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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 14-Jan-21 06:15:18

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and its wet outside here in Brackley this morning .
Reading some of the responses as to Parsley Box meals , I have enjoyed them as you have no need to freeze or fridge as you would with supermarket ones.
With the vacuum packing , a double seal , pierce as you would to put in a microwave, less time as per voltage of microwave say a 900w is maybe just over a minute but less than 2.
My other encounter yesterday , was with my computer , I had at the weekend did a disk clean up , and some of the websites I use slowed down or refused open , so I did a system restore , in the end it went into an area on Windows 10 as options as to recovery going into advance options once I had done my ID did a system restore and recovered those files , so I go onto the websites without any hitch at all.
Take Care,

Beechnut Thu 14-Jan-21 06:24:01

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it’s dark.
Thanks Mick about Parsley Box.

Usually at this time of year if I have to spend any amount of time indoors due to bad weather/snow I start to get cabin fever. I haven’t been out for two weeks. I have been putting it off and saying to myself everyday I’ll go tomorrow. Tomorrow has arrived as I’m very low on a few things. I’m not keen on going though.........

I’ll be back later to read the thread. Take care and stay safe 🌷

Bellasnana Thu 14-Jan-21 06:42:16

Good morning from Malta where it is around 12°C and very windy. Yesterday was similar with quite a lot of rain.

Hairdresser this morning so I need to get going. I’m finding it a struggle to get out of bed these days and I hate myself for being so lazy.

Hope you all have a good day and keep safe.☀️

Scentia Thu 14-Jan-21 06:56:43

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is still dark and wet.
I will take the car to work this morning as my joints are aching like “buggery” as my Nan would say!! We are just so busy at work, I had my day off yesterday and DH ended up working until 11pm so he is having a little lie in this morning.
DFiL home called and they now have 7 cases of Covid. DFiL is not one of them at the moment thankfully. We contemplated fetching him here but we are just so busy he would get up to all sorts whilst we were at work!! We would come home to chaos.
Take care everyone and stay safe, snow is on its way do stay warm and upright❤️

Gagagran Thu 14-Jan-21 07:04:28

Morning all. Dark, wet and mild here on the south coast. 11.5c at 6.15am.

Interesting to hear about the Parsley boxes Mick. Very handy for those with limited freezer capacity I would think.

Must be a worry about your DFiL Scentia. Hope the home are keeping him safe.

Nothing on the agenda here but no doubt something will crop up.

Sorry Gilly hasn't come back to us yet. Wish she would.

Keep safe everyone. sunshine

cornergran Thu 14-Jan-21 07:06:31

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark, damp (again!) corner of Somerset. Covid vaccination accomplished yesterday we’ve another reason to be out today as Mr C has new glasses to collect, will combine with a walk if it’s dry, fine weather walkers here. Otherwise I am told the tv needs re-tuning, that should fill an hour or three by the time we find and understand the instructions.

Don’t think I’d have been able to sort a pc like that, good for you Mick. Hope your father in law stays well Scentia. Know what you mean about avoiding going out beechnut, it’s been forced on us this week snd has been ok so far.

Take care everyone, special thoughts for those with health or other worries.

Ashcombe Thu 14-Jan-21 07:19:50

Good morning, everyone, from a quiet, fine Torbay. So quiet that I slept until nearly 7.00am.

I do hope your DFiL stays well, Scentia and I’m sure you’ll be fine once you go out, Beechnut. Often, the apprehension around thoughts of something exceeds the reality. Good luck with your TV, Gagagran! They are a lifeline at the moment!

Yesterday was pleasant enough as I walked over the Downs and we still have the cruise ships moored in the bay. Over Christmas, one crew member suffered a heart attack and was admitted to our local hospital. His colleagues told the coastguard how much the presents delivered to the crews from local folk were appreciated.

A delivery from Asda will be the highlight of my day! I hope you all find joy in something today.

NanKate Thu 14-Jan-21 07:21:04

Morning Mick and All from a dark and soon to be wet all day in South Bucks.

I make a point of doing a brisk 20 - 30 minute walk every day regardless of the weather. I wore waterproof over trousers yesterday and came back soaking on the outside but dry on the inside. The walk seems to break up the long dark days of winter.

I was watching the Final of the tennis in Delray Beach Florida last night. The sun was shining and spectators were in summer clothes, plus masks, how I long for those days to return to us.

Bring on the vaccinations I am getting restless.

kittylester Thu 14-Jan-21 07:30:44

Morning all from a very wet North Leicestershire- haven't checked the hall yet!!

I have ironing to do for DS1 and then I need to deliver his clean washing back to him and drop some books at my friend's on the way!

Then we have a Sainsbury's delivery this afternoon. Busy, busy, busy! I wish!!!

I too wish we could hear from our gilly!

Beauregard Thu 14-Jan-21 07:31:32

Good morning from a very wet Derbyshire. I've been out already for an early walk, picking up a newspaper on the way. There was much standing water on the roads and I had to be careful not to be walking next to it when a car passed by!

