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Iam64 Sat 13-Feb-21 18:53:34

I don’t often send PMs but I can’t do this currently. I press send and get a message saying ‘close’
Anyone else? I’m reporting this message so hq aware

Chewbacca Sat 13-Feb-21 18:59:32

Same here Iam64. I've just tried to send one to you but when I hit send, nothing happens. -- maybe it's a conspiracy to stop cliques forming, taps nose--

GrannyGravy13 Sat 13-Feb-21 19:00:01

There is a thread in site stuff GNHQ are aware of the problem

Marydoll Sat 13-Feb-21 19:03:10

Someone sent me a PM and I got 8 exactly the same!🤣

Auntieflo Sat 13-Feb-21 20:10:05

I did post on the Site Stuff thread about PM's, and there were several others having problems. blush

Marydoll Sat 13-Feb-21 20:18:42

I have try to message you Auntieflo, but to know avail! grin

Urmstongran Sat 13-Feb-21 20:32:14

Problems here too. I’ve tried responding to one today but it won’t send and I feel bad in case the lady thinks I’m ignoring her.

Madgran77 Sat 13-Feb-21 21:09:36

Yup having problems too. Even when shows as not sent it appears to send lots of copies. I also received the same PM at least 10 times but the poster thought that it had not been sent! -confused]

Iam64 Sun 14-Feb-21 08:35:00

I had a pm this morning and have been unable to respond. I hope this can be resolved soon

H1954 Sun 14-Feb-21 08:49:24

I've just tried to send a PM to the OP as a test with no success either.
Perhaps the PM facility has been suspended by HQ due to misuse?
Happy Valentines Day GNetters!

Marydoll Sun 14-Feb-21 08:57:03


I've just tried to send a PM to the OP as a test with no success either.
Perhaps the PM facility has been suspended by HQ due to misuse?
Happy Valentines Day GNetters!

GNHQ have already said it's a technical issue.

Iam64 Sun 14-Feb-21 09:19:54

Yes - I had a couple of tests but can’t respond

Greenfinch Sun 14-Feb-21 09:34:26

My messages to Auntieflo have registered as being sent in my Sent box although they did not say they had been sent originally. Did you receive them Auntieflo? They were the same meassage because I pressed several times!! grin

Callistemon Sun 14-Feb-21 09:38:33

Well, no-one has sent me any.

I'm sure I have dozens waiting to ping into my inbox!

LilyGransnet (GNHQ) Sun 14-Feb-21 09:47:31

Hi folks

We'll be updating in site stuff (not this thread) so if you need us, please give us a shout on the SS thread!

glammanana Sun 14-Feb-21 10:44:45

I PM a good friend every week she is a long standing member of GN we mainly chat about family life and her animal charity work but every message has failed to get through I had not seen the response from GNHQ so will check it out.

Callistemon Sun 14-Feb-21 11:43:47

Hurray! I had a pm - well I had 22 pms all exactly the same grin

Callistemon Sun 14-Feb-21 11:49:59

But I can't reply to it.

glammanana Fri 19-Feb-21 15:39:22

Hi everyone,I have had a PM today but when I went to reply I was unable to do so small message came up again at to of page,I do hope the person who messaged me see's this and doesn't think I am ignoring the question she asked me.

BlueBelle Fri 19-Feb-21 15:50:54

I know someone has sent me (15) but none have arrived and I can’t send any It’s been about a week now that it hasn’t been working

glammanana Fri 19-Feb-21 15:59:17

BlueBelle I had to go to new message and type in the members name myself rather than the reply button on their original message and it seems to have gone through according to my sent messages,it may have gone through several times as hers did when she messaged me ??? try it you may have success.

lemsip Fri 19-Feb-21 16:29:20

I forgot the problem and pm 'd a poster, it was difficult and looks as if I sent it 15 times. that was last night