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Lockdown blues how are you avoiding it?

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Redhead56 Fri 15-Jan-21 12:06:50

I think we have done well so far as a family keeping occupied during this pandemic. However I am get messages from friends and they all seem to be running out of steam. Running out of ideas to stop feeling down I am curious what keeps everyone going?

Lavazza1st Sun 17-Jan-21 18:16:33

@Unigran4 how lovely!! grin It's like having a baby isn't it!

deaneke Sun 17-Jan-21 18:19:49

Yes, so glad others are feeling the same!

123kitty Sun 17-Jan-21 18:54:40

I'm watching Bridgerton on Netflix, I'm alone - that's definitely the best way to watch it. It's great fun blush so I might sit thru it again 😯

Happysexagenarian Sun 17-Jan-21 21:24:09

Arts and crafts keep me occupied and sane, when the weather gets warmer it will be gardening too. If I ever get a bit down about the things I can't do, places I can't go and people I can't see I just remind myself that we're still here, we have each other and a lot of people are much worse off than us, we WILL get through this.

justwokeup Sun 17-Jan-21 22:10:57

Like NanaPlenty going to bed and getting up later, a sure sign of low mood. I have good intentions but doing everything more slowly! I do try to seize the moment though - I have childcare once a week and this week it coincided with snow so took DGC sledging. Felt a lot better for the fun and certainly got the joints moving.

Jaye53 Mon 18-Jan-21 00:30:12

Nanaroo.what about arranging an afternoon tea to be delivered, with or without wine? Or a dvd for your friend?

Hetty58 Mon 18-Jan-21 01:02:07

Redhead56, I haven't run out of steam - not yet. There are always plenty of things to do. Motivation stops and starts, but I go with the flow.

I really miss my family and friends but, otherwise, this last year has offered opportunities to be far more self reliant, and self indulgent too. It's been a challenge - and I do love a challenge!

Scottydog6857 Mon 18-Jan-21 01:37:54

I am not coping very well with lockdown, as I already suffered from depression before then. However, my 2 beautiful cats and my dog keep me sane! I also read a lot, do Sudoku puzzles, listen to music, all of which helps keep me occupied! And, well, there's always housework! 😂

Elrel Mon 18-Jan-21 01:44:25

I Zoom to Poetry Open Mics around the country’ There are so many things to do online. Today I discovered virtual walks around Subterranean London and art events.

Ro60 Mon 18-Jan-21 10:26:40

This one is harder - last year when the weather was better - so much easier. Now I've got my head round it feeling happier about the isolation.
Wake up late.
Leisurely cup of tea watching the news & weather.
Bath, moisturise, catch up with GN - Thank you All. (Only started last year)
Smoothie - banana, yogurt, spinach, tumeric, grated ginger.
Word Chums (on-line scrabble)
Dress & Dab of lipstick.
Household chores
Ive become obsessed with boosting my immune system - in a healthy balance way (pun there) So lunch is planned & prepared.
Walk whether I feel like it or not always improves my sense of well-being.
Home for lunch, painting - a picture of my GD - I'm not that good but as time goes by, I think I'm improving.
Phone a friend, check in on DM & DD (by phone)
Shop if necessary - once a week at the mo - the early evening seems quiter for me.
Home to watch TV, word chums,.GN. Eat. Read, sleep - as late as 2 am these days!
Sometimes I have a home-made Spa Day.

Repeat 😁

Ro60 Mon 18-Jan-21 10:37:01

Oh and my Lockdown Diary! It was a note book with a few recipes, places I wanted to visit & to-do list this time last year.
But it's now a record of the unfolding events which I'm sure in the not too distant future I'll be thinking - surely, that didn't happen! My GCs might find it of some interest. Its got sketches of Xmas decs I made & all sorts of snippets I found interesting at the time.

Hatty05darling Mon 18-Jan-21 16:34:53

It’s a difficult one isnt it, but my lovely mum is in her early 90’s and lives 150 miles away so......... it was flowers last week.... I try and send a couple of upbeat cards weekly with positive messages on, I make up a goody envelope which went today and has, Vit D3 tabs!:, 3 small choc bars (diff varieties) 3 pages of puzzles/xwords, puzzle book, 2 pages of jokes, a couple of Pooh Bear quotes, occasionally a photo of a strong memory, I have a good stock of aromatherapy oils and send her a couple of drops and ask her to guess the variety!! Lots of silly things really! X