I've no reason to go out again today so will do a few indoor jobs as well as my maids duties.

Hope HAZBEEN had a better night, and everyone else too who struggles to get a good night's sleep. Hope your FiL is well looked after Scentia and good to hear your DH has had his vaccination cornergran It fills you with hope to hear that more and more people are receiving their jabs. We'll get there!!

Take care and stay safe.

12Michael Thu 14-Jan-21 07:31:33

As to PC , yes Windows 10 has a built in troubleshooting facility, as longer you remember your Microsoft use name and pass word Cornergran it works ,also have a copy of Windows 10 for Seniors as back up for reference .
Parsley Box ideal and tasty if you are on your own order before 3 in afternoon for next day delivery timeslot.

Sar53 Thu 14-Jan-21 07:43:37

Good morning from a very wet and windy Essex by the sea. It's been blowing all night long and it feels cold.
DD2 has been given the date of 28th January for her second operation, the whole family have to isolate from today for 2 weeks. Quite difficult for a 3 year old who loves her nursery two days a week and obviously doesn't understand why she can't go. All I want to do is give my daughter a big hug but that's not going to happen.
Supermarket this morning, we'll probably need a boat to get there and back 🛶.
Best wishes to everyone, look after yourselves and stay safe xx

grandMattie Thu 14-Jan-21 07:44:27

An extremely late (for me) good morning from a soddenE Kent. The forecast is rain and more rain today.
Spanish this morning then click and collect from the library this afternoon. So pleased about that, as I’m a bit tired of my own books. I can get kindle stuff but it goes to DH’s pc....
Getting more fabric etc., from our little haberdashery this morning too. Quite excited! Small things.
Have a good day everyone. Stay safe. X

brook2704 Thu 14-Jan-21 07:47:19

Good morning Mick and all from Inverness where we’ve got rain now on top of the snow turning it to a right slippery mess out there!
Will take the car out this morning as we need to get milk and then have a walk later if it’s not too bad.
Hopefully the weather will start to improve soon Beechnut and then you might feel more like going out if it feels like spring is on the way
Well done with sorting out your computer problems Mick👍
Yesterday I met DD2 for a walk, I think it did her good to get outside and have a short break away from homeschooling and working from home etc.
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care whatever the day brings 💐

Urmstongran Thu 14-Jan-21 07:55:25

Good morning everyone from a dark and rainy South Manchester where it’s set to continue all day apparently. We have no plans apart from Himself going down in the lift later today to our larder (Sainsbury’s) for supplies. It’s too easy here to pop down every day and just buy what we fancy - so much so we only have a fridge - no need of a freezer! But in these more infectious days, twice a week seems more sensible.

Again a reading day, a bit of television (I enjoyed ‘The Pembrokeshire Murders) and phoning a friend or two mid-afternoon lifts my spirits. It’s nice to chat instead of email or texting.

Hope Thursday is good to us all. Isn’t it great that most of us actually know of people now who have had the jab? Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Elizabeth1 Thu 14-Jan-21 07:56:46

Good morning everyone from a dark, windy and rainy east coast of Fife. and there’s the bin men today banging and clattering with the bins, I couldn’t get a long lie in if I tried. The love of my life is now up ready to rock and roll. He said he watched the video of his friends funeral yesterday on line it was such a privilege. Now for my morning cup of tea.

My dd posted a funny video to me of one of her lovely puppies opening the baby gate with her teeth to get through. These dogs are so clever. I so love these videos. Today I’m getting a FaceTime from a friend from my church who I’ve not seen for ages both she and her husband are battling with cancer it’s hard to believe how much pain some folks are going through my prayers are with them both. On that sorrowful note I hope our Gransnet friendships continue throughout this awful period in time.

I’ve received many comforting private messages from lovely people I’ve still to meet up with. Love to you all, keeps safe, look after each other and thank you so much to the people who joined the board game on zoom yesterday it was such funsmile

Susan56 Thu 14-Jan-21 08:07:59

Good morning.An early start today as the grandchildren will be here any minute.

DH is in charge of H and I am in charge of homeschooling with M.We have class zoom booked at 10🤓

My uncle is still in intensive care but signs are cautiously optimistic.

Sar, a difficult time for your daughter and family and a worrying time for you.Thinking of you all💐

Hope Mary and Cherry have had a restful night.

Take care and stay safe all.

Viridian Thu 14-Jan-21 08:12:17

Good morning from a damp but not very cold south Cornwall. I think I may go for Parsley Box Mick as I have become a lazy cook since I've been on my own. Thank you for mentioning the meals.

The picture is of the rat man doing his job. Enough about rats......

I made a quick trip to Tesco yesterday and this strange lady stopped me and started talking away and had to tell me who she was because she was unrecognisable behind hat and mask. Only one of my closest friends!!! We couldn't stop for long obviously but it was so good to see her.

