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Lockdown positives and lifestyle changes

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nanna8 Thu 28-Jan-21 08:27:47

Are there any? I found that I have ditched a few activities since our lockdown because I found I was happy without them and it was nice to spend more time mooching around the garden and having no pressure to go anywhere. I realised I was just involved in too many activities. The simpler life appeals.
More cooking and experimenting, more phoning friends, more walking locally and talking to neighbours. Not all bad, in other words.

Marydoll Thu 28-Jan-21 09:25:17

I have found that I have benefitted from the gentler pace and no pressure to do things, I don't want to.

Perversely, the best thing for me has been a respite from the volume of hospital appointments I usually have.

Kate1949 Thu 28-Jan-21 10:23:11

I've bought a treadmill with money I've saved by not going out, meeting friends for lunch, buying clothes etc. No more blaming bad weather for not walking.

Hetty58 Thu 28-Jan-21 11:03:02

I've finally found the patience (at times) to do things that were always shelved before. I do love having no plans and no deadlines!

Ro60 Thu 28-Jan-21 11:27:27

I'm hoping not a lifestyle change just yet, but I've discovered I don't mind my own company & when I do completely retire, my life will happily go on.

BigBertha1 Thu 28-Jan-21 11:31:49

I dont think my current pattern of watching too much TV, overdoing the housework, eating and drinking too much are ones I should be keeping. Can't wait to get back onto a golf course and at least to see some people within shouting distance on the course.

Grandchildren2 Fri 29-Jan-21 10:18:08

I have always "felt" that I can paint. I have used many creative outlets for more practical uses (interior design sewing...) but lacked the confidence to paint due to "past stuff". But since March of last year I started painting using online help and haven't looked back. I have even been in the local art news letter and have had a request for a purchase of my first watercolour. I have just completed my first impressionist portrait and at the risk of sounding arrogant I look at and can't believe I painted it !! I hope this inspires others that it is never too late.

JaneJudge Fri 29-Jan-21 10:20:41

My tinnitus is barely noticeable and I think it's because exterior noise levels are a lot less and I am not going into place like supermarkets I suppose where they have weird acoustics

JaneJudge Fri 29-Jan-21 10:23:48

Marydoll, have you had any video appointments with the hospital? We had one Monday and I really hope they keep them in place. I realise sometimes we need to be seen in person but this was a neurology medication review, an appointment that would have taken most of the day, driving there, finding somewhere to park, getting into the hospital, finding the clinic, waiting, seeing the nurse, waiting, seeing the Dr, having to get lunch, having to get back to car, having to get back to wherever. We just logged on and the whole thing took about half an hour! It was so much easier

Mamma66 Fri 29-Jan-21 10:30:05

This is going to sound awful, but not having to worry about the house being tidy and visitor ready at all times as friends and family have always had a tendency to drop by. Lovely to see them and I miss their company, but I don’t have to worry about the house being today all the time.

How utterly tragic do I sound grin

EileenCl Fri 29-Jan-21 10:34:42

I too have found no pressure, slower pace, less in the diary, quite a relief and very enjoyable! Of course I miss seeing my family and friends, but I do feel I appreciate them more now, and will make sure my time with them in future is quality, not quantity.

pamdixon Fri 29-Jan-21 10:35:07

I love having a really long bath each morning, and read a book whilst in the bath!! No rush to get up in the morning - a very relaxing start to the day at the moment.
Agree re the gentler pace of life too.

EllanVannin Fri 29-Jan-21 10:43:47

After many years of very hard work I tell myself that I owe myself as much rest and doing nothing as I can muster grin

Bazza Fri 29-Jan-21 10:46:41

Oh how I agree with you Mama66! On the minus side I feel I’m turning into a bit of a slob. When this is over will we be able to gird out loins again and keep a tidy house? It’s also nice not having to rush about to get ready for something you would rather not do. Always a silver lining.

annifrance Fri 29-Jan-21 10:49:39

Grandchildren 2 which online art sites are you using? I do loads of creative stuff, as once very good at drawing and painting but have lost confidence, despite joining a watercolour class some years ago, did very well and even sold some. I now find any excuse to knuckle down.

Lilyflower Fri 29-Jan-21 11:05:24

My life was very quiet anyway as I am a solitary and introverted person. I do like other people but I need processing time when I have socialised. I am finding I am getting about as much processing time as I need now whereas I did not before.

HannahLoisLuke Fri 29-Jan-21 11:09:35

Reading all the comments it has struck me that maybe as we get a bit older we are meant to take things easier. Modern life is just too frantic, even for oldies. We’re either working past retirement age, looking after grandchildren which is exhausting or keeping up a very busy social life, which whilst enjoyable is sometimes just too much.
I’ve been shielding since March and at times I have felt it’s a blessing and at others a curse. I’m meeting my friends and family via video calls. Last week myself and two daughters were joined by two adult granddaughters on a group WhatsApp chat. Youngest granddaughter said it was better than the telly!
Later today I’ll see three friends for an online quiz and am looking forward to that.
Also having more time for hobbies like painting, sewing, reading and the garden is lovely. However, although I’m making the most if lockdown I am ready now to face the world again and will be glad when we’re allowed out again.

Alioop Fri 29-Jan-21 11:14:29

I try to stay in bed longer. As soon I would of wakened, even before 6am I was up. Now because I've nothing to get up for so early, still too dark for dog walk, I lie and read for a while. Might change when the lovely light mornings start to arrive, can't wait.

felice Fri 29-Jan-21 11:25:59

The same as you Mamma66 I have always had a lot of meetings, and events here, BBQs, Garden Parties etc.
I now have my 1 bubble friend coming round and she does not mind a bit of dust.
I have also enjoyed doing lots of crafts with DGS and having longer time on chats with my other 2 GC as they are not always rushing off somewhere.

Buffy Fri 29-Jan-21 11:29:37

I haven’t made the most of the time available. I admit to liking the fact that no one is going to drop in unexpectedly and that I have very few obligations.

Camelotclub Fri 29-Jan-21 11:42:06

Not having to drive miles to see people who wear you out after half an hour! In fact, I think we're becoming thoroughly desocialised and will probably forget how to hold a conversation!

Camelotclub Fri 29-Jan-21 11:43:16

That's me to the life.

Bazza Fri 29-Jan-21 11:43:19

In desperation of finding how to start a new thread on gransnet, I’m going to do it here as it’s the most suitable one I can find, so here goes. My husband and I are lucky enough to have had our first vaccination, and I was wondering whether there is an organisation who could collect a small voluntary donation, say a tenner, from people who have been ‘done’ to help poor countries pay for their vaccine. I would happily do this if I knew it was going to the right place! Any thoughts?

aonk Fri 29-Jan-21 11:45:18

I’ve enjoyed spending more time with my husband. He’s working 3 days a week at home. I’ve done a bit of decluttering and the cupboards are very tidy. The garden is also looking very good but not down to me! I like to be busy and achieve so much more when I am. Unlike some people on here I enjoy having a full diary and love bustling places. Country walks are losing their appeal.

lefthanded Fri 29-Jan-21 11:47:16

The thing I have noticed most is how much money we have left over at the end of each month! Our income hasn’t changed (all pension) and we don’t have the opportunity to go out for lunch (previously twice a week), for dinner (once every two weeks) or for coffee (most days). Add to that what we have saved in fuel by not using the car, and we have significant monthly savings.

Rather than risk this money getting lost in our general finances, I have made a point of investing £100 in Premium Bonds every month. The money is safe, and who knows, we MIGHT win something!