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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 18-Jan-21 06:13:45

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark , but looks cold and dry outside here in Brackley .
Today, apart from TV , will sort out more things household wise , maybe have a go at a cupboard.
I have noticed locally some bus operators are reviewing there services with reductions thanks to the lockdown.
Most notable route is X5 Bedford (formally Cambridge) is only running between Bedford and MK ,and will no longer until further notice continue to Oxford wef from Sunday next.
Take Care,

Viridian Mon 18-Jan-21 06:19:15

Good morning from a dry, overcast south Cornwall, where I'm on my balcony swing seat under a blanket. One star peeping out from behind the clouds. Yearning to explore somewhere new, or even somewhere familiar! so this is today's adventure. 😁

I'm not surprised about the buses Mick. Every bus that leaves my town goes past my window amd they're all virtually empty.

A precious half hour with one of my sons yesterday. We're both reading the book Mudlarking so spent 30 minutes discussing the mud at Tilbury. As one does. We've discovered that you need a licence to dig in the mud on the Thames, fair enough.

Have the best day you can everyone. The pic is of my littlies rockpooling yesterday.

Beechnut Mon 18-Jan-21 06:22:59

Good Morning Mick and all who follow from Severnside. It looks dry outside.

Here we are on Blue Monday where it’s been rather blue in the Beechnut house over the weekend. Apart from not feeling too good (probably my mushroom meal) I’ve been heartily sick of the tv and scrolling my IPad. I need a kick up the bum.

I enjoyed the couple of hours I had of fresh air in the garden and tried not to notice how dank and gloomy everything looked. Had a nice chat with my daughter last night. She said there is a lot of traffic about, not like the first lockdown.

Oh well I’m off to see if I have a better day and hope you all do too 💐

Beechnut Mon 18-Jan-21 06:26:05

They look like they’ve found something interesting Viridian 😃

baubles Mon 18-Jan-21 06:26:12

Good morning Mick and all who follow from S Lanarkshire where it’s pelting with rain.

It’ll be another quiet one today, the weather won’t be conducive to anything but a quick run around with baubledog.

Finished the book I was reading yesterday about life in the slums of Dublin in the 1920s, not an easy read and it haunted my dreams. I’m wrung out this morning, today I must try to read something a bit lighter.

Hope everyone has a good day.

baubles Mon 18-Jan-21 06:29:02

Smashing photo Vitidian
I understand how you feel Beechnut, it’s difficult not to weary of it all.

cornergran Mon 18-Jan-21 06:40:15

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark corner of Somerset. Rain on the window. Early appointment for a steroid injection for my knee, suspect not much else other than phone chats. Another here who understands beechnut, hope today feel lighter for us all.

NannyJan53 Mon 18-Jan-21 06:57:53

Good morning from a dark and dank Black Country.

Went for an hours walk yesterday with my 91 year old Mum along the Staffordshire Railway walk which backs onto her house. Lots of people there, so a bit of dodging required. Mum walks so briskly I struggle to keep up with her! Then we arrived back to a video call from my Brother and his wife.

I too feel rather gloomy at the moment, a combination of the weather and this just not knowing what the future holds.

MrJan has an Opticians appointment at 9am, and I have a Zoom meeting with my U3A canal group at 10. That is the highlight of our day!

Hoping to be in Cornwall sometime this year Viridian in our touring caravan. Fingers crossed!

Wishing you all a good day, with special thoughts of Auntieflo Marydoll, Dragonfly and gilly

Ashcombe Mon 18-Jan-21 07:04:20

Good morning, everyone from a dry and peaceful Torbay,

Even after 10 years of being retired, I still love waking up on a Monday morning, knowing I’m free of all that! Smug or what?!

Church went well yesterday, including a round of applause at the end of the service for my playing, which was a lovely surprise. Later I enjoyed a Zoom with DD2 and DGD, with DSiL and DGS participating briefly.

I really appreciated kind comments on here about DH and me being apart yesterday. Thank you to Marydoll, Gelisajams, NannyJan53 and Lins1066. (I hope I haven’t missed anyone!) The thoughtful, supportive feel of this thread brings me back each morning.

A well captured shot, Viridian! You’re very brave with your early morning outdoor sorties! I hope today is better for you Beechnut and that Gagagran’s SiL and dragonfly’s young friend are on the road to recovery.

Another week begins. Take care, everyone!

Nannytopsy Mon 18-Jan-21 07:07:49

Good morning Mick and all the GM gang.
It was a beautiful day yesterday in Suffolk and it’s just getting light with clear skies today. I resisted the call of the garden and painted the downstairs loo. It is such an awkward space! Second coat today, which will be quicker, then gloss.
Great photo Viridian with the reflection in the pool.
I know what you mean about the TV Beechnut. There are some good series on the 4 catchup channel which is our go to pretty often.
I hope the day is kind to everyone and not too wet.

