exorbitantly high! When we were in Malaga it was 127 per 100,000. Perhaps I’m way out? It’s very early and I’m not good at figures!

Hope Wednesday is good to us all. Special thoughts today of dragonfly, Marydoll and gillybob if you’re reading. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Urmstongran Wed 06-Jan-21 06:27:24

Morning Beechnut morning grandMattie! x

grandMattie Wed 06-Jan-21 06:40:58

Morning Urms. DH has persuaded himself that as he is 76, he’ll get vaccinated by early February, and me as I’m 73 , by Easter. I told him he was dreaming... who knows.
Go by the daily figures, 450/100,000, or whatever and extrapolate from there...
Whatever the number, honestly, although large, it is not catastrophic. What is bad is the hospital admission and, worse, no convalescent beds for the less needy.

Scentia Wed 06-Jan-21 06:48:32

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is still dark and feels cold 🥶
Urms that is the correct figure, but I think the 1 in 50 is what scientists estimate rather than what has been tested positive. Still very high and very worrying though, I agree.
I hope Mary is ok, hoping it is nothing too serious and she will be home soon.
A day off for me today and I am taking DGS out for a walk later but first I have my Sainsbury’s delivery which has no less than 14 substitutes, sometimes I can’t be bothered to hand back stuff snd endvip with all sorts but this time I will definitely hand back the 2 packets of Standard Richmond Sausages they have substituted for my Richmond Vegan Sausages😂😂 sometimes I wonder who does this shopping and where their thinking is at!!!
Take care everyone and stay safe and stay warm it looks freezing out there.

grandMattie Wed 06-Jan-21 06:50:06

Scentia, I once had dog treats instead of pantie liners. The mind boggles...

Urmstongran Wed 06-Jan-21 06:52:25

Thanks Scentia good to know my grey cells are working okay! Top of the class for me this morning.

Just to clarify we won’t just hold back for a vaccine. That could be the summer! Once the lockdown end and numbers plummet we are happy to bubble again.

NanKate Wed 06-Jan-21 06:55:29

Good morning Mick and All.

Come back to us soon Marydoll we are already missing you. 💐

Just opened the back door when I popped down to get my tea. Windy and cold in South Bucks. Does anyone still have a Teasmaid ? I can see now why my Mum liked hers so much.

My short talk went fine yesterday for the WI but unfortunately the person providing the music couldn’t make it work. She was very apologetic I told there are far worse things going on in life right now, so not to worry about it.

Trying to be positive about the situation we are in I am now counting the days that I am nearer to my jab. So it is now day 2. My GN friend did a calculation for me via the Times which showed I should get my first jab here in Bucks this month.

Beauregard Wed 06-Jan-21 07:00:16

Sending best wishes to Marydoll. Hope you're home and feeling much better soon flowers

Bellasnana Wed 06-Jan-21 07:00:18

Good morning everyone. It’s another fine day in Malta, a high of 18°C is forecast but it feels chilly at the moment which is often the case since we don’t have heated houses here.

Sorry to hear Marydoll is in hospital and also very sad to hear Charleygirl had to have Tara put to sleep. As if things aren’t difficult enough.😞

I’m a bag of nerves this morning, too many things rattling round in my brain.

I have an appointment at the bank later to sort out a few things. Otherwise another day of trying to keep busy.

DGD is now safely back with her mum after her 2,699 mile road trip with her auntie. She’s seen a lot in her almost ten years.

Hope your day goes as well as it can. Stay safe.☀️

cornergran Wed 06-Jan-21 07:01:55

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark, dry corner of Somerset. Off early today for an MRI, yesterday’s knee assessment brought the onward referral I hadn’t dared to hope for. Hoping for good news of our marydoll today, thinking of all with worries of any kind. Look after yourselves everyone.

Grandmafrench Wed 06-Jan-21 07:10:05

Good Morning everyone and especially you early birds, from a just getting light but forecast sunny Wednesday.

I’m sitting in bed with my early morning Earl Grey and a Suggestive biscuit. Make what you like of that....I do have a McVities story to impart, but this must wait for accompanying photographs to illustrate the point of my complaint to them. I shall attempt to post them tomorrow.

Today, after my shower and some porridge, those Xmas decorations will be put away and cleaning will take place. Flowers will be welcome to fill the space with some different decoration. Will not keep all the little lights longer, although that’s a tempting idea, but will leave a huge rope light to illuminate the floor with their lovely glow. Note to Christmas had better be a normal one - or else! Also note the use of will rather than might.....I must be determined to complete these tasks, no more procrastination! I did a ton of ironing yesterday, and some sewing repairs. Yes, I’m on a roll so will strike before I get side-tracked —again—😏

Can’t help you with the maths, Urms. Too early and DH is busy doing the dogs’s breakfast so all I can say is, whatever the figure, it’s far too many. Things have to change and we must be strong. Lovely to hear how much your DD cares and you don’t need to feel guilty. Just stay safe and be happy!

Hope you are feeling better for your hospital treatment, Mary, and you slept. Doubtless you’ll have an early morning, but until you’re able to post we’ll all be concerned. Hugs and high hopes to you. x

Have a decent Wednesday, lovely peeps in The Morning Club! Squeeze every drop of hope and happiness out of today and please take care.

Warm wishes always 🙋‍♀️🇫🇷🌹🌞

annsixty Wed 06-Jan-21 07:10:39

Good morning all.
Popping in to wish Marydoll a speedy return home and of course best wishes to all of you.

