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Do you collect anything ?

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nanna8 Wed 03-Feb-21 08:19:06

I have some nice old pottery that people in the family have passed down to me, knowing I enjoy it. I also like small wooden objects though there are only so many you can collect over the years. I love looking round antique shops and op shops for ‘treasures’.

Marydoll Wed 03-Feb-21 08:27:17

I used to collect thimbles and display them in domes. I still have them, but stopped many buying years ago.
Some of them are Wedgwood and beautiful Caithness glass, probably worth a bit of money! 😉

sodapop Wed 03-Feb-21 08:30:51

I used to collect china, in particular coffee cans, I have some really pretty ones. When I moved to France all my china was boxed up and has remained so. I decided it was time to stop collecting as I can't imagine my family will want my collection when I die. One less job keeping it all clean. I have resisted temptation when visiting all the local brocantes.

Mollygo Wed 03-Feb-21 08:34:53

I have a collection of paperweights and some Royal Doulton white figurines bought for special occasions.
I stopped collecting after I had to sort Mum’s house out, but I enjoy the ones I have.

Humbertbear Wed 03-Feb-21 08:38:55

I collect books - books on or by Pepys and also now T E Lawrence. I also have a large collection of books on Arctic Exploration, now spreading into Himalayan mountain climbing. Finally, I a trying to collect a complete set of the Left Book Club books published in the 30s. I’m up to about 200 but the final 50 are eluding me. I once met a woman who said she didn’t collect anything but then talked about having 100 pairs of shoes.

tanith Wed 03-Feb-21 08:41:08

Pebbles, I have a one from most holidays I’ve been on. I always pick one up on my travels some I remember where I got them others not. There is a place in my garden where they are and a few precious ones that DH gave me on a shelf indoors. They are valueless but very precious to me.
I do wonder if I ever move into a flat how I would choose which ones to take 🤔

Grandma70s Wed 03-Feb-21 08:51:15

I used to collect miniature model cats. When I moved to this flat, I only brought three with me, including one I begged from a neighbour when I was seven.

I also collect books and memorabilia about Benjamin Britten, the result of a lifelong obsession with his music. I brought all of those with me when I moved. Quite a lot!

janeainsworth Wed 03-Feb-21 08:52:57

Tanith I too like to have small reminders of places we’ve been to. Nothing of value really, a piece of rock from Yosemite, a small bowl made of iridescent fish scales from Barbados, a thanka from Kashmir, a pebble necklace I bought in a farmers market in Northport, Michigan.

Bathsheba Wed 03-Feb-21 08:55:03

Does dust qualify?

essjay Wed 03-Feb-21 08:56:17

keyrings - i always buy them from wherever i am visiting, and sometimes other people buy them for me from where they are holidaying. i have them from all over, my most precious being from new zealand

Grandmabatty Wed 03-Feb-21 09:11:20

When I was first married I started to buy ceramic elephants. Well it grew arms and legs and for decades people would buy me elephant related presents. I got rid of loads when I downsized and have warned the family that I don't want any more. The other collection is Chalet School books. I don't have them all and I'm trying to amass the whole set, the older the copy ,the better.

M0nica Wed 03-Feb-21 09:14:47

I do not so much collect books as they are drawn to me, as by a magnetic force. Most of them are archaeological books, although I buy fewer now as so much is online. The rest are history or anything that interests me, but very few novels.

The closest I have to a collection is 7 pieces of Doulton Slater wear, decorative pottery with what looks like a moulded lace pattern on the outside. My mother had a hot water jug, and it fascinated me from childhood. I inherited it when she died and over the last 10 years, by other inheritance, gifts and 2 purchases, I now have 7 pieces and I have no intention of adding further to this collection.

downtoearth Wed 03-Feb-21 09:21:34

Bathsheba I have the same collection as yougrin

I loved the chalet school, and longed to be able to go to a similar school.
The chalet school in Exile was my all time favourite I think number it was 14, I read it so many times, wish I had kept my collection.

Auntieflo Wed 03-Feb-21 09:37:31

I also used to love the Chalet School books. I think mum got rid of them all when I got married and left home.

essjay Wed 03-Feb-21 09:40:39

i also loved the chalet school books and still have many nowadays, some are collectables, i lost many when i divorced, at that time there were only a few i did not have

BBbevan Wed 03-Feb-21 09:48:25

Sea glass which I have in a large glass vase.

LadyGracie Wed 03-Feb-21 09:48:38

I collect knitting yarn, I think it's more of a fetish.

Grandmabatty Wed 03-Feb-21 09:50:13

Isn't it funny how many of us love the Chalet School books? I thought they were incredibly exotic when I was younger. Downtoearth The Chalet School in Exile is my favourite too. I loved the description of Tiernsee and the food!

henetha Wed 03-Feb-21 09:56:48

I used to collect chickens and have loads of them.
So I've switched to flamingoes now.
(ornaments, jewellery, etc.)

Grannybags Wed 03-Feb-21 10:01:21

I don't collect anything as I can't stand clutter.

Still manage to collect dust though!

Esspee Wed 03-Feb-21 10:05:17

Bathsheba. That was exactly my thought when reading the post.😄

honeyrose Wed 03-Feb-21 10:11:20

I collect sea glass too - I don’t have much, but if i’m ever on a beach, I just HAVE to look for it. I love it - and it doesn’t take up much room. As a child I collected stamps and this hobby lasted for years and I would never part with my stamp collection. I also collect pretty china cups and saucers and display them on an off-white painted Welsh dresser, but I feel I have enough now and it’s looking overcrowded as I also display photos of the GC on there so a bit of an edit is well overdue.

Witzend Wed 03-Feb-21 10:29:45

Apart from books (some of our shelves are double-stacked and I have so many waiting to go to the charity shop), no, except for knitting yarn. Despite a major stash I still never seem to have quite enough of the right colour - I have another delivery due today... and that’s in addition to 2 last week 😱. (Not very big ones though.)

Urmstongran Wed 03-Feb-21 10:40:27


timetogo2016 Wed 03-Feb-21 10:43:17

It does Bathsh3ba.
I v`e got some in every room and even on my lampshades at the moment.