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Good Morning Wednesday, subbing for Michael

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grandMattie Wed 03-Feb-21 06:18:21

Good morning all from an overcast E Kent.
Welcome all newbies, don’t forget that to join you need to answer Urmstongran’s questions 🤩
Yesterday, I treated myself to some lovely Pottery bowls made in Almeria apparently. They’re covered in fish. Fish are rather a love of mine. I love the shape. (I collect fish earrings - now have about 120 pairs...) and before you ask I am allergic to fish and am Aries, so no connection there!
I’m having my vax today - notice the cunning avoidance of the other word. It’s in a shutdown Debenhams, so will take hundreds of vaccinators. Be interesting.
Hope today is gentle with you all. Stay safe. X

baubles Wed 03-Feb-21 06:25:43

Good morning gM and all from South Lanarkshire. Will this snow ever end? You were right yesterday stilllearning, it wasn’t long before it came our way which was just what I needed after discovering that the boiler had packed in. No engineer available till this afternoon, it’s the lack of hot water that annoys me more than not having heating.

Sainsbury’s delivery this morning then I’ll coorie in with my crochet and my book. I must thank whoever mentioned The Dig, we watched last night. A wee gem of a film.

Good luck with the vaccination today gM. I hope everyone has a peaceful day.

Beechnut Wed 03-Feb-21 06:28:06

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. A dark damp start with rain to follow later.

Nothing exciting to look forward to today I’m afraid. I did enjoy seeing the Norfolk coast yesterday on Escape to the Country.

Good luck with your vax Mattie and the same to anyone else having theirs today. Stay warm and safe 🌸

Scentia Wed 03-Feb-21 06:34:05

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is still dark and wet ☔️
Off to care for DD and DGS today. I will do some cleaning and make sure they get a bit of fresh air. DD has felt so poorly and is now on the mend, I think she needs to get out for a bit.
She is extremely anxious and it is very unusual for her to be like that I am very worried about her health and mental health. She keeps worrying about her unborn child and going into hospital. I want to hug her but can’t as she is anxious about covid too.
Sorry to be Mrs sad pants.
Said it now, so I will go off and search for my smile and get myself out into the world😄❤️

Scentia Wed 03-Feb-21 06:34:43

Sorry, good luck at Debenhams today GM

Gagagran Wed 03-Feb-21 06:34:49

Morning all. Dark and looks damp here on the south coast 10.0c on the weather station, Think we are promised heavy rain this morning.

Nothing on the agenda so it will be a Micawber day and we will just have to see what turns up.

Take care everyone and keep safe. sunshine

NanKate Wed 03-Feb-21 06:43:13

Good morning grandMattie and All to follow.

Too dark to say what it’s like out here in South Bucks.

Firstly Viridian who has posted here for almost a year has decided to take a break from GN. She tells me she will be keeping an eye on us all. I shall miss hearing about her beach combing in spectacular Cornwall. Come back soon.

A year ago today one of our regular posters on GM sadly died it was *Oldgaijin”. She and I had some common interests and then we found I lived not far from her daughter, so it was agreed we would meet up for a coffee when she came to visit. Sadly her illness overtook her and she never made it. I got a lovely pm from her daughter saying how much she had enjoyed her time chatting to us all on this friendly thread.

Later in the month of Feb 2020 Mommawolf, I think that was her name on GM, also died but in an accident. She regaled us daily about her life on the farm and described the alpacas they had. I so miss her stories that kept us all amused.

Finally a fond and grateful farewell to Sir Captain Tom, a true Hero 💐

These losses make me realise how we need to make the best of our lives, even in these difficult times, and keep up our friendships.

Pantglas2 Wed 03-Feb-21 06:43:14

Good morning Deputy and all who follow, from a dry North Wales where I’m enjoying the chamberpot ☕️having emptied the dishwasher and sieved the kefir, for the partaking of later!