I am in the doldrums, wondering if I will ever see any return to normality and see my southern family again.
My forecast for the vaccine, which was for this month, has now moved to April/ May and I am 83, so don’t hold your breath anyone.

Kate I have a Teasmaid and use it every morning, it really is a Godsend to me, especially since I have been incapacitated.
My GD “services” it every evening and I just reach over and switch it on, lovely.
The bonus is that it really does make a decent cup of tea.

Have the best day you can everyone and special good wishes to all feeling out of sorts or looking after very unwell partners.

Grandmafrench Wed 06-Jan-21 07:14:25

Morning corner. Onwards and ever upwards. Good luck and stay positive!

Gagagran Wed 06-Jan-21 07:23:08

Morning all from a still unusually chilly (2.1c) south coast.

DH is now much improved, thank goodness. He is, like most men, a bit of an ostrich about health issues and seems to think that if he ignores them, they will disappear. If only!

News regarding schools and universities is not unexpected but it is very sad to see the disruption to their lives. I feel so sorry for that generation.

Thinking of Marydoll and anyone else struggling with anxiety, illness or sadness. Keep strong -spring will come. We will get through this. sunshine

Dwmxwg Wed 06-Jan-21 07:25:05

Good morning Mick and all. Special thought to Marydoll, hoping you had a comfortable night and are back home very soon
DH just bought me tea in bed, our first night in separate rooms again due to increasing numbers and my commitments for childcare and work, I did miss him to snuggle up to in the cold, hopefully not for too long and he will get his vaccination, he is 76. Mum and dad get theirs tomorrow, I cried tears of joy when I heard the news.
Checked the gov website and today’s activities still allowed. First off visit to PT, will be jolly cold but will soon warm up with jumping around! Then having a walk with DS’s partner and DGDs, she is struggling with two young children and can’t see her mum who lives some distance away.
This evening back to childcare at DD’s whilst she works night shift. The boys will be in keyworker school during daytime which is just as well as they live in a tiny maisonette, is a nightmare trying to keep them quiet so mum can sleep
Wishing you all a good day

Grandmafrench Wed 06-Jan-21 07:26:44

There was a Teasmade thread not so long ago, I think, NanKate. I agree with Ann but do feel that the real benefit comes from buying the super luxury model - which includes a GD to deal with the prep. 😁. Otherwise, they’re heavy and quite hard work. Now I’d opt for a tiny kettle, on a small tray of tea things in the bedroom. The kettle can stay and the tray is manageable. Switching it on is also beneficial - rather than setting it as an alarm as we used to many years ago. Being woken up by the sound of a Teasmade going into action is not exactly birdsong! More like - in one’s befuddled state - an unannounced arrival of road menders right next to one’s pillow! 🤣

Viridian Wed 06-Jan-21 07:27:46

Good morning Mick, Marydoll and everyone from a cold but clear south Cornwall. Can't remember the last time I saw a policeman here Mick.

Have started learning Norwegian with Duolingo. It's fun! I have family in Norway, a favourite place of mine, so hopefully next time I go I'll be able to say hello, take me to your snow.

Christmas decs all down and I can resume arting in my art room, yippee. A walk to the Pier today, some amazing cloud formations over the harbour yesterday, in a bright blue sky.

Have the best day you can, everyone. Mary, a hug for you.

NanKate Wed 06-Jan-21 07:28:14

Thank you Ann. Your Teasmaid sounds very tempting I hope it provides a Rich Tea biscuit 🍪 too.. 🙂

Oldbutstilluseful Wed 06-Jan-21 07:35:51

Good morning from a very wet and cold N Hants. Very worrying to know that Marydoll was admitted to hospital as she has fought so hard to stay home. Sending best wishes and sincere hope for a swift recovery and return home.

I’m on my 8th day of self isolation with 2 days to go. Every morning when I get up I wash my hands with some luscious soap a friend gave me for Christmas. If I can smell it I heave a sigh of relief. Thankfully my daughter and her family who have tested positive only had cold like symptoms.

Thinking of everyone who is worried, sick or struggling in some way. Special thanks to Grandmafrench who never fails to amuse and raise spirits.

kittylester Wed 06-Jan-21 07:39:57

Good morning all from a very cold North Leicestershire where, according to Alexa, we are to expect flurries!!

Decorations down and Zoom Carer's session today.

And, disaster of disasters, our kettle has broken!!

Love to MaryDoll.

And to Gilly.

Sar53 Wed 06-Jan-21 07:44:48

Good morning from a dark, wet, miserable Essex by the sea. Oh for some brighter days 🌤☀️.
DH informed me, last night, that we could start sorting out the utility room today. I've only been talking about doing this for the last 3 months, but better late than never. I'm sure once it's sorted we will have lots more storage space.
I hope we hear some good news about Mary today.
Have the best Wednesday you can and stay safe everyone xx

brook2704 Wed 06-Jan-21 07:47:29

Good morning everyone from Inverness, where it’s still very cold with temperatures overnight well below freezing. No snow melting yet ....
Hopefully a restful night marydoll and you’re feeling a bit better and back with us on here very soon.
I’m not much good at maths urmston but the virus numbers whatever they are have increased such a lot, even here in the Highlands they’ve rocketed and are much worse here than they’ve ever been. It’s frightening, hopefully the lockdown will work to reduce the numbers and the vaccine can’t come soon enough... bit worrying about those timescales being put back so far annsixty 😕
Yesterday I enjoyed an afternoon walk from home down to Clava Cairns, they were looking quite eerie in the snow. Today will have to think of another walk somewhere ...
Hopefully everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care whatever the day brings 💐