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Do you watch too much TV?

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grannyrebel7 Thu 04-Feb-21 21:37:04

I think I do. I start my day with about an hour and a half of Good Morning Britain on my working days. On my days off this might be two hours when it will stretch into Lorraine Kelly's programme. I switch off then until 5.15pm when DH and I watch Pointless and then I'm pretty much slumped in front of the TV for rest of the evening until I go to bed. DH is not as bad as me and he will take himself off into another room to listen to music or the radio. When I'm not viewing I'm quite active though, usually doing a lot of walking. I'd be interested to know other GNers viewing habits.

midgey Thu 04-Feb-21 21:47:32

I’m not sure I can cope with more the five minutes of Good Morning Britain.

Sara1954 Thu 04-Feb-21 21:53:45

Coronation street is the only thing I watch these days, and the odd film, I just seem to have given it up.

phoenix Thu 04-Feb-21 21:56:13

No, we have only 1 television, in the sitting room.

Apart from the odd Sunday afternoon, (to watch a film together) the tv doesn't go on until after 7Pm.

Listen to Radio 4 a lot, some of it good, other bits not so!

PaperMonster Thu 04-Feb-21 21:56:43

Hardly any usually but quite a lot more recently as I’m off work sick and not able to do much.

Usually I watch two or three programmes a week.

EllanVannin Thu 04-Feb-21 22:00:37

I watch the local news at 6pm, then Home and Away at 6.30--7, read the paper and now I'm watching the film Quartet on BBC4 until 10.30, then bed.

BBC morning news, then that's it. Nothing on in the daytime.
I usually prepare my dinner in the afternoons.

Juliet27 Thu 04-Feb-21 22:05:26

I’m more like you grannyrebel. No morning tv but it goes on for Bargain Hunt, although I’m beginning to get annoyed with the over excitement of it all. News, Father Brown (although that’s finished now) then off until Pointless or sometimes before that an hour or so of Border Force. It’s more or less on for most of the evening then until around 10.

Ashcombe Thu 04-Feb-21 22:08:31

Since the pandemic I watch far more because I'm at home more. The last half hour of BBC Breakfast then some of Jeremy Vine on C5, although I often end up shouting at some of the bigoted guests and contributors!

A few TV free hours follow during which I do odd jobs, go for a walk or use an exercise video, kindly provided by the teacher who runs the class I attend in normal times. Radio 4 accompanies household tasks.

Later I enjoy Countdown and Classic Corrie. Evening viewing varies although quizzes are a favourite, especially Richard Osman's House of Games, Only Connect and University Challenge.

I find Would I Lie To You? entertaining and marvel at the imaginative stories that are told and Lee Mack's quips.

Once we are released from captivity, my viewing will decrease as I reclaim my social life! This will include reuniting with my DH who lives in France.

baubles Thu 04-Feb-21 22:22:20

Our only tv is rarely switched on before the evening new and after that we watch a couple of episodes of whatever series we are following or perhaps a film. I do listen to the radio a fair bit during the day, couldn’t be doing with daytime television.

polomint Thu 04-Feb-21 22:23:58

We watch Smithsonian channel around 3pm as we find the documentaries interesting. Then tv off till 6pm news and then a couple of hours watching netflix series or a film. Yes we do watch a little more than normal due to lockdown

janeainsworth Thu 04-Feb-21 22:33:18

I never watch TV until after my evening meal. An episode of whatever series we’re watching (Call my Agent at the moment) and then however much of the 10 o’clock news I can stand.

MissAdventure Thu 04-Feb-21 22:37:00

I can go days without turning mine on, and I tend to lose interest in things half way through.

Last week though, I stayed up until a ridiculous time watching all the emergency services programmes.

NotAGran55 Fri 05-Feb-21 07:23:42

I watch the news in the morning whist having my second coffee and then the it goes off until the 6 pm local news or the occasional ‘ Boris’ just to see Chris or JVT .

Apart from when my football team are on I literally never watch other ‘ live’ TV preferring to watch when I’m in the mood .

Currently watching Rick Stein series, Celebrity Home Cooks and about to start The Bay , series one .

I watch Holby City on my iPad in bed . Then there’s the occasional film at the weekend. The Dig was the last one on Netflix.