NanKate Mon 18-Jan-21 07:16:31

Morning Mick and All.

Grey clouds here in South Bucks.

Lovely photo Viridian. Your balcony swing seat is just up my street. I go into the garden first thing in my PJs and practise some Qigong breathing exercises. It’s just me and the garden Robin.

I’m with you Beechnut on feeling the boredom of this restricted life. The months seem to stretch ahead. What a misery I am.

NannyJ your mum sounds very sprightly 🙂

Hopefully Mick the bus services will resume by the summer.

Gagagran Mon 18-Jan-21 07:20:20

Morning all. Still nippy here on the south coast -0.2c at 6am.

Absolutely empathise with Beechnut and NannyJan feeling blue. It is hard to keep positive as we are nearly a year into this new way of living - and anxiety is never far away.

DSiL is still quite unwell but, fingers crossed, DD and DGC seem to be avoiding the virus so far. I am not confident that will continue though.

Good news from DS though - they are all four out of isolation following DGD's positive test the week before last. She was completely asymptomatic. He had "cabin fever", being a very athletic sort, so was really glad to get out on his bike yesterday.

We had a lovely long chat yesterday evening and I enjoyed discussing the whole covid situation with him. Unlike his Dad, he is always calm and rational and can debate and listen to opposing views. Very Refreshing!

It's laundry day here with sausage casserole for lunch. Or I might do sausage, mash and onion gravy. Mmm, which?

Thinking of all with worries or health problems and thanks to those sending kind thoughts and well wishes our way. It is much appreciated. We will get through this.

Keep warm and above all, keep safe everyone. sunshine

kittylester Mon 18-Jan-21 07:32:39

Morning all from a mild ish, dry North Leicestershire.

We have a fruit and veg stall in a pub car park today so I might venture out over the railway bridge and then come back via the high street. Exciting!!

Sending best wishes to everyone.

Sparklefizz Mon 18-Jan-21 07:34:24

Morning Mick and all GNs from chilly and still dark South Glos.

Sweet pic Viridian. Good news Gagagran.

You're brave NanKate, going out in the garden in your Pjs when it's cold and dark. Even my cat isn't keen. When I do Qi Gong it's standing on carpet in the warmth of my livingroom. I am such a wuss!

A reason to be cheerful - the vaccine is now reaching the over 70s and those clinically vulnerable, according to the News.

Thoughts to all who are struggling or not well. x

grandMattie Mon 18-Jan-21 07:38:52

Good morning from dry clear E Kent. A solitary pink contrail. We have many planes overflying as they follow the Dover beacon to Europe and the Far East.
Have a good day, stay safe.

Grandmabatty Mon 18-Jan-21 07:39:01

Good morning all. It looks damp out but still pitch dark. Polmont is very quiet,or at least the bit I live in is. Viridian it's much too cold,windy and damp where I live to sit out! I'm up early for me as a babysitting day beckons. I'll struggle today as I was awake a lot in the night. Fingers crossed dgs decides to have a big nap! I'm making a steak and sausages casserole in the slow cooker. we might go for a walk as long as it isn't pouring rain. I notice many on this thread are feeling blue. Apparently today is the day in the year when people feel the most miserable. I'm not particularly miserable but I am tired! Like Ashcombe I enjoy not having to get up and face the working week. Gagagran I hope your son in law continues to recover and his family don't get it. Off for second coffee now and I'll catch up with the rest of the posts later.

Beauregard Mon 18-Jan-21 07:42:35

Good morning from a chilly but dry Derbyshire.

The room sorting I've started has now become three rooms! I think I've opened a can of worms! More of that today.

The time arrived yesterday for our Sunday lunch delivery. There was a knock on the door and the local pub landlord stood there empty handed. "Could I borrow a hammer please" he said. He then explained that he had managed to lock himself out of his car. Apparently with this particular make of car, if you leave the key in with the engine running, get out and the door is accidentally shut behind you, it locks you out! So he had to break the side window to get back in. Instead of tucking into my lunch I was on the road outside with a dustpan and brush clearing up all the broken glass. Poor man now has the expense of a replacement window. I'm glad my car doesn't do that.

Lovely photo Viridian It's nice to see children having fun out in the fresh air.

Have a good day all and stay safe.

Urmstongran Mon 18-Jan-21 07:42:44

Good morning everyone from South Manchester where’s it’s just beginning to get light. There are even patches of gold over towards the east. We have a dry day forecast.

I’m off out for a stroll and a takeaway coffee at midday with a friend. Be good to stretch my legs as not been out since Friday.

Yorkshire Lass and her partner drove over and returned our car yesterday. (shhh.) it’s good to have it back as my stepfather has an appointment next week for review about his second cataract. The first was done 15 months ago and the virus put everything on hold since. I suppose because it’s technically non urgent but it’s affecting his sight quite badly now. It’s at a private hospital the other side of Manchester and we will be able to take him now. I know I can’t go in with him.