I watched and enjoyed The Dig, Baubles - Ralph Fiennes is such a fine actor isn’t he!

A quiet day (is there another kind.....?) making pesto with some bedraggled basil 🌿 (that’s brought Fawlty Towers to mind 🤣) and a raspberry mousse for aarfters tonight will keep me enervated for all of half an hour this morning.....this is the sort of drivel that will send me back into hibernation 🤦‍♀️

I love reading about everyone getting their inoculations, the more the merrier say I until we can get back to some kind of normality in the NHS - I know of a few awaiting hip/knee/shoulder ops so 🤞

Stay safe all x

grandMattie Wed 03-Feb-21 06:46:32

Thank you Kate for letting us know about Viridian’s sabbatical and about the sad demise of our “old” regulars.
Yes, staying in touch with people is critical especially in these most odd times...

Sheepandcattle Wed 03-Feb-21 06:47:04

Morning everyone from Wiltshire. I can’t tell you yet what the weather is doing as it’s dark outside still. I’m waiting for it to get light enough to go and check on my very pregnant ewes in case any are stuck on their backs doing tortoise-impressions! I’ve been up since 4am - a real nuisance as I’ll be tired by this afternoon but I go through phases where my body-clock goes haywire ..... which reminds me - recently I learnt where the expression ‘gone haywire’ originated from. Apparently, when hay bales used to be tied with thin strands of wire, occasionally a piece would come adrift in the hay and get eaten by a cow, who would then go mad with the pain - hence “going haywire!” Incidentally, I loath those Japanese Lanterns that people light a tea light in and set adrift, having found them in my fields. The paper balloon is held in shape by thin wires - lethal if eaten by cattle or sheep, let alone the damage they could do if they come done still alight in a hay barn. I think there was a petition to get them banned a while ago, but not sure if it happened or not.
Anyhow, I digress!! Not sure what the day holds yet. We had another calf born yesterday so only 8 left to calf. The twins, now named Elijah and Eliott as the cow is called Eli, are thriving and will have their ear tags put in today and can then join the other mums and babies in the nursery barn. ( They have been bonding-up in a separate pen till now). At some point today I’m going to have to do some housework as it’s been badly neglected recently. Tonight I shall watch ‘This Farming Life’, an excellent series on bbc 2 following the lives of some upland sheep farmers. I’m delighted that my twin calves share their birthday with granfromafar’s (?.) new grandson! I’ll leave you with a photo of some of my pregnant ladies enjoying their tea from the ‘snacker’ and wish you all a peaceful and mindful day.

kittylester Wed 03-Feb-21 07:09:21

Good morning all from a still dark but seemingly calm North Leicestershire.

DH had his vaccination yesterday and I have mine booked for next Tuesday!

Kate, thank you for your news and making us realise that we should live for today - it's all we have.

We had takeaway gourmet burgers from a visiting burger van last night - they were amazing. It's a good job they only come to our village once a fortnight.

I plan to make a few portions of chicken curry for the freezer and a couple of Shepherd's Pies.

Have the best day you can everyone.

brook2704 Wed 03-Feb-21 07:35:53

Good morning everyone from Inverness, no change in the weather yet we’ve still got frosty trees and frozen snow. The garden has been well and truly frozen and covered in snow and ice for weeks so I’ve no idea what’s happening under there 🥶
Thank you GM for opening up and hope your vaccine goes well today. Best wishes to mick
Today just the usual walk somewhere, trying to keep upright on the paths.
DD2 breathed a big sigh of relief yesterday when it was announced the younger children here would hopefully return to school after the February half term.. like many others she’s been struggling with the homeschooling and getting stressed about it. Both DGC should go back as they’re in the younger year groups.. hopefully the restrictions will be lifted soon to allow the older children to get back soon too
Thank you nankate for the update and memories.
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care whatever the day brings 💐

Ashcombe Wed 03-Feb-21 07:44:26

Good morning all from a damp Torbay!