When my son is allowed back home we will settle down with a bottle of wine and catch up on the latest Lee Mack , having exhausted everything he has ever done on YouTube. Just typing his name makes me laugh!

tanith Fri 05-Feb-21 07:30:49

I watch bbc breakfast while drinking my first cuppa, lunch time news and been watching Mallorca Files this week if I’ve had my walk. In the evening I’ll watch something on catch up or Netflix.
Too much I’m sure always watch far less once Spring comes.

Esspee Fri 05-Feb-21 07:43:51

OH is the keeper of the remote in this house. When he is away I rarely switch it on.
It is never on in the morning. In the afternoon in lockdown he watches programmes about people building houses, doing up cars or salvaging rubbish, spending a fortune on turning it into expensive rubbish and programmes on buying and selling antiques.
My viewing with him starts with the evening news then usually switches to Netflix or catch up where we binge watch series (often with subtitles).
Fortunately winter will be over soon when this surfeit of viewing will cease.

Elizabeth1 Fri 05-Feb-21 08:01:32

grannyrebel17 Ditto same here I watch about just the same as you do except I do enjoy a Netflix film occasionally as well it’s no wonder I’m needing an upgrade in glasses.

Witzend Fri 05-Feb-21 08:15:20

I watch very little live TV now, at least partly because I’m a fully paid up Grumpy Old Woman and so many presenters irritate me!

It usually goes on during or after the evening meal, when we trawl for anything worth watching for an hour (often a documentary) before one episode of whatever we’re hooked on (currently Spiral).
News at six or ten will often be on, too. And dh always watches Andrew Marr on Sunday mornings.

Sometimes I do put it on in the afternoon to watch something I’ve recorded. Usually something truly escapist, like Poirot.
Whatever I’m watching I do often fall asleep halfway through!
(Spiral is an exception.)

Missfoodlove Fri 05-Feb-21 08:59:22

I don’t switch on until after dinner.
We sit down around 8.00 pm and watch for a couple of hours.
I watch James Martin Saturday morning otherwise I find daytime t.v absolute tosh.
In the spring summer we tend to watch even less.

BlueSapphire Fri 05-Feb-21 09:21:35

No daytime tv here; I listen to our excellent local radio station during the day.

Turn on at about 5.30ish, watch Escape to the Country, and All Creatures Great and Small, which I recorded from afternoon tv. Then whatever looks interesting from the evening programmes. If there's nothing on that takes my fancy then I'll watch a recording or two.

ninathenana Fri 05-Feb-21 09:21:42

Homes Under The Hammer (yes I know 😀) off until
Bargain Hunt followed by
News off until
Richard Osmond House of Games and whatever until 11pm bedtime.
So approx 8 hrs a day 😲😲

LadyGracie Fri 05-Feb-21 09:29:50

The final 20 minutes of Tipping Point followed by The Chase. TV is then off till about 8.30, I’ll watch Neighbours that I’ve recorded (hmm) then possibly a film or something factual.
4 - 5 hours a day.

NotSpaghetti Fri 05-Feb-21 10:03:24

Our TV also is on after about 8.30pm ladygracie. It's not on every day but when it is we are likely to binge watch a series, maybe taking a break for The News, Question Time or some other thing (QT makes me cross).

I do however listen to the radio... A LOT usually Radio4 first in the morning but quite often 3 and the World Service... And I also listen to podcasts

I read lots of articles from "The Smithsonian" polomint - do they offer the channel as a single subscription or is it part of a package?

pensionpat Fri 05-Feb-21 10:27:26

I’m uncomfortable about the amount of tv we have watched in the last year. Not in the daytime. We switch on about 4 and that’s it until bedtime. We watch very little from tge normal tv listings. We can always find something on Netflix, Amazon Prime, the Hubs, or our own collection of dvds. When tv goes on I feel a sense of relief that I don’t have to think what to do, or make any more meals that day.

Looking forward to putting tv back in its proper place in our lives.

timetogo2016 Fri 05-Feb-21 10:35:39

Dh and i watch the old episodes of coronation street from the 90s,then tipping point followed by the chase,,never do morning tv, watch a film probably once a fortnight and that`s pretty much it.

TrendyNannie6 Fri 05-Feb-21 10:38:13

I would say I watch tv around 15 hrs a week! I don’t think that’s too much, not for me anyway