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Nostalgia time - Pop festivals, Rock bands, Gigs I have seen

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ixion Fri 12-Feb-21 14:41:50

Here's some for starters-
Led Zeppelin at Knebworth
Jethro Tull at the Royal Albert Hall
Hawkwind (Student Union bash)
Pink Floyd at Wembley
And - 50 years on-
The Rolling Stones, 2018!!

Did anyone get to the IOW Festival 1968?
Or any Glastonburys? Do share!!

Galaxy Fri 12-Feb-21 14:50:54

Queen - Kind of Magic tour - Newcastle
Freddy Mercury tribute- Wembley

Georgesgran Fri 12-Feb-21 15:06:16

My first ever concert was with my school friend D (70 yesterday). We saw The Small Faces at Newcastle City Hall. Probably ‘64/5. Also on stage were Martha and the Vandellas - she had a big ladder in one of her stockings. Funny how one remembers such things?

joannapiano Fri 12-Feb-21 15:15:33

The Nice. Salford University, late 60’s .Keith Emerson was wonderful on the keyboard. He was later in Emerson, Lake and Palmer. It was so loud my ears rang for an hour afterwards.

Grannybags Fri 12-Feb-21 15:20:53

Free Pink Floyd concert in Hyde Park - that doesn't happen any more!

Stones three times.

Kinks and Who more times than I should (involved playing truant from school!)

JessK Fri 12-Feb-21 15:25:59

Status Quo at Wembley
Eric Clapton in Hyde Park
Paul Simon in Sicily

Kate1949 Fri 12-Feb-21 15:27:38

Too many to list! It's what we did back in the '60s and we always go to see people we like now if we can afford it. Some were -
Beatles 5 times - I also played truant for one *Grannybags"
Rolling Stones twice
Kinks twice
Tom Jones
The Animals
Lots of 60s acts, Cilla, Gerry and The Pacemakers, Gene Pitney.
Later on with my husband
Elton John
Tony Bennett
Rod Stewart
Michael Buble

GagaJo Fri 12-Feb-21 15:28:19

The best that I have been to were the Foo Fighters at Wembley and (shockingly) Billy Ocean at Newcastle Town Hall.

Grandmabatty Fri 12-Feb-21 15:32:33

Neil young
10 CC
James Taylor
All from the 70s

Jaxjacky Fri 12-Feb-21 15:36:16

Queen, The Doors, The Tubes, Texas, Tubeway Army, Eurythmics (twice), AC/DC, Download festival (twice) the newer IOW festivals (twice) Rolling Stones (twice), Freddie Mercury Tribute, Netaid, Muse (France).

grannyrebel7 Fri 12-Feb-21 15:37:43

Dolly - seen her twice, one in Cardiff and once in Manchester. She's my fave. Also been to Glastonbury and Knebworth back in the day and seen loads of different bands there.

Chestnut Fri 12-Feb-21 15:44:55

Beatles on stage at Hammersmith Odeon 1963
Beatles (close up) in a TV studio for 'Around the Beatles' in 1964
Pink Floyd at Imperial College in 1968
The Dubliners at The Royal Festival Hall in 1969
Tina Turner on stage in the 1980s
Fairport Convention on stage in the 1990s and later
None of them were big events, I don't like large crowds!

Kate1949 Fri 12-Feb-21 15:46:49

Oh yes The Dubliners. We saw them in Dublin and here in Birmingham. Marvellous.

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 12-Feb-21 15:57:48

My claim to fame is attending the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 when I was 17!
Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Doors, Emerson, Lake and Palmer; 10 Years After, Richie Havens... in recent years I have seen Faithless (trance dance band) in Manchester with my son and daughter, twice.

grandmajet Fri 12-Feb-21 15:59:13

Rolling Stones, Ike and Tina Turner, Small Faces, Billy Fury, Joe Brown, Mike Sarne, Baron Knights, The Who, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Georgie Fame, in the 60s. The Drifters in the 70s.
Take That with Robbie Williams, Elton John and Rod Stewart in the noughties. The Four Tops, The Temptations and Tevares a couple of years ago.
Not much in between!

grandmajet Fri 12-Feb-21 16:00:01

Oh, I forgot, Michael Jackson at Milton Keynes Bowl in the 70s, with Kim Wilde.

Sar53 Fri 12-Feb-21 16:23:39

Led Zeppelin
Dire Straits
Pink Floyd
Rolling Stones
Phil Collins
Bon Jovi (twice)
Bruce Springsteen
So many great memories.

Judy54 Fri 12-Feb-21 16:53:34

Wow Chestnut I also saw the Beatles at Hammersmith Odeon in 1963, maybe we were sitting next to each other! I have also seen:

The Dubliners
The Chieftans
The Small Faces
The Who
The Animals
Jools Holland
Ruby Turner
Eric Bibb (American Blues Singer)

Yes indeed lots of lovely memories.