In my sleepy state I misread grandMattie’s title and thought it said “sobbing for Mick”! I was late to bed, having waited for the iMac to finish an update so it could be switched off. I shall miss hearing from Viridian; I was always impressed by how she braved being outside in the mornings. Thank you for the news, NanKate and for the sad anniversary reminders.

It must be difficult for you and your family, Scentia, but it’s good you are nearby and supporting her so much. Let’s hope your DD’s delivery is straightforward so that her hospital stay is short.

The farming tales are delightful, sheepandcattle; I have an affinity with Wiltshire as I was born there (Savernake Hospital) and lived in Upavon until I was five. We often returned to visit friends and Mum's family around Devizes.

Wishing everyone as good a day as possible - yesterday was Groundhog Day, apparently. That’s every day at present! Hope your vaccination goes to plan, grandMattie - a reason to go out is welcome these days! 😃

Sar53 Wed 03-Feb-21 07:57:48

Good morning everyone from Essex by the sea where it is grey and damp. I believe rain is forecast for most of the day, deep joy.
I saw a lovely video from my 5 year old DGD telling us why she felt happy, like the gingerbread person she had drawn. Six months since I saw any of my DGD'S and I do miss them.
Nothing planned today, just like yesterday.
I hope you all find a 😀 today. Take care and stay safe xx

Jaxjacky Wed 03-Feb-21 07:59:23

Good morning from a soggy S Hants, thanks for opening up gM and happy vaccine day. sheepandcattle 4am! I suppose your animals are a 24/7 responsibility, what you do is admirable, interesting about haywire.
My seed potatoes were delivered on Monday and I managed to scrounge some egg trays yesterday, so the pots will be laid out to chit today. That’s the kitchen table commandeered for a while, good job we can’t entertain at all. A walk this afternoon as the rain should have stopped, it’s turning colder at the weekend with snow showers forecast on Sunday. I’ll post my brother’s birthday card while I’m out, he’ll be 60 on the 11th. No other plans today.
Have a gentle day all, including Mick.

Pittcity Wed 03-Feb-21 07:59:31

Good morning from rainy Colchester. Up to 9° today but rain not forecast to stop.
Same old staying in day then. Beef stir fry for tea.

Nannytopsy Wed 03-Feb-21 08:14:26

Good morning everyone! Grey, dry and calm in Suffolk at the moment. Woken at 3.38 by DGD, back to sleep at 6, DGS awake at 7! I think the teacher will need plenty of coffee this morning! Never mind, we are just so lucky to be their bubble.
A bit of baking this morning, along with handwriting, phonics and science.
I often think of Mommawolf as we have alpacas in the village.
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

Beauregard Wed 03-Feb-21 08:16:38

Good morning all from Derbyshire where it's currently dry and clear with sunshine due later.

At first glance the TV programme listings last night looked unappealing, but looking closer we found Rick Steins Secret France, then Joanna Lumleys's Home Sweet Home, then an episode of Scenic Railway Journeys narrated by Bill Nighy. We enjoyed all three - a little escape from our current reality.

DS is coming to collect a bale of hay for their rabbits and chickens today. I'll leave it out ready so we can stay away from each other. If he brings our youngest DGS aged 18 months with him we might catch a glimpse and a wave through the car window.

I totally agree with you about the Japanese lanterns Sheepandcattle. We have barns of hay that could be set alight in hot dry weather, so it's always a concern.

Hope everyone is well and has a good day today.

dragonfly46 Wed 03-Feb-21 08:20:10

Good morning, light and bright here in Leicestershire.

Ocado today and no subs. They even have the Gruyere cheese although I think I got the last one.

Have a good day everyone.

Marydoll Wed 03-Feb-21 08:20:33

Good morning all, GM, thanks for starting the day off. It's wild here in Glasgow, no going out today, I suspect.
GM I misunderstood what you wrote, I thought you were getting a new vacuum cleaner and mentioning Debenhams didn't help!!! 🤣 Good luck for today.

