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Shipwrecked- which 3 possessions do you want for your desert island?

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ixion Tue 16-Feb-21 08:55:35

(Based, unimaginatively, on a long-standing radio programme!).
You are allowed
One Book
One Single track of Music
One photograph

What would you take, and why?

EkwaNimitee Tue 16-Feb-21 09:01:29

War and Peace
Beethoven's 9th Symphony-last movement
photo of me and late DH, taken by DS2 in our sunny conservatory when we were fit and smiley in our 50s/60s

EkwaNimitee Tue 16-Feb-21 09:04:15

the book is long and complex and interesting on many levels
the music uplifting and beautiful and has human voices
the photo is a great one of DH, he has a lovely smile and makes me smile to look at it

ixion Tue 16-Feb-21 09:04:53

I would take-
My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell.
Lots of gentle humour and sun oozing from every page

I don't feel like dancing by the Scissor Sisters.
Playing over the ice rink at Somerset House, where I met my late Mum for afternoon Christmas tea to swap presents.

A photo of our three 'Children' at a rare Christmas meet in Australia a couple of years ago. All playing the fool, acting like 5 year olds, despite all being in their 30s, and aiming to ruin a nostalgic family snap for their dear mother's photo album!😡

Ellianne Tue 16-Feb-21 09:25:07

The diary of Anne Frank
Any track from Dirty Dancing
My dog

Granny23 Tue 16-Feb-21 09:32:16

Never mind the book/record/picture - my 3 would have to be

My Teeth, My hearing aids, My glasses

Without them I could not appreciate the statutory things.

ixion Tue 16-Feb-21 09:35:43


DanniRae Tue 16-Feb-21 09:35:45

I would be too busy carving myself a boat to escape to read a book and my efforts with the boat making would be too noisy to hear any music. Not sure about the photo - maybe one of my family to speed up my efforts to get home!! grin

Casdon Tue 16-Feb-21 09:59:09

As usual on here, not everybody is playing by your rules ixion!
Mine are:
Book: Pride and Prejudice
Song: (Whats the Story) Morning Glory - I want the whole album though
Photograph: a group photo of all my large family, taken when the non UK based brother and sister and families were over, my husband was alive and my children were small - happy days

Septimia Tue 16-Feb-21 10:27:59

Mine would be:
A comprehensive book about the flora and fauna of the island (so I knew what was safe to eat and what dangers there were!!).
Mozart's Clarinet Concerto.
A family photo.

Theoddbird Tue 16-Feb-21 10:41:35

My mobile phone has all sorts of music and books on they count. Also has photos. Oh and I can call to be rescued....hahaha

nanna8 Tue 16-Feb-21 10:44:15

Has to be
The Bible
Amazing Grace (full straight version with no trills)
Photo of all the extended family together

Moggycuddler Tue 16-Feb-21 10:50:11

Too many books to choose just one, same with music. These choices would just be impossible for me. A photo of my DH and daughter. (Can I have a photo of my lovely cats as well?) What I would really certainly want are my phone (though it wouldn't last long without a charger and an electricity supply) and my glasses, and a good supply of my painkillers.

rowyn Tue 16-Feb-21 10:58:15

Brahms' 4th Symphony
The biggest dictionary ever
Family photo

BlueSky Tue 16-Feb-21 11:00:39

None of that. Just my iPhone. I’ve got everything I need!

Dee1012 Tue 16-Feb-21 11:00:59

Book - To kill a mockingbird.
Track - Shine on you crazy diamond by Pink Floyd
Picture -My son.

SillyNanny321 Tue 16-Feb-21 11:05:34

Book - Tolkiens Lord of the Rings
Track - Dont waste my time Status Quo
Picture - Son, Daughter in law, Grandson, Granddaughter.

Jaxjacky Tue 16-Feb-21 11:14:27

Book - Three men in a boat, Jerome K Jerome
Track - Lakme, Delibes
Photo - Christmas morning 2020, our bedroom both children and GC’s opening stockings

MiniMoon Tue 16-Feb-21 11:20:55

Book: Thud by Terry Pratchett

Music: The Messiah by G F Handel

Photograph: Family photo taken when my parents celebrated their golden wedding.

rowyn Tue 16-Feb-21 11:21:55

Am I naive, or are those who think they can use ( and charge) their phones on a desert island even more so?

MiniMoon Tue 16-Feb-21 11:23:22

The one track from Messiah if I couldn't have the whole thing; Oh thou that tallest good tidings to Zion.

Startingover61 Tue 16-Feb-21 11:27:17

Jane Eyre - discovered it aged 13, loved it and it became my fave book of all time.

Prokofiev - Montagues and Capulets (Dance of the Knights) - my fave piece of classical music.

Photo of my lovely dog playing on the beach in his younger days. (He’s now 10.)

GrammarGrandma Tue 16-Feb-21 11:34:31

Complete works of Shakespeare
One track? Doesn't work for classical music. Turangalila-Symphonie by Messaien
Photograph: husband in his glory days

Greyduster Tue 16-Feb-21 11:35:18

Book: “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson, in the hope that I will actually learn something.

Music: Bach’s Widerstehe doch der sünde, played by Vikingur Olaffson. Absolutely sublime and calming.

A photo of the family.

NoddingGanGan Tue 16-Feb-21 11:35:21

Great Expectations, a recording of Ravel's String Quartet by my son's quartet and a photo of my children taken four years ago at a performance my daughter was taking part in in London.