TerriBull Fri 12-Feb-21 18:09:58

I saw quite a few acts at the The Rainbow, Finsbury Park, The Faces and Roxy Music spring to mind. Sadly that venue is no longer there.
Went to several all day concerts at the Oval, The Who topped the bill, it was a great day, even if it was a poor man's Woodstock, where we'd rather have been, or closer to home The Isle of Wight 3 day affair, too young for that sad oh well at least my sons did Bestival many, many, years later.
Also went to Kenwood House on Hampstead Heath and Crystal Palace, both all day concerts, again Roxy Music and The Beach Boys, Richie Havens, I definitely saw Santana somewhere or other, but can't remember where.
The Doors at The Roundhouse, Belsize Park around Camden if I remember rightly.
Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd at Wembley
Elton John several times, once at Croydon, Fairfield Hall and once at Watford Football Ground.
Also a lot of acts around in the '70s that have faded into oblivion, Ralph McTell "Streets of London" Lindisfarne "Fog on the Tyne" Don McLean "American Pie"
I never saw The Beatles sad they'd split by the time I was old enough to go to concerts. Nearly got to see the Stones at Twickenham which was just up the road from where I lived, but they were old timers by not too bothered!
They probably only did that gig because Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood lived in Richmond a mere couple of miles away from the stadium and thought "won't have to travel far for this one grin"

Happyme Fri 12-Feb-21 18:31:52

Genesis at Newcastle City Hall when Peter Gabriel was their lead singer, in his fox's head. They were the support act for Lindisfarne!!!
Cat Stevens at the same venue before his name change.
Meatloaf, again at the City Hall
Chris Rea at both the City Hall and Whitley Bay Icerink
Never been to a music festival and think I am too old now....😱 the queues for the toilets. Not been to a big stadium either, not sure I would want to. It seems pointless if the band are just distant dots on stage tho I guess the atmosphere is still exciting.
Which reminds me....I listened to Take That from outside the stadium at Ashton Gate, Bristol in 2019....the atmosphere in the area of the stadium was lovely all day as fans gathered and had drinks in the local bars and cafes.

Jaxjacky Fri 12-Feb-21 19:22:37

Just remembered, this thread jogged the old brain cells, came across John Mayall and his band, we were travelling, USA or Canada in about 1988 or 89. It was an outside concert small audience, we didn’t pay.

Kim19 Sat 13-Feb-21 02:08:51

Frankie Lane
Johnny Ray
Johnny Mathis,
Celine Dione
Barbra Streisand
Shirley Bassey

Santana Sat 13-Feb-21 08:03:48

Led Zeppelin! Wow, I'm envious.
Of course I've seen Santana several times.
James Taylor too.
Paul Carrack a recent favourite.
I've never been to Glastonbury festival, but been caught in the traffic so many times, it feels almost like I have.
OH claim to fame was Cream's farewell performance at the Albert hall.

NotAGran55 Sat 13-Feb-21 08:54:24

Music has been my lifelong interest since I got my first record player aged 9.

There were gigs at the 2 local colleges , and 2 live music venues that we when to every week when I was at school.

Far too many to list but I started off seeing The Love Affair , The Herd , Amen Corner , Free , The Who ,Osibisa , Genesis (1971) Hawkwind , Wishbone Ash , King Crimson , AC/DC whilst at school.

Moved on to The Doors , Q-Tips (Paul Young when he went solo ) The Stranglers , Frankie Goes To Hollywood , Ultravox
Joe Jackson, Dr Feelgood , Slade

Leo Sayer umpteen times . Met him once after a gig when I was 19 as a competition winner .

I have seen Phil Collins, Genesis , Pink Floyd , Elton John ( even though I don’t like him ) , 10cc , Rod Stewart , Billy Joel , Dire Straits, The Police all numerous times . I even fell asleep during a Police concert as I had not been to bed after a night shift .

I’ve been to Glastonbury and Reading Festival several times, Knebworth also , so many many bands there.

Bob Dylan
Michael Jackson - free VIP ticket
Joe Cocker in Sheffield
Rolling Stones
Bruce Springsteen
The Pretenders
George Michael
Steve Winwood
Stevie Wonder
B.B King
Buddy Guy
Robert Cray
John Mayall
John Mayer
Gary Moore
Jo Bonamassa
Ry Cooder
Jackson Browne
Simply Red
Jeff Heeley
Beach Boys
Tim Jones

Absolute highlights

Queen at Hammersmith Odeon on Christmas Eve 1975 live on The Old Grey Whistle Test .

Eric Clapton more than 150 times .
Cream 4 nights in 2005 when they reunited.
Private invitation to recording of Eric Clapton Unplugged
Private invitation to dress rehearsal at Bray Studios on the eve of George Harrison’s Japanese tour 1991 using Eric’s band.
Private invitation to EC’s alcoholic anonymous gig on New Years Eve in Guildford.


Wham! Final Concert at Wembley .

There are more ... but don’t immediately come to mind ..

Esspee Sat 13-Feb-21 08:59:49

We saw the Rolling Stones in Barcelona on their last tour. The previous time I had attended a concert they were in they didn’t even top the bill. Little Richard did. 😁