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Chris Packham and winter watch

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Elizabeth1 Tue 19-Jan-21 21:02:16

Who’s watching winter watch tonight? I personally think it’s fascinating and will get more interesting as the weather changes, it’ll help me through the winter months. I’ll be observing the wildlife in my garden from now on.

tidyskatemum Tue 19-Jan-21 21:15:53

Not me. I can’t stand Chris Packham and it really annoys me how the media seem to regard him as the One True Authority about British wildlife. The programme is good for getting people who are not engaged with wildlife to start getting interested but, and I am making no claims to having any expertise in the field, I just find it over simplistic and a bit tedious.

Jaxjacky Tue 19-Jan-21 21:22:33

tidyskatemum I can’t stand him either, especially when I found out about his Travel with Chris Packham company, hypocritical or what!

Redhead56 Tue 19-Jan-21 21:23:05

A wonderful programme always look forward to these seasonal bests on tv.

twiglet77 Tue 19-Jan-21 21:41:19

Packham should never have been given a platform by the BBC.

NanKate Tue 19-Jan-21 21:48:54

Well I think CP is great. It takes all sorts. 👍

Callistemon Tue 19-Jan-21 21:49:17

Yes, we did Elizabeth1

biba70 Tue 19-Jan-21 21:50:17


Packham should never have been given a platform by the BBC.

Why not?

I am so glad he did.

grannyrebel7 Tue 19-Jan-21 21:56:07

I like him too. Saw a programme about him being autistic and how he couldn't communicate with other kids and all the struggles he had growing up. He seems to be OK now though and is quite funny at times as well.

Mapleleaf Tue 19-Jan-21 21:56:43

I watched it tonight and enjoyed it. I've got nothing against Chris Packham, either. I've got nothing against any of the team, to be honest.

Witzend Wed 20-Jan-21 08:48:01

I find CP irritating, too, but I still watch it.

I much prefer the bloke who did the programme about Shetland just recently - forget his name - but it seems that once the Beeb have installed a halo around a particular head, it’s there more or less for ever.

Maybe it’s something to do with his autism, but what I’ve found distasteful more than once is how CP actually seems to relish this or that creature being eaten. Yes, I know it’s Nature so it’s no good pretending it doesn’t happen, but I don’t care to see wildlife presenters appearing to enjoy it.

Ro60 Wed 20-Jan-21 09:01:41

Another Chris Peckham fan here.
Amazing man especially inspirational to people with Aspergers / Autism.
Like I've said on other posts - we're all different 😃

vegansrock Wed 20-Jan-21 09:23:18

I love CP and his campaigns against HS2 and people who kill wildlife illegally.

Gwyneth Wed 20-Jan-21 09:27:34

I like Chris Packam too and enjoyed Winterwatch last night. The young man aged 15, reporting was brilliant and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of him in the future.

Sparklefizz Wed 20-Jan-21 09:30:51

I love Chris Packham because he's so knowledgeable, and I think he is inspirational to others with Aspergers/Autism.

I watched the documentary on his life while growing up. He has had a tough time and has come out of it well.

eazybee Wed 20-Jan-21 10:17:45

I watched one of the' Watches' because everyone was talking about it, and i found him and co -presenter very irritating; lots of silly jokes, talking about themselves, and a rather hectoring style of delivery. Increasingly common in presenters nowadays, all desperate to be Personalities.

Urmstongran Wed 20-Jan-21 10:25:31

I find Chris Packham very irritating and full of himself so I don’t tune in.

Plenty of other programmes just lately, showing beautiful scenery - the Devon & Cornwall one, the Scottish Railway journeys through the Highlands, the Fishing Industry and of course David Attenborough’s ‘Planet’ programmes.

henetha Wed 20-Jan-21 10:29:27

Wow.... such mixed feelings about CP. Each to his own.
Personally I find him absolutely great in every way.

dragonfly46 Wed 20-Jan-21 10:33:03

I admire Chris Packham - he has overcome many disabilities.

merlotgran Wed 20-Jan-21 10:37:36

I have mixed feelings about Christ Packham but the programmes are interesting and informative.

gangy5 Wed 20-Jan-21 11:13:02

I also have mixed feelings about CP - mainly due to his campaigning. At one time I thought him the ideal replacement for Richard Attenborough. CP's plus points are his enthusiasm and knowledge -but if he wants to carry on presenting he should drop the campaigning

Calendargirl Wed 20-Jan-21 11:16:24

DH cannot stand Chris Packham, always lecturing and sticking his oar in. He switches to another channel whenever he’s on.

Definitely a Marmite character.

biba70 Wed 20-Jan-21 11:17:10

what is wrong about someone actually trying to do something to help wildlife, rather than just talk about it?

What is wrong about his campaigning- which points exactly do you object to?

biba70 Wed 20-Jan-21 11:18:16

Did David Attenborough (NOT Richard/Dickie) - drop campaigning. No he did not, and at this very mature age, still campaigning. Bravo.

Greyduster Wed 20-Jan-21 11:45:35

I cannot bear Chris Packham, so don’t watch anything he fronts or appears him. I’m sure even without his disability he would still be extremely irritating and in your face!!