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What do we NOT have in the kitchen these days??

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Franbern Fri 15-Jan-21 15:04:01

Just watching the Hairy Bikers make a steamed pudding (the old fashioned way), - and they used a saucer to make a trivet for in their pot for steaming..

Now I do have a small trivet in the cupboard, and to make steamed pudding these days, I use the microwave rather than that hours in a saucepan.

However, when I thought about it, realised that nowhere in my kitchen is there such a thing as a saucer. As I only use mugs for drinks, long since got rid of cups and saucers to charity shops.

Felt rather silly not having such a basic item as a saucer any more

grandMattie Fri 15-Jan-21 15:05:02

Use a small bread plate?
Don’t have a mangle or a carpet sweeper...

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 15-Jan-21 15:24:06

Well I’ve got my Mums steamer and umpteen dozen saucers in the crates in the garage, but I gave my mincer to the Charity shop last year as I never used it.

I also packed away my cheese dish.

Jaxjacky Fri 15-Jan-21 15:31:36

My first washing machine was a twin tub, long gone and I remember when young water was heated by a geyser that used to make me jump when it lit. I don’t have a hand whisk, the sort you turned round and round with one hand, holding with the other or a kettle to heat on the stove.

Jaxjacky Fri 15-Jan-21 15:32:07

Young water! Hot.

ixion Fri 15-Jan-21 15:32:10

Double saucepan for making lemon curd.

Esspee Fri 15-Jan-21 15:41:55

My mother used to have a little wooden press to make individual serving portions of butter. It left a thistle motif on the patties.
I wonder if I still have it?

Charleygirl5 Fri 15-Jan-21 15:48:05

I do not have a chef and that would be much appreciated!

GagaJo Fri 15-Jan-21 15:49:25

Yogurt maker. Kettle used on the hob

Alishka Fri 15-Jan-21 15:57:21

My chicken brick, I think it's called? So, it's a terracotta domed container you roast a chicken in.
Spong mincer.
4-egg egg poacher.
Went overboard when I downsized - and these essentials went overboard too.
Madness, sheer madness.sad

AGAA4 Fri 15-Jan-21 15:58:17

When I was a young wife I had a set of scales with little black weights as small as a quarter of an ounce.

Bathsheba Fri 15-Jan-21 16:07:55


When I was a young wife I had a set of scales with little black weights as small as a quarter of an ounce.

I still have such a set, also a set of metric weights to go with it. I use this regularly!

What I no longer have is a butter dish.

Alishka Fri 15-Jan-21 16:11:17

AGAA4 I remember those! My sis had some for show, but I remember a shop which used those for cooked meats,etc.

AGAA4 Fri 15-Jan-21 16:12:12

I am sorry I let mine go Bathsheba. I have never found scales as good as those.

threexnanny Fri 15-Jan-21 16:12:51

I've got a pickle fork and a set of cake forks lined -up for the charity shop when they reopen.

grandMattie Fri 15-Jan-21 16:15:04

AGAA4 I too still have a proper balance, imperial and metric weights. It facinated the young painter we had earlier last year. He's never seen a balance.

merlotgran Fri 15-Jan-21 16:16:19

I have a double saucepan for making porridge and it's great for keeping gravy hot when you have quite a few people for Sunday lunch (now a distant memory sad)

We used to have a copper boiler but not for washing clothes. I used it for boiling whole gammons or 'boiling fowls' when we lived in a large farmhouse. I used to do them for friends at Christmas because the gammons could then be cut in half and they could glaze them in whichever way they liked.

I was lucky to have a scullery in those days.

AGAA4 Fri 15-Jan-21 16:18:47

I am very envious of those of you who have kept your scales. I used to let friends borrow things and didn't get them back. I am older and wiser now.

Callistemon Fri 15-Jan-21 16:19:48

I threw out our little pickle fork then thought why?

A mincer which clamped on to the table or worktop.
Chopping meat in the food processor gives it a different texture

cornishpatsy Fri 15-Jan-21 16:33:22

Potato ricer, I now buy frozen mash.

MiniMoon Fri 15-Jan-21 16:33:45

I don't have my Aga now. I've missed it ever since we moved, two houses ago.
Lemon squeezer.
Piping bag and nozzles.

I bought a butter dish in the Spring 😃.

AmberSpyglass Fri 15-Jan-21 16:34:58

This has reminded me that I’ve got no idea where my trivets are...

MiniMoon Fri 15-Jan-21 16:39:53

I meant to say that I have a sort of bomb in which to steam a pudding. Made from aluminium, it is in two halves, with a trivet and a handle which acts as a clamp. I have never seen another like it.

Bathsheba Fri 15-Jan-21 16:45:39


I am sorry I let mine go Bathsheba. I have never found scales as good as those.

I agree with you there, I love the accuracy and simplicity of my balance scales.

Puzzler61 Fri 15-Jan-21 16:54:06

I don’t have
a tea strainer now as we buy tea bags. My mum always had loose tea and so needed a tea strainer.
a tea caddy - same reason
Spong mincer - just became redundant

But ...... I do have a serrated grapefruit knife yet hardly ever buy grapefruit.