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Do you collect anything ?

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nanna8 Wed 03-Feb-21 08:19:06

I have some nice old pottery that people in the family have passed down to me, knowing I enjoy it. I also like small wooden objects though there are only so many you can collect over the years. I love looking round antique shops and op shops for ‘treasures’.

polomint Sun 07-Feb-21 09:37:45

Yes I did subscribe to the thimble collection club at biggar marydoll. I used to receive their small catalogue every month and have bought several .I was disappointed when it closed. I have a few commerative ones, jade, silver, wood, glass, musical as I'm sure you have too. We probably have a few the same lol

LadyJus Mon 08-Feb-21 13:23:56

I collect laughing Buddha's. I started with a stone one 36 years ago and now have over 200 and not one is the same as another! It gives my friends something to look out for on their travels and my DGC love moving them around and making up stories about them. The Buddha's take up 2 shelving units on my large landing, are dusted regularly and treated to a deep clean twice yearly. Other Buddha's are dotted around the house and they're treated with as much respect!