I'm sorry to hear about, Viridian, thanks for letting us know, Kate
I can't believe its a year since Oldgaijin left us, it was so quick at the end.

Scentia, I can understand your poor daughter's anxiety and trying to keep her unborn baby safe. You sound a great mum, all you can do is be there for her.
After my recent stay in hospital, despite being in and out of hospital all my adult life, I have developed anxiety about being admitted again, so I can empathise with her.
Everything possible will be done to keep your daughter and her baby safe, but trying in to convince of that is another matter.

I am planning a gentle day today. ( No campaigning, the mind is strong, but the body weak. 😉)
I had to cancel my Zoom lesson with Dollie yesterday and again today, as I haven't been too well. However, she is missing us so much, that we have booked a short session today for her to read us a story.
She is becoming quite upset and anxious at not being at school and seeing her friends.
The other day she was hugging the laptop to give me a hug. 😪 I'm finding it so difficult not seeing her. 😪

I had a surprisingly pleasant experience with my surgery yesterday. The 🐲 turned out to be an 😇 and the doctor was so supportive. Unfortunately if things don't settle, its back to see the cardiologist. ☹ Fingers crossed.

Good luck for those getting the vaccine today. There seems to have been a stall here with vaccine letters. My friend the postman told me he hasn't delivered any letters for a week! ☹
I should have had mine by now.
Wishing you all the best day possible.

ginny Wed 03-Feb-21 08:21:55

Good Morning.

Will just be keeping busy .

Hope you all find a 😄.

Urmstongran Wed 03-Feb-21 08:27:21

Good morning everyone from South Manchester where it’s dry and seems a bit milder.

We are going over to spend a couple of hours with my stepfather this afternoon and take his groceries. Doubtless I shall have a whisky and coke! I have cut down my drinking the last couple of months and now only drink 2 days a week - when we visit midweek and when he joins us for Sunday lunch. I haven’t noticed any weight loss but I am sleeping so much more deeply which is wonderful.

Sorry to hear your daughter’s anxiety is spiralling Scentia. It’s understandable. Hopefully as her baby grows bigger and stronger and the numbers about the virus continue to fall dramatically, her confidence and optimism will increase accordingly. And Sar53 you sound down today. You’re experiencing a lot of worry about your daughter’s prognosis post-op. I hope in the coming days you will get some good news. As Captain Sir Tom reminded us all ‘Tomorrow Will Be Good Day’.

Hope Wednesday is kind to us all. Missing you already Viridian and also you too GrandmaFrench. Come back soon both. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

aggie Wed 03-Feb-21 08:28:16

Good Morning all, leaden grey sky and rain here
After a restless night I fell asleep after 4 am only to be wake day by the phone at
It was a foreign lady , but I couldn’t hear her over my racing heart ! I’m afraid I burst into tears of relief when I realised it was just a cold caller , she put the phone down on me 😂
Anyway the lads are here building the garage so they would have wakened me anyway

Dwmxwg Wed 03-Feb-21 08:29:21

Good morning all GMs from a grey north Surrey
Thank you Nankate for your memories and thoughts of posters who have died and also of Sir Tom. I will miss Viridian and her stories of beach combing and star gazing, hope we see her back soon.
Scentia I think Covid has caused so many to become anxious about health worries and when pregnant it is a double anxiety for mum and unborn child. I am sure your support for her is helping.
I have woken with a headache and feel like I am “drying out”, better nights sleep although still disturbed with coughing. DS has just rung to say he has sore throat (my first symptom) and due to his OH’s anxiety is booking a test for today.
Another quiet day for me and will try a short walk, yesterday’s wasn’t pleasant as felt so washed out.
Wishing all a good Wednesday

Beechnut Wed 03-Feb-21 08:29:54

I’ve recently been thinking about Oldgaijin as the daffodils I bought at that time and planted in my driveway pot are coming up.