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Boring question, how do you like your bananas. Yellow or Green?

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Jen65 Sat 20-Feb-21 15:22:52

Mine have to be yellow before I even think about eating them. I spend at least 2 minutes browsing the bananas in Tesco looking for the yellowest ones.

tanith Sat 20-Feb-21 15:31:32

If they are ‘just’ yellow that’s perfect although I do look for greenish ones. I don’t like the texture of really ripe bananas.

MiniMoon Sat 20-Feb-21 15:32:40

I think that bananas are best eaten when ripe.
I like mine yellow with brown spots. My DH throws them out then as they are, too his eyes, overripe.
I have often had to rescue them from the bin.

Shropshirelass Sat 20-Feb-21 15:33:03

I don’t eat them now but I used to like then yellow, no green and no brown spots!

crazyH Sat 20-Feb-21 15:33:07


Urmstongran Sat 20-Feb-21 15:35:14

You’re right - it is a boring question.

TerriBull Sat 20-Feb-21 15:37:55

There's an optimum time for bananas when they're just perfect. Too green they're inedible and hard, too yellow they start to become overly sweet and mushy, once they've got those brown spots on the skin, good for cooking only, but that's my opinion others may differ. I tend to buy them under ripe knowing that they will be just right in a day or two.

You are not alone Jen, I spend a lot of time selecting bananas too. I do love bananas!

paddyanne Sat 20-Feb-21 16:08:38

I buy green ones to ripen at home ,just ripe not too soft

Georgesgran Sat 20-Feb-21 16:11:38

My DH adores bananas. I buy a hand of yellow and one of green every week. Works well for him.

M0nica Sat 20-Feb-21 16:15:28

Am I the only person who doesn't particularly like bananas. Anything but, is usually my choice when offered fruit.

Oldbat1 Sat 20-Feb-21 16:17:36

Buy green as I don’t like bananas with brown spots. My dad used to love the over ripe ones but definitely not for me.

grandmajet Sat 20-Feb-21 16:21:40

We’re a no banana household. It’s the only thing Grandpajet hates, and the smell makes him 🤢

TrendyNannie6 Sat 20-Feb-21 16:24:08

Just turned yellow

Bathsheba Sat 20-Feb-21 16:29:02

I buy them slightly green so that they ripen at home. If I buy them completely yellow, then after 3 or 4 days they're no good. (But then they go in a banana loaf wink)

Septimia Sat 20-Feb-21 16:30:28

DH can't eat them. I like them greenish as, once they're ripe, I find the flavour too strong.

However.... they need to be ripe for brown sugar and banana sandwiches, which I love!

Kittye Sat 20-Feb-21 16:38:55

I buy them green. DH will eat them any colour, but I like them when they’ve turned yellow with brown flecks. Much better flavour 😋

rockgran Sat 20-Feb-21 17:22:35

Yellow when buying but brown spots for eating. If too ripe I freeze them and make ice cream.

Mollygo Sat 20-Feb-21 18:24:54

Buy them green, eat them yellow/ yellow and brown, cook with them if they’ve not been eaten before becoming really brown.

Witzend Sat 20-Feb-21 18:54:49

I only like them before they’ve got any brown spots.
I might eat them after that, but sliced and sprinkled with lemon juice. Just too over-sweet otherwise.

boat Sat 20-Feb-21 19:11:09

I like bananas when they are mid green.

I remember tasting banana for the first time (after the war, one between a family of six). I was a small child so liked the sweetness but not the rest of the flavour.

Now-a-days I prefer savoury tastes and bananas that aren't very sweet.

Lauren59 Sat 20-Feb-21 19:27:15

I like bananas when they just have turned yellow. They’re probably only good (for me) for about one day! I really dislike the too sweet mushiness of very ripe bananas and if they have any brown spots, yuck!

maydonoz Sat 20-Feb-21 21:58:13

Bananas are our favourite fruit, I tend to buy a bunch of yellow ready to eat and some green ones to ripen at home, I don't like them when overripe or mushy, then it's time to make a banana loaf, any excuse for a homemade treat!

Hetty58 Sat 20-Feb-21 22:07:49

A suitably boring answer - I don't like bananas!

Blossoming Sat 20-Feb-21 22:33:18

I like mine coated in dark chocolate 🙂

Esspee Sat 20-Feb-21 22:47:37

Proper green bananas are boiled and served as you would potatoes.
Plantain, the large cooking bananas can be boiled when yellow and taste savoury but when really overripe with brown bits on the skin they are wonderful fried until slightly caramelised.
The best flavoured eating bananas are not the variety you get in this country. The smaller varieties have an exquisite texture and taste.