I eventually put my 1,000 piece jigsaw away at piece no. 824-ish. It was taking up too much space! Today I'm back in my concreting room, still determined to sort it.

The best of days to you all.

Gingster Thu 14-Jan-21 08:17:55

Good morning all and isn’t it wet, Sar ! The seafront must look wild and windy. ,!

Yesterday afternoon was spent pleasantly on a quiz set by DH’s golf captain. Cryptic clues for football teams. It kept us guessing and entertained. DH sent it to our 2 DS’s and a couple of pals, so we had phone calls and messages coming in which was fun.

My daily walk with little pooch keeps me sane. It’s only around the neighbourhood as the fields and woods are just under water at the moment. But I love looking in peoples gardens to see what’s coming up and find different routes to explore. All the different types Of houses and the way they’re decorated I find interesting and gives me ideas.

I enjoyed the Pembrokeshire Murder drama. I can’t really remember the case though I always enjoy these true life stories.

Have as good a day as you can., everyone.

Marydoll Thu 14-Jan-21 08:18:44

Good morning all from Glasgow. We have snow again! For once I'm glad I'm incarcerated. 😁

Well done Mick, I really enjoy footering on my PC. My new task is to work out how to split the screen on my tablet on Zoom to show DGD's lessons on one side and my stern teaching personna on the other. Its a challenge. Any suggestions in that book of yours, Mick? 😁

Yesterday was a really busy one. I did an hour's teaching with DGD, all she wanted to do was chat to her papa. I had to put on my stern teacher voice and tell her we had to have one of serious chats, that this was school time. Inside I was giggling away.😁

I had to be really inventive. My plan was to reinforce her number and language work every day, especially her phonics, so I enlisted the help of papa to hold my tablet in front of my PC, so that wee Dollie (my nickname for her) could see the action videos for her phonics. DH thought I was mad, singing along, whilst doing the actions and observing my star and only pupil.

Dh who like his DGD has the concentration of a gnat, lasted only 5 minutes before he wanted a coffee.
He certainly will never get a reference from me for a job as a teaching assistant! 😂
In his defense, he told me he had a different skill set from me, his was spoiling and entertaining her.

Since my son estranged himself from us all, my DH has missed his wee pal so badly. He was overwhelmed at seeing her yesterday. When she whispered to him, she wanted to tell him a secret, which was she loved him, I thought he would burst into tears.

It lasted only an hour, but it left me exhausted. My other children are worried I am overdoing things, but I enjoyed the interaction and stimulation. It's a lonely business, shielding.

I also received a couple of phone calls, one from an old lady of eighty, who had been in hospital with Covid and then cancer surgery a few months later.
She stills works cleaning our church. What an amazing lady, she has so much spirit and energy.
She had phoned because a mutal friend, old Irish priest has only days to live. He was quite scary, but underneath was such a kind and perceptive man.
We used to go down the Clyde coat to visit him in his care home. The highlight of the visit was the stunning views on the drive down and the afternoon cake and coffee in the wee tea shop opposite the Rothesay ferry terminal. So much has changed in a year. 😢

My future DIL jokingly messaged to ask if I was teaching in my work clothes, complete with matching shoes and jewellery. wink
Of course I wasn't, lockdown and lack of serious exercise has put paid to that!!!

As my old mum would say, I will love you and leave you all. Take care.

farview Thu 14-Jan-21 08:20:46

Morning everyone from soggy Bolton...*Viridian*..rat problem here also..hes chewed a chunk out of the air vent and is in the wall cavity...hate harming any creature but poison has been put in there.
As usual we have our 4yr old hurricane coming today.. but H ,as much as he loves him is feeling that we shouldn't mind him now...that would break my heart..
Wish gilly would just say hello!
Keep safe and try to smile 🦋

ginny Thu 14-Jan-21 08:20:46

Good morning from a dull damp N. Bucks.

MIL ( we are her bubble ) here for lunch today. So main meal at that time.

Hope you all find a 😄today.

Lins1066 Thu 14-Jan-21 08:21:00

Good morning from a dark, dank S Welsh coast. Well done for sorting out your computer Mick.
I had very little sleep again, I'm getting used to it.

It must be hard for your daughter and granddaughter Sar but it will be worth it.
Thinking of everyone with worries, stay safe.

LauraNorder Thu 14-Jan-21 08:29:10

Good morning Mick and friends from a wet and grey Anglesey. Haven’t read posts yet so will come back later with any responses.
I decided on a pencil drawing for my art challenge and was quite pleased with it until I sent a copy to arty done. Apparently the legs of my chair aren’t where the floor would be and the mismatching wings and sides look weird. Back to the drawing board.
It’ll keep me occupied for a while.
I hear Orlin climbing the stairs with my coffee so will continue later, he has started to bring his cuppa up too and stays for a natter for half an hour.

LauraNorder Thu 14-Jan-21 08:29:54

Arty son