Sweet photo of the children Viridian I love how absorbed they are in their task!

Hope Monday is good to us all. I think most of us are sick of this lockdown but happily it is showing results. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Jaxjacky Mon 18-Jan-21 07:47:53

Good morning all from a cold S Hants, a very lazy day yesterday, get up and go seems to have gone, I’ll hunt for it today. Apart from that, no plans, a walk is required even though it’s becoming a chore, I’m going because I feel I ought to. I’ll put a wash on later and ring a couple of friends, see what news they have, one of them has dogs, so normally some exploits.
Have a gentle day all.

Elizabeth1 Mon 18-Jan-21 07:48:40

Good morning everyone from the East coast of Fife where the road sounds fairly busy with traffic, at least they seem to be travelling within the speed limit. I came across a recorded concert on my tv last night of the Proclaimers singing lots of their hit songs at hogmany from Stirling castle. My dh and I really enjoyed their music lying in bed

Many years ago their mother worked alongside me and she was our first health visitor when we had our first born in the days when you had a visit from a health visitor.

Who would have thought her twins would become famous and very popular within the Scottish and wider afield music community. Lovely memories all came flooding back especially as we had attended a charity evening held in Stirling castle along time ago. Enjoy today everyone as best you can within the guidelines of safety hugs all around

Elizabeth1 Mon 18-Jan-21 07:50:21

Apologies for the typos I should read before I post I’m always in a hurry confused

Dwmxwg Mon 18-Jan-21 07:52:21

Good morning from north Surrey, a thick frost on the cars out there.
Lovely picture of the grandchildren Viridian, they look like they are having fun
Ashcombe I do hope you get the opportunity to meet with your DH, it’s such a shame that you can’t have a definite date to count down to.
Beechnut your feelings are completely understandable, hang on in there and find pleasure in the positives that come your way.
I have my visit to mum and dad this morning. Had a long What’s app chat with sisters yesterday re their situation. We are continuing with our visiting most days. Younger sister has been the organiser of POA for mum and dad and has a phone appointment with their GP this week. All agree mum is probably early dementia, she has short term memory loss which is deteriorating quickly and there are other personality changes which are difficult to explain to those who don’t know her. Hoping sister speaks to a doctor who knows her well
Thoughts to all who are struggling with pain, illness and worries 💐

BlueSapphire Mon 18-Jan-21 07:56:20

An earlier (for me!) good morning from a still dark Northampton; can't see what the weather's like. Normally stay in bed till later as it makes the day seem shorter, but for some reason felt like an earlier morning. Must take advantage of the extra time and take the hoover upstairs. There is plenty of white furry fluff about on the carpet!

Watched a lot of catch up tv yesterday, a concert performance of Jesus Christ Superstar which was excellent, and an old black and white film, Whisky Galore, which passed a pleasant late afternoon. Then a friend phoned, and shortly after thst, one of my sisters. It was nice to have those chats, but I haven't spoken to anyone in person for two weeks.

Not a lot planned for today apart from the above hoovering, so will probably read, do the puzzle pages in the newspaper and get on with my knitting.

Wishing all a pleasant day.

brook2704 Mon 18-Jan-21 07:56:46

Good morning everyone from Inverness, where it’s cold but dry just now after quite a lot of heavy rain overnight.
Lovely picture Viridian and your swing seat sounds so tranquil, especially in the early morning I bet.
The buses around here are almost all empty mick I’m surprised they’re still running really but they are. It doesn’t seem worth it though.
If the weather stays dry today I might venture out into the garden for the first time in ages to see what’s growing and what needs tidying up. I feel better when I’m outside even though it’s cold 🥶
Well done with your morning routine NanKate I bet it sets you up for the day.
Hoping everyone either feeling poorly themselves or with family members poorly all recover soon and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Gingster Mon 18-Jan-21 07:58:30

Good morning alland we have a little frost in the car rood here in Essex. Yesterday was lovely, chilly but sunny. Warmed up the conservatory nicely , so we had our roast dinner out there. It made a nice change

Everyone seems to be feeling down . It’s the usual January blues but with Covid hanging over us, all seems doom and gloom. BUT we have spring to look forward to - vaccines coming quickly now, lighter evenings and mornings, daffs poking through the soil. Everything looks hopeful. Get out in the fresh air and breathe.

Lovely to see your little ones enjoying the fresh air, Viridian 💕

How lovely to walk with your 91yr old mum Nannyjan. 💓

I will walk to our fruit/veg stall later and stock up. I’ll pop into the chemist while there and get some heel cream. So sore and rough.! And some shampoo for itchy scalp. So irritating! (Too much information) !

Cold chicken and jacket potato today.

Have a pleasant day, - 🌷🌱